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					                         Message from GirlGuiding New Zealand
I, along with most of NZ, have watched the TV images of the bush fires across the ditch in horror. It is a
situation that most of us find incomprehensible however we can imagine the impact would be far
reaching. The Board, staff and members of GirlGuiding NZ send our thoughts and prayers to you and
your members, especially those in the state of Victoria.

Warmest Regards

Jenny Burrow (National President GGNZ)

                             Message from Girl Guides Canada
My thoughts and those of our Guiding family in Canada have turned to you and your fellow Aussies as we
hear of the terrible devastation and deaths caused by the fires raging in Victoria. I do hope you are safe
and that the impact on Girlguiding Australia has not been too significant and that you have been spared
much of the disaster.

We read of the influx of support to Australia from many sources and many corners of the world. Please
let me know if there is anything Girl Guides of Canada can be doing to assist you at Girlguiding Australia
at this difficult time….we would be most pleased to lend any support we can.

Take good care and please let me know how you are doing.

Warm regards,

Myrtle G. Corkum
Chief Commissioner
Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada

                           Message from Girl Guides Singapore

To Lynne Price and Noella Kershaw and all our Sister Guides in Victoria

Here in Singapore, we are very sad to learn of the tragic loss of lives and destruction caused by the
devastating bushfires that hit Victoria.

Girl Guides Singapore would like to convey our sincere sympathy to those of you who have been
affected by this unfortunate disaster, the families of all the bereaved and the people of Australia.
Please know that our prayers and thoughts are with all those Victorians who have lost families, friends,
relatives and property. Although, it might take some time to recover from the damages, the spirit to
unite and endure will make the nation stronger, mentally and physically. Do feel free to let us know if
there were any ways that we can lend a hand.

Yours in Guiding
Yvonne Lim                                       Jessie Tan
Chief Commissioner
Girl Guides Singapore                         Deputy Chief Commissioner and International
                                              Girl Guides Singapore

                         Message from USA Girl Scout Troops

Thank you to all the Troops who have individually sent messages of concern, they are very much