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					What Time Is It?

      Player One
1:00    3:00

5:30    6:00

7:30    8:30

10:00   12:00
What Time Is It?

      Player Two
11:00   6:30

 4:00   4:30

11:30   12:30

 9:30   7:00
What Time Is It?

     Player Three
2:00    5:00

8:00    9:00

3:30    10:30

 1:30   2:30
What Time Is It?

Materials Needed: 1 game board (8 X 11) for each player printed with
problems and 30 answer cards to match the problems

Number of Players: 2-4

   1. The answer cards should be shuffled and placed face down in the middle
      of the playing area in a stack.
   2. Each player receives a game board using the format of the example below.
      When possible, all of the individual game boards should contain different
   3. The first player draws a card from the top of the stack and solves the
   4. If the answer on the card matches one of the problems on his game board,
      he places the answer card on the top of the problem.
   5. If the answer card does not match a problem, the card is returned to the
      bottom of the stack.
   6. Each player follows in turn.
   7. The winner is the first player who covers (BLACKS OUT) his game board
      with correct answers or the one who has the most covered at the end of a
      designated time period.

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Description: Practice telling time with this fun math center.