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					                                   JFK ROTARY CLUB
                                    Meeting Report & Newsletter
                                     April 21, 2004

The evening started with fellowship and dinner at the Radisson Hotel. Our President B. J. Duffy called the meeting to order. Once
again we see the value of having such a unique club on airport grounds. We had a fellow Rotarian staying at the Radisson and as he
looked around at the different meeting that are held at the hotel he noticed JFK Rotary Club – he immediately contacted Rudy
Auslander and asked if he could attend our meeting.

We opened with the pledge of Allegiance by Jules Taylor, Jr. followed by an invocation by our very own Rev. Pat Evans.

In attendance: B.J. Duffy, Emmlynn Taylor, Jane Mrosko, Rudy Auslander, Charlie Capolino, Ernie Davis, Brian Early, Rev. Pat
Evans, Murray Gottleib, Frank McIntyre, Don Matera, Gail Novitsky, Tony Quinn, Judy Serraino, Robynn Stewart and Jules Taylor.

Guest: Joe Morra & Marie O’Mara-Future JFK Rotarians (will be inducted this evening);
       Sekar Ponniah; Rotary Club of India – RI#3210 South India – Near Shrilanka
       Annette Locascio; Wishes in Wicker (Guest of Marie O’Mara)
       Ilan Schuman; Murray Gottleib Godson (visiting from Florida)

Opening Remarks by our President
After the pledge and prayer, BJ opened the meeting by having our guest introduce himself to us and then the club members in turn
introducing ourselves to him. He then invited everyone to eat and fellowship.

BJ commented briefly on the success of our race, he then asked all the members of the club to stand and clap for themselves on a
job well done, with little incident. Rev. Patricia Evans also asked us to clap for ourselves for out support of the Christ of the
World Chapel Man & Woman of the Year Luncheon.
Since we didn’t have such great success with our joke at our last meeting; he went to a different source this time – His 2-year-old
twin girls. Joke: Questions - How do you make a tissue dance? Answer – Put a little boogie in it! Thanks girls . But I’m afraid
we have gone from one extreme to the next.

Now since that joke went over so well – Jules Taylor, Jr. felt the need to share another with the group.
Joke: Questions – Why did the bottle chase the tomato? Answer – to Catch-up! (Ketchup – Get it). In addition he felt the need
to ask our guest from India (who use to live in Chattanooga, TN) if he had ever ridden the Chattanooga Choo-Choo – We’re in
trouble now.

Help does anyone have any middle of the road jokes to share with the club.

Rotary Visitor – Sekar Ponniah
     Sekar is in the US on business; he is a Managing Partner in a software company and travels back and forth between the U.S.
      and India approximately 4 to 5 times a year. He has been a Software Engineer for 22 years and previously lived in
      Chattanooga, TN for 8 years.
     He is a fellow Rotarian in a Rotary Club of Tirunleveli Suburb’s South India near Shrilanka. He is one of 35 members and
      very proud of his club and all they do for the children and poor of India.
     Their club focuses on 3 areas Education, The Poor Children of India and The Priest/Ministry (they help to support their
      families). He has asked our club to be a part of Rotary Internationals Twin Club Program and assist in some of the project
      for the schools of India. We will be in further contact regarding this matter. We also exchanged Rotary Flags.

Osaka Raffle - May 23-26, 2004/ Rotary International Convention – Osaka, Japan
      Our very own Rudy Auslander – Assistant DG was gracious enough to donate 2 round trip airline tickets on Japan
         Airlines to help raise funds for the District. The tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50; checks are to be made payable to Rotary
         District 7250 Foundation or Rotary International Foundation. All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Rotary
         International Fund.
      If you are even thinking about attending the Convention I would encourage you to purchase a ticket. It will show our
         appreciation to Rudy, help with a great fundraiser; in addition the odds are also pretty good.

We would like to Congratulate and Welcome Marie O’Mara & Joe Morra into the JFK Rotary Club.

Assistant District Governor Rudy Auslander did the honors of inducting our New Members. He read the 4 Way Test and an
excerpt from the 2004-2005 RI Theme brochure. Challenging every member to go back to some of the old ways in the light of all that
is happening in the business world today. ―Rotary was founded during and era of corruption and scandal in the business world – not
unlike that of our own time. Ethical standards have been a hallmark of Rotarians since the organizations early days ... Let us Celebrate
Rotary by helping to act as a conscience in the workplace and an example of integrity to our employees, our customers, and our
professional colleagues‖

Charlie Capolino introduced Marie O’Mara to our club. Thank you for helping to grow our club. Marie seems like such a giver,
she has been volunteering and helping even before being inducted. We see great things in her future as a member of this club.

     Marie O’Mara is the Director of Business Development at Getzel, Schiff & Ross, LLP an Accounting Firm in
      Woodbury, NY.
     In addition to now becoming a Rotarian Marie is involved in with many other organizations and gives freely of her time, she is
      especially passionate about any cause dealing with ―Women who are victims of Domestic Violence‖.
       She is Secretary for the ABW – Association of Business Women of America
       Member of Long Island Center for Business
       Member of The Hauppauge Industrial Association
       President of the Stoli-O-Girls Women’s Organization
           A group of women who go away once a year – no men allowed and enjoy themselves and getting to know each other)
       Single and a Stand-up Comedian
     She has an older sister and is very close to her parents. Marie participated in our 5K race on the ―Runway and Placed 3 rd‖
     Her favorite quote is ―Be the change you want to see in the world‖ – Gandhi
     Marie thanked Charlie for introducing her to Rotary and looks forward to working with our club especially in the areas of
      Domestic Violence and Children.
      Once again Welcome to Our Club!

Tony Quinn introduced Joe Morra to our club. Thank you for helping to grow our club. Marie seems like such a giver, she has been
volunteering and helping even before being inducted. We see great things in her future as a member of this club.

     Joe Morra works with Royal Waste Services and was responsible/instrumental for securing some of the cleanness Port-o-
      Potties ever seen. He has been a member of their organization for 18 years/
     In addition to now becoming a Rotarian Joe is involved in with other organizations such as the JFK Chamber of Commerce
      and gives freely of his time, He is very busy at work and when I asked for his home number for the directory he started giving
      me his work tel #.
     He has been happily married for 18 years and has 2 sons – 10 and 18 years old and a Mineola resident for 10 years.
     Joe thanked Tony for sponsoring him into Rotary and Rudy for helping him make the final decision. He is looking
      forward to being a part of our club for a long time to come.
      Once again Welcome to Our Club!

Each new member received a folder containing: A Rotary Pin; The Four-Way Test; The Object of Rotary; a JFK Rotary Flag and a
Personalized Membership Certificate.

Pictures were taken (which will be included in future minutes) and each sponsor pinned the new member.

Presidential Citation – Done!!!
The Presidential Citation entry forms were due in on April 1 st; every club deserves a citation to help show the good deeds and the
people they help throughout the year. Emmlynn was able to get a special extension until April 8 th from District Governor Kathy
Gibson. Let’s make sure we get the paperwork in. (See below)

Air Explorer Scout Invoice
Did we pay the $220.00Registration Fee? YES

The next meeting at August Martin HS will be on April 5 th during school hours to evaluate the students interest level. The few that
attended the last meeting were in favor of meeting off school grounds – possibly Bldg 14 and also showed interest in summer jobs at
the airport. If all goes well and the program is started; summer job guest speakers will be the first order of business.

District Conference at Mystic Seaport - April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd of 2004 – Mystic, Connecticut
This is a great opportunity to learn and fellowship with other clubs from our district. When calling for reservations please be sure
to ask for the Rotary rate of $155 or else you’ll be charged $199.
      Those expected to attend from our club are: Judy Serraino, Gail Novitsky, Glen Seidner, Dennis Klainberg and Rudy
      Each club is welcomed to bring a District Basket – The theme this year is ―Travel‖. Judy and Gail have volunteered to put
          the basket together. Marie O’Mara – our Future Rotarian will also ask assistance from a friend (Annette Locascio –
          Wishes in Wicker) who owns a gift basket company. Thanking you ladies in advance, we’re sure our basket will look
          the best.
      B.J. regrets he will not be able to attend because he will be in Disney World with his family. Have fun and be safe!!!

5K Race
Many Thanks were given for all who helped make the race a success. There were a couple of hiccups and we look forward to
addressing and correcting those next year.
     Items of concern/change: Timer, Starting planning earlier (Nov. / Dec), Possibly change date
     Special Guest: We were honored to have District Governor Kathy Gibson and her Granddaughter Amanda in attendance
     Special Thanks – Future Rotarian: Kristin Early - Helping at sign-up table, fruit bagger, clean-up crew, etc. Kristin
         received a nice travel bag, a Lending Hand Pin and Certificate for helping.
     Special Thanks – Non-Rotarians: August Martin Key Club and Miss Barnes. They assisted and helped pass out water
         and fruit bags and helped with clean up.
     Special Thanks: Rudy Auslander - Help with Airport and space at Bldg 111
                            Gail Novitsky - Hand painting Staff on Rotary Shirts
                            Judy Serraino - Trophies
                            Joe Morra – All Clean up and ―The Cleanness Port-o-Potties‖
                            Brian Early – Overall Great Committee Leader
                            Tony Quinn – Signage
                            Charlie Capolino – Printing Flyers
                            Ernie Davis – Overall Great Helper
                            Tony Oro – Balloons & Helium Tank
                            Emmlynn Taylor – Flyer Layout and New Logo
                            All other members of our club who did a little or a lot to make this fundraiser a success.
     BJ brought up things to start doing towards next years race and closing out this years race.
                            Press Release
                            Thank You Letters
                            Tentative date for Race 2005
                            Raffle Tickets available in January

Family Day at Mill Neck Manor
We need to pick a date in August to host our 2nd Annual Family Day. Last year was a great success and we look forward to a

Kids BBQ Day – PS132
We need to pick a date in June for the BBQ and Thank Judy Serraino in advance for spear heading this event. Let’s all try to help
her out in whatever way possible.

Several members are looking into various fundraisers that we can host to supplement the race. Some of the ideas were a Gambling
Boat, Mohegan Sun, and a Trip to Atlantic City.

Administrative Assistant Day
Thank You to Emmlynn Taylor for taking care of all our minutes/newsletter/reports.

Treasurer’s Report (Bottom Line)

     The piggy has gained some weight due to the great job from the race. We currently show about $10,00.00  in our
     Jane handed out invoices to each member present for dues for the upcoming year. Please be diligent about getting
      your payments to her. We need this money both to replace the bills being paid and to supplement our account. The
      dues are $120.00 for the year and do not include meals. If you have special circumstances or have to have invoices
      made to your company please inform Jane. Please do not wait for an invoice to hand in your dues.
     I will be getting the names of any members who have not paid and they will be listed in the next minutes. Please if
      you have forgotten or had not had the chance, please see Jane and take care of your dues.

Happy Dollars
  We had a good giving in ―Happy Dollars‖. They were given by many club members for various reasons – some were for our
     new members; great race, Annette for help w/the basket, old members, great meeting, Charlie’s wallet.

Until Next Time; May everyone be safe and blessed
Yours In Rotary,
Emmlynn Taylor

                                               Birthdays for April:
                             Special Birthday Wishes ~ Liz, Brian, Marie

News/Events from Other Rotary Organizations
Save the Date: April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd of 2004/District Conference at Mystic Seaport
     Emmlynn has info packets and you can also contact DG Kathy Gibson or ADG Rudy Auslander for details.

F.Y.I.   Rudy will also be attaching a Calendar of Events for the JFK Airport Community to the minutes each week as since
         some of our members have expressed an interest in keeping informed about various other events/luncheons, etc happening
         in and around the airport. Thank You Rudy for All the Little Things You Do!

Lend a Hand
2003-04 Presidential Citation Certification Form

Rotary Club of J.F.K. International Airport, District       7250

I, District Governor                                                    , certify that the above named Rotary club has
completed the necessary activities below to qualify for the 2003-04 Presidential Citation. I further certify that the club had
     30       members as of 1 July 2003.

Lend a Hand to the Family of Rotary
1. We established a Family of Rotary committee in our club to assist with club projects and activities in support of club
   members a non-Rotarian members of the extended Rotary family. (MANDATORY)
        Our committee consisted of B.J. Duffy, Emmlynn Taylor, Judy Serraino, Jane Mrosko and Gail Novitsky.

2.   We have welcomed and included non-Rotarian family members (e.g., spouses, adult children, or widows or widowers)
     into the Family of Rotary through service and fellowship activities to promote club well-being.
           Incoming Officers Installation Party at Mill Neck, Harvest for the Hungry Packing/Distribution, Packing
            Thanksgiving Meals at Carlton House, BBQ at School, Kids Annual Xmas Party at the Airport, Carlton
            House Gift Wrap Day for Kids Xmas Party.

3.   We have established a system to follow up with club members who have missed recent meetings to schedule a make-up
          We appointed Josephine Casillo as Club Service Chair and she follows with members, update them on
           missed info and inform them of upcoming meetings and/or events they can attend to make-up missed

4.   We’ve invited members to bring their partners and/or children to a club meeting or club event on at least five occasions.
     Several members have had the opportunity to have their partners and/or children attend various club meetings/events,
     they are as follows:
           Several members invited family, friends and children to the Incoming Officers Installation Party that was
              held on August 10, 2003 at Mill Neck. Some of them were B.J. Duffy (Mom, Dad, Siblings, Wife, Children
              and Friends), Jane Mrosko (Husband and Son), Dennis Berkley (Wife, Children), Rudy Auslander
              (Wife), Charlie Capolino (Fiancé).
           Several members invited friends and family to our ―Club Holiday Party‖ held on December 3, 2003.
           Other projects included the Harvest for the Hungry Packing/Distribution, Packing Thanksgiving Meals at
              Carlton House, BBQ at School and the Kids Annual Xmas Party at the Airport.
5.   We asked members who have joined within the last three years to lead a service project or appoint them to a committee
     so that they become actively involved in the club. This goal was accomplished by asking newer members to step-up to
     the plate and lead in various areas they included:
           Emmlynn Taylor - Family of Rotary Committee Leader; Josephine Casillo - Club Service Chair
              Norman Bluth - 22nd Annual Run on the Runway Chair

Lend a Hand to Your Club
1. We achieved more than a 3 percent net membership growth by April 1 2004.
        We started out with 30 members, we lost 2 - 1 member moved/changed jobs and the other unknown.
        We gained 6 new members; Debra Carfora, John Mangano, Gail Novitsky, Robynn Stewart, Yvonne
          Young and Manny Weiss.
        We have 2 members who have to only fulfill 1 more meeting to be inducted; Marie O’Mara and Joe Morra

2.   We encouraged diversity of membership and promoted a balanced membership. We inducted new members from
     demographic groups not currently represented in our club, including women and younger people.
         Diversity of Membership: Gail Novitsky - Teaching Field, John Mangano - Sales, Joe Morra - Waste
         Diversity of Membership (Women): 10 years ago we had the first Women member (Judy Serraino),
           we recently inducted 4 Women (Debra Carfora, Gail Novitsky, Robynn Stewart, and Yvonne Young)
           and 1 Potential member ( Marie O’Mara)
3.   We highlighted our club’s service to the community by conducting regular outreach to local media. We placed a
     supplement or a news release in a local newspaper regarding a specific project, event, or outstanding Rotarian.
          Initiated by Dennis Berkley, our club was on the front page of the ―Manhasset Press‖ on Thursday,
            November 13, 2003. The article mentioned how Dennis was able to get Phil’s Manhasset Sports Shop to
            donate a truck load of left over inventory - all sport related (basketball hoop, balls, uniforms, footwear,
            bats, helmets, etc) as they closed their doors. All items were donated to The Salvation Army Carlton House
            -         a transitional/homeless shelter near JFK.

4.   We ensured that incoming club officers and members attend the presidents-elect training seminar, the district assembly, a
     district Rotary Foundation seminar, and the district conference as appropriate.
           Judy Serraino, Josephine Casillo and Rudy Auslander attended The Membership Seminar on
              September 29, 2003
           Emmlynn Taylor and Jules Taylor Jr. attended ―The Rotary International Leadership Institute‖ on
              November 22, 2003.

5.   We will be participating in Rotary’s centennial celebration activities and have appointed a club historian to create or
     maintain a club history. Present the club history at one meeting.
          We have asked two of our seasoned members/founders to assist us in putting together the history of the
            club, from past to present they are Murray Gottleib and Lou Putre. They will receive support from other

Lend a Hand to Your Vocation
1. Our members offer free professional services to needy community residents using the vocational expertise of club
        BJ Duffy offers free assistance to young people regarding their finances.
        Robynn Stewart teaches Adult Literacy

2.   We participate in projects to improve literacy.
         Robynn Stewart volunteers every Saturday at the Queens Public Library Adult Literacy program.
         Frank McIntyre will be bringing a Literacy Program to the Salvation Carlton House.
         Each year several members read to area children in a local ―Lions/Literacy‖ program

Lend a Hand to Your Community
1. We sponsor or participate in ongoing poverty alleviation project to feed the hungry in your community, and provide
   clothing to the poor. (MANDATORY)
         We assist the Salvation Army Carlton House along with other Rotary clubs from our district with
           donations of time, gently used clothing and household items, Thanksgiving Food Drive.
         We also assist Harvest for the Hungry financially and with manpower for their annual Thanksgiving
           Drive for those who are less fortunate in the airport community by Packing/Distribution food baskets.

2.   We will be participating in a local program about reproductive health and AIDS awareness.
         We will be supporting and participating in a project called ―My Body, My Life, My Decision - a
            Conference for Teenagers‖. It is sponsored by Catholic Charities and looks at the misleading messages
            teenagers receive about personal sexual responsibility and how to say ―No‖ and not feel like an outcaste.

3.   We will be sponsoring a project that focuses on the education of girls and women or a project to improve literacy in our
         Through Frank McIntyre and a Literacy Program We are in the process of setting up a program at
            The Salvation Army Carlton House.

4.  We developed and initiated a new project in support of community service.
          We adopted The Salvation Army Carlton House as our ongoing new project in support of community
           service. There primary purpose is to be a ―Transitional Independent Living Facility‖ for families who
           have lost their homes for various reasons.
Carlton House is the largest facility of this kind. They have 335 units with 1,500 people – 500+ of them   children.
The average age of the families at Carlton House is 30 years old with some younger and some older because they have
several grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

Lend a Hand to Our World
1. We are going to participate in the centennial Twin Clubs project.
        We have put in motion the beginning work to partner with The Rotary Club of Kololo, Uganda

2.   We participated in a Group Study Exchange (GSE) to experience the internationality of Rotary.
         We recently hosted the GSE Team from France—They spent the day visiting the airport and the different
            facilities, the had the opportunity to fellowship with other members of our club by having drinks and
            casual conversation and then attended our regular scheduled meeting.

3.   We assist incoming Rotarians, their Families and/or People who are part of International Service projects.
         Jane Mrosko assisted in helping to get a student from Zimbabwe to her destination in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
            she was accompanied by her Mom and this was their first trip ever. She helped make the transition
            smooth and less stressful for the family.
         Jane Mrosko met a fellow Rotarian and helped him get on his way. He came in from Poland and was going
            to Pennsylvania to attend an Engineering Class.
         Rudy Auslander and Dennis Berkley assisted Eddie Marc-Charles (Rotarian – SE Queens Club) wife with
            a huge shipment of holiday gift for Haitian children with hearing impediments.
4.   Additional Misc.
         B.J. Duffy’s sister has started correspondence and with the Archbishop from Uganda (the two met and
            spoke at our Family Day at Mill Neck) and she will be working on a book drive and a t-shirt drive for the
            children in Uganda.

Governor’s signature (mandatory)                                                     Date                District

To qualify for the Presidential Citation, each Rotary club must complete activities according to the number of members in the
club. The district governor must sign this form to certify the club’s achievement and mail or fax the form to RI [Recognition
Section (PD230), Rotary International, One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201-3698, USA,
Fax: (847) 328-8554].

District governors will qualify for a 2003-04 Presidential Citation if 50 percent or more of the clubs in the district qualify for
citation and the governor appoints a district Family of Rotary committee.

Please indicate if a district Family of Rotary committee was established:                Yes           No

Eligible governors will receive special recognition for these achievements.

Deadline for submission: 15 April 2004


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