Hancock-Wood ElEctric coopErativE’s

 Hancock-Wood ElEctric coopErativE, p.o. Box 190, 1399 BusinEss park dr. s., nortH BaltimorE, oH 45872-0190 pHonE: (419) 257-3241 Fax: (419) 257-3024

                                                 that could                                               while renewable energy-rich
                            Working for          impose strict                                            states, like California, would
                            our EnErgy,          limits on carbon                                         not be hit nearly as hard.
                                                 emissions from                                               No matter who takes
                            our futurE           power plants and                                         up the issue first, we can
                    by GeorGe Walton             unfairly drive up                                        speak our minds. HWEC
                    President & Ceo              electric bills.                                          and electric co-ops across
                                                    Hancock-                                              the country are fighting
                                                 Wood Electric                                            to ensure that any climate
    Federal regulations on                  Cooperative (HWEC)                                            change policy goals adopted
carbon dioxide emissions            believes that Congress, not                                           are fair, affordable, and
are becoming a reality.             the EPA, should establish                                             achievable. To make your
It’s just a matter of which         controls on carbon dioxide.                                           voice heard in this debate,
branch of government gets           If put before Congress,                                               join the Our Energy, Our
there first.                        these proposals could                                                 Future™ grassroots
    In December the U.S.            have a full public debate.                                            awareness campaign at
Environmental Protection            Granted, its unlikely cap-                                   To
Agency (EPA) declared               and-trade will be addressed                                           date, more than 600,000
that six key greenhouse             by lawmakers this year.                                               of your fellow co-op
gases, including carbon                 The current version                                               consumers across the
dioxide, are endangering            of the bill contains                                                  country have already
public health and welfare.          unachievable goals and                                                done so.
According to their “en-             timelines for reducing                                                    By staying engaged in
dangerment findings,”               carbon emissions, and                                                 the process, electric co-op
emissions from motor                lacks incentive to develop                                            members can have a meas-
vehicles are also said to           technology and keep                                                   ureable impact on the

contribute to dangerous             electric rates affordable. In                                         outcome and ensure that
air pollution.                      its current state, it would                                           our energy is affordable,
    This action puts a ‘foot        have an unfair effect on                                              well into our future.
in the door’ for EPA to push        consumers in fossil-fuel
sweeping new regulations            dependent states like Ohio,

                                  Hancock-Wood Electric cooperative Board of trustees: chairman Ed crawford, Findlay; vice chairman
                                  steve Gerten, leipsic; secretary-treasurer tom dierksheide, Bradner; assistant secretary-treasurer
                                  Marlene Barker, Mccomb; dave corbin, arcadia; James demler, Findlay; clark duncan, Bowling Green;
                                  John Edie, arlington; knut lahrs, kelleys island; and Jack putnam, Bluffton.
                                  president & cEo: George Walton.

                                                                                                          Country Living/March 2010–21
                            Make your voice heard.
                                                              comment on your co-op and
                           Visit            receive a Walmart gift card
                           and voice your opinion on
                            the cap-and-trade bill.             As a part of ongoing efforts to best meet member
                                                            needs, Hancock–Wood will be holding a focus group
                                                            at noon on Tuesday, April 6 at the HWEC office in
                                                            North Baltimore. During the session, selected members
                                                            will be surveyed on a variety of topics, including
                                                            communication, member education and lifestyles.
                                                                You can help your cooperative – and receive a $15
                                                            Walmart gift card – by taking part. The session will
                                                            take about one hour, and participating members will be
                                                            provided a free lunch.
                         Reminder:                              Members with little to no previous interaction with
                                                            the cooperative are preferred. Potential participants
                         Our office will                    should be verbal, thoughtful and willing to participate.
                         be closed in                           To conduct the focus group, the cooperative will
                         observance                         need five members from the ages of 20 to 54 and five
                         of Good
                         Friday on            2             members ages 55 and above. We will select participants
                                                            to accurately represent all parts of our service territory.
                                                                If this interests you, please e-mail tomk@hwelectric.
                         April 2.                           com and include the following information:

                                                              1.   Name/address
                          Mark your calendars                 2.   Phone
                           to spring forward                  3.   E-mail address
                                                              4.   Age
                            This year, Daylight
                                                              5.   Number of years with HWEC
                         Savings Time officially begins
                                                              6.   On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with
                         on March 14 at 2:00 a.m.
                                                                   the business of Hancock-Wood and/or electric
                         Remember to set your clocks
                                                                   cooperatives? (1 = Not at all familiar. 10 =
                         one hour ahead, so that you
                                                                   Very familiar.)
                                        can “spring           7.   Occupation
                                                            As the popular saying goes, it takes a village to raise a
                                                            child. In our business, it takes all members to build a

                                                            better cooperative.

                                     You could have unclaimed patronage capital
                           One of the benefits of being     members, but some checks were returned. According
                        a HWEC member is that you           to the co-op’s Code of Regulations, if a member fails

                        share in the success of the         to claim patronage capital within four years of its
                        company. When the co-op does        issuance, the money is allocated to current members’
                        well, a majority of “profits” are   patronage accounts.
                        returned to you in the form of          A list of members whose checks were returned is
                        patronage capital checks.           available at To
                           In December, HWEC mailed         claim checks, those members listed should contact the
                        patronage capital checks to         HWEC office at (800) 445-4840 or

                       22–Country Living/March 2010
learning more about being safe around electricity
    Power lines bring the     also educates participants
convenience of electricity    about how electricity is
to homes and businesses,      generated, transmitted
but they can also cause       and used.
serious injury. That’s why        Depending on
we offer an electric safety   your needs, we have
demonstration program for     demonstrations designed
local schools, businesses     for small groups of fewer
and community groups to       than 50 persons and a
help avoid problems.          life-size, high-voltage
   The demonstrations are     show for larger groups.
designed to teach students    The shows are offered free
and adults about electrical   of charge. To schedule
systems and how to play it    a safety demonstration,            During a safety demonstration,
safe around outdoor power     e-mail your request to             a HWEC lineman shows how
lines and equipment. It               dangerous power lines are.

                 Farm Electrical safety day
            features food, demos and safety tips
    Making sure members
know how to run their
farms and businesses
safely and efficiently is
important to HWEC. That’s
why the cooperative held
a Farm Electrical Safety
Day on Jan. 27 at its North
Baltimore location.
    At 7:30 a.m., the
event began with a hot
breakfast. After co-op and

sponsor introductions,
three speakers gave pres-
entations: Joe Spiller of
Supply & Safety Solutions,
LLC gave tips on how to       Joe Spiller of Supply & Safety Solutions, LLC, addresses the group
handle, transport and store   on farm propane safety.
propane properly, Gary
Wilson of the Hancock Co.     at HWEC, along with co-            sponsored by Ohio

Extension Office spoke on     op line technicians Rod            Farm Bureaus of Wood
remaining safety-conscious    Barnhisel and Allen Riegle,        and Hancock counties,
around machinery, and         gave a “live wire” safety          Streacker Tractor Sales,
Jerome Monaco, Director       demonstration.                     First Federal Bank and
of Safety & Loss Control         The event was                   GreaterFindlayInc.

                                                                     Country Living/March 2010–23
                                             Hancock-Wood rates high
                                              on customer satisfaction
                           Making sure you’re satisfied with the
                                                                         2009 American Consumer Satisfaction Index
                       service you receive from your electric
                       cooperative is a vital part of our work.
                       That’s why we measure perceptions                     Hancock-Wood Electric   77
                       of our service through the American                   Cooperative, Inc.

                       Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).                   Utility Average                74
                           During the fourth quarter of 2009,
                       that score came in at 77, about three
                       points higher than the utility industry
                       average and two points higher than
                       the top-rated investor-owned utility in
                       the state. To put it in perspective, the
                       “finance and insurance” sector scored 76
                       and “health care and social assistance”            Ohio investor-owned utility First
                       scored 78.5 during the same time period,        Energy scored 74, according to ACSI’s
                       according to                Web site.

                                      more ways to save money are only
                                            a mouse click away
                          The little things do add up. By           how they can reduce their energy bills –
                       remembering to flip a light switch or        and save themselves money – by making
                       adjust your water heater’s temperature       a variety of changes around their homes
                       setting, you can instantly lower your        and businesses,” said George Walton,
                       electric bill.                               President/CEO of Hancock-Wood.
                          More energy-efficiency tips like these       “Whether it’s unplugging unused
                       are available at the new Web site www.       appliances or caulking windows and
              In addition to           doors, we’re showing how simple energy-
                       suggesting actions you can take to reduce    saving techniques can be.”
                       energy use, the site shows how much

                       money you can save by making changes.
                          Together We Save features more than a
                       dozen interactive features, an interactive
                       Web-TV portal and more. There, you
                       will find energy-efficiency videos and
                       cooperative member stories, as well as

                       a virtual home tour that shows simple
                       ways to make smart home adjustments to
                       windows, vents and other areas of your
                       house. During the home tour, a built-in
                       calculator adds up the savings gained by
                       each action.
                          “The site will help people understand

                       24–Country Living/March 2010

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