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									                      Journal of Intercultural Studies
Editors:                                                              Book Review Editor:
Dr. Tseen Khoo, Monash University, Australia                          Dr. Ajaya K. Sahoo, University of Hyderabad, India
Dr. Vince Marotta, Deakin University, Australia                       Associate Editor:
                                                                      Paula Muraca, Deakin University, Australia

                                        Call for Papers 2010
Journal of Intercultural Studies (JICS) is a peer-reviewed, critical scholarly publication featuring articles, review
essays and book reviews that showcase innovative scholarship about emerging cultural formations, intercultural
negotiations and contemporary challenges to cultures and identities.

In particular, the Journal of Intercultural Studies encourages theoretically informed contributions from scholars in
cultural studies, sociology, gender studies, political science, cultural geographies, urban studies, race and ethnic
studies, that contribute to the following areas:

•   Theories of diaspora, transnationalism, hybridity and ‘border crossing’
•   Ethnicity, indigeneity, postcolonialism and racialisation
•   Intercultural knowledge, race and cultural identity
•   Nationhood, globalisation, democracy and diversity: multiculturalism and citizenship

JICS is released five times a year; inclusive of general and special issues.

Special Issues                                                       General Issues
Regular special issues provide stimulating, focused       Regular general issues comprise innovative international
engagement with topical political, social and theoretical scholarship. Some recent articles include:
questions. Some recent titles include:
                                                          Conceptualising Culture in Conflict Resolution
Theorising the Intercultural: Contemporary Perspectives Morgan Brigg and Kate Muller
30.3 [2009]
Guest Editors: Suzi Adams and Michael Janover             The ‘Lost’ Girls: Muslim Young Women in Australia
                                                          Scott Poynting
Women, Intersectionality & Diaspora 31.1 [2010]
Guest Editors: Sirma Bilge and Ann Denis                  To be Non-white in a Colour-Blind Society: Conversations
                                                          with Adoptees and Adoptive Parents in Sweden on
Everyday Multiculturalism 31.5 [2010]                     Everyday Racism
Guest Editor: Anita Harris                                Tobias Hübinette and Carina Tigervall

                        Submissions                                  Constructive Complicity Enacted? The Reflections of
 JICS accepts submissions that are between 5000-7000                 Women NGO and IGO Workers on their Practices
 words in length. Contributors should bear in mind the               Sara de Jong
journal addresses an international and interdisciplinary
audience. Electronic submissions only: papers destined               Existential Accounts of Iranian
  for general issues should be submitted electronically              Displacement and the Cultural
         via the Journal’s Manuscript Central site                   Meanings of Categories; special issue                Mammad Aidani
       proposal submissions to

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              Intercultural Studies, visit:
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