Alumni can lend a helping hand to OSU grads AgCom students in OSU

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					                                                                                        Vol. 9, No. 1 • Winter 2003

Oklahoma State University • Agricultural Education, Communications and 4-H Youth Development

Alumni can lend a helping hand to OSU grads
     A hand up, not a hand out, is what     employers and alumni a number of sibilities of the job and how the person
Oklahoma State University is looking        ways they can fill positions from a large would apply.”
for from alumni.                            and diverse pool of students.                   Once that information is gathered,
     Every semester hundreds of students         “An asset of our college as a whole it can be posted for students to access.
begin the process of applying for jobs.     is that, although we are the College of However, the process does not stop
Crisp, new diplomas await them as they      Agricultural Sciences and Natural Re- there. Alumni who are unable to assist
perfect their résumés, practice their in-   sources, we have                                                    in placing stu-
terviewing skills and compose cover let-    students in a vari-                                                 dents can still
ters, but relevant job openings are of-     ety of areas such It puts me and my organization assist them with
ten elusive.                                as business, com- in front of these young people.                   a number of
     Connecting these future graduates      munications, sci-           –Roy Lee Lindsey, executive director other job-get-
with alumni who have positions avail-       ence and research,                                  ork
                                                                                   Oklahoma Pork Council ting concerns or
able, or know of other openings, is one     in addition to                                                      help with the
of many goals of the College of Agricul-    production,” said                                                   learning process.
tural Sciences and Natural Resources        Gazaway. “The No. 1 benefit for al-             Roy Lee Lindsey, Oklahoma Pork
Career Services Office.                     ums is getting someone who fulfills Council executive director, often returns
     “There are a variety of ways we can    their needs.”                              to OSU to help. By conducting a mock
help alumni through our offices,” said           Getting job information to career press conference for the Communica-
Amy Gazaway, CASNR career develop-          services is the first step for alumni.     tions in Agriculture class, Lindsey helps
ment coordinator. “We can organize on-           “My first question will be ‘Do you students practice their writing and in-
campus interviewing, we can post their      have a job description put together?’” terviewing skills.
job on our job board and our Web site,      said Gazaway. “It doesn’t have to be an         “It puts me and my organization in
we can send it out on our listserve or      elaborate job description, just some- front of these young people,” said
we can do a résumé referral for them.”      thing that tells the basic qualifications Lindsey. “It also allows me to talk about
     These services offer both potential    they are looking for, the basic respon- opportunities.”
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AgCom students in OSU top 10
     Oklahoma State University named        ment and services in my freshman year
agricultural communications students        are critical to my success at OSU and
Macey Hedges and Matt Panach Top            down the road.”
10 Freshman Men and Women for                    Matt Panach of Braman, Okla., is
their involvement, academic success         active in The Big Event, Homecoming
and leadership roles on campus.             Steering Committee, Orange Peel and
     Macey Hedges of Burden, Kan., is       Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.
active in OSU Student Alumni Board,              “Being raised on a farm in north-
Agricultural Communicators of Tomor-        ern Oklahoma, I always knew I wanted
row, Homecoming Steering, Student           to pursue a career in agriculture,” said
Academic Mentors for CASNR and Chi          Panach. “However, I also realized the
Omega sorority.                             importance of being able to communi-
     “I was honored to be named a Top       cate effectively. The communications
10 Freshman Woman at OSU,” said             skills that I am receiving at OSU will         Top 10 FreshmanWoman and Man Macey Hedges
Hedges. “The skills, experiences and        help me pursue my career goal of being         and Matt Panach received recognition for their
friendships I gained through involve-       an agricultural lawyer.”                       dedication to OSU.
Kelton and Sitton selected for national team
     Oklahoma State University’s Agri-       tative, secretary and president, along       way to give back to ACT and the op-
cultural Communicators of Tomorrow           with being active in the planning of         portunities it has given me throughout
brought home a national president and        OSU’s ACT regional conference last           my college career.”
adviser this year.                           spring. In addition, she has participated         Along with Kelton’s national recog-
     Kendra Kelton, OSU agricultural         and placed in the local and national         nition this summer, Sitton was ap-
communications/animal science senior,        ACT critique contests.                       pointed as the national ACT adviser.
was elected the 2002-2003 national                The idea to run for national presi-          Sitton has been an ACT member,
ACT president and Shelly Sitton, as-         dent was fostered through her activi-        chapter adviser and is now serving at
sistant professor, was selected as the       ties at OSU and her past internship at       the national level.
2002-2005 national ACT adviser.              the American Angus Association.                   “I have been involved with the ACT
     The national convention was held             “I decided to run for office early on   organization since I was a student,” said
in Reno, Nev., July 22-25, in conjunc-       in the summer and turned in my ap-           Sitton. “When I was a senior, I was able
tion with the Agricultural Publications      plications to participate in the election    to understand the great importance of
Summit. Several OSU students at-             at convention,” she said.                    this organization and the contribution
tended the convention and were able               Kelton has attended the last two        each person can make.”
to support Kelton throughout the elec-       ACT conventions and believed it would             OSU’s ACT chapter has a reputa-
tion process.                                be a great experience to serve on the        tion for bringing home many awards at
     “I was very excited to be elected na-   national officer team.                       national convention, and this year was
tional president,” Kelton said. “I had            “ACT is well known throughout           no exception. With the addition of a
an excellent support group with our lo-      the agricultural colleges, and numer-        national president and a national ad-
cal chapter.”                                ous professionals can relate to this as-     viser, agricultural communication stu-
     Kelton has been involved with the       sociation and the benefits it offers stu-    dents continue to demonstrate their
local ACT chapter since she was a fresh-     dents,” she said. “I felt that being a       leadership abilities.
man. She served as freshman represen-        national officer would be a rewarding

ACT members receive honors at national contest
News Story                                   Radio Production                             Magazine
2nd Place – Kendra Kelton                    2nd Place – Rachel Johnson                   2nd Place – The OSU Cowboy Journal
4th Place – Sarah Fultz
                                             Computer/Multimedia Production
                                             Computer/Multimedia Pr                       Page Layout
Short Feature
 hort Featur
       eature                                2nd Place – Sarah Harris and Clinton         1st Place – Tamara Beardsley
2 Place – Brian Bendele                      Griffiths                                    2nd Place – Jackie Keesee
                                                                                          4th Place – Amber Lawles
Long Feature                                 Award of Excellence in Electronic
                                              ward Ex                lectronic
1 Place – Tamara Beardsley                   Media                                        Award of Excellence in Design and
                                                                                            ward Ex              Design
2nd Place – Kristina Gimbel-Gonzalez         Elizabeth Kinney                             Layout
3rd Place – Gina Cuiffetelli                                                              Jackie Keesee
5th Place – Travis Brorsen                   Advertisement
                                             1st Place – Jackie Keesee                    Black and White Photograph
Research Paper
  esearch Paper                              2nd Place – Clinton Griffiths                1st Place – Candace Dobson
1st Place – Tamara Beardsley                 3rd Place – Kristina Gimbel-Gonzalez         2nd Place – Melissa Majors
                                             4th Place – Tamara Beardsley
2002 William S. Sullins Memorial                                                          Color Photograph
Writing Award                                Graphic Design                               1st Place – Candace Dobson
Tamara Beardsley                             1st Place – The OSU ACT Chapter              2nd Place – Amber Lawles
                                             2nd Place – Shane Richey
Video Production                             3rd Place – Melissa Majors                   Digitally Enhanced Photograph
1st Place – Elizabeth Kinney                                                              1st Place – Tamara Beardsley
2nd Place – Julie Coulter                    Brochure
3rd Place – Brian Bendele                    3rd Place – Nicola Xanthus                   Award of Excellence in Photography
                                                                                           ward Ex               Photography
4th Place – Clinton Griffiths                4th Place – Shannon Webb                     Candace Dobson
News from the department                                                                 Cream of the
                           It has been a
                     busy fall for stu-
                                             in advanced qualitative research meth-
                                             ods and grant seeking have been added.      photography
                     dents, staff and fac-
                     ulty with lots of
                                             These courses have been introduced in
                                             response to emerging needs of students      crop 2002
                     challenging activi-     and employers.
                     ties! Student enroll-        More than 200 agricultural teach-

                                                                                                                                                           Check out the department’s Web site to see additional photography from the new digital photography class.
                     ment in the de-         ers were on campus during the summer
                     partment continues      for in-service education. Dr. Bill Weeks,
                     to increase. A total    professor in agricultural education, and
                     of 344 under-           Les Tilley, consultant with the Okla-
graduate students (195 agricultural          homa Department of Career and Tech-
education majors and 149 agricultural        nology Education, coordinated the
communications majors) and 56 gradu-         workshops. Topics included the use of
ate students were enrolled during the        technology in the classroom, leadership,
fall semester. This means that 40 addi-      communications and technical agricul-
tional students (an 8 percent increase)      ture workshops.
have joined the department compared               James White, senior professor, went

to fall 2000.                                on sick leave during the fall semester
     New courses have been added to the      and has returned for the spring semes-
                                                                                                Photo by Robyn Ott
agricultural communications curricu-         ter. Dr. White has been undergoing
lum in the areas of Web design and           treatment for cancer and spending time
photography. In the agricultural edu-        at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research
cation curriculum, new graduate courses      Hospital in Houston, Texas.

ALUMNI cont. from 1
     Career Services is developing a new     shops such as interviewing or business
program to foster this interaction be-       etiquette, or be available for students        Photo by Seth Harrington
tween alumni and students. The               to ask questions about career paths and
CASNR Career Network is designed to          the industry in which they work.
provide a structured program for facili-          While these activities provide stu-
tating interaction between current stu-      dents with contacts, resources and
dents and alumni.                            skills, the benefits reach both sides of
     Through the network, alumni will        the interview table.
have various ways to become involved              “When I start looking for people
at OSU.                                      to work, I have contacts,” said Lindsey.       Photo by Whitney Ferris
     “One of the ways is allowing us to      “That helps me draw a good-quality
do an interview and develop a profile        applicant who is interested in agricul-
to keep on record in our office so stu-      ture and the pork industry. I have hired
dents can read about alumni and help         four students out of the OSU ag com-
answer the question, ‘What can I do          munications program.”
with a major in …?’ That is probably              The Career Services Office has the
the most-asked question we get in our        resources and technologies for assisting
office,” said Gazaway.                       both alumni and students; they can-             Photo by Kristin Owens
     Gazaway said students often think       not do it alone.
they can only follow one career path              “We need alumni who are willing
with their chosen major. Having pro-         to participate,” said Gazaway.
files of alumni may help them see dif-            Alumni interested in helping stu-
ferent career paths they could take.         dents with job placement or joining the
     Alumni can also allow students to       career network can call Amy Gazaway
shadow them, participate in alumni           at (405) 744-5395 or send an e-mail
panels, conduct career-related work-         at                          Photo by Nicola Xanthus
Cowboys on the move . . .                                                                                       Tualities
                                                                                                            A C Tualities
    Tammy (Shott) Swafford (’97) is
              (Shott) Swaffor
                        wafford                 Mandy (Fritz) Gross (’00) is a com-
                                                        (Fritz) Gr                            A publication of the Department of
the assistant editor for The Bledsonian-                                                  Agricultural Education, Communications
                                            munications specialist for agricul-
                                                                                                   and 4-H Youth Development
Banner in Pikeville, Tenn.                  tural communications services at OSU.
                                                                                        Editor ................................................... Julie Cox
    Kristi (Manning) Allison (’99) is                 (Shaddo
                                                Sarah (Shaddox) Weeks (’01) is the      Contributing Writers ....................... Nicola Xanthus
the communications director for the         education coordinator for the Oklahoma                                                     Martha Ostendorf
Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.            Energy Resources Board.
    Julie Cox (’99) is a lecturer and the       Amber Lawles (’02) is the agricul-      Oklahoma State University, in compliance with Title
outreach/Web coordinator for the agri-      tural marketing coordinator for the         VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive
cultural education, communications          Oklahoma Department of Agriculture,         Order 11246 as amended, Title IX of the Education
                                                                                        Amendments of 1972, Americans with Disabilities
and 4-H youth development depart-           Food and Forestry.
                                                                                        Act of 1990, and other federal laws and regulations,
ment at OSU.                                    Clinton Griffiths (’02) is an eye-      does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
    Danna Furman (’00) is the public        witness news reporter for KBSH 7 in         national origin, sex, age, religion, disability or status
information coordinator for Sundowner       Hays, Kan.                                  as a veteran in any of its policies, practices or proce-
Trailers Inc. in Coleman.                                                               dures. This includes but is not limited to admissions,
                                                                                        employment, financial aid and educational services.
Faces and places . . .                                                                  This publication is printed and issued by Oklahoma
                                                                                        State University as authorized by the Dean of the
     Kelly Adams (’93) married Brad             J o L y n n E n l o w (’01) married
                                                     Ly     En ow                       Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
                                                                                        and has been prepared and distributed at a cost of
Elliott Oct. 26 in Dallas.                  David Jeter July 6 in Sapulpa.
                                                                                        $387 for 500 copies. 0103 JKC.
     Barbi (Rogers) Dauer (’98), hus-           Kim Kisling (’01) married Eric
band Justin, and daughter Ashby wel-        Smith July 27 in Cherokee.                             Story ideas or information can be submitted
comed a new son, Jared Paul, Oct. 30.           Kim Dibble (’01) graduated from                          via e-mail to

     Amber (Moser) McNeil (’98) and         the Oklahoma Police Corps 2nd Acad-
husband Justin welcomed a new son,          emy Oct. 4 in Ada.
Gunner Brock, Sept. 13.                            bby Payne
                                                Abby Payne (’01) married Charlie
     Traci O’Hara (’98) married Kent        Cash Dec. 14 in Beaver.
Morgan Aug. 10 in Elk City.

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  Stillwater, OK                                                                      Stillwater, OK 74078
       PAID                                                                           448 Agricultural Hall
 U.S. POSTAGE                                                                         Communications and 4-H Youth Development
  Organization                                                                        Department of Agricultural Education,
    Nonprofit                                                                         Oklahoma State University

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