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                                     UNHCR JOB DESCRIPTION
  Date of Classification         : 12.01.2010
                        PART 2A – IDENTIFICATION OF POSITION
Position No : 10015975

Position Title: Senior Physical Planner                                             Position Grade: P4

Position Location : Kabul

Supervisor Position No., Title & Grade: 10002390, Deputy Representative, P5         CCOG Code (1) : 1.B.06

Job Code (1) : 001427                           Job Profile (1) : 00001427          Job Function (1) :

                             PART 2B – POSITION REQUIREMENTS
The Senior Physical Planner will maintain close relationship with key line ministries involved in shelter and
infrastructure projects both in urban and rural settings. Will ensure the establishment and maintenance of appropriate
coordination mechanism, including working groups at national and, if necessary, local levels.

The incumbent works in close coordination with all functional units in UNHCR (Technical, Protection, Programme,
Community Services, Field, Administration and Supply) for all issues related to protection and technical issues and
seeks regular advice and guidance from the Senior Physical Planner at Hqs.


        Conduct technical feasibility studies for identification of adequate refugee sites in close coordination with
         Local Authorities at Provincial, District and Divisional levels, as well as with the concerned line Ministries
         and implementing partners.
        Ensure predictable action and common strategy within the Government of Afghanistan’s Land Allocation
         Scheme (LAS) implementation; Identify gaps in the shelter sector; Promote and adopt standardized
         methods, tools and formats for common use shelter needs assessments to ensure predictable action within a
         common strategy as Shelter Cluster Lead
        Ensure that basic technical criteria of land availability/property, accessibility, security, topography, water
         resources, absorption capacity, and adequate terrain for proper sanitation facilities are taken into
         consideration when designing and implementing construction projects. Other technical factors such as
         seism city, landslide, flooding and other technical considerations have also to be taken into consideration
         during the physical planning activities.
        Ensure that sites designs take into consideration protection oriented issues related to gender based violence
         and women and children needs. The security/privacy of women and children, the adequate location of
         latrines, of essential services, and other required areas have also to be addressed.
        Coordinate with beneficiaries, local authorities and other partners the identification of potential needs
         related to shelter and Non-Food Items (NFIs) and ensure that NFIs need identification/distribution is
         coordinated among all the actors.
        Assist the programme section by analysing budgetary implications of technical components, as well as the
         technical integrity of our interventions in physical planning and shelter sector.
        Act as a focal point in the office in the areas of physical planning, shelter and provide regular technical
         report to the Supervisor, and to other colleagues as appropriate.
        Assist UNHCR office with any other technical related issues as required by the Supervisor.

        Advise on the matters related to procurement of sector-related materials or equipment (including
         development and preparation of technical specifications for bid documents, technical evaluation of bids,
         review/inspect quality of the products/works as requested), and assist in fund raising efforts (provision of
         information and preparation of project proposals, and participation in negotiations) and other publicity

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      Code       Managerial Competencies                         Code      Functional Competencies
 1.    M001      Empowering and Building Trust                1. TS01      Developing Technical guidelines/application
 2.    M002      Managing Performance                         2. TS02      Providing Technical Support and Advice
 3.    M003      Judgement and Decision Making                3. PG04      Assessing beneficiary needs
 4.    M004      Strategic Planning and Vision                4. PG05      Assessing/Developing partners capability
 5.    M005      Leadership                                   5. PG07      Monitoring and Evaluation
 6.    M006      Managing Resources                           6.
      Code       Cross-Functional Competencies
 1.    X001      Analytical Thinking
 2.    X002      Innovation and Creativity
 3.    X003      Technological Awareness
 4.    X004      Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
 5.    X005      Planning and Organizing
 6.    X006      Policy Development and Research
 7.    X007      Political Awareness
 8.    X008      Stakeholder Management
 9.    X009      Change Capability and Adaptability

Advance University degree in Civil/Structural Engineering (BS in Civil Engineering and MS in Civil or Structural
Minimum 15 years of previous relevant job experience, particularly in shelter design, planning, implementation and
Excellent knowledge in physical planning, shelter and engineering infrastructures, which imply that the person
should have a strong academic qualification in civil engineering construction, shelter design and structural analysis,
and physical planning issues.
Competent and previous professional experience in the areas of rural development, natural resources and
environmental management.
Familiarity with and considerable Field exposure to UNHCR programme planning and implementation and on
humanitarian operations.
Skills on project formulation, planning, supervision and management.
Team player, adaptive and flexible to various situations, including emergency operations under varied socio-cultural
and physical environment and
Strong analytical, drafting and diplomatic skills, and proficient in basic computer software’s, including engineering
and site planning design tools.
Excellent knowledge of written and oral English.

Knowledge of the local language;
Familiarity with the region;
Substantial field experience in a similar operational environment e.g. high security risk and complex cultural fabric;
Strong interpersonal and coordination skills will be an asset.

With the aim to achieve a gender-balanced workforce, UNHCR strongly encourages qualified
women to apply.

  How to Apply:

  A full curriculum vitae, including nationality and references, should be sent to: UNHCR, Vacancy
  Management Unit (quoting ref. 10015975), case postale 2500, 1211 Geneva 2 Dépôt, Switzerland, or
  by fax (+41 22) 739 7322, or preferably, by e-mail: hqpe14@unhcr.org.
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Closing date for receipt of applications:   26 February 2010

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