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									              Catering Services

    Coffee Services

Catering Services (519) 253-3000
        ext. 3276 & 3277
                 Table of Contents

Breakfast                                  3
From our Bakery                            3
Reception Platters                         4&5
Sandwich Trays                             6
Lunches To Go                              6
Salads                                     7
Pizza                                      7
Hors d’Oeuvres                             8
Beverages                                  9
Waited Lunches                             10
Lunch Buffets                              11
BBQ Buffets                                12
Waited Dinners                             13
Country Style Dinners                      14
Bar Services                               15
Catering your Special Event or Reception   16
Wedding Information                        17
Banquet & Meeting Room Rates               18
                            Breakfast             (Minimum 20 guests)

Take a Bagel Break                                                      $6.75
A selection of fresh bagels, cream cheese, jam,
chilled juice and coffee or tea.

Heart Smart                                                             $8.75
Whole fruit, low fat muffins, yogurt, cereal bars,
chilled fruit juice and coffee or tea.

Morning Glory
Assorted breakfast pastries with butter and jam, fresh                  $9.75
fruit & cheese platter, chilled fruit juice and coffee or tea.

Great Canadian                                                          $14.95
Assorted breakfast pastries with butter and jam, yogurt,
fresh fruit platter, scrambled eggs, bacon & sausage,
home fried potatoes, chilled juice and coffee or tea.

                         From our Bakery

Freshly baked muffins                                                   $1.50
Danish                                                                  $2.00
Strudel with jelly filling                                              $1.50
Butter or Chocolate Croissant & Preserves                               $3.00
Bagel & Cream Cheese                                                    $3.25
Our Famous Cookies (one dozen)                                          $12.95
Squares & Brownies (one dozen)                                          $14.75
Breakfast Bread
(choice of banana, lemon, lemon cranberry, carrot)                      $15.95
Coffee Cake (serves 8-10 people)
(choice of Apple Cinnamon, Lemon, or Marble)                            $20.95
Assorted Mini Pastries (one dozen)                                      $20.95

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                           Reception Platters

Vegetable Crudités w/ Dip                             Small   $34.95
A colourful arrangement of bite size garden           Large   $47.95
vegetables with creamy ranch dip.

Season Fruit Platter                                  Small   $39.95
A selection of the freshest seasonal melons,          Large   $59.95
berries and fruit with a vanilla yogurt dip.

Canadian Cheese Tray                                  Small   $49.95
A selection of domestic cheeses including             Large   $69.95
cheddar, brick, and marble, with a variety
of crackers.

Cheese and Fruit Combo                                Small   $44.95
A selection of domestic cheese and                    Large   $68.95
seasonal fruit.

The following are available in large size only

Gourmet Cheese Tray                                   Large   $74.95
A true cheese adventure!
Whole pieces of Brie, Swiss, goat cheese,
Gouda and Provolone.

Antipasto                                             Large   $37.95
The perfect addition to your table featuring
marinated mushrooms and artichokes, assorted
olives, roasted red peppers, mixed vegetables,
gherkins and sweet pearl onions.

                        Our trays generously serve:
                            Small… 8-10 people
                            Large… 12-15 people

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                              Reception Platters continued...

Spinach Dip and Pumpernickel                                  $31.95
Definitely a favourite! Whole pumpernickel bread,
filled with a spinach and cream cheese dip.

Mediterranean Tray                                            $36.95
Hummus, garnished with diced tomato, parsley,
olives and pita breads.

Mexican Fiesta
Layers of cream cheese, salsa, cheddar, green onions,         $48.95
diced tomatoes and black olives, served with tortilla chips

Tortilla Spirals
Soft tortilla shells filled with zesty salsa, cream and       $49.95
Cheddar cheese and shredded vegetables. (60 pcs)

Smoked Salmon                                                 $84.95
Side of smoked salmon, decorated with lemon, dill,
capers, diced egg and red onion.

Cocktail Shrimp Platter                                       $52.95
Chilled cocktail shrimp served with lemon and zesty
cocktail sauce. (Approximately 70 pcs)

Sushi Platter
Assortment of vegetarian rolls (60 pcs)                       $75.00
Assorted Seafood (60 pcs)                                     $95.00

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                   Sandwich Trays

Deli Sandwich Platter                                      Small   $41.95
Assorted deli sandwich including, turkey,                  Large   $69.95
ham, beef, egg salad, tuna salad & vegetarian
(small - 16 halves, large - 24 halves)
Fancy Tea Sandwiches                                       Small   $41.95
Sandwich 1/4s filled with turkey, ham,                     Large   $68.95
beef, egg salad, tuna salad & vegetarian.
(small - 40 quarters, large - 60 quarters)
Tortilla Wraps                                             Small   $41.95
The same great deli meats, egg salad, tuna                 Large   $68.95
salad and vegetables, wrapped in a soft tortilla shell
(small - 12 halves, large - 24 halves)
Pita Pockets                                               Small   $41.95
Filled with an assortment of deli meats, egg salad,        Large   $69.95
tuna salad and fresh vegetables.
(small - 10 pitas, large - 20 pitas)
The Bagel Sandwich                                         Small   $41.95
Egg salad, tuna salad, ham and cheese, turkey,             Large   $69.95
roast beef and fresh vegetables on a freshly
baked bagel. (small – 16 halves, large – 30 halves)

                       Lunches To Go
The Express Lunch                                                  $9.95
Kaiser sandwich (choice of egg, ham, beef, turkey,
tuna or vegetables), dill pickle, fresh baked chocolate
chip cookie, whole fruit and juice, pop or water.
The Mediterranean                                                  $10.95
Grilled eggplant, zucchini and red peppers marinated
in a balsamic vinaigrette with feta cheese and field
tomatoes, mixed baby greens on herbed ciabatta bun.
Served with a side of tabouli, melon wedges and juice,
pop or water.
The Dagwood                                                        $10.95
Roast top sirloin, boneless chicken breast, Virginia ham
piled high on a ciabatta bun, accompanied with coleslaw,
chips, juice, pop or water.
Get Heart Smart!                                                   $11.95
Fresh baked multi-grain bread with alfalfa sprouts, bell
pepper and Bermuda onion with herbed vinaigrette,
accompanied with a Nutri-grain bar, mini fruit yogurt
and juice or water.
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                   Salads (serves 8-10)

Garden Salad (choice of Ranch, Italian or Balsamic Vinagrette)   $24.95

Caesar Salad                                                     $27.95

California Salad with Citrus Dressing                            $27.95

Greek Salad                                                      $29.95

Macaroni, Coleslaw or Potato Salad                               $24.95


Large Pizza Cheese or Pepperoni, 16 slices                       $24.95
Large Pizza Vegetarian or Deluxe, 16 slices                      $25.95

A campus favourite!
The Football Field, 32 slices
Cheese or Pepperoni                                              $38.95
Vegetarian or Deluxe                                             $39.95

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                          Hors D’Oeuvres

(Minimum order: 3 dozen per selection)

Cold Hors D’Oeuvres                              Price/Dozen
Bruschetta w/Goat Cheese                         $17.95
Eggplant Roulade                                 $18.95
Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus Spears              $19.95
Seafood Mousse on Belgian Endive                 $21.95
Smoked Salmon on Pumpernickel                    $24.95
Shrimp Cucumber Boats                            $24.95
Smoked Duck w/Ginger Pear Chutney                $26.95

Hot Hors D’Oeuvres
Pizza Spirals                                    $15.95
California Quiche                                $15.95
Samosa                                           $16.95
Jalapeno Cheddar Ravioli w/ tangy tomato sauce   $18.95
Spring Rolls                                     $18.95
Ricotta Pesto Crescents                          $18.95
Wild Mushroom Crescents                          $18.95
Spanokopita                                      $18.95
Potstickers w/ Thai Dipping Sauce                $16.95
Chicken Satays                                   $23.95
Mini Angus Beef Burgers                          $24.95
Coconut Shrimp                                   $24.95
Santa Fe Chicken in Phyllo                       $27.95
Frenched Lamb Chops                              $42.95

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Cold Beverages

Spring Water (500 ml)                                             $1.50
Dasani (591ml)                                                    $2.50
Bottled Juice (300 ml - Apple, Orange, Cranberry)                 $1.75
Minute Maid Juice (473 ml-Apple, Orange, Cranberry or Lemonade)   $2.75
Nestle Ice Tea (473 ml)                                           $2.75
Soft Drinks (cans 355 ml)                                         $1.65
San Pellegrino (orange or limonata)                               $2.30
Milk 2% (250ml carton)                                            $1.50
Fruit Punch      (Gallon)                                         $29.95

Hot Beverages

Columbian Coffee    Carafe                                        $16.95
                    25 cups                                       $35.95
                    60 cups                                       $69.95

Fair Trade Coffee   Carafe                                        $16.95
                    25 cups                                       $41.95
                    60 cups                                       $82.95

Tea                 Carafe                                        $16.95
Hot Chocolate                                                     $16.95

Apple Cider         Gallon                                        $16.95

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                          Catering your Special Event or Reception...

Event Planning
Our friendly, experienced staff will gladly work with you in planning the details of your event.
Starting with selecting the right room to the finishing touches, our team will make your event
Booking Your Event
Your menu should be finalized and booked a minimum of fifteen (15) working days in advance.
You can speak with a member of our sales team by calling (519) 253-3000 ext. 3276 or 3277.
Menu Selection
Our extensive catering menu is a great starting point for your dining selections. Our sales team
will gladly create a special menu to suit your event and your budget.
Please note that not all menu items are suitable in all locations due to the level of cooking facilities
in the building. Our sales team will assist you in selecting suitable items when necessary.
Please advise us of any allergies or special diets when selecting the menu.
Off Campus Catering
Our catering team has an excellent reputation for catering events off campus.
Contact our Catering Office for more information.
Guaranteed Numbers
When booking your event you will be asked to give an estimate of the number of guests you expect
will be in attendance. A final guarantee of the number of guests attending is required one week
prior to your event.
Delivery Charges
Minimum orders are $75.00. A delivery charge of $7.50 is applied to all orders (does not apply to
events held in Vanier Hall).
Cancellation Policy
If cancellation of your event occurs less than two (2) working days prior to the scheduled service
time, you are subject to all costs incurred.
Set Up Fee
A 15% set up fee will be charged to all non-university group functions to cover the cost of room set
up, china, standard linens, podiums, staging and microphones.
For a non-university group we require a minimum deposit of $500 or 50% of the estimated invoice,
whichever is less, to be paid at the time you sign your contract to guarantee your room.
The remaining balance of your account is due five (5) working days prior to your event.
Payments can be made by: Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Certified Cheque, Draft or Money Order.

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