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					VKBA 3532
Technical Bulletin #11 - 2009                                        CHASSIS

         Rear Wheel: FORD Fiesta, Focus, Fusion & MAZDA 2 (B2W)

         Kit content changed in VKBA 3532 in order to fit additional applications.

         The content of VKBA 3532, known as the Rear Wheel bearing kit for
         FORD Focus I and Fiesta V, has been modified to fit even more
         applications. By adding one circlip to the kit content; VKBA 3532 is now
         applicable also to the Mazda 2 (B2W) 2003 -> Rear Wheel. See picture 1.

         Observe that VKBA 3532 with the new content will be valid as from
         production batch N:o 162F. All kits packed before this batch only fits
         the Ford models. See picture 2.

  VKBA 3532

  Component          Quantity
  Bearing               1
  Circlip               2
  ABS ring              1
  Nut                   1

                                   Picture 1
VKBA 3532
Technical Bulletin #11 - 2009                                          CHASSIS

  This is where the batch Id can be found on the labels on the boxes.
  From this Bach ID - 162F – the kit will fit both FORD and MAZDA application, batches
  packed before will only fit the FORD applications.

   Picture 2