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									Extending .NET Applications to BlackBerry
Enable your Microsoft® .NET applications for the BlackBerry® platform using the
comprehensive selection of information and development resources described below.

      Using Microsoft Visual Studio
      BlackBerry MDS Studio and .NET Web Services
      Using the BlackBerry Java Development Environment to Connect to .NET
      BlackBerry Partner Solutions

Using Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio® has three great options for building applications for
BlackBerry smartphones:

   1. BlackBerry Browser Based Solutions
      Using the BlackBerry® Browser, you can design websites that leverage the
      unique, secure, fast and efficient BlackBerry infrastructure. Use your existing
      ASP .NET web development skills to extend web applications from the desktop to
      the BlackBerry smartphone and take advantage of the BlackBerry Browser's
      unique features:

           o   Offline Forms Queuing
           o   Web Feed Support (RSS)
           o   Bookmark Auto Sync
           o   Home Screen Bookmarks
           o   Push-based Alerts and Content Distribution
           o   Ajax Support (with Device Software 4.6)

       Get more information on the BlackBerry Browser's unique features:

           o   View the BlackBerry Browser Reference Guides

   2. ASP.NET 2.0 Adaptive Control Behavior
      Adaptive control behavior allows the developer to customize the control behavior
      for target devices. This technique is particularly useful in allowing developers to
      quickly optimize an existing ASP.NET application for the BlackBerry browser.

           o   .NET 2.0 - How To - Configure .NET 2.0 for BlackBerry Browser support
           o   Developer video library – Developing ASP.Net applications for the
               BlackBerry browser

   3. BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio
      The BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio provides Microsoft Visual
      Studio developers with the ability to create BlackBerry® MDS Runtime
      applications that interact with Web Services right from the Microsoft Visual
      Studio development environment.

Using the BlackBerry Java Development Environment to Connect to .NET
Web Services

The BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) is a fully
integrated development environment and simulation tool that can be used to connect to
web resources such as .Net web services.

      BlackBerry JDE Documentation
      BlackBerry JDE Developer Labs

BlackBerry Partner Solutions

BlackBerry Alliance Partners offer a large number of third party applications and services
for the BlackBerry solution. Leverage everything from out-of-the-box solutions that
integrate with SAP® to middleware solutions and consulting services. Get a complete list
of applications from BlackBerry Alliance Members

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