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					     The Financial Shared Service Centre for the
            Northern Ireland Civil Service

               Account NI Guide
           All you need to know about Account NI

                                             April 2007



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1.                   What is Account NI                                    3

2.                   How many staff will be employed in Account NI SSC     3

3.                   How will staff be selected                            4

4.                   How will Account NI SSC be structured                 4

5.                   When will Account NI SSC be operational               5

6.                   What will it be like to work in Account NI SSC        5

7.                   What if you do not wish to join Account NI SSC        6

8.                   Who to contact for more information                   7


1. What is Account NI
The Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) on behalf of the Northern
Ireland Civil Service is leading the Account NI project that has been
established to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of
financial services across all NICS departments. The aim of Account NI is:
     “To be the Northern Ireland Public Services preferred Financial
       Services Provider”.

Account NI will provide a new integrated Resource Accounting and Budgeting
System for all NICS Departments. A new Financial Shared Services Centre
(SSC) will be established, which will be responsible for the transaction
processing needs of NI Departments and their Agencies. In addition, the SSC
will perform other value added services such as help desk facilities, systems
administration, report development & support, end-user training, contract &
performance management and development of service enhancements. These
services will be provided on a customer – supplier basis.

Account NI is an in-house NICS Shared Service Centre, staffed by NI Civil
Servants and therefore staff will be part of DFP. Staff will be located in
Goodwood House, May Street, Belfast, which is convenient to a variety of
shopping outlets in the middle of Belfast City Centre.

2. How many staff will be employed in Account NI SSC
It is anticipated that over the next couple of years that the SSC will be staffed
by approximately 200 members of staff across the various NICS grades.

The initial recruitment exercise is well on the way with Trawls issued seeking
to recruit staff at Deputy Principal (DP), Staff Officer (SO), Executive Officer I
and II grades. The next phase will involve conducting an “Expression of
Interest Circular” aimed at encouraging staff within the Administrative and
analogous grades to apply to join the Account NI SSC.

It is intended to create a “pool” of suitable applicants from which to appoint up
to 40 Administrative Officers and up to 20 Administrative Assistants to take up
positions within the Account NI SSC commencing April / May 2007. This
exercise may be used to fill similar vacancies arising within the Account NI
SSC during the lifetime of the expression of interest circular.

For the purpose of this Expression of Interest Circular, successful applicants
will be eligible for Excess Fares, if incurred.


3. How will staff be selected

The expression of interest circular invites applications from existing AOs and
AAs or analogous grades who have achieved a Box3, or better, assessment
on their most recent Performance Review Report. The circular also sets out in
detail the various stages involved in the selection process and staff will be
required to complete an application form setting out how they meet the
criteria, which is summarised as follows:

        AO Posts - at least 2 years experience gained in the last 5 years, of
         financial transaction processing or of working within a Departmental or
         Agency Finance Branch/Division

        AA Posts - at least 1 years experience gained in the last 5 years, of
         financial transaction processing or of working within a Departmental or
         Agency Finance Branch/Division

        AO & AA Posts – Effective IT and Communication Skills to accurately
         process information on a computer and be able to communicate
         information clearly and concisely when required.

4. How will Account NI SSC be structured

Diarmuid McLean is the Chief Executive of the SSC who will be supported by
Fiona Hamill, Director of Technical Implementation and the SSC Senior
Management Team. This will ensure that the SSC receives the right
leadership and direction in dealing with the initial set-up of the SSC,
integrating the design of the new Account NI solution and successfully
migrating the Departments and Agencies across to the SSC. The Account NI
SSC currently has a high level structure that consists of five primary functions
as follows:

        Client Operations 1 (Bill to Cash / Record to Report);
        Client Operations 2 (Procure to Pay);
        Service Management (System & Change Control / Continuous
         Improvement & Contract Management and Customer Service);
        Corporate Services (Business Manpower & Capacity Planning /
         Business & Continuity Planning / Quality Initiatives / Internal & External
         Training / Chief Executives Office and Financial Planning); and
        Transition Services (Responsible for the transition of NI Departments to
         the SSC and for attracting new customer organisations)


5. When will Account NI SSC be operational

In line with the Account NI Project implementation and roll-out schedule the
Account NI SSC will be up and running and ready for business on 05
November 2007. This will allow the SSC to meet the challenges and demands
of delivering a high quality service to those parts of the NICS that are due to
migrate across to the SSC.

The current implementation and roll-out plan outlines the approach that is
being taken to migrate the “Waves” of Departments and Agencies against the
proposed “Go-live” dates. A summary of the “Waves” is as follows:

               Roll-out                       Department           Go-live Date
               Wave 1                        DFP / OFMDFM         November 2007
               Wave 2                          DETI / DEL           April 2008
               Wave 3                        DSD / DHSSPS           July 2008
               Wave 4                       DARD / DE / DCAL      November 2008
               Wave 5                       DRD / DoE / Roads       April 2009

6. What will it be like to work in Account NI SSC
As outlined above Account NI SSC will be a new dedicated NICS Shared
Service Centre based in Belfast City centre with a workforce of around 200
staff. It will be an exciting and vibrant place to work bringing new ways of
working using one “Oracle” financial system responding to customer needs
and therefore, it will require experts in the field of finance.

Staff will receive training immediately after taking up their new post and this
will involve training ranging from access and usage on the new Account NI
system, induction, to accredited customer care training. This will apply for staff
with previous Oracle experience, as the Account NI system and operating
procedures are unlikely to be the same.

Account NI SSC Senior Management Team are considering the best option
regarding how to assist staff settle into the SSC and build the capacity and
experience of all staff. With this in mind, there is a good probability of staff
being able to avail of job rotation. This will enable staff to meet the varying
challenges of working in Account NI whilst maintaining and improving the
service delivered to its customers.

Account NI SSC will adopt, adhere to and promote the DFP values and HR
Strategy. These include:
    DFP’s approach to modern ways of working, to e-business and to
       service transformation will continue to be consistent with the
       Government’s reform programme and its three fundamental themes:
              i. Putting the front line first – to focus on service delivery;
             ii. Building capability – to improve efficiency and respond to
                 change; and
            iii. Embracing diversity – use the full talents of all staff.

DFP has identified core values to which it is committed to strive to consistently
demonstrate in behaviours at every level of the organisation. These values will
help DFP and Account NI SSC to create the working environment where
Account NI SSC can attract and retain staff with diverse talents and will
enable Account NI SSC to motivate and engage them fully with the work to
deliver its objectives. These are:

             Clear direction and leadership
             Customer focus
             Respect for people
             Open communication
             Working to deliver best value
             Development of positive working relationships with others
             Commitment to the highest ethical standards of public service
             Valuing and harnessing the diversity of our staff
             Professionalism

Diversity is a key part of the culture in DFP and in the Account NI SSC with
the potential of individuals and groups recognised and maximised, while each
individual is respected and valued for their contribution to the team regardless
of age, race, gender, working pattern, religion or disability.

Account NI SSC will utilise best practice tools such as Investors in People,
aim to meet Quality Award standards, and seek views from staff with Staff
Attitude Surveys to gather crucial evidence to inform senior management on
those issues of greatest concern to staff. Account NI SSC will continue to
keep the organisation and structure under continual review so that the
deployment of people always aligns to business priorities and is designed for
efficiency. In addition, Account NI SSC will also promote a culture where
individual’s strengths are used and valued and life choices are respected.

7. What if you do not wish to join Account NI SSC
The Chief Executive and the Senior Management Team of Account NI SSC
hope that staff will want to join. It is also acknowledged that some staff will
wish to consider other options. However, It must also be recognised that with
the introduction of Account NI SSC that the majority of existing financial
transaction processing posts in Departments will be reduced. If staff choose
not to join and their existing post no longer exists, then the normal rules on
redeployment of staff would apply.

8. Who to contact for more information


If you need any further information or wish to seek additional clarification on
any of the issues raised in this guide please feel free to contact either:
     Colin McGaffin, Head of Communications, Ext 39710
     Pauline Evans, Communications Unit, Ext 39737
     Chris Smart, Head of Corporate Services, Ext 39744