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									                               QUALITY OF SERVICE FUND (QSF)

                                          Project Application Form

                                                Cover sheet

Project title: Improvement of mail security through the installation of a CCTV surveillance system

Type of project: global        regional         joint       national

Postal administration: Correos de Alción __________________________________________________________

UPU/Restricted Union: __________________________________________________________________________

Global/Regional/National Coordinator: Aldehído Aleuta ___________________________________________

Address:      Calle Alepo, 5
              11111 Aleurona
              Alción _________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: (111) 100 000 _________________________ Fax: (111) 100 001 ____________________________


This project proposal applies to the following:

QSF field 1         Security

Support in the preparation of the project proposal 2

                                                                                          Sta mp of th e
                                                                                          Sttamp off tthe
                                                                                          S amp o he
QSF budget (in USD)                                             128,975.00                    posta
                                                                                              pos a
                                                                                         adm n s tr ati on
                                                                                         adm n s ra on
Total budget (in USD)                                           141,205.00

Duration of the project as planned (in months)                             8

Place: Aleurona ______________________________          Date: Day Month Year _________________________

Postmaster/Director General                             Global/Regional/National Coordinator

Name: Estoraque Austro _____________________            Name: Aldehído Aleuta _________________________

Signature: (Signed) __________________________          Signature: (Signed) _____________________________

    ATTENTION: The information contained in this model including number and prices
    of equipment is only an example. Please adapt this model to your situation and
    real needs of your project.

1  Only one field should be included (see Project Management Manuel (PMM) art. 3.2).
2  Please indicate whether the International Bureau/Regional Adviser/Restricted Union has helped in preparing
this project proposal.


Aims, objectives and expected results
Improve security of international mail item by installing a modern CCTV system at the office of
The project should achieve the following:
- monitoring and/or observation of the various mail processing activities within the OE;
- preventing the incidence of mail losses, pilferage and/or theft during processing.

Related projects
According to its QDP, and following implementation of the current project, Correos de Alción intends
to further reorganise/modernize the operations in the OE.

Quality indicators
Proposed             Current level        Levels               Objectives          Monitoring
Quality              of performance       of performance       to be met           methods
of service           for each of these    targeted             by the following    envisaged
indicators           indicators           on completion        dates
                                          of the project

                     1,200 cases of       Reduce cases of      Within 1 year after Institute reporting
                     pilferage and loss   pilferage and loss   the completion of   system for
Security of mail     of mail/year         of mail by 80%       the project         registered mail
                                                                                   handled by various
                                                                                   working areas

                     In average, 1,000
                                          Reduce by 80% the Within 1 year after Monitor monthly
                     USD/year for
                                          annual            the completion of   indemnity
Indemnities paid     cases of loss and
                                          indemnities paid  the project         payments
                     pilferage of mail

2     CURRENT SITUATION (see PMM art. 7.6)

From 2003 to 2005, the volume of mail handled and/or processed at the OE was 1.4 billion pieces
or an annual average of 478.8 million pieces. Of the volume, 98.7% were processed by the Mail
Processing Office, which processes domestic and international letters and parcels. Therefore,
officials and supervisors working at the Office of Exchange have their hands full in ensuring the
steady and efficient flow of work and security of mail takes second priority.
At present, the OE has an outdated CCTV system, of which only 8 cameras are working (out of 25).
The working cameras are manually focused to fixed locations because the matrix switcher
controlling their motion is no longer functioning. Also, the video from the 6 monitors of the existing
system is blurred; the captured video of the working cameras cannot be recorded as the recording
equipment of the existing system is also not functioning.
Correos de Alción therefore needs a new CCTV system to cover all the vital areas within the OE.

3     METHODOLOGY (see PMM art. 7.7)

Description of the approach
Prior to the drafting and presentation of the project proposal, Correos de Alción conducted an
evaluation of security concerns to determine the possible projects under its security plan. While
drafting the project application, Correos de Alción took into consideration several factors such as
the availability of CCTV equipment in its national territory (including availability of technicians and
spare parts), prevailing market price of the equipment, cost of installation, after sales maintenance,
fluctuation of the foreign exchange rate and availability of funds to be provided by the operator.
The acquisition of the system and equipment will be done through an open bidding procedure.
Compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract with winning bidder(s) shall be strictly
Before acceptance of the project components, the operator’s Internal Audit Service will review the
implementation of the project, with focus on compliance of the winning bidder(s) with the terms and
conditions of the contract. A uniform guideline for the management and operation of the new CCTV
system will be drafted and prescribed to the OE. Also, monitoring tools and methods shall be
devised to measure the effectiveness of the CCTV system.
Together with the installation of the CCTV system, Correos de Alción will renew the OE control
room. The CCTV room will be located at the OE and the monitoring of the cameras and video will be
under the responsibility of the staff responsible for the OE security.

Description of tasks and work plan (if necessary add the project schedule as an attachment)
It is planned to implement the project in 6 months, as follows:
-   Launch tender procedure and choice of provider(s) (months 1-2);
-   Purchase of the equipment and materials (month 3);
-   CCTV system installation, renovation of the OE control room (months 3-4);
-   Training (month 5);
-   Testing (months 5-6);
-   Full production (month 6).

Description of project control (see PMM art. 7.7)
The following control methods will be applied: review of documents and contracts, compliance with
prescribed accounting and auditing regulations in the disbursement of funds, routine and surprise
inspection on the progress of the project components to ensure the compliance of the contractor(s)
with the terms and conditions and the contract. Regarding training, Correos de Alción will make
sure to perform pre- and post-evaluation testing of the participants, and require certification from
the contractor of the attendance of the personnel of the OE.

Once the project is implemented, the operator will perform a post-implementation review and
measure its results.

Project organization (if necessary add the organisation chart as an attachment)
The project will be implemented by a team composed of 8 members, under the leadership of a
project manager who will be in charge of planning, managing and monitoring the project. The other
members of the team will include an assistant project manager, a representative from the operations
department, an Inspector from the Security Service, a representative from the OE, a representative
from the procurement department. The project team will have the support of administrative staff to
ensure all administrative components.

4     FINANCIAL PROPOSAL (see PMM art. 7.8)

4.1   Overall project funding

A.    Cost summary

No.   Cost element                                                Amount (in USD)
1     Labour                                                                      4,230.00
2     Allowances
3     Travel costs
4     Office & Communication
5     Services                                                                   34,800.00
6     Equipment                                                                  94,175.00
7     Training
8     Others                                                                      8,000.00
                                                        Total                141,205.00

B.    Sources of funding

No.   Source                                                      Amount (in USD)
1     QSF                                                                    128,975.00
2     Own resources                                                              12,230.00
3     Others
                                                        Total                141,205.00

C.    Cost breakdown

C.1   Labour

No.   Function (specify function)      Man/Month      M/M rate      Total         Source
                                         (M/M)        (in USD)    (in USD)
1.1   Project Manager                             3      345.00       1,035.00       A
1.2   Assistant Project Manager                   3      345.00       1,035.00       A
1.3   Team member (operations)                    1      345.00         345.00       A
1.4   Team member (security)                      1      345.00         345.00       A
1.5   Team member (procurement)                   1      345.00         345.00       A
1.6   Team member (OE)                            1      345.00         345.00       A
1.7   Team members (2 support staff)              4      195.00         780.00       A
                                              Carry over to A.1      4,230.00

C.2   Allowances (Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA), etc.)

No.   Function (specify function)         Number of      DSA/Day        Total        Source
                                            days         (in USD)     (in USD)
                                                  Carry over to A.2

C.3   Travel costs

No.   Function (specify function)        Nature of travel               Total        Source
                                                                      (in USD)
                                                  Carry over to A.3

C.4   Office & Communication

No.   Cost element                                                      Total        Source
                                                                      (in USD)
                                                  Carry over to A.4

C.5   Services

No.   Cost element                                                      Total        Source
                                                                      (in USD)
5.1   Consulting company:
      – consulting fees (installation of equipment in the OE)            34,800.00     B
      – allowances
      – travel costs
                                                  Carry over to A.5     34,800.00

C.6   Equipment

No.   Item (specify the equipment)       Units       Price per unit     Total        Source
                                                        (in USD)      (in USD)
6.1   Colour speed dome camera 23x           21           2,300.00       48,300.00     B
      optical zoom, zoom speed 2.9
      sec/5.8 sec, 360o pan rotation
6.2   1/3 colour dome camera                     6          160.00          960.00     B
      w/2.9mm lens
6.3   ¼ CCD DSP colour camera w/                 9          240.00        2,160.00     B
      3.6mm fixed iris lens
6.4   16-channel digital video                   3        7,500.00       22,500.00     B
      recording (DVR) system w/
      480GB hard disk, DVD writer,
      monitor, modem, keyboard,
      mouse, including software
      capable of pre-motion and pre-
      alarm recording, w/dome
      programming capability, includes
      remote PC, web, multiple display
      for live viewing and playback
      while recording
6.5   16-channel multiplexer                     3          890.00        2,670.00     B
      w/programmable motion
      detection and multi-windows
      display for colour camera
6.6   Speed dome controller                      1          530.00          530.00     B
6.7   Speed dome control keyboard,               3          710.00        2,130.00     B
      maximum linking capability – 17
6.8   20” colour video monitor                   4          720.00        2,880.00     B
6.9   Uninterrupted power supply                 3          280.00          840.00     B
      (UPS) 10-15 minutes back-up
6.10 Speed dome converter for DVR                2          170.00          340.00     B
6.11 12V power adaptor                       15              17.00          255.00     B
6.12 Camera housing and pendant              21             420.00        8,820.00     B
6.13 CCTV console                                1        1,790.00        1,790.00     B
                                                 Carry over to A.6      94,175.00

C.7   Training

No.   Cost element (specify the training course)                             Total         Source
                                                                           (in USD)
7.1   (included in the provider’s contract)
                                                  Carry over to A.7

C.8   Others

No.   Cost element (specify the cost element)                                Total         Source
                                                                           (in USD)
8.1   Renovation of CCTV control room                                          3,000.00       A
8.2   Provision for foreign exchange escalation / any other                    5,000.00       A
                                                  Carry over to A.8            8,000.00

D.    Procedures for fund disbursement

If your project provides for equipment procurement, do you want all or part of this procurement to
be done by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)?
YES              NO

 If yes, specify which items should be procured

4.2     Follow-up costs (see PMM art. 7.8.2) 3

No.     Project activity                                          Estimated follow-up costs
        (per sub-activity)                                        (describe and quantify in USD)
1       Periodic review of installed CCTV system      860.00 / year
2       System maintenance (after warranty and as the 2,500.00 / year
        need arises)

        (Correos de Alción commits to bear these costs)

4.3     Post-project evaluation (see PMM art. 18)


4.4     Project budget plan: amounts given in USD (see PMM art. 7.8.3) 4

               Labour   Allowances   Travel    Office &       Services   Equipment   Training   Others   TOTAL
                                     costs    communi-

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4                                                        11,600      31,392                         42,992

Month 5                                                        11,600      31,391                         42,991

Month 6                                                        11,600      31,391                         42,991

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

Month 11

Month 12
and more
TOTAL                                                          34,800      94,175

3   Follow-up costs are to be borne by the postal administration.
4   Includes QSF-funded cost elements only.

5       STAFF

The project team will consist of    6       persons.
The following functions are required:

No. Function                        Own             Staff to be recruited from              CV attached
                                              Other postal       Consulting       UPU
                                             administration       company
1    Project Manager                  x
2    Assistant Project Manager        x
3    Operations expert                x
4    Security expert                  x
5    Procurement staff                x
6    OE representative                x
7    Secretariat (2 persons)          x


Risk category     Risk                                         Control action
Staff             Defiance of the guidelines in the            Orientation of staff to the benefits of the
                  management and operation of CCTV             system

Finance           Unstable foreign exchange                    Provision for price escalation in the cost
                                                               estimate (under own budget)
                  Mismanagement                                Institute controls in the disbursement of
                                                               funds; compliance with government
                                                               accounting and auditing regulations
Management        Change of PMG and Board of Directors         Orientation of new PMG and/or BOD to
                  (BOD)                                        the project; furnish new PMG and/or
                                                               BOD documentation of the project


5  Postal administrations are requested to consider any risk that may impact the successful execution of the
proposed project.

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