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You are cordially invited to Western Kentucky University as WKU Forensics hosts the HILLTOPPER CLASSIC on
Saturday, December 12, 2009. This mailing should contain all the information you need to make plans to attend. If you
have any questions, contact Judy Woodring or Chris Chandler at (270) 745-6340, or email


All schools must be registered before 7:30 on Saturday morning as the first extemp draw and the first debate round begin
at that time. Registration is in the lobby of Garrett Conference Center. If you will be arriving on Friday night and would
like to register early, please contact us and we will set up a time to meet you on campus. The schedule is as follows:

Individual Events                        Public Forum Debate

7:30    Extemp draw                      7:30 Round 1
8:00    Round 1                          8:30 Round 2
9:30    Extemp draw                      10:00 Round 3
10:00   Round 2                          11:30 Round 4
11:30   Broadcast and Extemp draw        (Number of elimination rounds depends
12:00   Round 3                          on entries)
2:00    Broadcast and Extemp draw        1:00 Eliminations
2:30    Finals                           2:00 Eliminations                            SENIOR HILLTOPPER CLASSIC
4:00    Awards                           3:00 Eliminations (if needed)
                                         4:00 Awards

Food will be available in the downstairs area of Garrett Conference Center. Judges will be supplied food in our Judge’s
Lounge at no charge.


We will be offering thirteen K.H.S.S.L., Inc. Senior events, including Public Forum Debate (no Group Interp. and no L-D
Debate). Students entering Public Forum may not participate in any other events. Other students may enter up to
three events; however, the schedule will not be adjusted to accommodate students who cannot make it to all of their
rounds on time. It is suggested that students in Broadcasting, Extemp, Improv Duo, and Impromptu be limited to two
events. You may enter as many contestants as you wish in each category, but only the top three in each I.E. category will
earn sweepstakes points.


I.E. entries are $5.00 per entry ($10.00 for each Duo Interp and Improv Duo team) and $25.00 for each I.E. judge you
cannot provide (one judge covers six I.E. entries or fraction thereof). Public Forum entries are $10.00 each and $25 for
each Public Forum judge you cannot provide (one judge covers two Public Forum entries or fraction thereof). Checks
must be made payable to WKU FORENSICS. We cannot accept checks made to any other name and cannot accept
entries otherwise. A $5.00 per I.E. entry and $20.00 per Public Forum entry drop fee will be charged for all drops after
the 12 noon December 7 deadline. A $50.00 drop fee will be charged if you drop a judge after the deadline. All entry
fees, judging fees, and drop fees must be paid at or before the time of registration.


We must receive your entry by 12:00 noon on Monday, December 7, 2009. You may fax your entry to (270) 745-6341
or you may email it to Emailed entries will be confirmed via email. If you do not receive
an email confirmation, then we did not receive your entry. Please follow your fax with a call to (270) 745-6340 to insure
that the fax was properly received. Do not wait until the last minute to fax your entry. The fax machine will be very
busy on the deadline day, and we don’t want your students to be shut out.


For students competing for their first year in forensics, we offer Novice Entries. If we have sufficient novice entries in an
event we will make a separate Novice category for the event. If not, we will simply place the novice entries in with the
open entries and recognize the Top Novice at our awards ceremony. On the entry grid, simply note each entry with an N
or a V in the first column.


Awards will be presented to the top six in each I.E. category and the top eight in Public Forum Debate. Sweepstakes
trophies will be presented to the top six schools in I.E.


This is a qualifying tournament for, and WKU is a proud sponsor of, the National Individual Events Tournament of
Champions. For additional information on the NIETOC and their qualification process, you can visit their website at .


In order to increase participation and alleviate some of the costs of traveling, we are offering a complimentary shuttle
service to and from the Nashville Airport. On the day of the tournament, we will pick you up in the morning and bring
you to campus and back to your hotel after the awards ceremony.

There are plenty of food options available for delivery at hotels and at the tournament. If you book in certain hotels such
as the Microtel, there are restaurants within walking distance.

The shuttle service will be operated by WKU Forensics Coaches with rented 15 passenger vans from Enterprise. While
we trust our coaches to drive our students in these vans all over the country, we will not accept any liability for giving you
a ride. Please double check with your administration to make sure you have appropriate parental release forms.

Scheduling and communication is going to be really important to making sure this is a success. It is imperative that you
communicate your travel details with Brooks Johnson as soon as you book your flight. The deadline for complimentary
shuttle reservation is December 1st.

Brooks Johnson; Cell: 254-413-3037;        Email:


Bowling Green is overflowing with hotels and restaurants, especially in the Scottsville Road area. Suggested hotels are
the Microtel (270) 745-9922, Ramada Inn (270) 781-3000, Best Western (270) 782-3800, Drury Inn (270) 842-7100,
Super 8 (270) 781-9594, and Fairfield Inn (270) 782-6933. If you would like more hotel names, feel free to call us at
(270) 745-6340.

Hopefully, we have covered everything you need to know. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to call. We
hope to see you on “The Hill” in December!


Judy Woodring                                     Chris Chandler
Director of Forensics                             Tournament Coordinator
Western Kentucky University                       Western Kentucky University

    1.    Become familiar with the rules for all events.
    2.    Make sure you code yourself against any student from another school you should not be judging.
    3.    Make sure you let the tournament officials know the events you cannot judge. Do not wait until the day of the tournament to
          do this, as assignments will have to be switched to accommodate your needs. This information should be on the entry form
          from the school.
    4.    You will need a pin/pencil and a stopwatch or a digital wristwatch that shows seconds as well as minutes.
    5.    Never switch judging assignments with anyone. This can cause problems when replacing judges in later rounds and for finals.
    6.    Pick up all ballots at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the round.
    7.    Make a list of all drops (if available) and check against your section.
    8.    Make sure you have a complete list of the performers for your section and do not allow any student not listed for your section
          to compete.
    9.    Never switch students from your room to another. Let the tournament officials make all changes.
    10.   Do not switch rooms for any reason. Instead report any locked room or other room problem to the tournament officials and
          let them make the change.
    11.   Do not ask students to identify themselves by schools.
    12.   Remove any disruptive audience members from your room.
    13.   Make sure all the information/comments on the student ballot is correct and can be easily read by tab room officials.
    14.   Always write comments on the ballots during the performance. There is no time to write a critique at the end of the
          performance or round.
    15.   As speakers perform, shuffle your ballots in order of how you intend to rank them. When the last speaker performs, you
          should have ballots in order and simply need to put ranks/rates for each student and transfer this information to the speedy
    16.   Do not leave the assigned room early. Instead wait for students double entered and/or contact the ballot table to find out if a
          student may be an unreported drop. Leaving prior to the end of the round often creates problems if a student has not yet
          performed and has no idea where to find you.
    17.   Make sure you sign your ballot and double check to make sure the information on the student ballots matches the information
          on the speedy ballot-if a speedy ballot is being used.
    18.   Return your completed ballots to the ballot table and wait until they are checked. Putting the speedy on top and the ballots in
          order of rank will enable those checking the ballots to move quickly through your packet. Be sure and report any "unreported
          drops" or "no shows" to the person checking your ballots.
    19.   If you are listed as "stand by" for any round, always wait close to the ballot table until all ballots have been assigned.


This is provided as a service to schools from outside Kentucky to resolve common confusion about event rules at our
tournaments. If you have any questions about event rules, just call or email us.

Broadcast Announcing

Students will be judged on speaking only (students may be recommended to turn away from view), using a variety of tournament-
provided and student-provided scripts. Each round has different requirements. For our swing tournament, WKU hosts two prelim
rounds, treated as a R1 and R3 for the sake of rules.

R1 - (Commercial) Up to 3 min. prep. No time limit. The script is provided to the student by the judge when they are called to speak,
while speakers who have not yet performed wait outside. Student must read aloud all of the script after prep.

R2 - (Prepared News) No prep. time, as student brings their own script to read, with a copy for the judge to follow along. Time limit
is 3 minutes, with a 30 second grace period both above and below the limit. Introduction and sign-off, and a brief (suggest 15
seconds) commercial, are required. Script must be unique to each tournament. Again, students will come into the room one at a time
to speak.

R3 - (News) 15 minutes of prep. time (WKU hosts this alongside Extemp prep). No time limit, as the script is provided by the
tournament host. Students must present all of the script unaltered, but may use transitions. Introduction and sign-off are required.

Final - (Edited News) 30 minutes of prep. time. Students will receive a script from the tournament, which they must edit and add an
impromptu commercial to fit within a 5 minute time limit, with no grace period. Students MAY use a stopwatch, as judges will not
provide signals. Introduction and sign-off are required. The script will usually include some details to build a commercial, such as the
name of a store, some sale prices, etc.

6 - 10 minute memorized performance, including introduction, (30 sec. grace) of a speech previously written and performed by
another person. Sources must be published. Introduction should reveal author's intent.

Dramatic Interpretation

6 - 10 minute memorized performance, including introduction, (30 sec. grace) of a dramatic selection from a published play, novel,
short story, TV or movie script. Monologues are allowed. Off-stage focus must be employed when characters speak to one another,
but speaker may address audience if deemed appropriate. Limited movement (bend, stoop, turn, and pivot) allowed within an area of
3 feet in diameter.

Duo Interpretation

6 - 10 minute memorized performance, including introduction, (30 sec. grace), by two students, of a selection from a published play,
novel, short story, or movie script. Characters must have equal share of dialogue, using off-stage focus, allowing for audience focus if
appropriate. Limited movement (bend, stoop, turn, pivot, and switch positions) allowed within an area of 3 feet in diameter.

Extemporaneous Speaking

Seven minute (max., with no grace) extemporaneous speech on current events. 30 minutes of prep. Sources should be provided, and a
single 3x5 note card is allowed. Each round will have an area of concentration, such as domestic politics or economics. Judges will
clarify method of time signals used when the student is speaking. Laptops are allowed in the Prep. Room, though students will need to
supply their own power.

Humorous Interpretation

Rules are the same as Dramatic Interpretation, only for a humorous selection.

Impromptu Speaking

Seven minute (including prep. time and speaking time) impromptu speech on a quotation or object (objects often used in final
rounds). Students will be penalized for speaking less than 4 minutes, but may speak all 7 if they wish no prep. time. Prep. begins
after the student has read the prompt. No sources may be used, but students *may* use a single 3x5 note card. Students must remain
outside of the room until they have spoken, and may leave after speaking if they have additional events.

Improvisational Duo

3 - 6 minute, with introduction (no grace), improvisational performance by two students. The students will be provided a prompt (i.e.:
"Two goldfish meet something or someone new in the aquarium") and three minutes in the round to prepare. A table and two chairs
are allowed, but no walls or doors. Two characters with equal dialogue are required. Students are judges based on setup and
resolution of conflict. Students must remain outside of the room until they perform.


7 - 10 minute memorized performance, including introduction, (30 sec. grace) of an original informative or persuasive speech. The
speech must be the original work of the student. Direct quotations may be used.


5 - 10 minute performance, including introduction, (30 sec. grace) of a poem or program of poetry. Poems must be published and of
literary merit. Movement permissible in the introduction, but should be limited in the performance to upper body movement.
Manuscript must be used (usually a copy held in a nondescript binder).


5 - 10 minute performance, including introduction, (30 sec. grace) of published narrative, descriptive or expository prose. Dialogue
may be used as a small portion. Movement permissible in the introduction, but should be limited in the performance to upper body
movement. Manuscript must be used (usually a copy held in a nondescript binder).

Public Forum Debate
We will be using the December topic, which the National Forensic League will release on November 1st.


5 - 8 minute memorized performance, including introduction, (30 sec. grace) of a story. The source rules are not defined, to allow the
student a wide variety of sources. The storyteller may sit on the floor (but not on a chair), stand, or use a limited stage area to tell the
story. No use or props allowed.
                                       2009 HILLTOPPER CLASSIC
                                     SENIOR DIVISION ENTRY FORM

SCHOOL_________________________________ COACH_____________________________________


NAME                                               N B D D D E H I I O P P S
                                                   / R E I U X I M D O O R T
                                                   V   C   O T   P

Copy as needed
Please list all duo teams below:                                         Please list all improv duo teams below:

Please list all Public Forum Teams below:

__________________________________            __________________________________        ___________________________________

__________________________________            __________________________________        ___________________________________

Please list all individual events judges below:

___________________________ ___________________________ ____________________________

___________________________ ___________________________ ____________________________

___________________________ ___________________________ ____________________________

Please list all Public Forum judges below:

___________________________ ___________________________ ____________________________


Number of I.E. entries other than Duo Interp and Improv Duo                             _______ @ $5 = ________

Number of entries in Duo Interp and Improv Duo                                          ______@ $10 = ________

Total number of entries (Add two previous lines)                                        ________

         The number above is used to determine your number of judges required. 1-6 entries = 1 judge, 7-12 entries = 2 judges, 13-18
         entries = 3 judges, 19-24 entries = 4 judges, 25-30 = 5 judges, 31-36 entries = 6 judges, 37-42 entries = 7 judges, 43-48
         entries = 8 judges, 49-54 entries = 9 judges, 55-60 entries = 10 judges.

__________ judges required minus __________ judges provided =         ______ @ $25 = ________

Number of Public Forum Entries                                                 ______@ $10 = ________

         The number above is used to determine your number of Public Forum judges required. 1-2 entries = 1 judge, 3-4 entries = 2
         judges, 5-6 entries = 3 judges.

__________ judges required minus __________ judges provided =         ______ @ $25 = ________

TOTAL ENTRY FEE (Add amounts in right hand column)                                      ________

                        WKU Forensics Team Audition Information
                                     Dec. 11, 2009
On Friday, Dec. 11, the WKU forensics team will be holding auditions for high school seniors interested in
competing on Western’s team from 9am to 5pm. Any high school senior is welcome to audition, but auditions
must be scheduled ahead of time. Interested students must also submit a resume of forensics accomplishments,
their official high school transcript, and three letters of recommendation (one should be from their
speech/debate coach). These materials must be received by Monday, Dec. 7, 2009.
Please send all materials to:
        Jace Lux
        1906 College Heights Blvd. #51084
        Bowling Green, KY 42101

Remember, all materials must be received by Dec. 7, 2009.
To schedule an audition time, or for more information, please contact Jace Lux at 270-745-6340 or

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