centre for socio legal studies_ university of oxford seminar by alendar


									         Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford
                                Seminar Series: Hilary Term 2007

                     Law, Culture and Development
                            Seminar Room D, Manor Road Building, 4.30 pm-6.00 pm
                            All meetings except the final one will be held on Mondays
                            Light refreshments will be available following the seminar

Week 3                     Werner F. Menski, Professor of Asian Laws, School of Oriental and
29 January                 African Studies, University of London
                           Muslim Legal Culture: Why Must we Know It ?

Week 4                      Fernanda Pirie, Law Foundation Fellow, Centre for Socio-Legal
5 February                  Studies, University of Oxford
                            Law and Order on the Margins: the Chinese Legal System in Tibet

Week 5                      Barbara Harriss-White, Professor of Development Studies,
12 February                 University of Oxford
                            Tax Culture: a Case from South India

Week 6                      Christina Jones-Pauly, Research Associate at the Centre for Socio-
19 February                 Legal Studies, University of Oxford
                            Applying Islamic law in Globalized Cultures

Week 7                      Anne Griffiths, Professor of the Anthropology of Law, University of
26 February                 Edinburgh School of Law
                            Gender and Land Reform: Perspectives on Legal Pluralism from
                            South Africa

Week 8                      Randall Peerenboom, Professor of Law, University of California at Los
Thursday, 8 March           Angeles Law School
Seminar Room C              Between Orientalisms: the Use and Misuse of Culture in Law and
                            Development Studies of Asian Legal Systems

 All are welcome; please contact Paul Honey at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies for further information on
                              01865 284220 or email paul.honey@csls.ox.ac.uk.

                   Convenor: Dr Marina Kurkchiyan, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

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