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                           FAIRBORN INTERMEDIATE                                                                 25 Dellwood
                                                                                                              1020 S. Maple Ave.
                                  SCHOOL                                                                     Fairborn , OH 45324
                         Sue Brackenhoff, Principal Pam Tritsch, Assistant Principal
                         Fourth Grade Office 878-3969 Fifth Grade Office 878-4626
                                                                                                             December 2009

                                                                                                               Important Dates
FIS Students lend Helping Hand                                                                              Early Dismissal     Nov. 30
                                                                                                            Students leave 1:55
                                     Pennies for Pasta                     by providing them with the
                                    brought in a total of                  makings for a good meal.         FIS Spelling Bee      Dec. 2
The students and fami-                                                     We also receive help from        MPR
                                    $1,253.99 for the Lym-
lies of FIS are wonderful                                                  scout troops to provide the
                                    phoma Foundation. The
about helping others in                                                    food. The Student Council
                                    students in Miss Hilty’s                                                Mid Term Reports      Dec. 4
need. Just this year                                                       provides several $50 Kroger
                                    class earned a Pasta
alone, the students have                                                   gift cards for the families.
                                    Party from the Olive                                                    PTO Cookie Dough Dec 7
had Hat Days, Pennies
                                    Garden by giving                                                        in the PM
for Pasta, Artimus Brass-
                                    $250.00 and Mrs. Rife’s                                                 FIS Winter Choir  Dec. 9
field Burger Bash, Pump-                                                   As I said, the staff and stu-
                                    class earned juice and                                                  Concert FHS 7 PM
kin Auctions, Socks for                                                    dents at FIS are a school
                                    donuts for giving
Soldiers, Food Pantry                                                      community with a big
                                    $145.45. The biggest
Drives, Fall Festivals,                                                    heart who want to help oth-      Board of Education     Dec. 10
                                    reward, was feeling
Holiday Tree Auctions,                                                     ers have the opportunity to      6:30 PM
                                    good about helping
Hats and Hoodies for                                                       enjoy the holidays.
                                    someone who is very ill.
Fairborn, and food for                                                                                      Vespers                Dec 12
the Fairborn Food Pan-
                                                                                                            FHS Aud 7 PM
                                    The Hats and Hoodies
The Artimus Brassfield              drive is the Fairborn                                                   4th Grade Mini Mall Dec 15
Burger Bash netted over             District’s way of helping                                               During school hours Dec 16
$700 for a scholarship              people have warm
fund for an FHS senior              gloves, hats, and
                                                                                                            Math Olympiad       Dec 17
to go to college. Also,             scarves for the winter
                                                                                                            During school hours
the FIS Student Council             season. We see our own
gave $500 for the schol-            students who need
arship to some deserv-              warm clothing, so we                                                    Winter Recess        Dec 21-
ing senior. Someday,                hope to help people in                                                                     Jan. 3, 2010
one of the FIS students             Fairborn stay warm.
may be the recipient of                                                                                     Board of Education     Jan 14
                                    Each year FIS helps
the scholarship.                                                                                            6:30 PM
                                    families from our school
                                    community have good
                                    Thanksgiving dinners                                                    End second grading Jan 15
                                                                                                            period and first semester

Early Dismissal, Inservice Days, and Waiver Days for                                                        Martin Luther King Jan 18
                                                                                                            Jr. Day No school
                                      dents are dismissed at 1:25 on          Feb 25 May 11
                                                                                                            Early Dismissal        Jan 19
Early Dismissal and Inservice
Days, are used by teachers to         one hour 15 minute Early Dis-           Early Dismissal (1:55 PM)     1:55 PM
learn new techniques to use with      missals and 1:55 on forty-five          Jan 19 Feb 16 Mar 22 May 31
students and curriculum to pro-       minute Early Dismissal Days.                                          District Spelling Bee Jan 25
vide the best education possible.     Please have a plan for your child       Please mark these dates and   FIS MPR 7 PM
Forty-five minute Early Dismiss-      on these dates since their arrival      times on your calendar to
als are at the end of grading         at home varies from the normal          avoid confusion.              Early Dismissal         Jan 26
periods for teacher record keep-      times.
ing. Students are not in school                                                                             1:25 PM
                                      Early Dismissal (1:25 PM):
during these times, but teachers
are working and learning. Stu-        Jan 26 Mar 1 Apr 19 May 30
     Page 2                                       FAIRBORN INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL

                              National Board Certified Teachers
                          It is with great pride that           ceived word that Mrs.                  please do. They are so
                          we announce our latest                Melissa Williams (data                 excited to have reached
                          National Board Certified              coach for FIS and BMS),                this goal!
                          Teachers. This is one of              Mrs. Jennifer Coffey( In-
                          the highest honors a                  tervention Specialist for
                          teacher can receive. It               special needs class-                   At this time, Fairborn
                          takes a year or more of               room), Mrs. Melissa                    Intermediate School has
                          really hard work and lots             Shanks (fourth grade                   the distinction of being
                          of paperwork, along with              teacher), and Mrs. Marijo              the Fairborn City School
Volunteers are impor-     excellent teaching to                 McCain (fifth grade                    with the most National
tant to students in our                                         teacher) have successfully             Board Certified Teach-
                          earn the title.
school. How can you                                             completed this rigorous                ers.
help? Call today to                                             process.
                          Mrs. Betsy Burns has had
find out what opportu-    the distinction of being
nities are available!     FIS’s only National Board             If you get a moment to
                          Certified Teacher until               congratulate them on this
                          this week. We just re-                great accomplishment,

                          5th grade November                    ney, Colton Corvin, Westena            Laura Hill, Ryan Moore, Kylie
Never                     STARRS: D. J. Gau, Dylan              Anderson, Tanner Robinson,             Whitaker, Andrew Breazeale,
underestimate             Whitt, Evan Corey, Chavon             Shadarianna Weathington,               Austin Miller, Lynn Brooks,
what a simple             Irwin, David Williams, Mikayla        Zach Landon, and Angelica              Gretchen Hartong, Daniel
                          Atkins, Mark Rich, Makayla            Cole.                                  Johnson, Dakota Lockwood,
gesture can do.           Dixon, Kaytlyn Leasher, Evan                                                 Kiara McConnaughey, Derick
                                                                4th grade November
It is the little          Crum, Nathan Ferguson,
                                                                STARRS: Kate Slonaker,
                                                                                                       Warner, Autumn Lamb, Taylor
things you do             Dewin Travis, Zach Leist,
                                                                Zack Perkins, Maxwell Terrill,
                                                                                                       Routt, Ashley Weekley, Alyssa
                          Jonathon Boggs, Katie                                                        Corbin, Brooke Mullins,
that make a big           Randolph, Austin Herald, Mor-
                                                                Emily Scanlan, Antonio Harris,
                                                                                                       Makayla Kernich, Dusty
difference in                                                   Chris Risch, Amber Mason,
                          gan Cleek, Dylan Bliss,                                                      Carter, Ryan Greenside, and
                                                                Dawson Blakley, Tarik Yag-
other people’s            Adrianna Moore, Tudy McKin-
                                                                murkaya, Kyla Brandenburg,             Hailey Jenkins.
Catherine Pulsifer
                                            PRINCIPALS’ READING CHALLENGE
                          It appears to be a very close         total 42,976 minutes this year.         The more you practice, the
                          reading race in the fourth grade.     Miss Schnabel’s room is in sec-         better you become.
                          Miss Hilty’s class has read a total   ond place with 39,209 minutes
                                                                                                        Don’t forget to read during the
                          of 42,987 minutes with Miss A.        total. It isn’t really the race that
                                                                                                        holidays. Just reading 15 min-
                          Osborne’s class not too far be-       counts because it is the practice
                                                                                                        utes each evening is relaxing and
                          hind with 42,163 minutes. How-        students get when they read.            so very good for you. It is a
                          ever, it is noted that in October
                                                                Dr. Brackenhoff and Mrs. Tritsch        great way to end the day.
                          Miss A. Osborne’s class read
                                                                are always excited to see the
                          1,354 more minutes than Miss                                                  Remember:
                                                                minutes add up, but they want to
                          Hilty’s room. Great job fourth
                                                                see everyone participating. If          READ! READ!! READ!!!
                          grade!                                you don’t try, you can’t be a
                          The fifth grade students in Mrs.      100% winner on a sports field, in
                          Park’s homeroom have read a           orchestra or in the classroom.
                                  December 2009                                                             Page 3

                                         Precautions against the Flu
As we hear more about the various types of flu going around this year, we want to let you know what is happening at
FIS try to combat them.
    Students are being reminded to use the elbow/arm area to cover a cough or sneeze when a tissue is not available.
    Students are being reminded to wash their hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. The sug-
    gested length of time it takes to clean hands thoroughly is to sing Happy Birthday or the ABC song through twice.
    Students should not share personal items like drinks, food, or unwashed utensils. Please remind them that they are
    to eat the lunch they have packed or bought. Sharing food and drinks is one of the fastest ways to spread germs.
    Custodians are cleaning the desk tops, backs and seats of chairs in the classrooms daily.
    Restrooms are disinfected daily. Remind your children to use the restroom properly to help keep the area as clean as
    Know the signs of the flu. Symptoms of the flu include a fever (100˚ F or 37.8 ˚C or greater), cough, sore throat, a
    runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, and feeling very tired. Some people may also vomit or have diarrhea.

It takes each one of us to work together to try to keep the flu from spreading to others. Please work with us.

                                                                                                 PTO E-mail address is

                                                                                                 Money from fundraisers
                                                                                                 will be used for new
                                                                                                 playground equipment.
                                                                                                 Please volunteer some
                                                                                                 of your time to help our

                                  Highly Qualified Teachers
         Each month you will meet two members of the FIS staff. Some of them will be new additions this year
  and some will have been with us for several years. I think you will enjoy meeting them!

  Mrs. Pat Murakami, a first year teacher, teaches fifth grade Social Studies and Science. Last year she was an in-
  tern at FIS who distinguished herself by getting students moving for learning by acting out skits and creating dis-
  cussions among students so they teach each other. She has an Associates Degree from Eastern Kentucky Univer-
  sity, Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree from Wright State University. The advice Mrs. Murakami offers is to
  gather information to recognize your learning style so you can focus on what you are learning.

  Mrs. Sharon Arnold has taught 28 years. She is a fourth grade intervention specialist who believes that if students
  read and write about topics in which they show an interest, they learn more. She tries to link information to her
  students’ prior knowledge to begin new discussions. Her advice to students to provide them with success in school
  and in later years is to develop good habits and routines——then stick with them!
 Page 4   Fairborn Intermediate School

   We wish all our fami-
lies a very happy and
safe holiday! We wish
you the best in 2010!

From Your FIS Family

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