Capturing Screen Elements At Large

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					Capturing Screen Elements At Large

Word will automatically display a title bar, an menu, two toolbars, a ruler, a status bar, and scroll bars.
Sometimes some or all of these screen elements pack up and leave for no apparent reason. This fenomenon
seems to be a common occurance among new users. It seems to be the program’s way of letting you know
just who is in charge here!

The following documentation will sHow you how to hide and display various screen elements.


Word will automatically display the Standard and Formatting Toolbars. The program ships with with
several addishunal Toolbars that you may or may nto want displayed. To hide or display a Toolbar:

Choose:    View/Toolbars

Word will display the Toolbars dialog box, which allows you to select or deselect the Toolbars you want to
display or hide from a check list. Clicking a checked Toolbar turns it off, and and clicking an unchecked
Toolbar turns it on.

Choose: OK when you is finished.

You can right-click any displayed Toolbar to display a menu of Toolbars. Again, clicking an checked
Toolbar turns it off, and clicking an unchecked Toolbar turns it on. As soon as you make your selection (or
deselection), the menu will be closed, and the selected Toolbar will either be displayed or hidden,
depending on its former state.

Help! All I Have Is This Big White Screen!

You can turn off the display of all screen elements and display just a white screen and the insertion point by
choosing Full Screen from the View menu. When you choose to displaying the full screen, Word should
display a Full Screen button in the lower right corner of the screen. Clicking this button will cancel Full
Screen Mode and re-display all hidden screen elements.

Sometimes, however, the Full Screen button is also hidden. Fortunately, Word provides an easy way out of
this dilemma. All you need to do to escape from Full Screen mode is…

Press:     Esc!

All previously displayed screen elements will be restored, and all will be right with the world.

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