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					For tours departing beyond 2008 itineraries may be subject
to change. This will be confirmed by the publication of the
2009 brochure (issued in Oct 08).                             Tour Dossier

NORWAY • SWEDEN • FINLAND                                         Dossier Ref. AA

Above the Arctic Circle
Issued 08 Aug 2007. Valid from                         disposition of people living in the remote areas
01 Jan 2008 to 31 Dec 2008                             of Norway, Sweden and Finland. North of the                                                            NORTH CAPE
                                                       Arctic Circle we are in the domain of the                                                                 71°N
                                                                                                                                                                 Tip of
                                                       Midnight Sun. A land of great beauty, we will                                                            Europe
JOINING TOUR ABROAD                                    see island communities off the coast, where           NORWEGIAN                                          Midnight
                                                       sea and sky merge, to deep and narrow fjords                                                  ALTA         Sun
15 days/14 nights Land Only                                                                                     SEA
                                                       and small farms at the foot of plunging                                TROMSO                                  INARI
Tromso back to Tromso                                  mountains. We shall drive to the remote
Join Tromso on Sunday (day 1)                          outpost of the North Cape, the northernmost                         ale                 NORWAY
                                                       tip of Europe. Travelling by bus, we either                        erANDENES                                Boating
End Tromso on Sunday (day 15)

                                                                                                                                                                   & hikes

                                                       camp or stay in campsite cabins at a variety of
Clients booked on ‘Land Only’ arrangements                                                                           en                    ABISKO
                                                       well-equipped camping grounds and some                      ot                                   ENONTEKIO
should make their own way to the joining

                                                       more basic campsites. Meals are prepared by                                Narvik

                                                                                                                                                      Sami herdsmen
point in Tromso. Please refer to separate              our cook. You should come prepared to                       KABELVAG                           Hiking, canoeing
‘Joining Instructions’ for address of joining                                                                  Walks, puffins
                                                       participate both in food preparation and                                                     LAPLAND
point and time of rendezvous with tour leader.         setting up and taking down camp.
                                                                                                                                     Arcti c Cir c le 66
GROUP TRAVEL                                           LAND ONLY ITINERARY                                                                                    km
FROM LONDON                                            Be Prepared: There may be some variation                                                  0                       250
15 days/14 nights Tour including                       to the basic route and itinerary, depending
Connecting Group Flights                               on weather, local conditions, and the
                                                       interests of the group.                            Day 3. Drive to Kabelvag on Lofoten Islands
London-Tromso-London                                                                                      This morning, depending on the weather
Depart Sunday from London Heathrow                     Please note: Participation in canoeing,            conditions, there is the opportunity to take a
Airport to join tour Tromso (day 1 of Land             kayaking, or rafting (including white-water)       whale watching trip (optional). On our trip we
Only itinerary). Transfer to camp site.                requires that you are able to swim 25              hope to view the largest of the toothed
                                                       metres unaided.                                    whales, the sperm whale. The average male
Return Sunday from Tromso (day 15 of Land
Only itinerary) to arrive London Heathrow the                                                             is 15m long, females being smaller at about
                                                       Accommodation and Included Meals: please           11m long. Off the coast of Andenes we will
same day.                                              find the key to our accommodation ratings          only see male whales as the females and
Passengers with non-group flights booked               overleaf, and note that included meals are         young move within warmer waters. You may
through Explore should refer to their individual       indicated in the itinerary below and are           also visit the Andenes Whale Centre, a
confirmation invoice for flight details. Transfers     shown on the day they are provided (B =            museum devoted to whales and whale
to and from the airport are not included unless        breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner).                 research (optional). We then continue our
purchased in addition to the tour package.                                                                journey by bus and ferry towards the Lofoten
                                                       Day 1. Sunday. Join tour Tromso (Norway)
                                                       Arriving at Tromso we meet our tour leader at      Islands. We spend two nights in camp cabins
                                                       the campsite. From the end of May to mid-          just outside the tiny and picturesque fishing
SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS                                     July the Midnight Sun is visible, and tonight      village of Kabelvag. As we travel alongside
Among the many highlights featured on this             we might opt to take the cable car up Mt           the fjords we’ll probably see Arctic cod being
tour, we particularly mention:                         Storsteinen to get our first experience of it.     dried on wooden frames on the shore.
                                                       Alternatively you might like to visit the Arctic   2 nights cabins L (included meals: B, L, D).
, ANDENES Stay on Andoya island with                   Cathedral for a concert. Overnight cabins L.
  option of whalewatching.                                                                                Day 4. Exploring the Lofoten Islands
, LOFOTEN ISLANDS Exploring fishing                    Day 2. In Tromso; drive and ferry to Andenes       Strung out over 144km in Arctic waters, the
  villages and majestic scenery, mountain              Tromso is the traditional base for expeditions     Lofoten and Vesterålen Islands are arguably
  walking.                                             to the Arctic. We spend the morning in Tromso      the most dramatic and precipitous of island
, INARI Pretty town on shore of beautiful              giving us the opportunity to explore this          chains in the whole of Scandinavia,
  Lake Inarijarvi.                                     beautiful Arctic city, often referred to as the    numbering thousands of islands of many
, NORTH CAPE Excursion to North Cape                   ‘Paris of the North’ due to its intimate           sizes. There will probably be opportunities to
  Island including special admission fee.              atmosphere and rich cultural life. A monument      explore the rocky coast and steep valleys
, ALTA Walk to Sautso Canyon, largest in               to Amundsen is near the fishing quay, and a        from where there are excellent views of
  Northern Europe.                                     cablecar ascends to 420m for superb views of       sheer rock walls rising up to 1000m out of
                                                       the city and the bridge which connects it to       the water. The whole day is spent enjoying
                                                       the mainland. From Tromso we’ll follow the         the unique atmosphere of the Lofotens. The
On our 2-week trip exploring the territory north       Arctic Highway through Norway’s Lapland and        scenery matches any in the world. You may
of the Arctic Circle we will experience the            probably see Lapp encampments, ‘kotas,’ on         choose to hike in the mountains: from
fresh, clean air, unspoilt nature and friendly         the roadside offering handicrafts produced         Kabelvag there are a number of trails. From
                                                       during the snowbound winter months.                here you can take a halfday boat trip to see
             Earth Matters                             Reaching the port of Gryllefjord, we’ll board a    the spectacular walls of Trollfjord, with a
•The Travel Foundation                                 ferry to Andenes, a fishing port in the north of   chance to fish for your lunch! For those who
                                                       the island of Andoya. Overnight camp C+            wish there is a Museum, Art Gallery and
Explore are active members and supporters of                                                              Aquarium. (Included meals: B, L, D).
the Travel Foundation which has established a          (included meals: B, L, D).
variety of sustainable tourism projects in                                                                Day 5. Drive to Abisko (Sweden)
destinations and works with industry to                                                                   Leaving Kabelvag we travel by bus and ferry
improve practice. Visit their website
www.thetravelfoundation.org.uk                                CO2 Offsets Included                        across the border into Sweden, the largest of
                                                                                                          the Nordic countries. It is a spectacular drive
•Tourism Concern                                       The biggest environmental impact of your           as we head inland through the mountains to
Explore support the work of Tourism Concern            holiday with Explore is the CO2 generated by       the green forests which dominate this part of
who campaign for fairly and ethically traded           your flights. As a responsible tour operator, we   Sweden. We overnight at Abisko which lies on
tourism, and are part of its Ethical Tour              have included in our tour prices the costs of      the shores of the immense Lake Tornetrask at
Operator Group www.tourismconcern.org.uk               offsetting CO2 emissions from all international    the edge of a National Park. 2 nights camping
• Throughout this trip we use locally owned            and domestic flights forming part of the tour.     C+ (included meals: B, L, D).
and operated hotels and suppliers, ensuring            Our chosen offset partner is Climate Care. If
that we are an economic benefit to the                 you are making independent flight                  Day 6. In Abisko
communities we visit.                                  arrangements to join one of our tours, may we      There are many paths to stroll along around
• For further information on responsible               urge you to take responsibility for your CO2       here to admire the colourful arctic flowers which
travel go to http://www.explore.co.uk/                 emissions by offsetting through Climate Care,      cover the fields. The day is free to explore the
ResponsibleTourism/                                    or a similar offsetting scheme.                    surrounding area. Your tour leader will lead an
                                                                                                          optional hike in the Abisko National Park

                        To book please call 0844 499 0901 • www.explore.co.uk
For bookings outside the UK please contact your local travel agent representing Explore.                                                                    Page 1 of 4
following the Abiskojakka Valley and perhaps        Days 12 & 13. Drive to Alta; hike in               Tipping
making use of the chairlift and the train. There    Sautso Canyon area                                 Tour Leader: At your discretion you might also
are great views to be had from Njulla Peak          We drive to Alta via a 7 km tunnel and             consider tipping your tour leader in appreciation
(1169 m). (Included meals: B, L, D).                Honningsvag, to camp by the river Gargia (one      of the efficiency and service you receive.
                                                    of the world’s best for salmon). The people of
Day 7. Drive to Enontekio (Finland)                 Alta live by salmon fishing and slate working,     Other Sightseeing
Today we drive north through the unique             and the area around the fjord is wild and          The following excursions and/or activities are
Swedish wilderness where reindeer, and              mountainous. It is here that we have the           usually available and may be arranged
occasionally even elk, roam. We cross the           chance to do a 14km walk in the Sautso             locally. Estimated costs are provided below
border again today, but this time into Finland,     Canyon area. Alta also has an excellent            for guidance only, are on a per person basis
the land of countless lakes, where we shall         museum, voted best museum 2001, and rock           unless shown otherwise, and may depend on
be spending the night in the region of              carvings that are a Unesco World Heritage          the number of participants.
Enontekio. Here in the ‘Old Lapland’ with its       site. 2 nights camping C+ (included meals:
legends and exotic customs, there is the            Bx2, Lx2, Dx2).                                    TROMSO Polar Museum £7.00; Arctic
option to visit a nature centre. Overnight                                                             Cathedral £2.00; Cablecar to Mt Storsteinen
camping C+ (included meals: B, L, D).               Day 14. Drive to Tromso                            £7.00; Arctic Cathedral Concert £6.00.
                                                    Joining the Arctic Highway once again we           ANDENES Half day whale watching (weather
Day 8. Drive to Inari                               head back to Tromso, following what is             dependent) £65.00; Trollfjord fishing and
Today we continue North driving through the         possibly one of the most breathtakingly            Sea Eagle trip £31.00.
forests of Lapland as we make our way to the        scenic drives in Europe. As we follow the          LOFOTEN ISLANDS Boat trip (1 hr) £8.00;
lakeside town of Inari. This small town enjoys      jagged contours of the coast, we encounter a       Lofoten Island Museum (boats and fishing),
a marvellous setting on the jagged banks of         more stunning view at every bend. All around       £10.00; Sea fishing (3hrs) £30.00; trollford
the Juutuanjoki river as it tumbles into the        us and reflected in the glacial waters are         fishing and sea eagle trip £31.00 + £28.00
freezing cold waters of Lake Inarijarvi. The        snowcapped mountains with green slopes             (transport costs to be divided by group size).
lake is dotted with islands which the Sami          and multicoloured houses dotted in the             ABISKO Chairlift for late night hike and
(Lapp) people regard as sacred because they         foothills. The highway climbs to wonderful         midnight sun. £13.00.
bury their dead on the islets: they are the         view-points overlooking the fjords and islets.     INARI Reindeer Farm and Sami Culture and
only place that the bears will not dig up the       As we thread our way down the craggy               dinner £28.00; Canoeing (per hr) £1.50;
remains. En route to Inari there is the             coastline we cross two beautiful fjords by         Siida Museum £5.00; Sea Plane flight
opportunity to visit a husky dog centre and a       ferry on our way back to Tromso. Overnight         £25.00. Huski dog centre £3.50.
Sami Cultural Centre. 2 nights camping C+           camping C+ (included meals: B, L).                 NORTH CAPE Bird colonies from fishing
(included meals: B, L).                                                                                trawler. £40.00 + £42.00 (transport costs to
                                                    Day 15. Sunday. Tour ends Tromso                   be divided by the group size).
Day 9. At Inari                                     (Included meals: B).
We spend the whole day deep in the Arctic                                                              ALTA Museum £5.00; Sauna (1 hr) £2.00
wilderness, relaxing and enjoying the long                                                             NB. Early and late in the season we may find
daylight hours. There are plenty of activities                                                         that some facilities and sights are not open.
available at Inari. There will be the opportunity   PERSONAL EXPENSES                                  Most optional excursions need to be paid for
to take an optional lake cruise, hire kayaks or     You’ll also need some extra money to cover         in cash.
hike through some of the wilderness in the          meals not included in the tour price, other
                                                    sightseeing, souvenirs and items of a              Some optionals have minimum number
area. You could also visit a local reindeer farm,                                                      requirements and overall costs may vary.
the excellent Siida Museum, or even take a sea      personal nature.
plane flight. (Included meals: B, L, D).            NB. On day 2 showers cost 10NOK. On days
                                                    3 and 4 showers cost 20KR. They are
Day 10. Drive to Skarsvag (Norway); visit           included on other itinerary days.                  PRACTICAL INFORMATION
North Cape
Crossing the border back into Norway, we drive      Foreign Exchange                                   Seasonal Climate
to Honningsvag. Our journey takes us through        Local Currency: Norway uses the Norwegian          Norway: Despite its northern latitude, the
the ‘vidda’ (tundra), the desolate land of the      Krona, Sweden the Swedish Krona and                climate is not always extreme due to the
Norwegian Lapps. The Lapp people (or Sámi)          Finland the Euro.                                  North Atlantic Drift. Summer is generally cool
number about 70,000 with 17,000 in Sweden,          Recommended Currency for Exchange: As              with rain evenly spread through the year.
40,000 in Norway and the rest in Finland and        banks are few and far between on this tour         However, it can get extreme and become wet
Russia. The Sámi, (probably of Mongolian/           you are better to bring some Norwegian             and cold suddenly.
Central Asian descent), have always had to          krona and some Euros with you.                     Sweden: Summer in central areas can be
fight against the Arctic climate, snow-storms       Where to Exchange: Most major towns - your         rather warm, but conditions are generally
and endless darkness in winter. We continue         Tour Leader will advise you on arrival.            drier and cooler in the north.
on through striking mountainous and desolate        ATM Availability: Cash can be drawn widely         Finland: Temperate, but summer can be
country. Finally we reach Skarsvag and our          on credit cards from ATM’s.                        warm and exhilarating.
campsite. Tonight, we will visit the Nordkapp or    Credit Card Acceptance: In major restaurants.
                                                    Travellers Cheques: Avoid taking travellers        Additional information and climate charts can
North Cape (Latitude 71° 10’ 21” N). Here                                                              be accessed at http://www.explore.co.uk/
towering cliffs of black granite rise 300m          cheques.
                                                                                                       weather. Seasonal weather patterns can be
straight out of the Arctic Ocean. 2 nights          Up-to-date information re:global exchange rates    unpredictable. Up-to-date information on the
cabins L (included meals: B, L, D).                 can be obtained at https://www.currency-           weather worldwide can be found by following
                                                    express.com/explore/                               the BBC weather link on this page.
Day 11. At the North Cape
The owners of the 4-5,000 reindeer which            Local Payment                                      Visa Requirements
graze here have their homes in Karasjok. In         Payable in Norwegian Krona cash to the tour        For Norway, Sweden and Finland entry visas
April-May the reindeer herds plunge into the        leader at the start of the tour.                   are not required for UK, AUS, NZ, CAN, USA
cold Magerøya Sound, to swim from the                                                                  citizens. Other nationalities should consult
mainland to the summer pastures on the              Meal Plan                                          their travel agent or relevant embassy.
island, having already been driven from their       Local Food and Drink: 14 breakfasts,
winter pastures near Karasjok. In late              13 lunches and 11 dinners are included on
September they swim back across the Sound           this trip; please be prepared to pay for all                   Accommodation
again, this time with the calves born in the        other meals. Approximate meal costs are             On this tour when camping we use either
spring. The Karasjok Sámi have followed this        given below:                                        Vango ‘Force 10’ ridge tents (for two people)
tradition longer than anybody knows, and we                               UK          Nor/Swe/Fin       or Vango phoenix Hex dome tents (for one).
expect to see ‘Kotas’ or tent-huts along the        Coffee              £1.20             £1.30         You may be able to upgrade to camp cabins on
coast. There are several optional activities        Soft Drink            0.80             1.75         nights when we are camping (depending on
possible today including an 18km hike to            Bottle of Beer        2.50             4.25         availability locally). Please be aware, however,
Knivskjellodden (the most northerly point in        2 Course Meal* 10.00                  10.50         that we cannot pre-book or guarantee cabin
Europe) or a boat trip to the Gjesvaerstappen       3 Course Meal** 18.00                 22.00         availability on these nights and cabins will not
‘bird islands’. (Included meals: B, L, D).          Bottle of Wine      10.00             19.00         necessarily be twin-share. Allow an additional
                                                    *Cheap local fare in a small cafe or restaurant.    £30 pppn in Norway and Sweden, £15 in
                                                    **Typical food in a simple, reasonably              Finland per night for upgrades.
                                                    comfortable mid-range restaurant.
 EXPLORE ACCOMMODATION RATINGS : The following key is intended as a guide to the type of accommodation listed for each night stop.
 We stress that standards may vary and reserve the right to make changes as necessary without warning.
 Hotels / Pensions / Lodges                        Local Style Accommodation                          Camping – under canvas or bivouac
 H+ : Usually twin bedded rooms, normally with L+ : Usually twin bedded rooms, may be some            C+ : Designated campsite, usually with fixed WC/
 private facilities. Local grading 2/3/4 star.     3-4 bedded. Normally shared facilities.            shower. Possibly with fixed pre-erected tents.
 H : Usually twin bedded rooms, sometimes 3-4 L : Could be twin bedded but more usually multiple C : Natural/Rough/Wild/Bush Camp. Limited or
 bedded rooms may have to be used. Normally        share or dorm style, sometimes mixed sex,          no facilities. Temporary WC. Usually need to
 with shared facilities. Local grading 1/2/3 star. sleeping arrangements. Normally shared facilities. pitch own tents.

                        To book please call 0844 499 0901 • www.explore.co.uk
For bookings outside the UK please contact your local travel agent representing Explore.                                                Page 2 of 4
Vaccinations & Protection                         If you are unable to provide all this              warm sweater and windproof outer garment,
Nothing compulsory. Tetanus and polio             information at the start of the trip your tour     as the weather can vary considerably on a
recommended. Tick-borne encephalitis is           leader will ask you to purchase an Explore         daily basis. Raingear is essential. Nights can
recommended by some medical sources if            Policy. If you have purchased Explore              be very cold at the beginning and end of the
travelling in certain areas of Europe, at         Insurance you should carry the Master              season, and thermal underclothes may be
specific times of the year. Check latest          Certificate leaflet with you, which outlines the   useful, as well as gloves and hat.
requirements with your travel clinic or doctor    conditions of the policy together with a copy
prior to departure.                                                                                  Footwear: Stout walking boots/shoes
                                                  of your Confirmation Invoice, which is your        and trainers.
Special Note: Visa and vaccination                proof of purchase of insurance.
requirements are subject to change and                                                               Equipment: Bring a 4-season (temperature
should be confirmed before departure.             Know Before You Go                                 –10°C to –5°C) sleeping bag and an airbed or
                                                  We strongly recommend that you check your          mat. Eating and drinking utensils are
The above is not an exhaustive list.              government’s travel advisory for up-to-date
Further information regarding vaccinations                                                           provided. Bring a waterbottle, ear plugs (anti-
                                                  information and advice about your                  snorer!), seasickness tablets if you suffer
and travel health advice can be found by          destination including safety and security,
following the NHS and NaTHNaC links at                                                               badly, insect/mosquito repellent, calamine or
                                                  local laws and customs, entry requirements         antihistamine cream.
http://www.explore.co.uk/Travelhealth/ and        and health. For UK Foreign and
from your local healthcare provider.              Commonwealth Office Advice follow the link         Trek Kit Bag: For an exclusively designed
                                                  at http://www.explore.co.uk/Traveladvice/          Explore Trek Bag, follow the relevant link at
Electric Supply and Plugs                                                                            www.nomadtravel.co.uk/explore
For comprehensive information regarding
voltages and plug types in use in the             PACKING FOR YOUR TRIP                              Personal First Aid Kit: For an exclusively
countries visited, follow the relevant link at    A complete list of clothing and personal gear      designed Explore Medical Kit, visit
http://www.explore.co.uk/Traveladvice/            is contained in Explore’s ‘General Information     www.nomadtravel.co.uk/explore
                                                  Booklet’, available after a booking has been
Insurance                                         accepted. Here we make a few specific              Need help on clothing or equipment?
Travel insurance is compulsory for all            recommendations with regard to your tour.          Then we suggest you contact Nomad Travel, our
bookings. You must take your policy                                                                  equipment partner, who specialise in kitting
document with you on tour as your tour            Luggage: One main piece of luggage and a           people out for adventurous travel. You receive a
leader will ask to see this at the start of the   daysac. Total allowance 15 kgs. Bear in mind       special 10% discount in-store or online. Visit
trip. Your documentation must state in writing    that space is limited on our vehicle, and in       one of their stores, phone 0845 260 0044, or
that you are the named policyholder and that      the tents and that you’ll have to carry your       visit their website www.nomadtravel.co.uk/
the cover is valid for your period of             own luggage – so don’t overload yourself.          explore for further information.
travel.Your policy document must also             Soft holdalls are by far the best.
indicate that you have medical expenses and
emergency repatriation cover and a 24-hour        Clothing: Pack for ‘All Tours’ plus ‘Cold
                                                  Conditions’. Temperatures can vary from
contact telephone number for your Insurance       warm inland to mild in coastal regions, and
Company must be shown on your                     very cool in the mountains. Light and
documentation in case of emergency.               medium clothes are needed, including a

                        To book please call 0844 499 0901 • www.explore.co.uk
For bookings outside the UK please contact your local travel agent representing Explore.                                            Page 3 of 4
     Please find below some space for you to make notes regarding your trip...

                  To book please call 0844 499 0901 • www.explore.co.uk
For bookings outside the UK please contact your local travel agent representing Explore.   Page 4 of 4

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