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									                                                            Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar
                                                                  -Dinner Menu-
                           5902 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220: Phone (317) 722-8888 Fax (317) 722-0245: Website

                   APPETIZERS                                                        SALADS                                                          SOUPS
Calamari – Breaded & deep fried. Served with Thai             Strawberry Chicken – Grilled chicken, mixed greens,                                                       Cup/Bowl
chili sauce. 8.99                                             strawberries, candied walnuts, mandarin oranges, red         Vegetable - Vegan friendly, made with the freshest
                                                              onions, and bleu cheese crumbles, with strawberry            vegetables.                                  2.99/3.99
Supreme Nachos – Corn tortillas topped with refried           vinaigrette. 10.99                                           Soup of the Day - Made daily with the freshest
beans, Colby Jack cheese, tomatoes, green onions,                                                                          ingredients.                                 2.99/3.99
jalapenos, and black olives with your choice of chicken       Cobb – Turkey, romaine lettuce, avocado, bacon, bleu         Chili - Spicy & country style, topped with Colby Jack
or beef. Served with sour cream and salsa. 8.99               cheese crumbles, tomatoes, eggs, and green onions, with      cheese.                                      2.99/3.99
                                                              balsamic vinaigrette. 10.99
Wings – Tossed in your choice of spicy buffalo, honey
garlic, or sesame teriyaki sauce. Served with celery,         Santé Fe Steak – Seasoned filet, mixed greens, black
carrots, and dipping sauce of choice. 7.99                    bean corn relish, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, Colby
                                                              Jack cheese, tortilla strips, with ranch dressing. 11.99                        SANDWICHES
Chicken Fingers –Served with your dipping sauce of                                                                                       Served with your choice of one side.
choice. 6.99 Add small fries or kettle chips for 1.29         Thai Chicken – Breaded chicken fingers tossed in sweet       Pork Tenderloin – Grilled or breaded & deep fried. 8.99
                                                              Thai chili sauce, romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers,
Crab cakes – Served with spicy remoulade sauce and            tomatoes, red & green onions, and roasted peanuts, with      Chicken – Grilled, blackened, or breaded & deep fried.
cole slaw. 11.99                                              lime-ginger vinaigrette. 10.99                               7.99

                                                              Caesar –Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, tomatoes,          Crab Cake – Two crab cake minis with spicy remoulade
Sesame Seared Tuna - Yellowfin tuna seared with
                                                              homemade croutons, tossed with Caesar dressing. 7.99         sauce. 7.99
white and black sesame seeds. Served with Asian slaw,
finished with soy ginger glaze and wasabi mustard. 13.99                                                                   Fish –Whitefish filet grilled, blackened, or breaded &
                                                              Mediterranean Chicken – Grilled chicken, mixed
                                                              greens, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and red         deep fried, with lemon & homemade tartar sauce. 8.99
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus – Puree of chickpeas
and roasted red peppers. Served with naan. 6.99               onions, with feta vinaigrette. 10.99
                                                                                                                           Ham & Cheese - Honey baked ham, brie, granny smith
                                                              Spinach – Spinach, goat cheese, mandarin oranges,            apples, tomatoes, and raspberry jam on a toasted hoagie
Baked Goat Cheese - Served with naan. 6.99                                                                                 roll. 8.99
                                                              candied almonds, and cranberries, with mango-
Binkley’s Mini – Four mini burger patties, mix and            champagne vinaigrette. 8.99
                                                                                                                           Turkey Italiano - Sliced smoked turkey, provolone
match from any of the following options. American                                                                          cheese, herb infused olive oil, Italian seasoning, lettuce,
cheese, sautéed onions & chipotle mayonnaise.                 Taco Salad – Tortilla shell filled with choice of grilled
                                                              chicken or taco meat, romaine lettuce, black beans, corn,    tomato, and onion on ciabatta. 8.99
Blackened with bacon & chipotle Jack cheese.
Bruschetta topping & provolone cheese. Barbeque               tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, Colby-Jack cheese, and
sauce, cheddar cheese & fried onion ring. 6.99                sour cream, with avocado ranch. 9.99
Add fries or kettle chips for 1.29
                                                              Chopped Salad – Mixed greens, kumquats, fennel,
Louisiana Spinach Artichoke Dip – Served with tortilla        mandarin oranges, tomatoes, and red onions, with                               SIDES (Ala Carte 2.29)
chips. 7.99                                                   balsamic vinaigrette. 8.99                                   Vegetable of the day         Kettle Chips     Rice Pilaf
                                                                                                                           Cottage Cheese               Baked Potato     Fries
Fries with Feta and Sausage - 5.99                            House Salad – Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers,             Onion Rings                  Mashed Potatoes
                                                              carrots, and homemade croutons with dressing of choice.      Fresh Fruit                  Roasted Red Potatoes
                                                              3.99                                                         Potato Salad                 Cole Slaw
Bruschetta - Toasted naan topped with basil, tomatoes,
and cheese. 6.99
                                                                       Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar
                                                                             -Dinner Menu-
                                  5902 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220: Phone (317) 722-8888 Fax (317) 722-0245: Website

                         BURGERS                                                               SEAFOOD                                                               PIZZA
                 Served with your choice of one side.                        Served with two sides of your choice, fresh baked bread,                                10” or 14”
    The following toppings are available for .50 each:                          and your choice of a house salad or a cup of soup.      Cheese – Four cheeses on top of our homemade pizza
      American, Swiss, provolone, cheddar, bleu cheese crust,          Breaded Cod – Hand-breaded cod, served with lemon
  chipotle jack cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions,
                                                                                                                                        sauce. 8.29/11.99
      fried onion rings, barbeque sauce                                and homemade tartar sauce. 12.99
Classic Burger – 7.99                                                  North Atlantic Salmon – A moist, delicate filet basted           Barbeque Chicken – Our tangy barbeque sauce topped
Black & Bleu Burger – Topped with bacon and                            with garlic butter and grilled. 18.99                            with chicken roasted peppers, red & green onions, and
a bleu cheese crust. 8.99                                              Tilapia – Pan seared tilapia topped with sautéed spinach,        cheese. 11.99/15.59
Binkley Burger –Topped with sautéed onions, sautéed                    mushrooms, bacon, and red onions in a white wine butter
mushrooms, and Swiss cheese. 8.99                                      sauce. 14.99                                                     Wild Mushroom – A luscious blend of wild
Bison Burger – 100% ground Bison. 9.99                                 Grilled Tuna Niçoise - Grilled tuna served over a                mushrooms, roasted red peppers, red & green onions,
                                                                       chilled salad of eggs, red onions, spinach, capers,              basil pesto, and cheese. 11.99/15.59
                           PASTAS                                      tomatoes, and red bliss potatoes. **Served with one side
  Served with a house salad or a cup of soup, and fresh baked bread.   of your choice. 17.99                                            Supreme – Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, red onions,
Pesto Tortellini – Tri-colored cheese filled tortellini                Prosciutto Wrapped Monk Fish - Monkfish wrapped in               green peppers, black olives, tomatoes, and cheese.
tossed with tomatoes and pesto. 13.99 Add chicken 1.99                 Italian prosciutto and pan seared until crisp. Served over       11.99/15.59
                                                                       a warmed salad of farro and roma tomatoes. **Served
Penne with Sun Dried Tomatoes & Wild Mushrooms-                        with one side of your choice. 16.99                              The Village – The Pizza of the People! Sausage,
Penne tossed with a blend of wild mushrooms, sun dried                                                                                  pepperoncinis, red onions, pepperoni, red pepper flakes,
tomatoes, olive oil, thyme, basil, garlic, green onions,                         STEAKS, PORK, CHICKEN                                  and cheese. 11.99/15.59
and parmesan cream sauce. 14.99 Add chicken 1.99                             Served with two sides of your choice, fresh baked bread,
                                                                                and your choice of a house salad or a cup of soup.      The Big Greek –Kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, red
Cajun Shrimp Linguini – Linguine tossed with shrimp,                   6 oz Filet – 19.99                                               onions, sundried tomatoes, and feta cheese. 11.99/15.59
andouille sausage, red peppers, tomatoes, red onions,                  12 oz Rib Eye – 18.99
                                                                       6 oz Top Sirloin – 14.99
Cajun spices, and parmesan cream sauce. 17.99                                                                                                                  KID’S MENU
                                                                       Herb Cream Stuffed Chicken with Mushroom Sauce-                                         Includes fountain drink.
Mediterranean - Penne tossed with chicken, kalamata                    Pan seared boneless chicken stuffed with herb cream              Cheeseburger – 2 of our mini hamburgers topped with
olives, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese,                   cheese and topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. 14.99            American cheese. Served with fries, kettle chips or fruit. 4.99
garlic, and olive oil. 16.99                                           Half Roasted Chicken – Half of a chicken roasted with            Grilled Cheese –American cheese on grilled white bread.
                                                                       a maple glaze, caramelized apples, and cranberries. 14.99        Served with fries, kettle chips or fruit. 4.99
                                                                       Stir Fry of Beef & Shrimp - Pan seared shrimp and filet          Penne Pasta – Penne tossed in red sauce, cheese sauce, or
Chicken Fettuccini - Fettuccini tossed with chicken,                                                                                    butter sauce, topped with parmesan cheese. 4.99
spinach, tomatoes, and parmesan cream sauce. 14.99                     tossed with carrots, red onions, mushrooms, spinach,
                                                                       and a sweet & spicy garlic sesame sauce. Served over             Chicken Fingers – 3 chicken fingers with dipping sauce of
                                                                                                                                        your choice served with fries, kettle chips or fruit. 4.99
Linguine & Meatballs - Linguine tossed with Italian-                   Asian rice noodles. 14.99 **Does not include sides
                                                                                                                                        Peanut Butter & Jelly – A kid’s classic sandwich served on
style beef meatballs and marinara sauce. 13.99                         Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Medallions – Two four                  white bread and your choice of fries, kettle chips or fruit. 4.99
                                                                       ounce filet medallions with a seven spice rub and blue
                                                                       cheese crust. 18.99
Chicken Parmesan - Classic dish of breaded chicken
                                                                       Chicken Saltimbocca – Chicken breast layered with
with provolone cheese and marinara sauce, served over                                                                                   Coffee, regular or decaf.
linguine. 16.99                                                        sage and prosciutto, then pan seared in a lemon white            Milk.
                                                                       wine butter sauce. 13.49                                         Tea, hot or iced.
                                                                       Smoked Pork Shoulder - Marinated smoked pork                     Coca cola, diet coke, sprite, lemonade, root beer.
Whole Wheat Penne with Shrimp - Whole wheat                                                                                             San Pellegrino.
penne tossed with shrimp, red onions, tomatoes, garlic,                shoulder served with sherry & thyme marinated onions             Orange, grapefruit, cranberry, or V8 juice.
bacon, and a spicy tomato sauce. 17.99                                 and a sweet mustard & cranberry glaze. 16.99

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