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          MISSION:        Provide Innovative Solutions for Profit Maximization by
                          Sharing the expertise

         OBJECTIVE: Maximize the Profitability by Improving Operational
                    Efficiencies and maximize utilization of available resources

         SUMMARY : Total Work Experience – 36 Years


           Vice President/ Head – Central Technical Services
Extensive work experience of providing optimal technical solution to the manufacturing
units of Large Petrochemical Complex having Gas Cracker and downstream plant
including Cogeneration Power Plant and other Utilities
     Up gradation of technologies to meet international Bench marking standards
        Increase the reliability of operation by process improvement and its,perodic audit
     Implementation and monitoring of all Quality Management System in all
        functional and key business area
     Reduction in hazardous waste and its control
     Reduction in environmental by implementing modification scheme and reduction
        in hydrocarbon losses
     Resources optimization
     Management Representive (MR) ISO9001
     Six Sigma Coordinator
Senior Production Manager /Production Manger : Major work experience in
manufacturing of Acrylic Fiber based on different technologies
Erection and commission of Wet Spun Acrylic Fiber plant based on Asahai –Japan
Trouble shooting Dry Spun Acrylic Fiber Plant based on DuPont –USA technology by
identifying the bottle necks in hardware and process to increase plant capacity from 10%
to 100%
 Business Management Consultant: Consultancy services are provided to Senior
Management for Business Process Improvement, Cost Control, Systems and Procedure
Improvement ,Technology transfer and Training Safety Systems

                       : PROFESSIONAL EXPERINCE:



Vice President (Central Technical Services) – IPCL-Gas Cracker complex –
Nagothane Dist: Raigad –Maharashtra
   Upgrdation of technologies to meet international Bench marking standards Increase the
reliability of operation by process improvement Trouble shooting and monitoring the
plant performance
     Improve Process Reliability
     Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Standard
         Operating Conditions (SOC)
     Development and preparation of Environmental Manual
     Development of Safety/ Environment system and their continual improvement
     Development of Standards for Plant Performances Monitoring
     Identification of bottle necks for operating plants at stretched capacity
     Development of Cost effective alternative catalyst and chemicals (Polypropylene
         and Ethylene Oxide.ldPE, LLD/HdPE Butene-1 plants )
     Development of Profit Improvement plan and their implementation
     NABL accreditation for Quality control Lab
     Impart training to conduct STOP audit and other Safety System
     Impact and Risk Analysis of plant operation and new system
     Development of Field Change Order(FCO) Procedure and it’s implementation
     Development of PORTALS for FCO and Profit Improvement Opportunities
         (PIO) and other Management Information System
     Management of Quality Control Dept work activity
 Identify and Implementation of Energy Saving Schemes
 Prepare OFF line Feedstock Management plan for Optimum Product Mix as a on
    going process
 Zero effluent discharge
Membrane Technology for recovering Hydrocarbon from Flare Gases to reduce
environment pollutants
 Chlorination treatment for effluent treatment pipeline to reduce MIC induced
    corrosion without having any impact on Flora and fauna
 Butene-1 Plant revamping.
 Hexane Dryer for LLDPE/HDPE Plant.
 Physical blending of Polymers
 Modification schemes for DeHalogenation catalyst (DHC)
 Develop and implement plan for all Manufacturing and Support Services for
 Develop plan for Integrated Quality Management System ( ISO 9001.14000and
     Change agent for implementing various management policies
 Development of SOP/SMP and preparation of Environmental Manual

   Development of Safety/ Environment system and their continual improvement
   Development of Strategic Business Objective(SBO) to meet Organizational Goals
    Employees Performance monitoring System (PMS) planning and development
   Identification of Knowledge Skill and Key Attribute ( KSA )for various positions in
    the organization and KPI’s and KRA’s
   Implementation of Best Manufacturing Practice          Development of Customer
    Satisfaction Index (CSI)and Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI)
   Six Sigma Projects identification
   Creative Problem Solving Methodology ,Root Cause Analysis(RCA ) FMEA etc
   Total Quality Management (TQM)
   Centralized Laboratory System
   Improve Effectiveness of Meeting

1989- 1996
SR Production Manger/HOD – Dry Spun Acrylic Plant ( DuPont –USA)
Plant as erected and commissioned with DuPont know how and detailed engineering by
Chemtex-USA had serious issues to achieve rated Capacity and specified Quality
    All bottlenecks in hardware supplied were identified and replaced or modified to
        achieve rated capacity
    Operating parameters were modified within constraint /limits of hardware to get
        the desired Quality of Product
    This was achieved in shortest possible time due to effective coordination with
        DuPont /Chemtex-USA and Engineers India limited (EIL)
    Production of Specialty grades fibers like 1.5d /1,2d was well established to meet
        special Market segment
    Bi-Component Acrylic Fiber was produced for the first time in the country with
        DuPont technology
    Monocomponent Fiber Spinneret were developed indigenously

Production Manager                                                      1985- 1989
IPCL – Baroda, Acrylic Fiber Plant

   Achieved highest ever production on a continuous basis.
   Carried out modification to improve quality of product and efficiency of operation.
   Indigenously developed finish oils for Acrylic Fiber Plant, which was for the first
    time by any synthetic rubber manufacture in the country, leading to save Foreign
    Exchange worth Rs.1.0 Crore per annum during severe foreign exchange crunch.
   Indigenously developed Filter Elements, Spares for maintenance as well as process
    leading to save in foreign exchange.

Dy. Production manager                                                  1980 – 1985
Technical Services Department, IPCL-Baroda.

Plant performance standard were developed for its monitoring purpose Cost effective
schemes for Energy Conservation and Water conservation were developed. Areas for
reduction in Hydrocarbon and raw material were identified and schemes were developed
for its implementation Trouble Shootin and Quality Monitoring was done on routine basis

Chemical Engineer                                                      1976 – 1980
Joined IPCL, Baroda as Chemical Engineer in their Acrylic Fiber Plant (Wet Spinning)
based on M/s Asahi, Japan Technology and was responsible for erection, commission of
12,000 MTA capacity plant, which was first of its kind in India.

Process Engineer                                                     1969 – 1976
Worked with M/s Gwalior Rayons, Nagda as Process Engineer in Viscose Department.

1- BE –Chemical Engg fro Ravi Shankar University – RAIPUR (M,P) 1968
2- Diploma in Business Management


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