quick bites catering menu by akn18992


									All the menus include disposable plates, napkins, table
                  cover and crockery.

  Any Menu can be adapted to your personal tastes.                      Function Menu
We will be happy to change or add anything you require.
                                                          For further details, advice or to place an order contact us:
              PRICES ON REQUEST
                                                                         Tel: 01246 474718
We take great pride and enjoy making fresh desserts so
                                                                         Mob: 07597984092
  please ask if you have a particularly sweet tooth.
                                                                   Email: quickbites@hotmail.co.uk

    www.quick-bites.co.uk                                            Or visit our Website at:
   Function Menu                                     The Executive
                                                         Waitress Service
   A choice of fresh Sandwiches                  Platters of Ham, Turkey & Beef
Cocktail Sausage Rolls & small Pizzas         Variety of White & Brown Bread Rolls
          Variety of Quiches                             Seafood Platter
                Crisps                                  Fresh Mixed Salad
          Gateaux or Cakes                             Sauces & Dressings
               £3.80ph                                   Assorted Cakes
                                                     Gateaux & Sherry Trifle
                                                           Tea & Coffee
                                                            £8.50 p/h
        Pick & Mix
    £4.50 p/h for any 2 extras               The Business Lunch
           Scotch Eggs
            Pork Pies                   If your In need of refreshments during an impor-
           Garlic Bread                       tant meeting then the choice is yours
        Coleslaw & Pickles
                                         Just contact us with your request for any of the
    £5.00 p/h for any 4 extras                     menus or design your own
           Scotch Eggs
            Pork Pies
           Garlic Bread
                                               The International
        Coleslaw & Pickles
                                        If you're theming your party why not try setting a
   £5.50 p/h add these as well
                                                    style with your food choice:
         Fresh Mixed Salad
                                        American:       Hot Dogs/Burgers/Popcorn etc.
        Chicken Drumsticks
                                        Oriental:       Duck/Spring Rolls/Pakora etc.
                                        Fisherman:      A selection of Seafood Platter

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