a future full of hope.” by krj18645


									         A Charis Ministries’ Retreat for those in their 20’s and 30’s
    Sponsored by the Catholic Center at UGA              Sam just finished his degree and landed a new job.
  Led by men and women in their 20’s and 30’s.           Kelly just started college. Kevin and Beth decided to
                                                         break up. Sarah gave the landlord notice that she’s
                                                         moving out. Ellen’s position at her company was
                  March 27, 2010                         eliminated. Ryan and Meg are now engaged. Mark’s
  The retreat begins at 9am and concludes with           dad died last month. In the face of each change, we
       celebration of the vigil mass at the              are naturally tentative. We look back with disap-
             Catholic Center at 5pm.                     pointment and pride, and look ahead with excite-
           Full schedule on reverse side                 ment and hesitation.

                                                         So how do we go about Finding Answers with Faith?
            Catholic Center at UGA                       Our Catholic tradition gives us the framework to em-
       1344 S. Lumpkin, Athens, GA 30605                 brace transition and the freedom to ask: What Next?

                                                         Come and be encouraged by the stories of others
                                                         who have faced significant times of transition. Pray
Register by March 22, 2010                               together, talk in small groups, visit with old friends,
   Mail or return registration form to the               meet new ones and celebrate a Catholic Mass. Dis-
      Catholic Center                                    cover tools of discernment and resources of support
   Email Florence Santos at florencey_santos@yahoo.com
                                                         through thought-provoking presentations by others
   Registration Fee: $10/person                          in their 20s and 30s.

          “I know well the plans I have for you… plans to give you
                        a future full of hope.”
                                                Jeremiah 29:11

  Questions: Contact Becky Eldredge at beckyeldredge@gmail.com or 706-769-1755
         Transitions Retreat Registration Form
Name: ____________________________

Address: ___________________________ City: __________ St. ____ Zip: ________

Email: _______________________

Phone: _______________________

Church Parish: __________________________________

Is this your first Charis event? Yes____ No____
If not, what other retreats/events have you attended at the Catholic Center?

The below information will be used to place you in a small group:
___18-24 ___25-29 ___30-35 ___36-39

___Single ___Married ____Have Children

Small Group Member Preference: (list anyone you would like to have in your small group):
Payment: $10/ person
Check (made out to Catholic Center) : __________ Cash: ___________
Retreat Schedule

9:00   Welcome, Prayer and Introduction

10:00 The Spirituality of Transition—Living My Paschal Mystery

11:35 Lunch

12:35 Loss and Support in Transition—Accepting My Good Friday and Waiting in Hope

2:45   New Life, Grounded in Faith—My Easter Dawning

4:00   Formulating My Creed

5:00   Mass

6:15   Conclusion

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