North Schuylkill School District
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ELEMENTARY                                                                                                          PAST, PRE-

NEWSLETTER                                                                                                          FOR OUR

     A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPALS                                                                                  February 2010
   We hope that everyone made it through the snowstorms and can take a break from shoveling. Hopefully,
spring weather will come sooner than anticipated.                                                                   Volume 4, Issue 6
    There are many activities and events that will be taking place for the month of March. On March 4th,
NSE will be visited by the children‟s author, Patricia Huber. Guest readers from Bloomsburg University
will visit the classrooms and read to all of the students to commemorate Read Across America Week on                 Special points
March 5th. Kindergarten registration is scheduled from March 8th through March 12th. The fourth round                of interest:
of 4Sight Testing will occur on March 16th and 17th. This test assesses students‟ reading and math skills in          Read Across America
third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. It is also correlated to the P.S.S.A. tests. Spring pictures are scheduled      Week

on March 18th.                                                                                                        Learning about George
                                                                                                                       Washington and Abe
   We would like to thank all of the homeroom helpers who gave their time in assisting with the Valentine‟s            Lincoln
parties. Your involvement and help is greatly appreciated by everyone.                                                Solving Money Prob-

                                                                                                                      Experimenting with
KINDERGARTEN HAPPENINGS                                                                                                the Properties of Water

                                                                                                                      Exploring Different
    NSE's seven kindergarten classes have been energized by all the special events during February. It                 Genres
started with Groundhog Day when students were introduced to Punxsutawney Phil and made predic-
                                                                                                                      Studying the Civil War
tions about his shadow. The next week we celebrated the 100th day of school. Students dressed up to
                                                                                                                      Discovering Astron-
look like 100 year-olds. There were some great, creative old geezers! Students spent lots of time
counting to 100 with items they brought from home. Next, we had our 6 day "sno-cation" which meant
we spent 2 weeks learning the short vowel Ee; during February, we also studied the Cc, Zz, and
Yy. Once we returned to NSE we were able to have our Valentine's party where students exchanged
                                                                                                               INSIDE THIS
cards and played heart-games. Finally, at the very end of February, kindergarten celebrated Dr. Seuss'
"Read Across America" holiday. The NSE Reading Department arranged to have Bloomsburg Univer-                  ISSUE:
sity students read and do activities with our classes. Each class will do their own activities, as
well. We will enjoy the rhymes, illustrations and wisdom of Theodor Geisel AKA Dr. Seuss. We are               FEBRUARY
anxious to see if March is an equally eventful month.                                                          CITIZENS OF
                                                                                                               THE MONTH
                            FIRST GRADE HAPPENINGS
    Although it was snowy and we missed a few days of school, February was an exciting month in
First Grade! First, of course, we talked about Mr. Groundhog and unfortunately his prediction seems
to be right on target! Then we celebrated the 100th Day of School with many educational and fun ac-
tivities that involved the number 100. We celebrated Valentine's Day with yummy sundaes at our par-
ties and had lots of fun playing games and opening our Valentines. Let's not forget President's Day
and our activities dealing with George Washington and Abe Lincoln. We learned so much this
month! Finally the month will end with Read Across America and the celebration of Dr. Seuss's
Birthday. We will be having students from Bloomsburg University come to our classrooms for a fun
                   Volume 4, Issue 6                                                                                           Page 2

   February for second grade has been very busy. We started out the month talking about our friendly groundhog, Phil, and what
makes him a furry weatherman. Then, we celebrated the 100th day of school with little activities. Once everything got back to nor-
mal after our February snowstorm, we celebrated the births of two of our most talked about Presidents, George Washington and
Abraham Lincoln. We also got to give and receive valentines at our Valentine's Day parties and enjoy some delicious vanilla ice
cream and toppings. To end the month, we will be celebrating Read Across America Day with some Bloomsburg University stu-
dents who will read classic Dr. Seuss stories and share activities with us.

   In the month of February we have also been learning so much. In Reading, we finished our first reading book and moved on to
our second and last reading book. In Grammar, we have been talking about adjectives and how they describe nouns and pro-
nouns. In math, we began talking about money. We have learned about the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar bill, and
we can now add money together to see how much we have in our piggy banks. Second grade is almost finished learning our lower
case cursive letters and will soon move onto learning our capital cursive letters. February has come and is almost gone so we are
excited to see what March will bring. We are hoping it will bring many more learning experiences along with warmer weather so we
can finally play outside once again!!

                                                        THIRD GRADE HAPPENINGS
   We "loved" February in third grade! We completed the first book in our Reading series. We are now working on Unit 4 "One of
a Kind". Throughout these stories, we will be discussing how all of us are different and how these differences make us spe-
cial. "What a boring world this would be if we were all the same!" In Math, we have been focusing on Geometry. We are continu-
ing to work on our multiplication facts. Remember.....memorization is the key! It's been a "Wet and "Wild" month during our Sci-
ence lessons! Students continue to do experiments involving water and its properties. We are look forward to March and our 3rd
annual third grade "St. Patrick's Day Parade." Remember, everyone has a little Irish in them on St. Patrick's Day!!!

    Fourth grade has enjoyed our "snow days" and Valentine's Day parties this month. We are also very excited to have 2 student
teachers, Ms. Donatti in Mrs. Paul's room and Ms. Strohecker in Mrs. Kraft's room. They are both teaching very interesting units on
the Olympics! In Science we will begin to work on magnetism and electricity. Exploring electromagnets and building electric cir-
cuits will be part of our investigations. Stressing safety will be an ongoing feature. In Math we will continue our mastering of multi-
plication and division skills. Our reading stories continue to explore new genres such as biographies and plays. We will continue to
prepare for PSSA tests in April.

                                                          FIFTH GRADE HAPPENINGS
Language Arts
   English Update: We have started Unit 4, Adjectives, and due to the weather have only covered one lesson so far. The students
have retained a lot from previous years and are working through the material quickly. We are continuing with the level readers. Last
week we finished a rough draft of a persuasive writing and in the next week or so we should be ready to publish.

  Spelling: Just a reminder, tests will be on Fridays. Please check out Mrs. Barket‟s blog to practice words through a fun computer
game called “Spelling City”.
   Our classes in periods 1,2,4, and 5 are currently working on multiplying by 2 digits. We will now move into multiplying with
decimals, then dividing and fraction work. Keep on studying your times tables! Periods 3 and 6 are working on analyzing and mak-
ing graphs. Then we will be moving into multiplying whole numbers and decimals. Study your facts for multiplication!
                   Volume 4, Issue 6                                                                                           Page 3

P.S.S.A. Math/Reading
   We have been practicing oral reading and comprehension skills by reading books, newspapers, and Internet sources about current
events. Most children enthusiastically read to find facts about Haiti, earthquakes, Vancouver, and the Winter Olympics. Then, since
President's Day is in February, we researched information about a United States president of our choice.
    For Math, we are still focusing on Geometry concepts. We've learned the difference between prisms and pyramids and can iden-
tify faces, vertices, and edges on various shapes. Fifth graders are using formulas for calculating perimeter and area. At the same
time we are reviewing multiplication and addition skills when finding area because math skills are cumulative.
    Fifth graders are responsible readers! Collectively, students continue to practice sequence, compare and contrast, and my favor-
ite, cause and effect. Recently, students read and analyzed The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Simply, our goal was to understand
the poem specifically the author‟s use of language and the poem‟s historical importance. Also, as we read any selection, students are
on the look-out for examples of metaphors, similes and personification, which is better than memorizing a definition for each. Some
sections have finished reading the play titled, Wings for the King. It was fun because the students became performers! Students who
are currently reading Jane Goodall’s 10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife can expect to create a mini-book that lists and illustrates things
they could do to make life better. Other sections will be assigned a fun extension activity to demonstrate understanding of a charac-
ter‟s personality traits. Take time to read a book. Remember, the book is better than the movie!
   Our science classes are flying by as fifth graders wrap up Mixtures and Solutions and move on to our Landforms module. Period
one has submitted interesting project proposals for their final Mixtures and Solutions projects. Parents, thank you in advance for
your support with this project! Several periods are wrapping up Mixtures and Solutions this week as the students take their final
assessment. Next as part of our Landforms module, students will be creating a 3-D model of an area around the school and then de-
signing a map of their model. Then they will work with streamtables as we investigate erosion‟s role in the creation of landforms.
Students will also observe the effects of slope and flooding on landforms. These messy labs are a hit with fifth graders. Our Science
stories will introduce students to map making and the parts of rivers and the ways in which rivers effect their surroundings. Our text-
book will also introduce students to other forces that create and effect landforms. Continue to check Mr. Wolfe‟s blog for daily
homework updates. Homework for each class may vary since different classes are at different places in our modules.
Social Studies

   Social Studies is going well. The students are learning about the Civil War and Reconstruction. They are working very hard and
should do very well on the upcoming tests.

                                                         SIXTH GRADE HAPPENINGS
Language Arts
   The 6th graders have been studying adjectives this month. They completed essays about the blizzard of 2010 in their creative
writing class. Coming up in March, we will find out if any one of them will be a cash winner in the Newspaper in Education Week
essay contest. Good luck to all!
    In sixth grade math classes, the students are working towards the PSSA tests that will take place in April. In periods 1 5 & 6,
students have just finished Chapter 6 on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. Miss Richards, our student teacher, has been working
on a unit with these classes. Students are currently working on omelet recipes that would feed 25 students. Students are converting
fractions and measurements for their recipes. These periods will be starting Chapter 7 on Ratios, Proportions and Percents this
week. Periods 2, 3 & 7 are finishing up Chapter 5 on Adding and Subtracting Fractions. These students will be testing on this chap-
ter this week. We will begin Chapter 6 on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions next week. And finally period 4 is half way through
Chapter 3, they working with algebraic expressions and variables. Keep working hard boys and girls!!!
P.S.S.A. Math
   Measurement highlighted the activities during the month of February in the 6th grade PSSA Math class. (M6B.1.1.1 - M6B.2.1.1
- M6.B.2.1.2 - M6.B.2.1.3) We practiced finding actual measurements of angles, length, time, weight, and capacity. Also we learned
how to choose which measurement is more precise. Both Metric and U.S. Customary Systems were reviewed and practiced. We also
did conversions between the two systems. PSSA Benchmark Test III was assigned, completed and discussed.
P.S.S.A. Reading
    Students have been refreshing and learning new topics on how to “do well” on the PSSA‟s. We have been learning important
reading skills, learning how to prepare for the tests on a personal level and completing practice questions. In addition to the PSSA
Buckle Down books, we have also been looking at additional practice through supplemental worksheets. Students for the 3 rd mark-
ing period are required to earn 20 points for accelerated reading. The deadline is March 18, 2010. In addition to studying and read-
ing we are also learning new vocabulary words and building on prefixes, suffixes and root words. Keep up the good work, students!
It is all worth it and you should feel confident and prepared when you take the PSSA‟s.


   Sixth grade reading classes are very busy! We read a story about Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. We watched the Disney
movie "The Miracle Worker" about Helen Keller. We also read a story called "Jackie Robinson: Justice at Last." We did a persua-
sive speech and an editorial to evaluate the author's conclusions. Our focus comprehension skills are the author's purpose, recogniz-
ing details and expository and autobiographical essays. Keep up the great work, sixth grade!!!


   The 6th Grade Science classes have blasted off into studying Astronomy. We are currently finishing up our investigation into the
Moon, and we will soon start exploring other celestial bodies. Our classes will also discuss space exploration, and what the future
holds in store for us in regards to space travel. The 6th Grade Science Fair will be held either during the 2nd or 3rd week of April.
Students will be receiving all of their sections back to proofread and prepare for their displays. Students will have the opportunity to
order display boards and headerboards through Mr. Walsh. Students will be responsible to get these materials on their own if they
decide not to order these materials through Mr. Walsh.

Social Studies

    This month, the 6th graders learned many things about Ancient Egypt. They checked out the apple quarters they "mummified",
wrote in hieroglyphics, and found out about Tutankhamun and Hatshepsut, among many other things. For research about their coun-
try, the class completed the research on the Economy, Social & Cultural Aspects, and History. Almost finished!! Two Current
Events articles and summaries are all that needs to be completed, and then it's time to put it all together into one big paper!

                                CITIZENS OF THE MONTH
   Matthew Bauer is Mrs. Bernosky's citizen of the month for February. He has worked very hard to improve his classroom skills
since the beginning of the school year. Matthew recently made me proud when he came to the defense of a new student when he
heard someone being mean to them. That is the perfect attribute of a good citizen. He also is very helpful to everyone and especially
me, always wanting to lend a hand. I am very proud of your accomplishments, Matthew!
   Mrs. Borden and Mrs. Jones' February "Citizen of the Month" is Makenna Spalti. Makenna has been well mannered since
the very beginning of the year. She often helps her friends and teachers and is very good at sharing. Makenna is very excited to
learn new things and always puts her best effort into everything she does. We are very proud to have Makenna as part of our class!
Keep up the good work!
   Mrs. Dennis' kindergarten citizen of the month is Emma Hocking. Emma is pleasant, kind and helpful. She likes to help other
students with their learning. She often asks to help her teacher in the classroom. Emma's own class work is very well done. She is
becoming quite a good reader and enjoys math too. Mrs. Dennis is very pleased with Emma's progress and with her behav-
ior. Emma tries very hard to follow class rules and her teacher definitely appreciates it. Congratulations and keep up the good work,

    Miss Leibig's Citizen of the Month for February is Brandon Domogauer! Brandon has come so far this year and made such great
strides! He is working so hard here at school, becoming a better student and a better friend. He is using his manners and shows us
every day how excited he is to be here! We are so proud of your hard work, Brandon! Great job!

   Congratulations to Vyn Hurley for being chosen by Mrs. Potts as the Kindergarten Citizen of the Month for February! Vyn is
being recognized for his willingness to help clean-up,not only his classroom, but also the indoor recess classrooms he visits each
day. He takes pride in his work and workspace. Vyn follows the classroom and school rules and is in the "green" each day on his
behavior calendar. He is a sweet boy and is considerate of others feelings. He definitely has a kind heart. What a perfect choice for
the month of February!

   Ryleigh Cook is the February Citizen of the month in Mrs. Reinoehl‟s room. Ryleigh is a wonderful student and is very polite
and helpful. She is an excellent listener and always does what she is told. Ryleigh is becoming a wonderful reader and writer and
completes her work neatly and as instructed. Congratulations Ryleigh!

    Madison Warner has been selected as Mrs. Tarantelli's Good Citizen of the Month for February. Madison is always helpful in our
classroom. She will do anything for her teacher and is quick to help others. She does this in a quiet way and doesn't look for recog-
nition! She always tries her best in everything she does. She is proud of all she has learned and is interested in everything we are

   The Citizen of the Month for February in Mrs. Bisco's First Grade is Jarod Ossman. Jarod follows the school and classroom rules
and sets a good example for his classmates. He is a terrific student. Jarod does very well in all of the first grade subjects. He will
help out a friend whenever he is needed. Jarod is having a great year! Keep up the super job!
    The Citizen of the Month in Mrs. Burns's 1st grade class is McKenzie Locke. McKenzie is a very nice girl, a hard worker and a
great helper! She has gone above and beyond to help a new student in our class get acclimated to our school. McKenzie is
friendly and respectful to everyone. She is a busy girl outside of school, as well, she participates in cheerleading and basketball.
Keep up the spectacular work McKenzie!!
   Mrs. Cooper is proud to announce Mya Wetzel as Citizen of the Month! She is very kind and has a smile that warms your
heart. Mya is friendly, cooperative, and an excellent student with fabulous grades! She leads by example and is one of my very best
helpers in class. Thanks, Mya, for helping to make our class so enjoyable!
   The citizen of the month in Mrs. Fey's room is Taylor Cook. Taylor is very kind and has wonderful manners. She shows respect
to all of her teachers at all times. She tries very hard to do a good job in school each day. Her wonderful behavior is greatly appreci-
ated by her teacher. Way to go Taylor!
   Destinee Pennypacker, a student in Mrs. Kaminsky's first grade class, has been chosen as ths month's Citizen of the Month. Des-
tinee is a wonderful student. She is friendly, outgoing, and respectful to all of her classmates. She is always eager to help others and
puts forth much effort each day. Congratulations Destinee! I am very happy to have you in my class!
    For the month of February, David Freed has been selected to be the “Citizen of the Month,” in Mrs. Piatt‟s first grade class. David
is a delight to have in class because he can find good in everything. He is a hard worker and always aims to do his best. But most of
all David is a real people person by the way he cares and speaks about others. He is usually the first person to help anyone who is in
need of something, it doesn‟t matter what, because David is there for his peers. David is a great little boy and he brings much good-
ness to our class. Thank you David, for being who you are! Congratulations!
      The Good Citizen of the Month in Mrs. Whyne's first grade is Violet Ryan. Violet is well deserving of this award because of
her wonderful manners and caring heart for others. She is consistently polite, helpful, and respectful. Her lovely compliments to oth-
ers make Violet a joy in our classroom. She is also a super artist! Congratulations!
    Juan Serrato is the Citizen of the Month in Mrs. Bell‟s room. Juan is a joy to have in the classroom. He is mannerly and kind to
everyone. Juan is a hard worker who takes his time and strives to do his very best. He is always willing to help someone else. He
has a pleasant disposition and he never fails to make his teacher smile. Keep up the good work, Juan. Mrs. Bell is proud of your
work as a student and as a classroom friend. Third grade will be lucky to have you next year.
    Mackenzie Menuchak was chosen as February‟s Citizen of the Month in Miss Corinchock‟s second grade classroom. Mackenzie
is a wonderful student who puts forth her best effort in all of her class work and homework. She is always there to help her peers
and teachers. Miss Corinchock would like to personally thank Mackenzie for her assistance around the classroom. She is respectful
and follows all of the rules. Great Job Mackenzie! Keep up the fabulous work!
   Katrina Hillbish is the citizen of the month in Mrs. Dinich's second grade classroom. Katrina is an excellent student. She is always
prepared for class. She follows directions and does well in all of her subjects. Katrina takes the time to help out others when needed.
She is a good friend and shows kindness to others. Katrina is a great big help in the classroom, too. Way to go Katrina! We are proud
of you. Keep up the great work!
   Mr. Leibig's and Mrs. O'Prey's citizen of the month for February is Bryan Magdeburg. Although Bryan is a pretty quiet and soft
spoke boy, he participates, helps, and works very hard. Bryan will always help his teachers if asked and will give 110% in whatever
he does. We enjoy having you in class, keep up the good work!!!
   The student of the month in Mrs. Rau's second grade class is Zachary Hepler. Zack has improved greatly from the beginning of
the year. He is patient, a good listener, and a great volunteer. Zachary really cares about his school work and is always trying his
best. He isn't afraid to ask questions when he needs help. Zack gets all of his books ready when told and never has to be told more
than once to do it. He always uses his manners and his classmates and teacher appreciate that. Keep up the great work Zack!!! We
are proud of you!!
    Mitchell Lavelle has been selected as February's Citizen of the Month in Mrs. Schalles' class. Mitchell is a very hard worker in
all subject areas. Mitchell is very conscientious about his class work. He takes his time while testing and always tries to write com-
plete answers in written sections. He usually offers extra information and details to help make our class discussions more interest-
ing. Mitchell is also a great friend to his classmates. Keep up the good work Mitchell. We're proud of you!

   John Quick, a student in Mrs. Laudeman and Mrs. McCabe's classroom has been chosen as Citizen of the Month. John is a good
student and adds excitement to our day. John is polite and has been using his manners. Congratulations John, we are very proud of
you and enjoy having you in our class.
   Ashley Bright is the citizen of the month for the month of February in Mrs. Lynch's third grade class. Ashley is a fabulous exam-
ple of a true citizen here at North Schuylkill Elementary. Ashley is always willing to help other students and faculty members. Ash-
ley always has a contagious smile on her face and she tries her absolute best at everything she does. Ashley is a joy to have in our
class. Great job Ashley! Keep up the great work!
    Ciara Warner is the Citizen of the Month in Mrs. Moran's room for February. Ciara is kind and thoughtful towards others.
She will compliment another classmate for a good suggestion or a job well done. Ciara works hard to complete her work and does-
n't give up if something is giving her trouble. She consistently tries to put forth her best effort. Ciara is dependable and makes good
choices. She is respectful at all times. Congratulations, Ciara!
   Congratulations to Billy Weiss for being named Citizen of the Month for February in Mrs. Selgrade's third grade class. Billy is a
kind and caring boy who is thoughtful to all his classmates. He also tries hard in completing all assignments and adds lots of humor
to our classroom discussions. Billy had lots of interesting facts to share with our Reading story "Volcanoes". Keep up the great
work Billy you are doing an awesome job!!!
   Congratulations go out to Richie Weikel in Mrs. Shadle's 3rd grade class for being selected as Citizen of the Month for February.
Richie is a well-mannered student who always remembers to say please and thank you. Richie works very hard in school and is a
great listener. He is also helpful in his classroom, both to the teachers and his classmates. Congratulations, Richie!
    Congratulations go out today to eight year old Payton Jenkins. He is Room 307's February Citizen of the Month. Payton has
been doing a fine job this year in all of his classes. He has excellent work habits and is a kind and caring classmate. Also, he is good
at sharing, especially his desk with his teacher. Keep up the good work!

   The February „Citizen of the Month‟ in Ms. Burda‟s class is Karly Hillbish. Karly is energetic, outgoing, and a great help to
students as well as myself in the classroom. She puts forth a lot of effort in everything she does. Karly is destined to do great things
with her wonderful work ethic and her ability to be a true friend to others. Congratulations Karly! Keep up the great work!
   Brylee Walter is the citizen of the month of February in Mrs. Kraft's class. Brylee is a pleasant girl who is always willing to help
her fellow classmates as well as Mrs. Kraft. She works very hard and all her hard work shows in her school grades. She treats her
classmates with respect and they in turn respect her. Keep up the good work! We are all very proud of you.
   Mrs. Nestor‟s and Mrs. Welker‟s Citizen of the Month for February is Jessica Walsh. Jessica shows caring and respect by the
way she treats others. She is very well-mannered and follows both school and classroom rules carefully. Jessica tries her best in her
class work and always has her assignments completed. Congratulations, Jessica, you help make our classroom a happy place to be.

   The February "Student of the Month" in Mrs. Paul's class is Brooke Balkiewicz. Brooke is a hard working, thoughtful, and kind
young lady. She is always respectful of others and shows a great interest in learning. She is a member of both the school band and
chorus. Brooke is always ready to lend a helping hand and is a good friend to all her classmates. We are proud to have you as a stu-
dent in our class. Congratulations, Brooke! Way to go!
   The Citizen of the Month for February in Mrs. Sands' homeroom is Alexus Pratt. Alexus is a very quiet young lady who is will-
ing to do whatever is asked of her. She runs errands, does classroom chores, and works well with other students. She loves her
many pets and takes very good care of them. Thank you, Alexus, for being the kind, considerate young lady that you are!

   Rebecca Kellagher is citizen of the month for February in Mrs. Tokarczyk's class. Rebecca has been a real "sweetheart" all month
showing kindness and courtesy to everyone. She is well mannered and obeys school rules. Rebecca is conscientious about her
school work and always tries her best. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom.

   The Student of the Month for Homeroom 5C is Cole Weinreich. Cole is a great kid. He is always polite and respectful to his
teachers and fellow classmates. Along with having great manners, Cole is also very helpful. He is a very nice young man who is very
deserving of this award. Congratulations, Cole. You're awesome.
   Sarah Antanavage is Mr. Houser's February Citizen of the Month. Sarah is a very good student who always earns good grades.
She is very kind to her classmates and teachers. Sarah is very reliable and responsible. She is a good role model for others to look
up to. Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Kempsey would like to congratulate Gabrielle Smarowsky on being nominated our February “Citizen of the Month”. Gabby
joined our homeroom later in the year and has become such an important member of our section. She is ALWAYS willing to help
out with another student or a job to be done. She is kind and considerate and participates in outside activities as well. She is a model
citizen, friend, teammate, student, and sister.
   Since we just celebrated a holiday about love, Mrs. Liem feels it is fitting to choose Megan Shpakovsky as Citizen of the Month
because of her love, consideration, and kindness she displays toward her twin sister. It is refreshing to see how Megan looks out for
her twin sister, Morgan. I hope both girls always continue to love and support one another throughout their lifetime. The twins
are delightful, smiling girls who put forth 100 % effort in everything they do. Truthfully, I have a very hard time telling the girls
apart. So, both qualify for this award in my eyes, but I could only pick one.
   Mason Madden has been selected as the February “Citizen of the Month” in Mrs. Malick‟s homeroom. Mason stands out for the
right reasons. His work is clearly demonstrative of someone who is focused and cares about doing an excellent job. Importantly,
Mason is kind. Mason‟s strong work ethic and his ability to get along well with others are citizenship qualities that will continue to
benefit Mason. Congratulations Mason!
    Annaliese James has been named Citizen of the Month from Mr. Wolfe‟s fifth grade homeroom. Annaliese has an upbeat posi-
tive attitude. She completes her assignments and is a responsible and organized student. In science class Annaliese frequently par-
ticipates and adds to our classes with her participation. We are glad Annaliese is a part of our class! Congratulations, Annaliese!

   Jonathan McDonald has been selected as "Citizen of the Month" in Mrs. Bound's homeroom. Jonathan is very conscientious, a
hard worker and an honor roll student. He is very interested in music, technology and legos. Jonathan has many guitars and is a
great big brother. He is a pleasure to have in class! Excellent job, Jonathan!
   Mrs. Herring‟s 6th grade Citizen of the Month for February is Kaeli Quick. Kaeli is such a joy to have in class. She really enjoys
 working with the younger students and is always willing to lend a helping hand where needed. She shows great respect towards her
peers, but more importantly to her teachers. She is soft spoken in class, but out spoken with her generous actions.

   Hannah Nestor is student of the month in Mr. Kessler's 6th grade homeroom for February. Hannah is an amzing young lady. She
always produces quality work. Recently, Hannah helped one of her classmates who was unable to write due to a broken wrist. Han-
nah copied all the written work for herself and also for her classmate. That added up to a lot of writing! Hannah is always smiling
and is a joy to be around.

    Student of the month for Ms Ney's homeroom is Collin Rooney. Collin has been working very hard in all of his classes. He is a
friendly, polite and well mannered young man. Collin is a great role model for younger students. Keep working hard Collin; you
will succeed in everything you do if you apply yourself.

   Cody Kreiger is the Good Citizen for the month of February from Mrs. O'Boyle's class. Cody is very respectful and considerate
of others. He's always ready for school and willing to help. He enjoys the time he puts into volunteering in Mrs. Kaminsky's
class. We're really fortunate to have you as a member of our class, Cody.

   The citizen of the Month for February in Mr. Walsh's homeroom is Kylee Petritsch. Kylee has been a wonderful role model for
students throughout this school year. Kylee is always very polite and willing to help others in need. Kylee is also very responsible
when it comes to class work and accomplishing goals! Great job Kylee! Keep up the wonderful work.

   February's citizen of the month in Mr. Yanuskiewicz's 6th grade homeroom is Ethan Shewmaker. Ethan was chosen for display-
ing the positive traits of being cooperative and for his helpfulness. He is always cooperative in class by being a willing participant
when answering questions and volunteering for various activities in the classroom. Also Ethan has been a Kindergarten helper since
week one. Way to go Ethan. We are really proud of you!!!

                                                                 TO THE FEBRUARY
                                                                 CITIZENS OF THE
                                                                 MONTH!                        WE APPRE-
                                                                 CIATE YOUR EFFORT
                                                                 IN MAKING NORTH
                                                                 SCHUYLKILL ELEMEN-
                                                                 TARY A BETTER
                                                                 PLACE WITH YOUR
                                                                 POSITIVE CONTRIBU-

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