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									            Trowbridge Community Area Future
                           Parish Councils’ Liaison Group

                       Parish Councils’ Liaison Group

   Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 4 February
                        2010 at 7pm in
                 Southwick Village Hall, Southwick.

Gaynor Polglase     Chair                Southwick Parish Council (PC)
Alan Spreadbury     Vice-Chairman        Wingfield PC
Kendrick Jackson                         Hilperton P.C
Kath Noble                               Southwick PC
Peter Westlake                           West Ashton PC
Doug Ross                                TCAF Project Officer

Ernie Clarke                             Hilperton PC and Councillor, Wiltshire Council
Francis Morland                          Heywood PC and Councillor, Wiltshire Council

PC Mark Hough                            Neighbourhood Policing Team
PCSO Ellen Wickenden                     Neighbourhood Policing Team

Roger Coleman                            Secretary

1.   Welcome and Introductions.
The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited those attending to introduce

2.    Apologies.
Apologies for non-attendance were received from Keith Brendish (Wingfield PC) and Myra
Link (Keevil PC).

3.     Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the PCLG held on 29 January 2009.
The Minutes of this meeting were agreed and signed by the Chair as a true and accurate

4.     Chairman’s Report.
The Chair report that the previous year had seen significant changes in the structure and
organisation of local government by the creation of a single Unitary Authority – Wiltshire
Council. This, in turn, had led to the creation of Community Area Boards that were now
beginning to find their way in terms of providing a platform for local views and for taking
these forward to Wiltshire Council. She commented that the Neighbourhood Policing
Teams (NPT) had been a great success and although there had been some changes in
NPT personnel over the year it was generally felt that the local communities had been
served very well by the NPTs. The Chair concluded her report by thanking all members of
the PCLG for their support over the year.

5.      Finance Report.
Doug Ross, as the Responsible Finance Officer, stated that the finance carried forward
into this Financial Year from FY2008/8 was around £500 – sufficient for around five further
meetings of the PCLG. He stated that there is a need at a subsequent Ordinary PCLG
meeting to decide how to obtain further funding for the work of the PCLG. He suggested
that an Area Board Grant might be available, although doubts were expressed as to
whether this would be possible, or to invite Parish Councils to make a donation, as

6.     Election of Officers.
Gaynor Polglase was unanimously elected Chair for the forthcoming year (Proposer: Kath
Allan Spreadbury was unanimously elected Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year
(Proposer: Peter Westlake).

7.   Close.
The Chair closed the meeting at 7.10 pm.

Gaynor Polglase (Chairman, TCAF PCLG)

         Giving a helping hand to the following Parish Councils.
   Bulkington, Heywood, Hilperton, Keevil, North Bradley, Semington,
  Southwick, Staverton, Steeple Ashton, West Ashton and Wingfield.

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