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					                                                                       BSc Single Honours in Geography with Extended Studies in Europe

               BSc Single Honours in Geography
               with Extended Studies in Europe

                      Add another dimension to
                      your university experience

                                                         How It’s Structured
         Discover a different culture
                                                         The first two years of study are based at Queen’s
                                                         University Belfast, where students take a combination
                                                         of modules in Geography and their chosen foreign
                                                         language. This provides a foundation of knowledge
                                                         and skills in Geography and opportunity to enhance
                                                         foreign language skills in preparation for a year of
                                                         studies abroad.
              Develop your skills in
              another European                           The following year students spend studying geography
              language                                   at one of our partner European universities.
                                                         We currently have exchange agreements with:

                                                         France          Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble)

                                                         Germany         Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms
                                                                         Universität (Bonn)
                                   Enhance your                          Georg-August-Universität
                                   employability                         (Gottingen)

                                                         Italy           l’Università di Torino (Turin)
       Deepen geographical understanding
       through living and studying abroad                Netherlands     Universiteit van Amsterdam

Aims of the Programme                                    Spain           Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
This undergraduate degree programme provides
                                                                         Universidad de Granada (Granada)
students with an opportunity to develop an understand-
ing of human and physical environments, acquire skills   Sweden          Lund University (Lund)
in analysing human and physical environments, and
gain experience of different perspectives on Geography   Placement abroad is organised through Socrates-
within Europe. It combines studying Geography at         Erasmus, an exchange scheme funded by the
Queen’s with a year of studies at another European       European Union. The scheme arranges for tuition fees
university.                                              to be waived at the host institution, provides opportuni-
                                                         ties for additional language training and organises a
Students’ Comments                                       programme of orientation activities.
“The year abroad allowed me to greatly improve my
linguistic skills and taught me to live and study in a
different environment … it gave me the opportunity to
travel and visit other fascinating parts of France and
Germany … I would recommend it to all students”
(Emily Parker)

“It was interesting to experience a totally different
university system to the one I was used to. It was my
life outside academia which was the highlight though.
The atmosphere at the university and in the town was
fantastic. It's an experience I will never forget!”
(Andrew Giles)
BSc Single Honours in Geography with Extended Studies in Europe

                                                                  Eligibility for Socrates-Erasmus is restricted to: citizens
                                                                  of the UK, Ireland or another of the participating coun-
                                                                  tries; and those who have not previously received an
                                                                  Erasmus grant.
                                                                  To find out more consult:

                                                                  Entry Requirments
                                                                  You will need normally A-level grades: B (in chosen
                                                                  language) + BC (including A-Level Geography) and
                                                                  GCSE Mathematics Grade C. Language options
                                                                  available are French, German and Spanish. Students
                                                                  should indicate their preferred language on their UCAS
                                                                  application form. There are also opportunities for
                                                                  mature students to enter under the ACCESS scheme.

                                                                  UCAS Code: GEOG/EXT STD EUR 4YR [F8RX]
                                                                  Current requirements may be found at:

The scheme offers a great opportunity for students to
develop their skills in another European language,
discover a different culture and deepen their geographi-
cal understanding through living and studying
overseas. After a year abroad, students return to
Belfast to complete their final year of studies at
Queen’s. Degree results are based upon performance
in second year (15%), the year abroad (10%) and final
year (75%).

                                                                  For further information contact us at:
                                                                  Coordinator for International Programmes,
                                                                  School of Geography, Archaeology and
                                                                  Queen’s University Belfast,
                                                                  Northern Ireland.
                                                                  BT7 1NN

This programme offers an added dimension to your                  Tel: (028) 9097 5140
university experience, one that enhances your employ-             Email:
ability upon graduation.     International experience,            Web:
foreign language skills, and an ability to adapt to new
challenges and environments will prove to be assets in
securing a career in the global job market.

Funding Your Year Abroad

The Socrates-Erasmus student exchange scheme
arranges for tuition fees to be waived at the European
University that hosts you. Students can also apply for
a mobility grant from the EU to help defray the cost of
travel, accommodation and subsistence while living                "This project has been carried out with the support of the
abroad.                                                           European Community".

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