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                    No. 141 : 5 December, 2002

At this week’s Friday assembly, the Violin Group             Put-the-School Back-Together Barbecue
and Year 2 will present items at the Junior/Middle           On Sunday 2 February, the Sunday before school
School assembly (1.40pm) and Year 1W will present            returns, 4.00-8.00pm at the school we will need help
an item at the Early Childhood assembly (2.45pm).            moving furniture from old classrooms to new
                                                             classrooms and from old buildings to new buildings.
Hawaiian Shirt Day                                           If you can lend a hand for a few hours, we would be
TOMORROW is Hawaiian Shirt Day throughout the                most appreciative. Sausages and drinks provided!
ACT. All people are encouraged to wear a
Hawaiian shirt in support of the ACT Cancer                  FAB Meeting
Council.                                                     The next meeting will be held next Tuesday, 10
If your children would like to support this cause,           December at 7.30pm at the school. This will be
they may wear a Hawaiian shirt with their school             followed by an end-of-year supper, so you might
uniform. Otherwise normal school uniform will                like to bring a plate of food or even a bottle of
apply (i.e. PE gear for K-5). The “fine” will be a           something! Come and have your say!
gold coin donation for ACT cancer research.
                                                             Morning Tea
Thank You                                                    There will be no chapel services next week. Instead,
to Debbie Owers and her fabulous band of helpers             next Monday 9 December there will be a morning
for all they did to make Saturday’s Fair such a              tea for all those who have helped out at the school
success. It was a very enjoyable time for everyone           during the year with reading groups and in the
and we are very appreciative of the support of so            classrooms. We are very appreciative of those
many people.                                                 parents who give up their time to help, and this is a
                                                             small way of recognising and thanking them (and,
Christmas Fair                                               No, you DON’T have to bring a plate!).
WOW! What an excellent day we had on Saturday!
Thank you for your support and your efforts, to              Racecourse Parking
those who helped before and on the day and those             Four more volunteers are required to help with
who turned up and indulged. It was wonderful to              racecourse parking on Sunday 29 December,
see the school come together as a family and enjoy           11.30am-2.30pm. It’s an excellent fundraiser, so
themselves. It was a great success and we all                please see if you can help. Contact Jenney Rolfe on
contributed! Thank you very much. Debbie Owers               6241-3363 to add your name to the list.
                                                             Many thanks to Jenney for organising this
Buskers’ Corner                                              throughout the year.
Congratulations to all the performers who played,
sang and danced at the Buskers’ Corner last                  Teatowels
Saturday. Together we raised approximately $180              Commemorative teatowels are being sold during
before we were washed out. Those students who                Uniform Shop hours until the end of this term. We
were unable to perform due to the change in                  apologise to anyone wanting last year’s teatowels;
weather, are invited to perform at this week’s               they are unable to be printed.
                                                             Identity Direct
Thank You                                                    Orders have been placed and will be available for
to all parents, grandparents and staff who helped            collection from Monday 20 January (the day that the
with the Bottle Stall at the Fair.. The bottles were         Uniform Shop is open). If you are unable to collect
wonderfully filled and decorated and provided not            your order on that date, it may be collected from the
only success, but fun as well. Start collecting your         school office after 20th, but it is advisable to
bottles for next year when it will be even bigger and        telephone first to ensure that the office is attended.
better than ever!                       Trish Schuler
                                                             Kids’ Club
Thank You                                                    This week was the last week of Kids’ Club for the
to everyone who contributed to the cake stall. It was        year. We all had a great time each week and look
a great success.        Caroline Brazell & Karen             forward to returning in first term next year.

                                            Bible Verse for the Week
                      Out of Bethlehem will come one who will be ruler over Israel. Micah 5:1
Computers                                                    After-School Care
We still have unsold 3 Mac computers from the fair.          A reminder that all students at the school who avail
For $15 you may buy, from Mrs Hinchcliffe, a                 themselves of our After-School Care program during
complete set (monitor, keyboard, CPU, mouse,                 term time need to re-register for 2003. Forms may
shareware and software). All money will go into the          be collected from the school office.
proceeds from the fair.
                                                             School Uniforms
Fundraising Calendars                                        Now that the end of the year is almost upon us, it is
All calendars were distributed this week – check             timely to point out that some of our uniforms
your child’s bag! Thank you for your support of this         standards have been dropping over the term. Please
great fund-raiser. We managed to raise $1028 profit          note that the following are NOT part of the school
due to your support (and to Fiona Bell’s hard work –         uniform:
thanks Fiona!). Any queries may be directed to the                 PE socks and white girls’ socks that barely
school office.                                                      cover the ankles. The correct socks are sold
                                                                    in our Uniform Shop;
3-year-old Preschool Afternoon Tea                                 white girls’ socks rolled down;
will be having an afternoon tea on Tuesday 10                      school dresses worn at any length other than
December from 2.30 to 3.30pm. Please bring a                        between mid-calf and 5 cm below the knee;
small plate of food to share that does not contain                 black leather sneakers worn as school shoes;
peanuts. Thank you.                                                black elastic-sided boots;
                                                                   coloured sneakers for PE;
Year 3/4 Afternoon Tea                                             baseball caps;
There will be an afternoon tea for parents of children
                                                                   jewellery.
in Mrs Hinchcliffe’s class next Wednesday 11
                                                             Our Uniform Policy is just like any other school
December, 3.00-4.00pm. Our children will be
                                                             policy, which parents agree to on enrolment at the
presenting the projects that they have been working
hard on in class. Parents, carers and siblings are
invited. Please bring a plate of food to share.
                                                             Gungahlin Anglican Church
Enquiries to Dianne Champion on 6258-4098.
                                                             From December 11-15, Gungahlin Anglican Church
                                                             is conducting a church mission.
Farewell Afternoon Tea
                                                                   Wednesday 7.30pm at Burgmann: "Grill a
There will be a Farewell Afternoon Tea for Mrs
                                                                    Christian". Do you have questions you've
Thomason next Tuesday afternoon, 10 December,
                                                                    always wanted to ask about religion and
2.30-3.30pm.       All parents from Kindergarten
                                                                    Christianity and don't know who to ask? Why
Thomason are warmly invited. Please bring a small
plate of food to share.                                             not come along and "Grill" the tame panel of
Christmas Carols on the Lawn                                       Thursday 10am-12noon at Gungahlin
This year, the K-6 choir will be performing at the                  Community Centre: Women's Christmas
Carol Service to be held on Thursday 12 December                    Extravaganza. Come and do some Christmas
at 6pm. All students are required to attend this final              shopping (a display of Tupperware and Avon
event for the school year dressed in full summer                    will be there), meet some people and hear
uniform. Students are asked to arrive no later than                 about the real meaning of Christmas. There
5.30pm and report to their class teacher.                           will activities for children.
Parents are invited to bring a picnic blanket and to               Saturday 8am at Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club:
join in the singing of traditional carols.                          Men's Breakfast with speaker Richard Chin
                                                                    who will speak about “Real Wealth”. Cost is
Milk Lids                                                           $14. Organisers - Mark Slattery and Paul
Thank you for dropping in your milk bottle lids for                 Treloar.
the Connected Classrooms fundraising promotion               If you are interested in any of these events, please let
offered by Canberra Milk and Dairy Farmers. The              Mrs Coe know.
promotion finished last week and the lids have been
delivered to Capitol Chilled Foods. We eagerly               Last Day of Term
await the outcome!                                           Please note that school uniform WILL be worn on
                                                             the last day of term. It will not be a non-uniform
Gungahlin Anglican Church                                    day as we had one earlier in the term.
This Sunday at 9.00am at the school there will be a
Sunday School Christmas Special. All families are
very welcome to come along.

                                            Bible Verse for the Week
                      Out of Bethlehem will come one who will be ruler over Israel. Micah 5:1
                 Uniform Shop                                 Tennis Camps
          School Holiday opening hours.                       Tennis camps are being held during January for
                                                              children from age 5. These include all-day and half-
Sunday December 15                 12noon to 5pm              day clinics. Flyers are available from the school
Monday December 16                 2pm to 6pm                 office.
Saturday January 18                9am to 3pm
Monday January 20                  9am to 3pm                 Gungahlin Carols by Candlelight and Family
                                                              Fun Afternoon!
Volunteers are needed to assist in a stocktake at the         Come along for free jumping castle, face painting,
Uniform Shop on the morning of Thursday,                      clowns, balloons.      Sausage sizzle & drinks
December 19. If you are able to help out for part             reasonably priced.
or all morning please phone Joy Lemon on 6242                 Sunday 22 December, 5.00pm Carols 7.30 – 9.00pm
9662. Your help would be greatly appreciated.                 at Yerrabi Pond District Park. Bring rug or chair,
                                                              candles and programs provided. Proudly sponsored
Greening Our Communities                                      by The Village Building Co. and the Combined
Recently the school carried out a successful Eco-             Christian Churches of Gungahlin.
Snap Shot activity with the help of SCRAP (School
Communities Recycling All Paper). The activity
will be followed up with recommendations that will            Diary Dates
help the school set benchmarks for the purpose of             6 December    Hawaiian Shirt Day
implementing sustainable practices and procedures.            9 December    Morning tea for classroom and
The process will be facilitated by SCRAP to enable                          reading group helpers
the students to develop learning outcomes that                10 December Jigsaw Theatre for 3yo Preschool
model values which reflect democratic processes,                            and Year 1.
social justice and ecological sustainability. The             10 December KT Afternoon Tea
program will also encourage students to develop               10 December 3yo Preschool afternoon tea (no
life-style practices at home.                                               peanut products please)
The essence of the program is to encourage the                10 December FAB Meeting, 7.30pm
school community as a whole to create an ecological           11 December Year 1 Excursion to the Zoo
approach to problem-solving and decision-making.              11 December Year 2 Afternoon Tea
As the co-ordinator of this exciting program, I               11 December Afternoon tea in 3/4
encourage the parent community to attend the FAB              11-15 December Gungahlin Anglican
meeting on Tuesday 10 December at 7.30pm in                                 Church Mission
order to familiarise yourselves with a process that           11-12 December Years 3 and 4 overnight camp
will provide the school and your homes with $$$               12 December Last day of Term 4 (normal
savings that don't cost the Earth!                                          school uniform)
Fabian Veron.                                                 12 December Carols Night, 6.00pm on the
                                                                            lawns at the school
The Tigers are Coming                                         15 December Sunday, Uniform Shop open,
Come play with the Tigers Rugby League in 2003.                             12noon – 5.00pm
Training will be in the Gungahlin area (for certain           16 December Monday, Uniform Shop open,
age groups) with games at Southwell Park. It                                2.00-6.00pm
doesn’t matter whether you have played before or              29 December Racecourse Parking
not - come and try the greatest game of all time,             18 January    Saturday, Uniform Shop open,
Rugby League.                                                               9.00am-3.00pm
Meet new friends. Bring your mates. Looking for               20 January    Monday, Uniform Shop open,
players from U6 to U15. Qualified coaches and                               9.00am-3.00pm
trainers, insurance coverage. Show your interest by           2 February    4.00-8.00pm School barbecue/
calling now. Call the Club President on 62584199                            working bee
or email                         5 February    Wednesday, Term 1 commences

A School Holiday Program
will be conducted by Fun Fit Sports from 6-31
January, 8.00am to 6.00pm. The program is
designed for children aged 5-12 and are based on
participation in a variety of different sports and
activities including gymnastics, basketball, Tennis,
AFL, golf, baseball, athletics, cricket, soccer, drama,
softball and swimming.          For booking please
telephone Karen Davey on 0418-216-836 or
                                             Bible Verse for the Week
                       Out of Bethlehem will come one who will be ruler over Israel. Micah 5:1

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