A glimpse into the future of learning

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					A glimpse into the
future of learning
Our Building Schools for the Future plan is moving ahead.
So what could an average day look like for Chloe, a fictitious
pupil in 2015, at one of the transformed secondary schools?

 8:30 am I‘m automatically logged into school when I         10:00 am PE, my favourite lesson! Each ball I serve in
walk into the building – my parents can check online        tennis is video-recorded from different angles. The
that I’m safely in school.                                  teacher and I look at the footage, see how my technique
                                                            is improving and agree what I need to do to make it
 8:40 am I log into the learning platform on my laptop
                                                            even better.
and check my timetable for the day. I meet my friend
Louise who’s been working in a tutorial support space        11:15 am English. First part of the lesson is a lecture in a
getting some online help with her algebra.                  cool theatre-style space – it’s really airy and big windows
                                                            let in a lot of light, making it easy to concentrate. After
 9:00 am Drama – a final run-through for next week’s
                                                            a while, we break into smaller spaces and work on
performance of Oliver. The giant interactive wall at
                                                            group exercises.
the back of the auditorium allows us to flick back
to Victorian times at the touch of a button, with tall
smoky London looming above us as we perform on
stage. It’s going to be quite a spectacular when we
perform to more than 300 people.

 26    Flagship February 2010            Lots more news and information on our website www.portsmouth.gov.uk

                                                                                      Where a University Degree
                                                                                      in Business is
                                                                                      not beyond your reach

                                                                                      Our part-time Business

                                                                                      & Management Degree
                                                                                      is designed for busy working
                                                                                      people and is available one
                                                                                      evening a week from several
Artist’s impression of what King Richard School
                                                                                      colleges across Hampshire,
could look like                                                                       the Isle of Wight and from
                                                                                      the University of Portsmouth.
 12:30 pm Lunch. Head over to the bistro for lunch and
catch up with Jack who’s just arrived at school after                                 It is open to those who may
working at a local company this morning as part of his                                not have formal qualifications
business apprenticeship. Jack and I agree – school is a                               but whose work experience
much more inspiring place to be now. We feel much safer                               will have prepared them
and haven’t heard about any bullying or intimidation                                  to succeed.
since we’ve moved into the new buildings. We were all
involved in the design of the new school. The architects
                                                                                      For further information visit
visited us when it all started and listened to our ideas. We
                                                                                      W port.ac.uk/busandman
learnt about construction and building design while the
work was going on and our teachers made sure lessons                                  E bus.admissions@port.ac.uk
weren’t disrupted. I still can’t believe this great new school                        T 023 9284 8200
is for real and we were part of it right from the start.
 1:00 pm I travel to a neighbouring school where I’m
studying for my hospitality diploma. I come here every
week and feel completely at home – it’s great being
able to work in a zone specially designed to help me
learn about catering and hospitality in the real world.                    Somebodyelse’schild
The café, part of this zone, will be open to the public
next week and we work on making starters for the menu.
                                                                           Everybody’s responsibility
 4:30 pm At home and tackling my science homework.                         We all have a duty to help protect
I chat to my science tutor via webcam for help and                         children and young people, especially
upload 300 words onto the learning platform on my                          if they are in the care of someone who
ideas to improve energy efficiency in my house.                            isn’t their parent or close relative.
 6:00 pm Dad and I check out the learning platform and                     You can help by reporting any such arrangements
talk about my maths test results, the menu for the café                    you know about to the council.
open weekend and – most importantly – my improved
                                                                           Private fostering is when a child under the age of 16
tennis serve.
                                                                           (under 18 if disabled) is placed in the care of someone
                                                                           who is not their parent or close relative through a
                                                                           private agreement made between their parent
 What’s happening with BSF?                                                and a carer, for 28 days or more. Failing to notify
                                                                           the council of this means the carer is committing
 Five leading companies are through to the next
                                                                           a criminal offence.
 stage of the selection process to decide who will
 deliver the plan to transform the city’s secondary                        If you would like to know more about private
 schools. Two private sector partners will be selected                     fostering visit www.portsmouth.gov.uk/living/
 by the council to deliver its Building Schools for the                    11696.html or contact the private fostering
 Future (BSF) programme next September and work                            team on 9268 8087.
 at King Richard and Priory Schools will begin in 2011.

  City Helpdesk Tel 9283 4092     I   Email cityhelpdesk@portsmouthcc.gov.uk                                 Flagship February 2010       27