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Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research by krj18645


									 o AMERICAN
                                                                                 J8LHR                 Vol. 50 • No.2· April 2007

                                           Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research
Editor for Hearing          (2005-2007)
Craig A. Champlin                          Barbara Cone-Wesson                                Sheila Pratt
University of Texas at Austin              University of Arizona                              University of Pittsburgh and
                                           Tucson                                             VAPittsburgh Healthcare System
Assistant to the Editor                    Peggy B. Nelson                                    Robert G. Turner
Kristine Niemeyer'                         University of Minnesota                            Louisiana State University Health
                                           Minneapolis                                        Sciences Center
                                           Susan J. Norton                                    New Orleans, LA
Associate Editors                          Children's Hospital & Regional                     Fan-Gang Zeng
Sid P. Bacon                               Medical Center                                     University of California
Arizona State University                   Seattle, WA                                        Irvine

Editor for Speech          (2006-2008)
                                           Ryan C. Branski                                    Kris Tjaden
Katherine Verdolini                        Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center             University at Buffalo
University of Pittsburgh                   New York, NY                                       Buffalo, NY
Pittsburgh, PA                             Judith A. Gierut                                   Emily A. Tobey
                                           Indiana University                                 Callier Advanced Hearing Research Center
Associate Editors                          Bloomington                                        Dallas, TX
Alison Behrman                             Mary Hardin-Jones                                  Gary G. Weismer
New York University                        University of Wyoming                              University of Wisconsin - Madison
New York                                   Laramie                                            Patricia M. Zebrowski
David A. Berry                             Bonnie Martin-Harris                               University of Iowa
University of California                   Medical University of South Carolina               Iowa City
Los Angeles                                Charleston

Editor for Language          (2007-2009)   Barbara L. Davis                                   Johanne Paradis
                                           The University of Texas at Austin                  University of Alberta
Karla K. McGregor                          Mary R. T. Kennedy                                 Edmonton, Canada
University of Iowa                         University of Minnesota                            Matthew Rispoli
Iowa City                                  Minneapolis                                        Northern Illinois University
                                           Carol A. Miller                                    Cheryl M. Scott
Associate Editors                          The Pennsylvania State University                  Rush University Medical Center
                                           University Park                                    Chicago
Nancy C. Brady
Schiefelbusch Institute for Life           Courtenay Norbury                                  Stephanie F. Stokes
Span Studies                               Royal Holloway, University of London               University of Newcastle
Dole Human Development Center              Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom                      Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Lawrence, KS

Editorial Production Team                  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Michael Cannon                             10801 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852-3279
Kathleen Halverson                         301-897-5700
Peter Hoffmann                             Business Manager: Arlene A. Pietranton
Taniza Holmes-Craggette                    Director, Publishing: Joanne K. Jessen
Taylor Bowen
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                                           Box 1051, Fort Erie, ON L2A 6C7. E-mail:

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