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BIG RAPIDS, Michigan (June 31, 2004)

                    MOTORCYCLE WHEEL LIFT.

         Harley-Davidson Aficionado Robert “Toad” Cook Reinvents the Wheel...Lift

BIG RAPIDS, MICHIGAN: Toad Industries LLC, an innovative, Michigan-based
specialty tool company, has introduced The Original Motorcycle Wheel Lift.
Designed and developed by the firm’s founder Robert “Toad” Cook, the Original
Wheel Lift is an all-in-one tool that allows motorcycle mechanics to work
independently while performing wheel maintenance.

“Have you ever found yourself waiting for a buddy or neighbor to stop by to lend a
hand in hoisting up your motorcycle wheel and tire just so you can work?” stated
Cook, whose lifetime hobby of riding and working on his Harley-Davidson
motorcycles was the inspiration for The Original Motorcycle Wheel Lift. Cook, a self-
taught blacksmith artist and welder, decided he could invent a product that would
make performing wheel maintenance as easy as 1-2-3!

The Original Motorcycle Wheel Lift’s wheel cradle is easily positioned using the crank
handle, allowing for easy removal of the axle and related parts, and the crank handle
lowers the wheel and tire out and away from the motorcycle for repairs.

Key features of the Original Motorcycle Wheel Lift include:

     Wheel cradle width up to 13 3/4": works with most makes/models of

      Maximum lift 18": works in conjunction with most motorcycle stands and lifts

       Heavy-duty casters: moves freely with the push of a hand, allowing you to roll
it, with wheel components attached, to any desired work area.

      Versatility: can be used for both front and rear tire removal and installation.

      Convenience: folds up for quick storage.

The Original Motorcycle Wheel Lift is constructed in the USA of rugged, rock-steady
steel with a durable powder coast finish. For current availability and pricing on The
Original Motorcycle Lift, call 231-796-6819, or visit


About Toad Industries LLC
Toad Industries was founded in 1999 by Robert “Toad” Cook as a natural outgrowth
of his lifelong interest in mechanical innovation. An avid motorcyclist, Cook is also
President and CEO of Cook’s Blacksmithing-Welding of Big Rapids, Michigan, a
company that provides welding, fabricating and blacksmith services. Cook served in
the U. S. 2nd Armored Cavalry and also is a veteran rodeo clown with over 25 years
experience on the professional rodeo circuit.

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