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					                            No Peace While Traitors ar e in Arms.

  Volume 15, Issue 15   “We are but few in number but formidable.” -Pvt. James Shelton, 7th Md. Co. B        February 2010

                                                                                               third term as Vice President
                                Held for the first time at                                     (see column on page three).
                              the historic William Paca       pany, and renew acquaint-          New NCO’s were elected
                              House and Gardens site in       ances within the unit. Lt.       and sustained. 1st Sgt. Pat-
                              Annapolis, the 7th Mary-        Bush motivated members           rick Ellis will continue in
                              land 2010 Annual Meeting        present to also become more      his role, his deployment to
                              kicked off with an invoca-      active and creative within       Iraq interrupting his service
                              tion from Sgt. Maj. Steve       the unit. Lt. Bush will also     for only a few months. Cpl.
                              Bush.                           become more active in lieu       Steve Giovannini will con-
                                Secretary/Treasurer Col.      of additional absences of        tinue in his role as well as
                              Jay Henson read the fiscal      Rick Boyle.                      Cpl. Ron Riotto and Cpl.
                              report of the company, and        Following all the reports,     Dwight Coleman. Newly
                              finding it in fair health,      nominations were taken for       elected Corporals are Kevin
                              urged members whose ac-         the association offices and      Harris and Dan Paterson,
                              counts have become delin-       the NCO corps for 2010. As       Jr. Hopefully the “Corporal’s
                              quent, to replenish them,       the company broke for a          Curse” ended its span in
                              and lessen the burden on        sumptuous, bountiful lunch,      2009.
                              the company. Fundraising        the votes were tallied. Sev-       In his last official duty as
                              efforts were urged as was a     eral members watched in          president, Patrick Ellis
                              continued effort in recruit-    awe as Hospital Steward          awarded the Farby Barby
                              ing.                            Charley Gossard single-          to Civilian Coordinator
                                Lt. Jeff Bush, filling in     handedly devoured what was       Sarah Harris for her
                              for an absent Capt. Rick        termed a “meat platter sand-     “antics” at Gettysburg (see
                              Boyle, read the Com-            wich” (see page 7).              page five).
                              mander’s Report for the past      The votes, now tallied,           With the recent snowy
                              year. He too urged a re-        reflected the choices of the     weather, troops should be
                              newed effort in recruiting,     7th Maryland members pre-        ready for the spring drills
                              and fundraising efforts. He     sent for the 2010 season. Pvt.   and early events. If you
                              also urged members who
  Pvt. Bill Digby             were not present, to become
                                                              Bill Hart was elected Presi-
                                                              dent (see column below).
                                                                                               have not renewed your mem-
                                                                                               bership yet, don’t forget to
                              re-involved with the com-       Lt. Jeff Bush is serving a       do so.
Pvt. Zack Bowman

                              The annual meeting is a         for us at the William Paca       Our year’s
  Inside this issue:          time of renewal for me. It’s    house in Annapolis. The          schedule
                              the opportunity to get to-      Annapolis Historic Founda-       looks good
                              gether with good friends        tion was kind enough to          with a few
Inside Story            4     after a nearly two-month’s      make this facility available     holes yet to
                              absence and to plan how         to us on short notice thanks     fill. We       Pvt. Bill Hart
adies’ Knapsack
L                       6     we’ll spend the rest of the     to the efforts of our founder,   will be          President
                              year together. It’s always      Jay Henson, to secure a lo-      doing our
                              enjoyable and this year was     cation after our earlier         standards: New Market
Inside Story            6     no different although it was    scheduled site was forced to     (omitted only when we have
                              celebrated in a new venue       cancel.                                     (Continued on page 7)
PAGE 2                                             OUR CAMP JOURNAL                                             VOLUME 15, ISSUE 15

                                              ern Road) briefly to 450 east                 http://www.federalvolunteerbrigade.org
             February:                        (Annapolis Road). Stay on 450 for ap-         All company officers and respective
           Saturday 6th                       proximately 4 miles, then take 193            NCO’s, including corporals, are re-
       Presidential Guard                     north (Glenn Dale Blvd.). Turn left           quested to attend. There will be a $5.00
    Salisbury State University                onto Bell Station Road, and the Mari-         donation requested to cover expenses.
                                              etta Mansion Historic Site will be on
          Salisbury, MD                       your left.
           (Individual)                                                                                      April
  Troops needed to form a Presidential                   20th-21st                                      Saturday, 3rd
guard on the commons of Salisbury
State University. To participate, con-              145th Bentonville                                1st Regiment Drill
tact Lt. Jeff Bush at 410-742-3602 or          Last Stand in the Carolinas                           Emmitsburg, MD
JBushBRE@aol.com                              Bentonville / Newton Grove, NC                             (Company)
                                                           (Individual)                       The company will be drilling with
                                                Civilian lectures, Saturday night           other companies of the regiment at the
               March                          dance, Military and Civilian camps.           Mason-Dixon Discovery Center, site of
                                              Saturday battle “Last Grand Charge of         the Annual Meeting. The drill will be
         Saturday, 6th                        the Army of the Tennessee & Morgan’s          held from 9 AM until about 3 PM. The
      Winter Drill Day                        Stand”. Sunday battle “”Fight for the         Mason Dixon Discovery Center is lo-
                                              Morris Riddick Farm”. $10. per per-           cated on Rt. 15 Southbound, just north
Marietta Mansion, Lower Field                 son until February 28th. For informa-         of Emmitsburg, MD. The drill will be
       Glenn Dale, MD                         tion, registration and directions,            held in the rear of the facility. Lunch
          (Company)                           www.Bentonville145.com                        is available in the town of Emmits-
  The drill day will be held at Marietta                                                    burg, or bring your own.
Mansion’s lower field, March 6th from
10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and possibly                  Saturday 27th                                        30th
later. This drill day will be publicized           Officer’s and NCO’s                             Living History Day
and opened to the public. Advanced
                                                     Training School                            Salisbury Christian School
drill maneuvers and formations will be                                                                   (Individual)
covered and the ladies plan to hold the              Gettysburg, PA
first fair of the season. Directions:                                                       Interact with students of all grades at
                                               (Company Officers and NCO’s)                 the Salisbury Christian School, in
Marietta Mansion: 5626 Bell Station             The 3nd Annual Officers and NCO’s
Road, Glenn Dale, Md. 20769. Off of                                                         Salisbury, MD. Please contact Sgt.Maj.
                                              Training School will be held at the           Steve Bush at 410-543-1766 for times
Route 193, Glenn Dale Blvd., just north       Gettysburg Fire Hall, in downtown
of Route 450, Annapolis Road.                                                               and directions.
                                              Gettysburg. Instructional manuals will
  Take the Capital Beltway (I-95/I-495)       be posted and available for download-
to exit 20. Take 564 east (Lanham Sev-        ing from the Federal Volunteer website,
                                                                                                                   (Continued on page 7)

                                                                                                                  Also at the regimen-
                                                                                                               tal meeting, it was
                                                                                                               moved to appoint a
                                                                                                               first-time regimental
  The planning meetings are over, and a       this year.                                                       civilian coordinator.
look ahead finds the 2010 season to be an       At the FVB 1st Regiment annual meet-                           Cheryl Bush will be
exciting one.                                 ing it was decided to include a new event                          filling this new role.
  With a break from long-standing tradi-      this year, that of Camp Geiger in White-     Col. Jay Henson Her job will be to
tion, the 7th Maryland has dropped an         hall, PA. This event in northeast Penn-                            coordinate with each
event, and the FVB has included a new         sylvania will provide an equidistant meet-    civilian coordinator of member compa-
one. At the 7th MD annual meeting, it         ing place for both the 1st Regiment and       nies and to attempt to provide our civil-
was decided to drop the Marching              the 2nd Regiment of the FVB. Should be        ians, and children with activities at each
Through Time event from our schedule          an exciting event! I hope the 7th Mary-       FVB event. She already has some great
for this year. Citing planning, falling       land members will make the trip (about 3      ideas, and I’m looking forward to putting
attendance and fee issues, members            hrs. from the DC metro area) and find an      her plans into action. See you all soon.
thought it best to give this event time off   exciting new event for our June schedule.
VOLUME 15, ISSUE 15                         OUR        CAMP           JOURNAL                             PAGE 3

                                                                                       we are in a rebuilding stage right now.
                                                                                       Our numbers have slipped a bit in the
                                                                                       last year. We all know that outside in-
                                                                                       fluences have hampered many from
    They say that those who forget his-                                                attending events. The current economy
                                           port always opened                          has affected our pockets as well as our
tory are condemned to repeat it. Back      in the past with the
in 2005 and 2006 you elected me to Vice                                                livelihood. We have lost many to the
                                           7th Maryland’s Mis-                         military and I thank you for your ser-
President. Being the historians that I     sion Statement. For
thought you were, I didn’t think that                                                  vice to our country. Others maybe have
                                           those of you that                           lost interest. Whatever the reason, the
you would make this mistake                have been around
again…but here we are. Fortunately for                           Lt. Jeff Bush         rebuilding has begun. New people come
                                           for a while this is a                       to us all of the time. What we need to
all our top position is in safe hands.     review, for the new   Vice President
                                                                                       do is keep their interest. We need to
                                           members I submit for your eyes:             spark others into joining us. Don’t be
  During the January meeting, we
made some changes to our schedule, our                                                 afraid to engage in conversation with
                                                       7th Maryland                    spectators at events, if you don’t know
NCO’s and the events we intend on par-
                                                Volunteer Infantry Regiment            the answer to a question someone in the
ticipating in. In the 10 years that I
                                                    Mission Statement:                 company does. While we are rebuild-
have been with the 7th there have been
many changes to the unit. Faces have                                                   ing we need to keep the Mission State-
changed as well as events. When I first    The 7th Maryland Volunteer Infantry         ment in mind. Let’s not rush out there
fell in with the 7th they only had two     Regiment was formed as a living memo-       and just get bodies. Let’s maintain the
NCO’s. A couple of years ago we had six!   rial, providing a living history to honor   standards that the Mission Statement
Captain Jay Henson was the only Com-       the men and women that fought to pre-       provides and that every one of you to
pany Officer in 1999. We have pro-         serve the Union during the War of the       this point have maintained.
gressed for many years as a company        Rebellion from 1861 through 1865. The
with little stumbles along the way.        members strive to accurately portray          I am very excited about this season
There is one change that was inadver-      the lifestyle of the period, with honor,    and I hope you are too! So get your kits
tently made at the meeting and it wasn’t   dignity and respect to themselves and       ready and I will see you at the fire!
apparent to me until just before I gave    each other.
the Captains report. A tradition as well     The 7th has always improved their
as a good way to start the year the re-    representation of a Federal Volunteer
                                           company. Like I stated at the meeting

                                                                                                          At the Annual Meet-
                                                                                                          ing, members voted
                                                                                                          for new Non-
                                                                                                          Commissioned Offi-
                                                                                                          cers for 2010. The
                                                                                                          new and sustained
                                                                                                          Corporals for the
                                                                                                          coming year, from
                                                                                                          left to right, Cpl.
                                                                                                          Kevin Harris, Cpl.
                                                                                                          Steve Giovannini,
                                                                                                          Cpl. Ron Riotto, Cpl.
                                                                                                          Dwight Coleman and
                                                                                                          Cpl. Dan Paterson,
                                                                                                            The Corporals are
                                                                                                          responsible for a
                                                                                                          number of duties on
                                                                                                          the field and in
                                                                                                          camp. Members
                                                                                                          should look forward
                                                                                                          to these new leaders
                                                                                                          in the coming season.
PAGE 4                                            OUR CAMP JOURNAL                                    VOLUME 15, ISSUE 15

                                                                                   Reg. together here at headquarters for
                                                                                   something we know not what. It has
                                                                                   also been reported that either our Reg.
                                                                                   or the 2nd N.Y.H.A. is to join the fleet
                                                                                   for Texas which is being fitted out in
                                                                                   Pa. But I believe the 2nd have received
                                                                                   their orders to move. If any such good
                                                            very lonesome.
         Part 6                                             She says she does
                                                                                   luck should happen to us as to be re-
                                                                                   moved to New York, I shall stand a
    By Pvt. Jim Johnson                                     not know what          pretty good chance of getting a furlough
                                                            will become of her     and coming home. And our Reg. will
   The following letter was                                 if she continues       stand as good a chance of getting into a
among several provided by                                   convalescent.          fight as they would here, for I do not
my brother-in-law, George                                   There are various      think that we will be ordered there
Blood. They were written                                    rumors afloat in       unless foreign intervention is expected.
by his first great grand-                                   camp to the effect     I wish we could go there and have a
uncle, George Furman, to                                    that our Reg. is to    brush with "Johnny Bull", it would just
his parents. George                                         go to New York to      be fun for us.
Furman was an enlisted                                      garrison one or                  I have not sent any papers
man with the 4th New York                                   more of the forts      lately for they have not been brought
Heavy Artillery. He was                                     in the harbor, it is   into camp. They come as irregular as I
taken prisoner by the Re-                                   reported that Gov.     send them. I expect to go to Washing-
bels at Reams Station on                                    Morgan has sent        ton in a few days, and I will try and get
the Weldon Rail Road on                                     for us. However        some paper that I should think would
August 25th 1864. He later                                  true this may be I     be interesting to you and send it.
died, January 31st 1865, in              George Furman     cannot say, but our               Tell sister that I will answer
a Rebel prison camp at Salis-                              Col. is getting his     her letter after my return from Wash-
bury, N.C.                                                                                      ington as she wants to know
                                                                                                how the Capitol looks, and I
          (Friday evening)                                                                      have not seen it yet only at a
  Fort Ethan Allen Va. Nov. 14th '62                                                            distance, as it was late in
                                                                                                the evening when we passed
 Dear Parents,                                                                                  through the city to Cor-
          Thinking that you might be                                                            coran, and we saw but little
concerned about me, or at least wish to                                                         of the city.
hear from me, I thought I would delay                                                           I hope you will get settled
writing no longer. As it is just one                                                            without making yourselves
week since I received sister’s letter, ac-                                                      all sick. If I were home I
companied with one from you, I have                                                             would help you out of your
thus delayed a reply in expectance to                                                           muss. Do not put yourselves
have received some money to send                                                                to any extra trouble or
home, but "nary a greenback" as yet,                                                            hurry in preparing my box,
and the prospects are dubious.                                                                  for I can wait as well as not.
          The boys grumble considerable                                                         The Albion boys are well
about it and many of them have sent                                                             and wish to be remembered,
home for money. The day I received                                                              to you. Several of them
your last, we were having a severe                                                              have been made corporals
snowstorm which lasted all day and was                                                          and one, (Gared Martin Jr)
superseded by a very cold night. As                                                             a Sergeant. The rest of us
(good luck)? would have it, I was de-                                                           will probably be made Lieu-
tailed for guard duty that day, and con-                                                        tenants or sent to the guard
sequently was exposed to the storm and                                                          house.
cold, and the result of it has proven to                                                                  Yours,
be a severe cold on my lungs, the effects                                                               G. T. Furman
of which I have not as yet recovered
          I have just received two letters,
one from Mrs. Clement and one from                                                               Left, a specimen of one of
Anna Snell. Ann says that the folks                                                             the handwritten letters sent
                                                                                                from Pvt. George Furman to
were all well as usual, but sends no                                                            his parents. His writing was
news of importance.                                                                             large, legible, and shows the
          Mrs. C. is alone, unwell, and                                                         cursive style of the times.
PAGE 6                                            OUR CAMP JOURNAL                                           VOLUME 15, ISSUE 15

  Civilian coordinator Sarah Harris
received the annual Farby Barby
award for her actions during the Get-
tysburg event.
Miss Harris gallantly led an espio-
nage ring trying to obtain informa-
tion to be passed along to Rebel spies.
  The plans ultimately failed when
she and her co-conspirators offered a
bribe of a sweet pie to the Regimental
Adjutant. The adjutant, as he po-
litely declined the offer, locked his
personal desk, sealing the fate of the
information seeking civilians.
 The win is the second in a row for
the civilians. Military, try harder!!

                                                                                        character, being of temperate habits,
                                                                                        (doesn’t drink), of good general intelli-
                                                                                        gence, and must have a good grasp of
                                                                                        the English language. He must also be
                                                                                        able to spell legibly. The applicant
    The term and position of a hospital   nance sergeant, $22 a                         must have a working, practical knowl-
steward has become somewhat muddled       month. Acting Hospital                        edge of the pharmacy. He will be in
with time, and for the pure, and simple   Stewards receive $20 a                        charge of the dispensary, and must be
fact that in the reenacting community,    month, the steward is                         well versed in minor surgery, the ap-
the impression of a hospital steward is   paid on a hospital muster                        plication of bandages and dressings,
not often taken on, or thoroughly re-     roll.” An Act of Con-      By Hospital Steward the extraction of teeth, and the ap-
searched. When I decided to do the        gress, issued April 16,                          plication of cups and leeches. On
                                                                       Charlie Gossard
impression of a hospital steward, I was   1862, raised the Hospi-                          top of all of this, he must be able to
given a valuable tool: a photocopy of     tal Steward’s pay on April 16, 1862,         cook well.
The 1862 Hospital Stew-                                      from $22 a month to
ard’s Manual, to help me get                                 $30 a month.                The appointment process ends in a
this impression right. So I                                                             kind of oath or creed of what a hospital
thought I would tell you all                                 According to the           steward should ideally be, “He must be
a little bit of the historical                              Manual, a candidate         industrious, temperate, patient, and
background of my impres-                                    for the position of         good tempered, and actuated by an hon-
sion.                                                       hospital steward            orable desire to minister to the extent of
                                                            must be no less then        his ability to the necessities and com-
   The Hospital Steward                                     eighteen years old,         forts of the sick and wounded soldiers
according to the Hospital                                   and no more than            who are placed under his charge.”
Steward’s Manual, “is a                                     thirty-five years old.
non-commissioned officer;                                   He must be able-
he ranks with the ordinance                                 bodied, and free of
                                                                                                  Source for this article:
sergeants, and next above                                   disease, and before
the first sergeant of a com-                                his enlistment must
                                                                                        The 1862 Hospital Steward’s Manual: For
pany. The pay of the hospi-                                 be thoroughly               The Instruction Of Hospital Stewards,
tal steward, appointed by                                   checked by a medical        Ward-Masters, And Attendants, In Their
the Secretary of War, was                                   officer. He must be of      Several Duties By: Joseph Janvier Wood-
formally that of an ordi-                                   honest and upright          ward, M.D.
 VOLUME 15, ISSUE 15                                    OUR CAMP JOURNAL                                      PAGE 6

First off, I would like to say it was a       will have. Though this sounds like a         est and become
pleasure being able to see every one          simple task to do at Gettysburg, we will     an ‘expert’ on it.
again at our company meeting in Janu-         have several logistical items to prepare     We would then
ary, and I really enjoyed having our          for. We will not only need people who        like to give
meeting in such a beautiful, historic         are willing to wash clothes, but also        presentations       Miss Sarah Harris
house. I always enjoy a trip to Annapo-       people who need clothes washed. Infor-       in camp, open
lis, but I think being able to walk           mation will come in later newsletters,       to both reenac-           Civilian
around in our Civil War dress made it         but start thinking now about anything        tors and specta-        Coordinator
much better. We discussed many impor-         that may need washing, and how you           tors alike. It is our hope to make these
tant things at the meeting, and some of       will pay for that washing. At this point,    presentations as interactive as possible,
the civilians were able to get together       we may either use a barter system, or        so there may be times where we require
during our break and discuss a civil-         perhaps take donations that would go         several volunteers to help out with this.
ian’s calendar for the year. I would like     towards a charity.                           We have already brainstormed a list of
to take this opportunity to high light                  A few different sports and         possible topics to discuss and research,
some of the things we discussed; please       games were also discussed at the meet-       and will go over these topics in more
feel free to email me your feelings on        ing, something else for civilians to pass    detail in the coming months.
any of these ideas, or any other              their time with. Though we have deter-                 There are also several other
thoughts or activities you would like to      mined that we have the appropriate           ideas that we discussed that I do not
try through out the year. The main            materials for several of these activities,   wish to make public at this point, as
objective, in creating this calendar, is      we are also interested in hand making        they would be more enjoyable for us if
not only to provide more activities for       some of the items that are needed. This      they remained a secret for a little
our civilians to do at events, but also try   also goes along with our interest in         longer. With this in mind, I strongly
to draw more civilians into our unit.         making crafts at events, both that we        urge all of our civilians to join us in
(Ladies, I will be typing up a more           could use in our impression, or sell at      participating in all of these events.
thorough version of this and will send        the Ladies Bazaar later in the season. I     Some of us plan on attending the first
it out later.)                                think what we are looking forward to,        drill days of the season, most likely in a
           In the past, the idea of a sepa-   the most, is teaching each other differ-     separate, warmer venue, to further dis-
rate civilian camp has been tossed            ent crafts; we each have different skills,   cuss these plans and start the prepara-
around several times, but because of our      and would like to share them with each       tions for a few of them. I will send out
small numbers of civilians, this has          other. If you have any craft ideas, or       an email later this month to finalize a
never come to fruition. So, as a means        something you would like to teach the        meeting time and place. If you would
to try to make our way towards this, we       rest of the civilians, please email me at    like to be included in this, please email
would like to attempt to have a ‘civilian     any time.                                    me and let me know. I’m looking for-
camp’ at the end of the 7th MD company                  One last thing I would like to     ward to a very exciting year, and I hope
street at New Market. We would like to        bring up is the brilliant idea of having     we can include as many people as possi-
view this as a trial run where we can         civilian presentations at events. This       ble.
take the time to try to accustom every-       would allow us to pick a topic of inter-
one to the idea of a civilian camp. This
could possibly mean requiring permis-
sion to enter our ‘camp’, perhaps posting
guards, or requesting some of our more
gallant soldiers to act as escorts for us
through out the weekend. Gentlemen, I
will be more than accepting of any                                                                                   A civilian
ideas/comments/suggestions to help with
this idea.
                                                                                                                     scene at
           Another idea that we’ve been
tossing back and forth is that of a
washerwomen impression. Individu-
ally, we have been conducting research
and looking at supplies, but would like
to bring it all together this year at Get-
tysburg. We will have a meeting at New
Market to discuss how we would like to
set this up at Gettysburg, and what re-
sponsibilities participating civilians
                                                                      Above, Hospital Steward Charlie Gossard puts the hurt on a
                                                                      mega-sandwich he crafted at the Annual Meeting. Not surpris-
                                                                      ingly, he ate the whole thing,. Surprising though, there was still
Civil War Re-enactors; America’s Living Historians.                   enough for everyone else.

                                                                                               I understand it. Any other drill events
                                                                                               have yet to be announced. This means
                                                                                               that everyone should try and get out to
                                                                                               attend whatever drills we do have. The
                                                                                               Seventh has always prided itself on
                                                                                               drill and maneuver and that is because
                                                                                               we are good at what we do. In order to
                                            (Continued from page 1)                            be good, however, we have to practice.
                                            the opportunity to do Kelly’s Ford –               So let’s all try to get out there and prac-
  (Continued from page 2)                   Why is it that New Market is nearly                tice every chance we can.
                                            always wet, cold and stormy while the
                     May                    one time we did Kelly’s Ford on the                  The other event coming up will be the
               1st-2nd                      same weekend, it was warm enough that              soiree that Sarah and Rick are working
    Living History Encampment               half the company went for a dip in the             to put together, tentatively scheduled
                                            river? But I diverge), Gettysburg,                 for June at Funkstown. We missed it
    Pemberton Park Historic Site            Funkstown, Cedar Creek, and Remem-                 last year and are looking forward to
           Salisbury, MD                    brance Day.                                        this event’s renewal. A request to
                (Individual)                                                                   schedule our evening at the Comfort
                                              Marching through Time is not on as a             Inn on Remembrance Day, another
  Pemberton Park is located on              company event but we are returning to
  Pemberton Drive on the west side of                                                          much missed event in 2009, has also
                                            Pemberton after many years absence                 been submitted. And finally under con-
  Salisbury, Maryland, just a short dis-    which I am looking forward to. It’s a
  tance from Route 50. Located at 5561                                                         sideration is a period picnic at Gettys-
                                            great arena and will give us the oppor-            burg which looks to be a good opportu-
  Plantation Lane, Salisbury, Maryland      tunity to show ourselves at our best.
  21801. Phone: 410-860-2447. Take Rt.                                                         nity to gather for good fellowship.
  50 Business into Salisbury. Turn right      And speaking of looking our best, we               All in all, it looks to be another great
  onto Nanticoke Road (Rt. 349) at the 7-   do not have as much drill scheduled as             year coming up for the Seventh. Let’s
  11 and make an immediate left turn        we normally do. The Greatcoat Conven-              start out by getting a strong attendance
  onto Pemberton Drive. Continue            tion which has been a good opener for              for our first drill.
  straight on Pemberton Drive for 2.5       drill in the past several years did not fit
  miles. The Park is located on the left    into our schedule this year and will be
  about ¼ off the road.                     greatly missed. As our first drill, we
                                            back at Marietta, on the lower field, as