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					                     Wickliffe Parks and Recreation Commission
                                   Meeting Minutes
                          Thursday, October 11thth, 2007

A regular meeting of the Wickliffe Parks and Recreation Commission was called to order
by Vice Chairperson Wilson on Thursday, October 11thth, 2007 at 7:32P.M. in Council
Chambers of Wickliffe City Hall.

Members Present:
     Julie Ganim, Rich Wilson, Joanne Beal, Bridget Burkett, Sue Mancino, Nicole
     Lorenzo, Paul DiCicco, Matt Jaworski, Anthony Vitale, and Senior Citizen
     Coordinator Joe Surtz

Also Present:
       Recreation Director Timothy Stopp and Assistant Service Director Stanley Barwidi

Members Absent:

Members Excused:

Approval of Minutes
     Motion by DiCicco, seconded by Beal, that the minutes from the September 13th,
     2007 meeting be approved with the following corrections:
     Under Architect Report: change “community center” to “recreation center”
     Under Assistant Service Director’s Report: change “crematorium” to
     At the top of page four, change typographical error “nay” to “any”.
     Roll Call:
            Ayes: All
            Nays: None
     Motion carried.
     Minutes approved.

Approval of Agenda
     Motion by Beal, seconded by DiCicco, that the agenda for the October 11th, 2007
     meeting be approved as presented.
     Roll Call:
             Ayes: All
             Nays: None
     Motion carried.
     Agenda approved.

Introduction of Guests
Wickliffe Parks and Recreation Commission
October 11th, 2007
Page 2
        No guests.

Audience Participation

    Distributed to all members were maps of two parks (Orlando and Intihar) and a
    flyer regarding cell phone recycling.


Architect Report
      Not present, no report.

Stanley Barwidi, Assistant Service Director
      The renovation of the dugouts at Coulby Park is approximately 90% complete.
      Leaf collection resumes next week – flyer regarding pickup dates was mailed to
      all residents. Service Department employees have begun to bring in equipment
      (swings, picnic tables, etc.) for winter storage (and repair).

Timothy Stopp, Recreation Director
     Craft Fair attendance was similar to last year – (about 1300). There were only
     two spots vacant (vendors did not show up). There was competition this year –
     the Indians game, the Homecoming football game and 85 degree weather.

        The Lights on After School Program has kept the Recreation Department busy.
        Wednesday is Adventure Club day. This past Wednesday, the students were able
        to play bocce at the I& A Hall. 10 students participated. A few senior citizens
        attended as well. The I&A offered to host this activity again if we are interested.
        Last week students played pool at Cuetopia (the old Seaway lanes building). Next
        Wednesday, Lake Metroparks is hosting a GPS satellite treasure Hunt.

        Preparations for Fall/Winter programs continue. Volleyball and football are
        almost over. Basketball sign ups will be held soon.

        Volunteers are needed for the Halloween Party to be held on Thursday, October
        25th at the High School. Candy, coloring books, etc. will be distributed to trick-
        or-treaters. There will also be entertainment. Doors for this event open at 6:30
        and the program will run until 8:00 P.M.

        Mancino questioned the date for the National Lights on After School Program
        Event. Mr. Stopp noted that it will be held on November 1st. Lake Metroparks
        will host Soaring Silhouettes; a program where they demonstrate with live birds
        of prey (eagle, vulture, owl, hawk).
Wickliffe Parks and Recreation Commission
October 11th, 2007
Page 3

        Mancino questioned the parking lot at the senior center. She wanted to know if
        there was to be a full parking lot installed, or if there would just be a partial lot
        with the anticipation of the community/recreation center construction to begin.
        Mr. Jaworski noted that there will be a full lot installed. This is necessary for the
        opening date tentatively set for January. If a community/recreation center is
        built, that part of the lot will be torn out.

Joe Surtz, Senior Citizen Coordinator
      Twenty eight seniors enjoyed a clambake yesterday. The fee was $15.00.

        Flu shots will be given on Election Day (Tuesday, November 6th) at the Istra Club
        from 10:00 – 11:30 A.M. Walk in charge for a flu shot (if any are remaining) is

        There will be a “getting ready for Christmas party” with a one man band. Pizza
        and salad will be served. The cost is $2.00. There will be an ice cream social in
        honor of Halloween.

        A trip to Allegheny has been scheduled for the 27th of this month. The Lunch
        Bunch will dine at the Kirtland City Tavern on Chardon Road this month.

Matthew Jaworski, Representative from Council
      All of council will meet with the Rec Center Now committee at 7:00 on October
      15th. This group is first on the agenda.

        There are two charter changes on the ballot this November. One will allow a
        change for the Green Ridge property to be classified as Green Space. It is now
        considered Institutional/Recreational. (It was unable to be changed when it
        was purchased.) The second change will allow council to not have to borrow
        money if there is no debt.

        Mancino questioned the Bond house. It was noted that there were issues
        regarding the septic tank – the tank is located on the golf course property near
        the first tee. Mr. Barwidi noted that a correction was made and an easement will
        be required with the future owner – it will remain on the golf course.

        With regards to the natural gas ordinance: there are only 6 drillable areas in the
        city. Council will be discussing an ordinance regarding regulations, notifications,

        Mr. Randy Ice has been named the new Chief of Police for Wickliffe.

        The finance committee (of council) will be making its recommendations for the
        2008 Road Program.
Wickliffe Parks and Recreation Commission
October 11th, 2007
Page 4
        Council recently toured the construction site of the Senior Center. Metal studs
        are going up inside. The parking area should be finished before winter. DiCicco
        questioned whether the project was on schedule and on budget. Mr. Jaworski
        noted that it was, mostly. An issue regarding the water and a measurement being
        off approximately one foot caused some problems with the county. That resulted
        in discrepancies in the schedule and budget.

Anthony Vitale, Representative from School Board
     There is nothing new to report.

        With regards to the 94 acres and the Metroparks: the school board asked several
        questions of the Metroparks regarding this issue and there has been no response
        from them as of yet. The area. known as Gully Brook, is platted.

        The school board is also checking into drilling for natural gas, as one of the
        locations in the city is on school property. There have been no decisions made –
        it is being checked into.

Old Business

New Business

Bikes in Parks
       Mr. Stopp apologized for the old maps (Intihar map was dated 1974).

        The sign posted at Orlando (and all city parks) states that bike riding in the parks
        is not allowed. There has been issues with bike riders using the exercise trail for
        bike riding and cutting through the park. It was suggested that bikes be allowed
        in the park for the purpose of cutting through, and for exercise on the trail. A
        discussion ensued, regarding safety of “pedestrians”, the intended use of the
        trail, the ability to cut through the park, etc. Some thought the rule was stupid,
        others thought it was necessary to ensure etiquette and safety and to discourage
        recklessness, others wondered why the rule was created, others wondered why
        there should be a rule if it is not enforced. It was noted that a new trail is
        included in the plans for Jindra Park.

        Motion by Beal, seconded by DiCicco, to leave things the way they are: no bike
        riding in the parks.
               Roll Call:
                      Ayes: Beal, DiCicco, Vitale
                      Nays: Wilson, Ganim, Burkett, Mancino, Lorenzo
                      Abstain: Jaworski
               Motion failed.
Wickliffe Parks and Recreation Commission
October 11th, 2007
Page 5

        Motion by Lorenzo, seconded by Wilson, to allow courteous bike riding in all city
        parks, leaving discretion to Park Patrol and Police to enforce rules as necessary.
               Roll Call:
                      Ayes: Wilson, Ganim, Burkett, Mancino, Lorenzo
                      Nays: Beal, DiCicco, Vitale
                      Abstain: Jaworski
               Motion carried.

Use of Parks
       Ganim was not able to talk to the Mayor regarding this issue. This will remain
       on the agenda for next month (November).

Dogs in Parks
       It was noted that this issue is mostly with regards to Intihar Park, where residents
       have requested to be allowed to walk their pets through the park, as it is a “cut
       through” from Lloyd Road to Bryn Mawr, and makes a complete loop. There was
       discussion regarding this issue.

        Motion by Ganim, seconded by Burkett, to allow owners to walk leashed, curbed
        dogs only along the path at Intihar Park as a “cut through”.
              Roll Call:
                     Ayes: Ganim, Wilson, Mancino, Lorenzo
                     Nays: Beal, DiCicco, Vitale, Burkett, Jaworski
                     Abstain: none
              Motion failed.

        It was noted that this issue could apply to other parks (namely Orlando and

        Motion by Burkett, seconded by Vitale, to allow owners to walk leashed, curbed
        dogs only along a public path at any Wickliffe Park as a “cut through”.
              Roll Call:
                     Ayes: Ganim, DiCicco, Vitale, Burkett, Mancino, Lorenzo
                     Nays: Wilson Beal, Jaworski
                     Abstain: none
              Motion passed.

     The next regular meeting will be held on November 8th, 2007 in the Council Chambers
     of Wickliffe City Hall at 7:30 P.M.

        Elections will be held in November.
Wickliffe Parks and Recreation Commission
October 11th, 2007
Page 6

Motion by DiCicco, seconded by Burkett, to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 P.M.
      Roll Call:
             Ayes: All
             Nays: None
             Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandra J. Fink, Secretary

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