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by Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan

                                                   Today OSCE is considered as one of the       including the Aral Sea and the former
                                                   most authoritative platforms to represent    Semipalatinsk nuclear test range issues.
                                                   a vast geographical and political space      Development of the OSCE’s transport
                                                   and to evolve through collaboration          and communications potential will also
                                                   with new, ambitious and dynamically          be among the priorities of Kazakhstan’s
                                                   developing regional organizations.           chairmanship. Due to geographical,
                                                                                                historical and economic juncture, Central
                                                   Active    collaboration    with     such     Asian countries possess a huge trade and
                                                   organizations and projects as CIS, CSTO,     transit potential. Central Asia is a vast and
                                                   EurAsEC, SCO, and CICA can give a new        promising region that can turn into a stable
                                                   impulse to OSCE activity and open new        and secure bridge between the West and
                                                   horizons and map out new goals.              the East. Successful implementation of
                                                                                                the Path to Europe state program to focus
                                                   I firmly believe that chairmanship of        on urgent issues of transit, transportation
                                                   Kazakhstan in OSCE can lay down a            and logistics, is of critical need.
                                                   foundation for enhanced relationship
                                                   between the East and the West whilst         Up to date, Kazakhstan has taken decisive
                                                   strengthening of mutual trust. OSCE is       steps to modernize its legislation on
                                                   an optimal platform to bring the Corfu       elections, political parties, mass media
                                                   process to the fore whilst opening a forum   and local administration for securing of
                                                   for strategically important initiatives      its commitment to adhere to democratic

      uture is taking shape today. OSCE            including the European Security Treaty.      values; it adopted the National Human
      with its vast territory that stretches                                                    Rights Action Plan for 2009-2012, passed
      from Vancouver to Vladivostok has            As a trans-national organization that        the law on Gender Equality; and raised
to resolve the most complex and urgent             unites Europe, Asia and North America,       awareness of domestic violence including
global issues.                                     OSCE is responsible to comprehend and        protection of children’s rights.
                                                   offer support for cross-border security
I consider our chairmanship in OSCE                issues. We cannot treat security issues of   Today, the issues of inter-ethnic and
as our strategic national project and              our states separately from those of our      inter-faith relations as well as illegal labor
opportunity to give it a new breath, a new         neighbors and Kazakhstan cosponsors          migration stand high in the OSCE agenda.
impetus and a new sparkle. Kazakhstan              anti-terrorist projects for strengthening    As a multi-national and multi-religious
fully realizes that a twelve-month period          of the borders.                              state Kazakhstan is fully committed to the
is not enough to address whole range of                                                         ideas of inter-cultural and inter-civilization
issues that OSCE faces.                            We strongly believe that stabilization in    dialogue and intends to use the OSCE’s
                                                   Afghanistan can be implemented through       influence to overcome nationalism,
Today’s OSCE challenges include, among             active involvement and closer cooperation    religious intolerance, racism, xenophobia
the others, modification of military and           of regional organizations. OSCE acts as a    and anti-Semitism. Kazakhstan aims to
political balance in the Continent, ‘frozen’ and   link to support humanitarian projects. We    achieve these objectives in collaboration
‘protracted’ conflicts, the status of the Treaty   already allocated USD 50 million to teach    with CICA, SCO, EurAsEC, OIC and
on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.            1,000 Afghans at primary Kazakhstani         TURKSOI.
                                                   universities and colleges. Under auspices
Global     financial   economic       crisis       of the OSCE chairmanship, we will            OSCE Summit provides member states with
highlighted the ongoing need for the               encourage the other OSCE member              a unique opportunity to define the most
OSCE and necessity to join efforts of all          countries to develop similar programs.       important priorities of the Organization for
countries for creating of a new, fairer and                                                     the foreseeable future. Next OSCE summit in
more stable world order with G-8 and G-20          During its chairmanship, Kazakhstan will     Astana will discuss development of common
to reinforce such a positive message.              focus on environmental security issues,      security    architecture,    implementation
of the Corfu process, rehabilitation               Kazakhstan calls on all OSCE states to
and reconstruction of Afghanistan.                 show their readiness to act in favor
Kazakhstan proposes including of                   of common interests and for the sake
progress of the Action Program to ensure           of collective goals and priorities,
inter-ethnic and inter-faith harmony.              implementation of which will support
                                                   and strengthen the OSCE and foster trust
Kazakhstan has carefully appraised its             and respect for the Organization.
ambitious goals and objectives, and
considered them critical for achieving of
more developed international and legal
status of the OSCE.

     or the first time in the history of OSCE, a former      interreligious conflicts … Neither state, even the largest
     Soviet Union country with predominant Muslim            and powerful, can never cope with it alone without a
     population is at head of this regional institution.     consensus and support of partners.

All are wondering.                                           I fully agree with President Nazarbayev, who calls and
What this country is going to do?                            urges the international community to consolidate
Whether it will withstand high responsibility and can        forces for finding wise and fair solutions on all these
confront various challenges and threats?                     issues.
Could it instil a fresh blood into the veins of
Organization?                                                I also share his opinion on necessity of strengthening
                                                             interaction of various regional institutions and I
The article «Destiny and Prospects of the OSCE» by the       welcome readiness of Astana to continue playing the          Paul Wille
President Nazarbayev gives clear and sensible answers        role of a strong platform for the inter-institutional and    Senator of Belgium
to all these questions.                                      super-regional dialogue.                                     Vice-Chairman of the
                                                                                                                          Parliamentary Assembly
I can only welcome aspiration of your country to give a      I am confident that Kazakhstan, by using of its              of the Council of Europe
new breath and new momentum to the OSCE.                     experience, achievements and multidimensional
                                                             foreign policy, can contribute to strengthening of
In fact, a term of office for this huge activity is quite    security in Europe in all aspects or ‘baskets’ if speaking
short, which obligates Kazakhstan to act dynamically         in the OSCE language.
and it has proved such capability in the last years.
                                                             Moreover, I wish to put special focus on the issues of
The author of this publication, while turning to the OSCE    the second and the third dimensions of the OSCE, as
history, has shown its achievements and vulnerable           they are part of my parliamentary activity.
points, which could be strengthen by current and
future presidencies.                                         I am speaking of interethnic and inter-confessional
                                                             accord, about economic and environmental recovery.
There is no future without a history as well as there will
be no success without collective work.                       In these areas, Kazakhstan has made enormous efforts
                                                             and now time has come to use its experience as a model
The economic and financial crisis that disturbed our life    by the other participating states of the OSCE.
and disclosed our weaknesses was a proof to that.
                                                             In addition to that, I wish that gradually implementing
This severe crisis is an addition to the other major         democratic reforms in Kazakhstan could be the
challenges both old and quite new ones: occupational         example for its neighbors.
bias of terrorism, drug trafficking, interethnic and

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