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					Fact Sheet: Hastings Park & Ride
                                                 The Alternatives Analysis study completed by
                                                 the Red Rock Corridor Commission in 2007,
                                                 lists construction of Park & Ride facilities as
                                                 necessary for success of short- and long-term
                                                 transit solutions in the Corridor.

                                                 One of the Park & Ride sites identified in the
                                                 Alternatives Analysis study is located in
                                                 Hastings. Owned by the City of Hastings, the
                                                 potential space is currently a gravel parking

                                                 Construction of a new Park & Ride facility will
                                                 help assist in the implementation of
                                                 commuter bus service and, eventually,
2010 Funding Request                             commuter rail to downtown St. Paul and
$500,000 for design and construction of          Minneapolis.
Park & Ride facilities along the Red Rock

Project Need
Currently, there is no regular bus service
providing a connection to Hastings from
downtown St. Paul. Construction of a
reliable Park & Ride facility is necessary for
commuter bus service in the area.

The proposed site for the Park & Ride
facility is a gravel parking lot owned by
the City, located next to the historic train                  More Information
depot in downtown Hastings.                                      Andy Gitzlaff
                                                             Washington County