summer menu 2009 by akn18992


                                            Dips trio, warm Turkish bread 14.9
                                      Warm cob loaf, Red Hill olive oil and sea salt 8.5
                         Grilled saganaki cheese, oven roasted tomato and balsamic reduction13.9
                                                      Red Hill olives 8

                             Spring onion and potato fritter with sour cream and tomato relish12
                             St.Helens ooysters natural            ½doz 16.9        1doz      27.9
                                 , spinach,
                    Smoked trout, spinach dried shallot and mango salad, pomegranate dressing 17   17.9
                         Panko crumbed calamari, rocket leaves and green mustard dressing 16.5
                            Prosciutto wrapped pork terrine with chutney and salad leaves 17.9
                   The baths Caesar salad, cos, parmesan, kaisler bacon, croutons and boiled egg 2020.90

                     The Baths flathead tails ‘fish & chips’ (grilled or fried), garden salad, tartare sauce 25.5
                 Pan fried barramundi fillet, baby leek and artichoke salad with preserved lemon butter 29.9
                 Pan baked chicken breast in a tomato and coconut braise with a pine apple rice pilaf 25.90
                            Grain feed eye fillet with william potato, beetroot relish and red wine jus 33
                  Parpadelle pasta with scallops, mustard f          ,
                                                               fruits, creamy white wine and saffron sauce 28
                 Risotto of char grilled chicken, roasted capsicum pesto, baby spinach and green chilli 23.5
                   Sweet corn and dukkah tart, warm pumpkin skordalia and oven roasted tomato 20         20.90

                                                  Toasted foccacia rolls
                                                       (Lunch only)
                                     Tandoori chicken, spinach, red onion and cucumber yoghurt 13.8
                                Smoked trout, capers, red onion, capsicum and dill aioli 13.8
                                       Baked pumpkin, pesto, spinach and feta 13.8
                                         caramelized onion, tomato relish and swiss cheese 13.8
                             Roast beef, carame

                          Rocket, fig and walnut salad with parmesan and green mustard dressing 9.9
                                                        Garden salad 7
                                               Steamed seasonal vegetables 9.9
                                           Potato wedges, sweet chilli, sour cream 9
                                                          Fries, aioli 8

Desserts                                                             Kids (under 12 only)
Pavlova with Cointreau poached berries 11.9                                                              fried)
                                                                     Junior ‘fish and chips’ (grilled or fried 11.9
                                       ,      cream11.9
Baked lemon tart, caramelized orange, double cream11                 Chipolata sausages, fries 9.9
Chocolate cake with whipped cream 11.9                               Chicken breast nuggets, fries 9.9
Rickets’ point ice-cream selection 11.9                              Spaghetti bolognaise 9.9
Cheese platter, quince paste, preserves, crackers 18.5               Pasta, Napoli sauce or cheese & butter 9.9
                                                                     Ice-cream (plain, chocolate or strawberry topping) 3.5

Baked muffins 4.9                                                    Tea
Rocky road 4.9                                                                                                 chamomile,
                                                                     English breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, chamomi
Biscuits: wild berry and yoghurt 2.9                                 lemon with ginger, sencha green tea
          Chocolate macadamia 2.9
          Smartie chocolate 2.9                                      Juices
          Yoyo 2.9                                                          ,
                                                                     Orange, apple, pine apple, mango, grapefruit, apricot,
          Florentine (gluten free) 3                                 cranberry, tomato
          Cranberry and white chocolate (gluten free 3
                                                                     Other drinks
Coffee                                                               Iced coffee/choc, milkshakes, soft drinks, spiders,
Latte, cappuccino, flat white, long black, espresso,                 mineral water
macchiato, mocha, hot chocolate, chai

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