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SAIL Program Newsletter 2

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					SAIL Program Newsletter 2
                                            Altona Campus – July 2007

The ‘let us know’ list

1   If any of your contact details have changed, please let us know.

2   If you are planning to have contact with your student outside of SAIL hours you must let us

    know first and complete the contact request form.

3   If you intend to bring a friend to SAIL please direct them to the website first and direct them

    to apply online or just let us know beforehand.

4   Let us know if you are going to miss a Saturday via the online “Can’t Come Sheet”.

5   Please check and read your emails each week – if possible, Friday is best!

6   Please let us know before you speak publicly or publish an article about SAIL.

Ongoing offers

1   Photocopying – for any SAIL related photocopying, simply mark the pages from the books

    you want copied and give the book to the co –ordinators on Saturday – it will be ready for

    you the following week!

2   The Tutor Resources section of the website is available at all times to provide tutors with
    ideas, games, work –sheets and support. We strongly suggest that if you are experiencing

    difficulties of any kind when working with your student, you post a request for advice on the

    SAIL Panel of Experts Bulletin Board.

Please read this newsletter in the following week it gives updates on SAIL past, present and future!
  Tutor Talks!                                              The “Quiet Room”
  Tutor talks are a brilliant forum for tutors to access    The small carpeted room near the kitchen is now
  a wealth of knowledge from past tutors and other          the designated as the “Quiet Room” and should be
  experts, and ask all those questions you never get        used by those students and tutors who are looking
  time to address during SAIL time.                         for somewhere to settle down and work quietly.
                                                            We will now be closing the door to this room
  At the next SAIL Tutor Talk, two representatives
                                                            during the lesson time in order to keep it as quiet as
  from refugee support agencies, the Foundation for
                                                            possible. If you are not using this room, please try to
  the Survivors of Trauma and the International Red
                                                            keep your students from disturbing those who are
  Cross Tracing Service will be speaking about the
                                                            – those inside will be very appreciative.
  challenges of refugee settlement and of staying in
  contact with relatives.                                   Altona… SAILing Stronger
  The talk will be on Wednesday 25 July from                It is with great delight that we announce that the
  6.00pm – 8.00pm at: Holy Trinity Anglican Church,         Altona campus is officially the fastest growing of all
  193 Hotham Street (cnr Clarendon St),                     SAIL campuses. We have nearly doubled in size over
  East Melbourne. To access this venue enter via            the last six months or so and are now the third
  Hotham Street. Parking is free on the city side of        biggest campus of all six. Congratulations to all the
  Clarendon St only, it is close to tram numbers 75         new tutors for joining at such an exciting time,
  and 48 and Jolimont Train station.                        and thank you to all the veteran SAILors who have
                                                            made SAIL Altona what it is today.
  The last Tutor Talk on the Refugee Settlement
  Experience was a great success with 35 people in          Hall Clean Up Thank you!
  attendance. The speakers were Gatwech Puoch and
                                                            Thanks to everyone for your continuous efforts
  Sara Karim. Gatwech gave a thorough overview of
                                                            setting up and packing up each week. As you may
  recent Sudanese history and the refugee experience
                                                            have noticed, it really helps things run much
  while Sara told her personal story, which was both
                                                            more smoothly and when everyone contributes,
  touching and inspiring.
                                                            it’s far less work and of course, much quicker.
  Please also make a note in your diary of the rest
                                                            It would also be great to encourage your students
  of the tutor talk dates for the year: 5 September,
                                                            to lend a hand. If they can pack up their table,
  3 October and 7 November 2007.
                                                            put away their pens, pencils, textas and carry their
  A Big Welcome to Cara and Dane!                           chair back in to the carpeted room near the kitchen
                                                            then the whole clean-up process will be even faster.
  In August, there will be a big change at the helm
  of SAIL Altona. Ronnie will be graciously stepping        WholeSAIL News
  back to allow the dream-team of Cara and Dane,            Upcoming camp to the Wimmera
  two very experienced SAILors, to come into the
                                                            For the third year running, 50 SAILors from
  driving seat. If you haven’t met them already, please
                                                            the western suburbs will be heading off to the
  introduce yourself – there are a lot of names to
                                                            Wimmera to do a rural home stay and plant some
  learn so it will be super duper helpful if you can give
                                                            trees. In conjunction with Greening Australia,
  them a hand!
                                                            the camp provides whole families with the chance

SAIL Altona Campus              page 
  to experience the great outdoors and the                 SAILing to Portland
  welcoming indoors of farm life. If you are
                                                           On a cold and blustery weekend, 10 SAILors
  interested in joining the crew heading out of town
                                                           ventured down to Portland to undertake the Great
  by bus from late on 3 August for the weekend,
                                                           South West Walk. This is the third time a SAILing
  please email Matthew at
                                                           crew has tackled the hike and this was just as
  SAIL Birthday plans                                      successful as the last. Among the highlights were
  SAIL is about to turn six! Please keep the               numerous sightings of whales. For more about the
  afternoon of 25 August free for a birthday bonanza       walk, please visit http://www.greatsouthwestwalk.
  in Footscray, as well as the evening of 2 September      com/membership/notices.php#2
  for the famous SAIL formal. Details are to come          Join the Lost Boys in Sudan
  closer to the time.
                                                           The Sudanese Lost Boys Association of Australia
  AMES Volunteer Workshops and Upcoming                    (SLBAA) is looking for volunteers to lend a helping
  Volunteer Tutor Training Course                          hand to Sudanese refugees, displaced by decades
  AMES is offering a whole host of helpful workshops       of bloody civil war in Sudan. Skills in the engineering,
  this winter for tutors to improve their teaching         medical, construction and education are desperately
  techniques. From how to use a newspaper as an            needed to tackle the current lack of infrastructure,
  educational tool to using pictures to teach English      healthcare and sanitation.
  and insights into Islam, these classes are very useful   Volunteers are needed from November to
  introductions. The details, including dates, venues and December this year, and the SLBAA will be more
  enrolment contacts, are all available on the AMES       than happy to help in the meantime with fundraising
  website:                      for airfares and travel costs. If you’re over 18 years
  The next six-week accredited Volunteer Tutor             old and possess a valid passport, you can be
  Training course running in the city begins               a volunteer.
  Wednesday 16th August, 6.00pm – 8.30pm.                  Please contact the SLBAA on 0416 335 163 and
  Please email Matthew to book your place at               speak to Akoc Manheim (Director). For more                                      information on the Sudanese Lost Boys Association
  Australian Ballet bonanza                                of Australia, or on other ways to help out, see http://

  A fortunate group of 25 SAILors recently traipsed

  into town to see a performance for children              Volunteers Wanted!
  of the Australian Ballet company. There was general      Brenda Martin, an Honours student at the University
  amazement as the real-life humans performed              of Queensland Faculty of Psychology, is looking
  super-human moves prompting one SAILor to ask            for voluntary participants for her research project
  if they were really people or if it was just a huge      on the social attitude of volunteers and how this
  TV screen.                                               influences reactions to different volunteering

SAIL Altona Campus               page 
  scenarios. Participants will complete a 20-minute       Australia today, covering topics such as HIV and
  online questionnaire available at: http://exp.psy.      health and wellbeing of refugees who have made                                    this country their home for the last two years.
                                                          Get a bit of insight on your SAILor and if there’s
  All volunteers on the SAIL team are eligible
                                                          anything you’d like to know more about, by all
  to participate and your efforts will be highly
                                                          means, ask questions!
  appreciated. Should you be interested in the findings
  and implications of the study, Brenda and her           For more information, please contact rhrc@latrobe.
  supervisor, Dr Winnifred Louis will be more than or call 03 9479 5874.
  happy to discuss the outcome with you.                  Otherwise, visit the RHRC website:
  One Life Experience                           

  22nd – 27th July
  12.00 – 6.00pm
  Melbourne Federation Square
  (top level near rear car park)
                                                             Total trivia
                                                             About three weeks ago, the very astute
  World Vision Australia is bringing the One Life            partner of a SAIL co-ordinator noticed that
  Experience to our city. An interactive, walk-through       the SAIL Program website was the number
  exhibition, it will take you deep into the heart
                                                             one option when you typed ‘sail’ into
  of Africa on a powerful and unforgettable journey.
                                                             Google. The excitement this generated has
  Living life through the eyes of an African child,
                                                             been short-lived. The Steel Authority
  you’ll leave with a different perspective on
                                                             Of India Limited now holds top spot.
  the world.
                                                             Not that we are bitter, but if anyone knows
  Refugee Research Seminar Series
                                                             anyone working for the Steel Authority of
  29 August, 26 September, 31 October
                                                             India Ltd (who doesn’t?), please pass on our
  and 28 November 2007
                                                             displeasure at being bumped.
  5.00pm – 6.30pm
  Foundation House
  (Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture)
  6 Gardiner Street, Brunswick
                                                          With sincere thanks for being part of the team
  The Refugee Health Research Centre (RHRC)
                                                          seeing SAIL into its seventh year,
  invites you to attend their seminar series on current
  refugee issues. Come along and listen to what the       Smooth SAILing,
  experts have to say about the refugee situation in      Matthew and Ronnie

SAIL Altona Campus                 page