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The US Navy JapaneseOriental Language School Archival Project - Download Now DOC


									                               The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                      The Interpreter
                                   Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 114B                    Remember September 11, 2001                                 Status Report August 15, 2007

         Our Mission                 promises of a number of other         donations include primarily their      UK and wanted a few good men
                                     donors, continue to indicate that     JLS and WWII experiences.              to review the films as part of
  In the Spring of 2000, the         we only have received a small                                                their PR campaign.
  Archives continued the origi-      portion of the materials we                       Research
  nal efforts of Captain Roger       should expect. Many have                                                                 Activities
  Pineau and William Hudson,                                               We still await the book by Roger
                                     promised their collections. Still
  and the Archives first at-                                               Dingman. In addition, Irwin and        During the fall of 2006, the
                                     more expect to send their papers
  tempts in 1992, to gather the                                            Carole     Slesnick     are    still   JLS/OLS Project funded our two
                                     to The JLS/OLS Project, but
  papers, letters, photographs,      have not yet discussed the matter     attempting to officially publish       freshmen, Genevieve Clark and
  and records of graduates of                                              the second edition of their book       Carolyn Michaels to continue to
                                     with us. A number of collections
  the US Navy Japanese/                                                    Kanji & Codes.                         make use of Google™ and
                                     have gone to other repositories
  Oriental Language School,                                                    Professor Atsuhiko Wada            MyFamilyPeopleFinder™             to
                                     but this is alright with us. While
  University of Colorado at          we         welcome         archival   formerly of Shinshu University,        seek out missing entrants. The
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We                                                   now of Waseda University,              two new students, paid on the
                                     contributions, and while we
  assemble these papers in                                                 published his book The Japan-          JLS Fund,        restarted updating
                                     believe     JLS/OLS      materials
  recognition of the contribu-                                             US Relationship Viewed from            Winglam Kwan‟s spreadsheet
                                     should be saved, it does not have
  tions made by JLS/OLS              to be saved by us. JLS/OLS            Book Circulation: Toward the           for all JLS/OLS entrants.
  instructors and graduates to                                             Literacy History [in Japanese]         Carolyn built a list of the
                                     papers have been donated to the
  the War effort in the Pacific                                            (2007). In it, he finds that USN       „unaccounted for‟, and began
                                     University of Washington, the
  and the Cold War, to the                                                 JLS/OLSers played a significant        rechecking Google™ and found
                                     University of Michigan, Cal
  creation of East Asian             Berkeley, Columbia University,        role in building Japanese              information on at least 100 more.
  language programs across                                                 language libraries in the US after        At the request of Art
                                     the Library of Congress and
  the country, and to the                                                  the War. No surprise to you. See       Dornheim, JLS 1943, we sent
                                     other prominent repositories. As
  development of Japanese-                                                 the book‟s website:                    “photo albums” out in our
                                     long as we know where they
  American      cultural   rec-      went, we are pleased that those       http://www.shin-yo-                    December mailing, as sort of a
  onciliation programs after                                               present. He wanted a photo
                                     papers are being saved at such
  World War II.                                                            4-7885-1036-4.htm                      album sent out to everyone. We
                                     prestigious institutions. If you
                                                                               Recently, we have been             thought that folks out there
                                     wish your papers to come to the
                                     US Navy JLS/OLS Archivial             contacted by Kojiro Yamada of          would only really want to see
   Status Report                     Project, please contact us.
                                                                           NHK Japan Broadcasting Co.,            their own year groups. So we
                                                                           currently     working      on     a    broke up the mailing list into
Seven years after renewing the          Katherine Harris finished
                                                                           documentary film about the             year-groups and selected photos
US Navy JLS/OLS Archival             processing the Marion Levy
                                     Papers in mid-August 2006,            Japanese POW during WWII.              to scan into a four-sheet insert.
Project, we have increased our                                             Their research team is finding         Quality scanned “albums” were
contacts to over 600 to whom we      when her contract concluded.
                                                                           out that POW information was           offered for sale. We used the
have sent more than 174 issues       Remaining funds from the 2005
                                                                           used not only for tactical and         composite guide to all JLS/OLS
of our project newsletter, The       Freeman Grant were expended
                                     on hiring students to perform         strategic purposes, but also for       photographs crafted by Anna
Interpreter,     as    well     as                                         reconstruction of Japan after the      Peterson, Rachel Newton and
information. Since our last Status   other JLS/OLS tasks.
                                                                           war.                                   Anne Getts.
Report,      there   has     been                                              As part of this film, he seeks         This January, Art Dornheim
considerable activity and work             Small Manuscripts
                                                                           interrogators, and the officers        donated 4/5th of the cost of an
performed.                           Among the small collections, we       who processed information in           institutional scanner which will
       Major Collections             received additions to the Craig –     Washington during the WWII.            allow for more future “albums”.
                                     Halverson, Norton and Marrylou        He contacted Professor Donald             On November 13, 2006, I
While the Archives holds such        Williams, and Donald Keene            Willis, with our help, researched      taught a class to several sections
large collections as those of        Collection; and the beginnings or     in the Archives and filmed yours       of a World War II in Asia history
Edward Seidensticker, Roger          entirety of the Fred Franck, E. A.    truly. I sent him to Professor         class, as their professor, William
Pineau,     William      Hudson,     Leonard, Annette Rosling Oral         Dingman and Dr. Louriero.              Wei, was away traveling. The
Solomon Levine, Marion Levy,         History, Royal Wald, Robert           NHK       the    largest    Public     subject of the class was the USN
and Charles Cross, there are also    Starr       Kinsman,       George     TV network in Asia. He states          JLS/OLS! I also gave a talk on
promises, parts, and complete        Buffington, Baldwin Eckel, S.O.       that his program, NHK Special,         the project to a library group in
holdings of as many as 100 other     Thorlaksson, Paul E. Hauck,           is the most watched documentary        early January 2007. The subject
sensei, graduates, and attendees     Norton Ginsburg, and Edmund           film in Japan with 10-15 million       of this talk was the mid-to late
of the JLS/OLS.                      Coffin Collections. We usually        viewers.                               20th century contributions of
    This year we have received       wait until we are certain we have         We also provided addresses         JLS/OLS graduates to American
the the Kanji & Codes Collection     everything from a donor prior to      to Noble PR, Warner Brothers           academia,      intelligence,   and
and the Harrison Parker Papers,      processing. There are dozens of       UK‟s public relations firm to          diplomacy.
additions to the Nicholas Vardac     JLS/OLSers who have promised          Larry Vincent, Dan Williams,               In May I was invited by the
Papers     and    the   Marylou      collections who have yet to send      Tom Fournoy, and Ray Luthy,            Arleigh Burke Branch of the
Siegfried and D. Norton              them.                                 veterans of Iwo Jima. WBUK is          Military Officers Association of
Williams. The papers we have            We continue to be pleased          releasing Flags of Our Fathers         America in Boulder to give a talk
acquired, along with          the    with the response of those whose      and Letters from Iwo Jima in the       on the US Navy Japanese
Language at a breakfast meeting.      I decided to move to a two-page       Japanese/Oriental    Language         graduate school in Library
I gave substantially the same         double sided issue, once a            School Fund, and mail the letter      Sciences at Emporia State
speech that I had given to the        month. The new format saves           to:                                   University. Cynthia Ploucher is
history classes in January. I         over $3,000 per year, or half our                                           attending graduate school in
                                                                            David Hays
handed out some of the same           postage expenditure at 41¢ per        Archives                              business. Jessica Arntson, MA
photos I sent out in December         issue, but allows for at least 30%    University of Colorado at Boulder     East Asian Languages and
2006, and an outline of the           more stories per month. So I          UCB 184                               History, 2003, teaches Japanese
lecture to the 40 people in           have been able to bring much of       Boulder, Colorado, 80309-0184         and American Government in a
attendance. The lecture was           the backlog into earlier issues.                                            Boulder County High School.
                                                                            Donation rules require that
much appreciated.                        Upcoming issues include                                                  Megan Lillie, Honors graduate in
                                      stories    about all classes,         donations are placed in the           May 2004, is attending the
                                                                            appropriate account. But to
 Chinese, Russian and Malay           WAVES, and sensei, as well as                                               graduate nautical archaeology
                                                                            insure proper donation, donors
          Programs                    the Russian, Chinese (Mandarin,                                             program at Texas A&M. Sarah
                                                                            must state their wishes. Direct
                                      Cantonese,        Amoy          and                                         Johnson is now attending
We continue to attract attendees      Foochow), and Malay programs.         donations to the CU Foundation        graduate School in Library
of the other OLS language                                                   may not end up in the JLS/OLS
                                      There are also a scattering of                                              Sciences at Denver University.
programs. We have placed                                                    account.
                                      Marine Enlisted Linguist and                                                Rachel Newton graduated in
several long running stories from
                                      Army MIS stories. I have also                                               2005 and Ashleigh Mayer,
the    Malay     and     Chinese      written some stories about             Assistance to Other Archives         Elizabeth     Campbell,     Anna
programs. I have also posted a                                                      and Programs
                                      prominent Boulder businesses.                                               Wagner, Matt Muzia and Elliott
number of Russian, Chinese, and
                                      Recently, I was able to find an       We continue to assist other           Croog all graduated in 2006.
Malay obituaries. We continue to
                                      “Internment to Boulder” story by      universities, World War II            Winglam Kwan, Christopher
look for more alumni of these         the daughter of a sensei who                                                Leighton, and Kathryn Holt
programs and continue to                                                    museums and centers, and
                                      worked in the JLS/OLS office.         institutions in Japan in pursuit of   graduated in May 2007.
welcome their stories.
                                      All of the Archives student           widening the awareness of our             Last    fall,   I    recruited
                                      workers lend a hand in preparing      USN JLS/OLS Archival Project.         Genevieve Clark and Carolyn
         The Interpreter              the newsletter for mailing. Please                                          Michaels, who I immediately
                                                                               While it is an unrelated
Our mailed project newsletter is      send us your ideas and                project, we continue to assist        placed on the JLS fund and they
now up to #114B (B being this         comments. We believe this is          Professor Roger Dingman and           have been assigned to the
status report, we use this “B”        your newsletter, not ours.            Dr. Pedro Loureiro in their grant-    complex task of accounting for
issue for status reports so as not                                          funded project to build an oral       the rest of the 470 unaccounted
to take up a regular issue on our                 Funding                   history interview project on the      JLS/OLSers. The entire student
“chest beating”), 0r 174 issues.                                            JLS at the Pacific Basin Institute    staff has worked on JLS/OLS
                                          In May 2007, the Archives
We continue the JLS/OLS                                                     at Pomona College. We have            collections,      correspondence,
                                      received a 3 year - $30,000 grant
“delayed conversation” between        to fund the hire Katherine Harris,    also assisted archival institutions   Interpreter mailings, and emails.
and among the readership by                                                 holding the collections of many       All student assistants in the
                                      Ph.D. History, 1983 CU, for
interweaving the stories, spacing                                           of those on our mailing list. It is   Archives work sometimes on
                                      three years ($9,000/year after the
particular writers, spreading out                                           our     belief    that   JLS/OLS      JLS/OLS projects. They help
                                      campus take) at part-time to                                                edit the newsletter, answer much
class groups, incorporating all       begin the processing of the           materials need to be preserved
programs, including Sensei and                                              and made available for research,      of the correspondence, and keep
                                      Charles T. Cross, Harrison
WAVE stories, as well as adding                                             but not necessarily entirely by       the JLS/OLS files in order. I will
                                      Parker, Nicholas Vardac, Kanji
wife and kin stories. In order to                                           us. We welcome all efforts to         be recruiting two more students
                                      & Codes, JLS Oral Interview,
maintain the newsletter‟s spirit, I   and      the   Jessica    Arntson     preserve this valuable material.      this fall. Karen Gifford works
still add in my own asides and                                                 In addition, Scott Pawlowski,      half time on university materials.
                                      Collections, as well as surveying
editor‟s notes [in italics] to                                              who assisted me so much in
                                      the     remaining     unprocessed
provide comic relief, further                                               sending student archivists to           “Present or Accounted for,
                                      collections and other sundry
information, and addresses.                                                 summer jobs in the National                       Sir!”
                                      tasks. We wish to thank the
Forrest “Woody” Pitts, OLS                                                  Parks, was promoted to the
                                      Trustees of the Freeman                                                     That spreadsheet of all JLS/OLS
1946, our volunteer proof-reader,                                           position of Curator of the USS
                                      Foundation for their support and                                            attendees on our entrance list
continues to edit most of the                                               Arizona National Memorial. He
                                      trust.                                                                      continues      to     be    useful.
newsletters prior to mailing. We           As of May 16, 2007, the          may be helping us in the future       Genevieve and Carolyn made
welcome his contribution.                                                   with JLS/OLS events in Hawaii,
                                      Archives         has        raised                                          another      run    through    the
    Since we continue to print                                              as he continues to enlist our
                                      $32,387.50 in the past seven                                                unaccounted for last fall, so we
longer multi-part letters, as well                                          students for summer archival
                                      years for the US Navy                                                       have accounted for all but 220 of
as WAVE biographies from their        Japanese/Oriental       Language      work.                                 a total of 1650 Boulder
1993 Boulder Reunion, we have                                                             Staffing
                                      School       Archival     Project,                                          attendees, as of April 2006. In
completed issues until issue #140
                                      $15,241.78 remains on hand, as        We still enjoy great luck with        other words, they found grave
(August 1, 2009) and partial
                                      of mid-May.                           student workers in the project.       sites, bibliographic information,
issues until #154 (November 1             All donors not only receive                                             articles,     obituaries,   Social
2010). The backlog up to #120 is                                            Olivia Kaferly moved from
                                      our hearty thanks, but also the       Berlin, Germany to Denver.            Security       information,     or
posted on our website. The good
                                      gratitude of the rest of our 617      Molly Tindle still lives in           addresses for 195. When we
news continues to be that the
                                      contacts. Remember, if you wish       Florida. Her husband passed the       have compiled the information,
newsletter will run on into the       to send a contribution, make the                                            we will let you know.
foreseeable future, running into                                            bar and they have a little boy.
                                      check out to the University of        Lena Potyondy, is now going to            I will continue to go through
                                      Colorado Foundation specifying        Nursing School. Scott Shaver is       the Google® search again in the
    You already know about the
                                      in your letter that you wish the      till working in accounting. Alvie     future to see if more folks
formatting change. In March, the      check to go to the US Navy                                                  appear.
Curator, Bruce Montgomery and                                               Sellmer is now attending

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