SOM Journal Rankings - Feb 2008 by krj18645


         Alphabetical order

       Seventh Edition
        February 2010
This list provides guidelines for staff on which journals they should consider
submitting their papers to. Journals have been graded according to the following
quality scale:

4*   = world-leading
3*   = internationally excellent
2*   = internationally recognised
1*   = national
Journal                                            Quality
Abacus                                                2*
Academy of Management Annals                          3*
Academy of Management Journal                         4*
Academy of Management Learning & Education            3*
Academy of Management Perspectives                    3*
Academy of Management Review                          4*
Accounting & Business Research                        2*
Accounting and Finance                                2*
Accounting Forum                                      1*
Accounting Horizons                                   3*
Accounting Review                                     4*
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal       3*
Accounting, Organizations & Society                   4*
ACM Computing Surveys                                 3*
Administration and Society                            2*
Administrative Science Quarterly                      4*
Advances in Accounting                                3*
Advances in Consumer Research                         2*
Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions                  2*
African Development Review                            2*
Agricultural Economics                                2*
American Economic Review                              4*
American Journal of Agricultural Economics            3*
American Political Science Review                     4*
Annals of Operations Research                         3*
Annals of Public & Cooperative Economics              3*
Annals of Regional Science                            2*
Applied Economics                                     2*
Applied Financial Economic Letters                    2*
Applied Financial Economics                           2*
Applied Mathematical Finance                          3*
Applied Statistics (Royal Statistical Society)        2*
Asia Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics      2*
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources               2*
Asia Pacific Journal of Management                    3*
Asia-Pacific Business Review                          1*
Asia-Pacific Economy                                  1*
Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory              3*
Australian Computer Journal                           1*
Behavioral Research in Accounting                     3*
Behaviour & Information Technology                    1*
Breast Cancer Research & Treatment                    4*
British Accounting Review                             2*
British Journal of Cancer                             4*
British Journal of Industrial Relations               3*
British Journal of Management                      3*
Bulletin of Economic Research                      2*
Business & Society                                 2*
Business and Politics                              2*
Business Ethics Quarterly                          2*
Business Ethics: A European Review                 1*
Business History                                   2*
Business History Review                            2*
Business Horizons                                  1*
Business Process Management Journal                1*
Business Strategy Review                           1*
California Management Review                       4*
Cambridge Journal of Economics                     3*
Canadian Journal of Economics                      3*
Career Development International                   1*
Clinician in Management                            1*
Communications of the ACM                          2*
Communications of the AIS                          2*
Comparative Economic Studies                       2*
Complex Systems                                    3*
Complexity                                         3*
Computational & Mathematical Organization Theory   2*
Computer Journal                                   2*
Computers & Operations Research                    3*
Construction Management and Economics              1*
Contemporary Accounting Research                   3*
Corporate Governance                               1*
Corporate Governance: An International Review      3*
Creativity and Innovation Management               2*
Critical Perspectives on Accounting                2*
Database                                           3*
Decision Sciences                                  4*
Decision Support Systems                           3*
Ecological Economics                               3*
Econometrica                                       4*
Economic and Industrial Democracy                  3*
Economic Development and Cultural Change           4*
Economic Development Quarterly                     3*
Economic History Review                            4*
Economic Inquiry                                   3*
Economic Journal                                   4*
Economic Systems                                   1*
Economica                                          4*
Economics of Transition                            1*
Education Management and Administration            1*
Electronic Markets                                 1*
Emergence, Complexity & Organization               2*
Emerging Markets Review                            3*
Emerging Markets, Finance & Trade                         2*
Employee Relations                                        2*
Enterprise & Innovation Management Studies                1*
Entrepreneurship & Regional Development                   2*
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Change                   1*
Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice                       3*
Environment & Planning A                                  3*
Environment & Planning B                                  3*
European Accounting Review                                2*
European Business Review                                  2*
European Economic Review                                  4*
European Financial Management                             3*
European Journal of Finance                               3*
European Journal of Industrial Relations                  3*
European Journal of Information Systems                   3*
European Journal of Innovation Management                 1*
European Journal of Marketing                             3*
European Journal of Operational Research                  3*
European Journal of Political Economy                     3*
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology    1*
European Management Journal                               1*
European Review of Agricultural Economics                 2*
Evidence and Policy                                       2*
Expert Systems with Applications                          2*
Explorations in Economic History                          3*
Finance and Stochastics                                   3*
Financial Analysts Journal                                4*
Financial Management (US)                                 3*
Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments           4*
Financial Review                                          3*
Fiscal Studies                                            1*
Futures                                                   3*
Gender in Management: An International Journal            2*
Gender, Work and Organization                             3*
Geographical Analysis                                     3*
Global Business and Economics Review                      2*
Global Finance Journal                                    3*
Group and Organization Management                         3*
Harvard Business Review                                   4*
Historical Studies in Industrial Relations                1*
Human Relations                                           4*
Human Resource Management                                 4*
Human Resource Management Journal                         3*
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management               3*
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems   3*
Industrial & Labor Relations Review                       2*
Industrial and Corporate Change                           3*
Industrial Marketing Management                           3*
Industrial Relations (US)                                         2*
Industrial Relations Journal                                      1*
Industry and Innovation                                           2*
Information & Management                                          3*
Information and Organization                                      2*
Information Resources Management Journal                          2*
Information Society                                               2*
Information Systems Frontiers                                     1*
Information Systems Journal                                       3*
Information Systems Management                                    1*
Information Systems Research                                      4*
Information, Technology and People                                2*
Interfaces                                                        2*
International Business Review                                     3*
International Economic Journal                                    2*
International Economic Review                                     3*
International Finance                                             2*
International Finance Review                                      3*
International Journal of Accounting                               2*
International Journal of Auditing                                 1*
International Journal of Conflict Management                      2*
International Journal of Electronic Commerce                      2*
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research   1*
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation          1*
International Journal of Finance                                  2*
International Journal of Finance and Economics                    2*
International Journal of Forecasting                              3*
International Journal of Game Theory                              3*
International Journal of Human Computer Studies                   1*
International Journal of Human Resource Management                3*
International Journal of Industrial Organization                  3*
International Journal of Information Management                   2*
International Journal of Innovation Management                    2*
International Journal of Intercultural Relations                  1*
International Journal of Logistics Management                     3*
International Journal of Logistics: Research & Applications       2*
International Journal of Management Reviews                       3*
International Journal of Managing Projects in Business            1*
International Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management      1*
International Journal of Market Research                          2*
International Journal of New Product Development and Innovation   1*
International Journal of Operations & Production Management       3*
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics        3*
International Journal of Production Economics                        3*
International Journal of Production Research                         3*
International Journal of Project Management                          2*
International Journal of Project Organisation and Management         1*
International Journal of Public Administration                       1*
International Journal of Public Opinion Research                     2*
International Journal of Public Sector Management                    1*
International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management            1*
International Journal of Research in Marketing                       3*
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management          1*
International Journal of Selection and Assessment                    1*
International Journal of Service Industry Management                 2*
International Journal of Technology Management                       3*
International Journal of the Economics of Business                   1*
International Journal of Training and Development                    1*
International Labour Review                                          2*
International Marketing Review                                       3*
International Review of Administrative Sciences                      2*
International Review of Applied Economics                            3*
International Review of Economics and Finance                        1*
International Review of Entrepreneurship                             3*
International Review of Financial Analysis                           3*
International Review of Law and Economics                            2*
International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research   1*
International Small Business Journal                                 2*
International Studies of Management and Organization                 2*
International Transactions in Operational Research                   1*
Journal of Academy of Marketing Science                              4*
Journal of Accounting and Economics                                  4*
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy                              3*
Journal of Accounting Auditing & Finance                             3*
Journal of Accounting Literature                                     3*
Journal of Accounting Research                                       4*
Journal of Advertising                                               2*
Journal of Advertising Research                                      2*
Journal of African Economies                                         1*
Journal of Agricultural Economics                                    2*
Journal of Applied Behavioral Science                                2*
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance                                 2*
Journal of Applied Econometrics                                      4*
Journal of Applied Psychology                                        4*
Journal of Asian Economies                                           1*
Journal of Asset Management                                          2*
Journal of Banking and Finance                                       3*
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making                                3*
Journal of Behavioral Finance                                        2*
Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing                           1*
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics                          3*
Journal of Business and Psychology                        2*
Journal of Business Ethics                                3*
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting                3*
Journal of Business Logistics                             3*
Journal of Business Research                              3*
Journal of Business Venturing                             3*
Journal of Common Market Studies                          3*
Journal of Comparative Economics                          3*
Journal of Computer Information Systems                   1*
Journal of Consumer Marketing                             1*
Journal of Consumer Psychology                            3*
Journal of Consumer Research                              4*
Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management            1*
Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance               1*
Journal of Corporate Citizenship                          1*
Journal of Corporate Finance                              3*
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology                      3*
Journal of Database Management                            2*
Journal of Derivatives                                    2*
Journal of Derivatives Accounting                         1*
Journal of Developing Areas                               3*
Journal of Development Economics                          4*
Journal of Development Studies                            4*
Journal of Econometrics                                   4*
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization               2*
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control                  2*
Journal of Economic Geography                             3*
Journal of Economic History                               4*
Journal of Economic Issues                                2*
Journal of Economic Literature                            4*
Journal of Economic Perspectives                          4*
Journal of Economic Psychology                            3*
Journal of Economic Theory                                4*
Journal of Economics & Business                           1*
Journal of Economics (Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie)   3*
Journal of Economics and Finance                          2*
Journal of Education Policy                               1*
Journal of Educational Research                           1*
Journal of Emerging Markets Finance                       2*
Journal of Empirical Finance                              3*
Journal of Enterprise Information Management              1*
Journal of Environmental Economics & Management           3*
Journal of European Public Policy                         4*
Journal of Evolutionary Economics                         3*
Journal of Finance                                        4*
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis            4*
Journal of Financial Economics                                     4*
Journal of Financial Intermediation                                3*
Journal of Financial Markets                                       3*
Journal of Financial Research                                      3*
Journal of Forecasting                                             3*
Journal of Futures Markets                                         3*
Journal of General Management                                      1*
Journal of Health Organization and Management                      1*
Journal of Higher Education                                        2*
Journal of Human Resources                                         3*
Journal of Industrial Economics                                    3*
Journal of Information Technology                                  3*
Journal of Interactive Marketing                                   3*
Journal of International Business Studies                          4*
Journal of International Development                               1*
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money   3*
Journal of International Marketing                                 3*
Journal of International Money and Finance                         3*
Journal of International Trade and Economic                        1*
Journal of Investing                                               2*
Journal of Investment Management                                   3*
Journal of Labor Economics                                         3*
Journal of Law and Economics                                       4*
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization                         4*
Journal of Macroeconomics                                          3*
Journal of Management                                              4*
Journal of Management Accounting Research                          2*
Journal of Management and Governance                               1*
Journal of Management Development                                  1*
Journal of Management Education                                    2*
Journal of Management Information Systems                          3*
Journal of Management Inquiry                                      3*
Journal of Management Studies                                      4*
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management                     2*
Journal of Marketing                                               4*
Journal of Marketing Management                                    3*
Journal of Marketing Research                                      4*
Journal of Mathematical Sociology                                  3*
Journal of Monetary Economics                                      4*
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking                               3*
Journal of Multinational Financial Management                      2*
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology              3*
Journal of Operations Management                                   4*
Journal of Organizational and End User Computing                   1*
Journal of Organizational Behavior                                 3*
Journal of Organizational Change Management                        2*
Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management            3*
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology              4*
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management                 3*
Journal of Political Economy                              4*
Journal of Political Marketing                            1*
Journal of Portfolio Management                           3*
Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics                       3*
Journal of Private Equity                                 2*
Journal of Product & Brand Management                     1*
Journal of Product Innovation Management                  4*
Journal of Productivity Analysis                          3*
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory      2*
Journal of Public Affairs                                 1*
Journal of Public Economics                               3*
Journal of Public Policy                                  1*
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing                    2*
Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management               2*
Journal of Regional Science                               3*
Journal of Regulatory Economics                           3*
Journal of Retailing                                      3*
Journal of Risk and Insurance                             3*
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty                           3*
Journal of Service Research                               3*
Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development      1*
Journal of Small Business Management                      1*
Journal of Strategic Information Systems                  3*
Journal of Strategic Marketing                            2*
Journal of Supply Chain Management                        3*
Journal of the ACM                                        2*
Journal of the AIS                                        3*
Journal of the American Statistical Association           4*
Journal of the Operational Research Society               2*
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A                4*
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy                 2*
Journal of Urban Economics                                3*
Journal of World Business                                 3*
Knowledge and Process Management                          1*
Kyklos                                                    3*
Labour Economics                                          3*
Land Economics                                            3*
Leadership                                                3*
Leadership & Organization Development Journal             1*
Leadership Quarterly                                      4*
Local Government Studies                                  3*
Long Range Planning                                       3*
Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies   1*
Management Accounting Research                            3*
Management Decision                                       1*
Management International Review                                   3*
Management Learning                                               3*
Management Revue                                                  1*
Management Science                                                4*
Managerial and Decision Economics                                 2*
Managerial Finance                                                1*
Manchester School                                                 2*
Marketing Science                                                 4*
Marketing Theory                                                  1*
Mathematical Finance                                              3*
Mathematics of Operations Research                                3*
MIS Quarterly                                                     4*
MISQ Executive                                                    2*
Multinational Finance Journal                                     2*
Nature                                                            4*
New Technology, Work and Employment                               2*
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly                          3*
Nonprofit Management and Leadership                               2*
Omega: International Journal of Management Science                3*
Operations Management Research                                    2*
Operations Research                                               4*
Organization                                                      3*
Organization Science                                              4*
Organization Studies                                              3*
Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes                4*
Organizational Dynamics                                           3*
Organizational Research Methods                                   3*
Oxford Bulletin of Economic Research                              3*
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics                       3*
Oxford Development Studies                                        1*
Oxford Economic Papers                                            3*
Oxford Review of Economic Policy                                  2*
Pacific Basin Finance Journal                                     3*
Panoeconomicus                                                    3*
Papers in Regional Science                                        2*
Personnel Psychology                                              4*
Personnel Review                                                  2*
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena                                    3*
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B -   2*
Journal of Engineering Manufacture
Production and Operations Management                              3*
Production, Planning & Control                                    2*
Project Management Journal                                        2*
Psychology and Marketing                                          3*
Public Administration (London)                                    3*
Public Administration and Development                             2*
Public Administration Review                                      4*
Public Choice                                                     3*
Public Finance                                3*
Public Finance Quarterly                      1*
Public Management Review                      2*
Public Money & Management                     2*
Public Policy and Administration              1*
Public Productivity and Management Review     1*
Quantitative Finance                          2*
Quarterly Journal of Economics                4*
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance     2*
R&D Management                                3*
Rand Journal of Economics                     4*
Regional Science & Urban Economics            3*
Regional Studies                              4*
Research in Finance                           2*
Research Policy                               4*
Research Technology Management                3*
Review of Accounting Studies                  4*
Review of Development Economics               1*
Review of Economic Studies                    3*
Review of Economics and Statistics            3*
Review of Finance                             3*
Review of Financial Economics                 1*
Review of Financial Studies                   4*
Review of Industrial Organization             2*
Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting   3*
Revue Française de Gestion                    2*
Revue Sciences de Gestion                     1*
Risk Analysis                                 3*
Risk, Decision and Policy                     2*
Safety Science                                2*
SAM Advanced Management Journal               1*
Scandinavian Journal of Economics             3*
Scandinavian Journal of Management            1*
Science                                       4*
Scottish Journal of Political Economy         3*
Service Industries Journal                    2*
Sloan Management Review                       4*
Small Business Economics                      3*
Southern Economic Journal                     3*
Strategic Management Journal                  4*
Strategic Organization                        2*
Studies in Economics and Finance              1*
Studies in Higher Education                   3*
Supply Chain Management: An International Journal   3*
System Dynamics Review                              3*
Systemic Practice & Action Research                 1*
Technological Forecasting and Social Change         1*
Technology Analysis and Strategic Management        2*
Technovation                                        3*
Theory and Decision                                 2*
Theory Culture & Society                            3*
Thunderbird International Business Review           2*
Total Quality Management & Business Excellence      1*
Transnational Corporations                          2*
Transportation Journal                              2*
Transportation Research – Part E: Logistics         3*
Urban Studies                                       3*
Utilities Policy                                    2*
Venture Capital: An International Journal           2*
Voluntas                                            2*
Work & Occupations                                  3*
Work & Stress                                       2*
Work, Employment & Society                          4*
World Bank Economic Review                          4*
World Development                                   3*
World Economy                                       3*
On the previous pages the FT ranked journals are highlighted in bold. Here is the
complete list of the 40 journals used in the research ranking of business schools
by the FT. The School receives a point for every faculty author publishing in any of
the below journals.

Academy of Management Journal
Academy of Management Perspectives
Academy of Management Review
Accounting Review
Accounting, Organizations and Society
Administrative Science Quarterly
American Economic Review
California Management Review
Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice
Harvard Business Review
Human Resource Management
Information Systems Research
International Journal of Human Resource Management
Journal of Accounting and Economics
Journal of Accounting Research
Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal of Business Ethics
Journal of Business Venturing
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Finance
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
Journal of Financial Economics
Journal of International Business Studies
Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Operations Management
Journal of Political Economy
Journal of the American Statistical Association
Management International Review
Management Science
Marketing Science
MIS Quarterly
Operations Research
Organization Science
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
Rand Journal of Economics
Review of Financial Studies
Sloan Management Review
Strategic Management Journal
Business Week uses publications in these 20 journals as one of the factors for
ranking of MBA programs in business schools. It reviews all issues published in
the previous five years and awards 3 points for extended articles; short articles
receive 1 point.

Academy of Management Journal
Academy of Management Review
Accounting Review
Administrative Science Quarterly
American Economic Review
Harvard Business Review
Information Systems Research
Journal of Accounting Research
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Business Ethics
Journal of Finance
Journal of Financial Economics
Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing Research
Management Science
Marketing Science
Operations Research
Production & Operations Management
Review of Financial Studies
Strategic Management Journal

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