A Ghost Story by fdjerue7eeu


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									                              A Ghost Story

These questions will help you to write your story.

                                                              Places in the house
Who are you?
                                              stairs      staircase              doorway

Who was with you?
                                              passage              hall          kitchen

What time of day was it?
                                              bedroom                  library

Where was the house?
                                                              Describing words
How did you get to it?
                                              empty             quiet             secret
What did it look like?
                                              dark               gloomy               cold
What kind of door did it have?
                                              scary              spooky             creepy
How did you get in?
                                              large             tall              creaky
What did you see inside?
                                                                 I saw
What did you hear?
                                              a white shape               a glowing light
What rooms did you go to?
                                              a little girl               a beautiful lady
What did you find?

                                              an old man                   a smiling face
Why did you think it was haunted?

                                              a hand                      a scary face
What happened next?

How did you get away?                                            I heard
                                              a noise                   a strange noise

                                              a crash                      someone laughing

                                              someone crying               the door open

                                              the stairs creaking

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