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									Best-in-Class Assessment
The surveys should take between 2 - 4 hours to complete. This will all depend on how many people have you
have helping complete the assessment.

The value to you as a participant is that you will receive composite results that show how you compare against
others who have completed this assessment.

The Right Place, Inc. guarantees respondent confidentiality. We shall hold as privileged and confidential all
information that might identify a respondent with his or her responses. We shall also not disclose or use the
names of respondents for non-research purpose unless the respondent grants us permission to do so.

All data will be used in a form that will make it impossible to determine the identity of the individual
responses. That is, the survey responses will not be integrated, analyzed, or reported in any way in which the
confidentiality of the assessment responses is not absolutely guaranteed.

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Please rate each question on a scale of 1 - 5. Ranking chart provided below. [If a question does not apply,
please leave it blank.]
Level 1: Just beginning awareness and interest to improve
Level 2: Gaps understood, actions just beginning
Level 3: Good performance, gaps understood, actions in place to improve
Level 4: Processes, practices and metrics that demonstrates SOLID performance
Level 5: BIC - Best in Class

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PROCESS DIRECT [Operational Excellence]
1. Cultural norm of standardized work adherence
2. Documentation between cross-functional teams is shared
3. Variation is eliminated across "silos"
1. Self-directed teams, based on visual workplace
2. Visual standards across areas and plants
3. Visitors can tell at a glance the status of the area
4. Cleanliness and organization throughout the workplace
5. Normal (vs. abnormal) is evident

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1. 100% participation from team members
2. 100% of maintenance tasks done on time and documented accurately
3. Autonomous maintenance is part of the daily culture
4. Maintenance data is updated as required
5. Autonomous schedules are updated as required
1. Technical work instructions in place for all preventative tasks
2. Lessons learned are formally shared between areas and plants
3. Changes in machine design are used to help eliminate downtime
4. Changes are used to increase ease of use
1. Operations produces to visual signals, based on level schedules
2. Material movement is triggered by visual controls
3. Raw materials are pulled from suppliers
4. Waste elimination is ingrained in the culture
5. Inventory turns trend positively
1. Zero-defect mentality exists at all levels
2. Risk assessment is revisited to ensure robust processes
3. Processes have proven capability
1. Kanban is used to authorize production and material movement
2. FIFO is followed
3. Work is balanced based on take time
4. flow is utilized
5. Error and defect prevention poka-yoke techniques are utilized
6. Value Stream Maps are utilized
7. Quick changeovers and die changes are utilized

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PROCESS INDIRECT [ Operational Excellence ]
1. High level of forecast accuracy
2. Strategic alignment across all disciplines
3. Well-defined products across all markets
4. Uses customer feedback to drive process; measures results
5. Information is shared throughout the enterprise
6. Always uses cross-functional teams
7. Clearly understands the market needs
8. Close, continuous customer contact to understand trends
9. Organization clearly understands customer feedback
10. Issues are addressed to resolve root causes
11. Customer scorecard
12. Sales/operation planning in place
1. Well-defined, standardized development process
2. Uses cross-functional team approach to development
3. Speed to market is a competitive advantage
4. Standardizing material and parts is a priority
5. Involves customers and suppliers in the design process
6. Uses lean tools and principles in the design process
7. Uses a knowledge based/lessons learned approach
8. Measures and reduces the cost of engineering changes
9. Measures and reduces engineering changes impact on value stream
10. Focuses on core competencies
11. Uses value engineering to support market price and profitability
12. Effective product life cycle management
13. Technology managed effectively worldwide
14. Innovation is evident
1. Always meets project launch dates
2. Well-defined standardized launch process
3. 100% compliance to regular project reviews
4. 100% compliance to ongoing risk assessment
5. Always uses lean tools and cross-functional team approach
1. Quality levels a benchmark for your industry
2. Quality is designed into the product

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3. Always uses root cause analysis
4. Always focused on prevention, not reaction
5. Has well defined processes and discipline to follow the process
6. Platform for continuous improvement
7. Meets or exceeds industry requirements
8. Utilizes customer feedback
1. Has rapid information exchange across all supply chain levels
2. Ongoing involvement with supply chain to reduce waste
3. Partners with suppliers and customers to reduce waste
4. Always focused on total cost
5. Understands global impact on business
1. Systems are quick and well-integrated
2. Uses "lean accounting" practices and measures
3. Understands the need for real-time information
4. Key financial measures are well communicated to the organization
5. Cross functional teams are utilized in the cost reduction process
6. Supports lean business practices
1. Uses cross-functional teams to identify and eliminate waste
2. Embraces new technology to reduce/eliminate waste
3. Seamless/paperless integrated sys w/ customers and suppliers
4. Utilize benefits of a totally integrated system
5. Provides real time/on-line information to manage business
6. System standardization supports growth
1. Always uses predictive maintenance processes
2. Continually improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
3. High level of ownership in the maintenance process
4. High level of maintenance inv. in the improvement process

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PEOPLE SYSTEMS [ Human Capital Development]
1. The company's philosophy puts continuous improvement at the center of all company planning
   and decision making.
2. There is 100% support by the company's top management for a continuous improvement
   approach to all aspects of the company's operations.
3. Continuous improvement tools such as Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, pull systems, and
   Kaizen events are understood and regularly used by all employees/teams.
4. The company provides and documents formal training in the use of CI tools.
5. The use of continuous improvement tools by teams is tracked on a regular basis.
1. Teamwork is understood by all to be a critical part of the company culture -- its shared vision
   and values.
2. Teams approach problems and problem solving using a defined and structured process.
3. Teams understand how their work aligns with key organizational initiatives.
4. Teams have quick and direct access to all of the key performance metrics relevant to their work.
5. Active team participation is clearly evidenced across the organization.
1. Employees demonstrate active involvement in the improvement process.
2. Employees and teams have stop-the line authority/control over output.
3. The company culture enables employees to regularly seek feedback on their performance and
4. The company has an open-door policy that is practiced by all members of the leadership team.
1. The company has visible means for communicating with all employees.
2. Communication boards are continuously updated.
3. All employees are aware of both customers' and the company's business measures.
4. Team meetings are scheduled and held weekly.
5. The company conducts an annual survey of employees and shares results.
6. The company has a regular company newsletter and all employees are free to submit items for
7. Leadership conducts quarterly business reviews with all employees.
1. There is corporate and leadership commitment to employee learning.
2. Corporate goals are reflected in training and development strategies.
3. Leadership encourages the development of individual "learning plans" for all employees.
1. Individual learning plans are linked to company goals.
2. There is an emphasis on broad-based leadership development within the company.
3. Programs are in place to identify core competencies and performance expectations for all

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    employees and teams.
4. Company has a structured assessment process to select high potential talent.
5. Tuition aid is provided for employee development.
6. The tuition policy is provided for all employees.
7. Company provides a variety of learning options on-site and off-site for all employees.
8. The company has a process for mentoring and/or coaching employees.
1. The company can cite examples of successful partnerships with educational and/or training
2. Training and education activities are evaluated and feedback is used to improve future learning
3. Company has invested in exploring the best and appropriate uses of online learning solutions.
1. The company has a defined cross-functional interview process.
2. Job screening processes effectively assess career readiness.
3. The company has an established process for determining a candidate's "cultural fit" and
   supports the need for diversity.
4. All candidates are required to provide references and all candidates' references are checked.
5. The company has strong "after hire" systems in place. (including new employee orientation,
   mentoring, early feedback, family transitioning programs).
6. The company seeks to provide advancement opportunities for incumbent employees through
   internal recruitment, job posting and other mechanisms.
7. Employee rewards and recognition are tied to continuous improvement, performance and
   business objectives.
8. Employee turnover at all levels is tracked and analyzed.
9. Exit interviews are conducted with all departing employees.
1. The company's philosophy and leadership values support employee life balance.
2. Policies are in place to support work schedule flexibility at all levels.
3. The company has employee assistance programs in place and employees are encouraged to use
4. The company openly offers and encourages family support systems.
5. The company openly supports community, religious and charitable involvement.
6. The company has diversity policies and practices in place and they are actively deployed.
1. The company has policies and practices that acknowledge and reward healthy behavior (such as
   exercising, moderate alcohol use, not smoking, being drug-free, maintaining a healthy weight,
2. The company conducts proactive health awareness programs on a regular basis.
3. Wellness coaching and education is widely and regularly available.

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1. The company has instituted an active and audited environmental program such as ISO 14001.
2. The company has exemplary Solid and Hazardous Materials (SHM) waste management
   procedures and documentation in place.
3. The company has implemented exemplary safety programs and provides ongoing safety training
   to all employees.
4. Safety score carding is visible and continuously updated.
5. The company has proactive ergonomics programs in place.
6. The company proactively partners with government agencies on environmental and workplace

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PURPOSE STRATEGY [Strategic Focus]
1. Does the company have a market orientation
2. Is customer feedback used to define QDC requirements
3. Is customer feedback systematically taken and analyzed for action
4. How are customer needs anticipated
5. Is the leadership actively engaged with customers
6. Are all employees aware of customer satisfaction
7. Is customer satisfaction 'rolled up' for multi plant/multi region organizations
8. Customer relationships are strong and are based on partnership principles
1. Is the order to delivery process well understood (mapped and documented)
2. Is there a focus on eliminating all waste within the order to delivery process
3. Are there fast and accurate feedback systems to identify customer service gaps throughout the
4. Are gaps clearly visibility and addressed with PDCA actions
5. Does the order to delivery process have complete visibility from supply to customer
6. Indirect areas are heavily engaged in the process and in eliminating non value added steps
7. Customer QDC data is identical to company data for that customer
1. The company has a clear vision of where it wants to go and what it wants to become
2. The vision is communicated to all levels of the organization
3. Core competencies are understood, nurtured and expressly protected
4. Competition is identified and researched. An event based system is established that triggers
5. Strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities are reviewed on a regular basis looking out 3-
   5 years
6. Market understanding is based on customer feedback and data
7. What-if modeling is utilized
1. Strategy is reviewed by top leadership within a defined system
2. Organizational goals are communicated to teams by top leadership
3. Are customer satisfaction and growth objectives reviewed regularly and communicated
4. Are business objectives (investment return, etc) reviewed regularly and communicated
5. Linkage within all leadership is strong. Multi plant operations share best practices
6. Annual plan emphasis is on improvement and not only financial results
7. Employee retention and development are key leadership priorities

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