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					                                Winter 2010

Discovering the future
Profound changes will come from scientific discovery.
Table of Contents

Dean’s Greeting                                                  1

Philips Institute Expansion Builds on Its Strengths              2

Student National Dental Association Chapter Promotes
Oral Cancer Research                                             5

Jack of All Trades                                               6

Dr. Janina Lewis Draws Connections Between
Basic Science and Oral Health                                    8

Student Research Group Catalyzes                                10

A Journey of Excellence:
Cheyanne Warren Blazes a Trail for Dual Degree                  12

Seeking New Horizons, Dean Hunt Leaves VCU                      14

Advocacy in Action                                              16

Donor Naming Recognition Day                                    18

Dentistry Does Digital                                          19

The Heart of Dentistry                                          20

Hats Off at Annual Friends Dinner                               22

Publications                                                    24

Faculty Kudos                                                   26

New Faculty                                                     27

Reunion 2010 – All Roads Lead to Richmond                       28

Calendar                                               (back cover)
Dean’s Greeting
     “The most profound changes will come from scientific discovery.
Discoveries will come through the science of genomics and proteomics, mole-
cular probing, salivary diagnostics, gene therapy, and tissue bioengineering.
There will be many undiscovered, unimaginable advances.” I made these
observations last March in my president-elect’s address just prior to assuming
the office of president of the American Dental Education Association. I was talk-
ing about how we, as educators, must do a better job of preparing graduates
for this undiscovered future of dental practice.
     As I spoke, I thought of the significant contributions of dental schools and
their scientists who make those discoveries through research. At the VCU School of Dentistry, research has long
been an important part of our mission. As part of a Carnegie Research Extensive University and a major acad-
emic health center, this school is well-positioned to advance oral health research.
     Scientific discovery requires a special blend of willing collaborators and grant support. It requires our senior
and mid-career faculty members to mentor and encourage less-experienced colleagues and use their grant
funds to pay research staff and graduate students. It requires our professors to teach clinical correlations and
evidence-based dentistry and guide our students toward understanding better the connection between the
operatory and the laboratory. It requires our scholars to contribute new knowledge by publishing dozens of peer-
reviewed manuscripts, annually.
     With the adoption of a Master of Science in Dentistry degree for our graduate students, the thesis require-
ment expanded the school’s research. Dental student research also continues to expand as more students par-
ticipate in Clinic and Research Day, win research fellowships, and support each other in the school’s chapter of
the National Student Research Group.
     For several decades, the school’s research capacity, as measured by external grant acquisitions, rested
mostly in research in periodontal diseases. In an article in this magazine, I describe the founding of the VCU
Philips Institute of Oral and Craniofacial Molecular Biology. Since its inception, the institute has added oral biol-
ogy as a second major area of research in the school and doubled our research grant awards. The construction
of a four-chair Clinical Research Unit also has increased the school’s research.
     A planned expansion of the Philips Institute, aided by another major gift from Dr. John Philips, will bring the
school a third major area of research, focusing on tissue bioengineering. We are actively recruiting additional
scientist faculty members to work in the new laboratories in the recently completed Perkinson Building.
     Many of these efforts are highlighted in this magazine. With all these efforts, as outlined in our 2008–2013
Strategic Plan, the school’s research enterprise continues to diversify and grow, assuring us it will significantly
contribute to future scientific discovery and the future of dental practice.

                                Best regards,

                                Ronald J. Hunt, DDS
                                Harry Lyons Professor and Dean
                                VCU School of Dentistry

                                                                                                      Winter 2010 1
    Philips Institute
     Builds on Its
       By Dr. Ron Hunt

                                                  “We must name it the ‘VCU Institute of Oral and
                                             Craniofacial Molecular Biology.’ ” The tongue-twister name
     “The work of preventing                 of what is now known as the Philips Institute for short, or
     and treating oral cancer                OCMB for even shorter, came from Dr. Frank Macrina,
                                             VCU’s Vice-President for Research.
     was my primary motiva-                       It was 1995, and then Dean Lindsay Hunt had just
     tion for establishing the               recruited Dr. Macrina from the Department of Microbiology
                                             in the VCU School of Medicine to establish, build, and direct
     institute. My decision to
                                             a research program in the School of Dentistry that would
     increase my support is                  explore biological underpinnings of diseases and conditions
     prompted by my desire                   related to dentistry and oral health. Dean Hunt sought to
                                             expand the research enterprise of the school by creating a new
     to expand the focus on                  school-based program in oral biology.
     oral cancer research.”                       Dr. Macrina supported Dean Hunt’s vision, stating,
                                             “Dentistry is about much more then fixing teeth.” But Dr.
             – Dr. John Philips              Macrina sought to develop a larger, university-recognized
                                             research institute. In this expanded vision, the institute would
                                             foster new collaborative teams on the MCV Campus and capi-
                                             talize on the nationally changing and expanding emphases of
                                             dental research. At the time, the dental institute at the National
                                             Institutes of Health had just changed its name from the National

                                         VCU Vice-President for Research and Philips
                                    Institute founding director Dr. Frank Macrina stands
                                    in the western wing of the institute. This wing hous-
                                    es the labs dedicated to oral cancer research.

                                    “The Beginning”
                                                                In 1998, I succeeded Dean Lindsay Hunt as
                                                           dean. The institute plans, however, remained on
                                                           course, the construction started, and the fund-rais-
                                                           ing campaign continued. By 2002, we finished the
                                                           laboratories, recruited two additional scientists,
                                                           received awards for several research grants, and
                                                           successfully concluded the fund-raising campaign.
Institute for Dental Research to the National                   Through the efforts and generosity of many peo-
Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research. NIH        ple, we raised over $5 million for laboratory and office
was shifting more extramural funding to research of        construction, equipment, and furniture. Dr. John
craniofacial conditions, and moving funding from           Philips (DDS ’69) made the largest gift, totaling $1.25
systems biology and cell biology to molecular biol-        million. In recognition of the significance of his gift, the
                                                           school and the university named the new institute the
ogy, using genomics and proteomics. Soon the
                                                           John Philips Institute of Oral and Craniofacial
human genome would be mapped. Genomes of
                                                           Molecular Biology in memory of Dr. Philips’ father,
oral bacterial also would be mapped. With these
                                                           who died of oral cancer.
new directions, future research would focus on the
complex molecules that interact to drive or affect
disease processes.                                          “The
    Dr. Macrina’s expanded vision prevailed. The
school-based program grew to become a universi-
ty-recognized institute. The scope of the research
expanded from oral diseases and conditions to
include craniofacial ones. The type of research               Dr. Philips’ interest in supporting research in oral
expanded from cell biology to molecular biology.           cancer led the school to hire two faculty members
Director Macrina started planning the construction         who investigate its molecular pathogenesis. They
of laboratories that would occupy three-quarters of        work in collaboration with scientists in the Massey
the fourth floor of the Wood Memorial Building. Dean       Cancer Center at VCU.
Hunt established three additional faculty scientist           Because of Dr. Macrina’s great success as
positions and launched a fund-raising campaign to          founding director of the VCU Philips Institute and his
pay for the renovations and to equip the labs.             previous leadership efforts at VCU, in 2005 then-
                                                           President Eugene Trani recruited him to become

                                                                                                            Winter 2010 3
Philips Institute Expansion Builds on Its Strengths
 VCU’s Vice-President for Research. Since Dr.            ones, and they will work with PhD students in
 Macrina’s promotion, Dr. Andrew Yeudall, one of         engineering. The university allocated over
 the institute’s oral cancer scientists, has directed    $250,000 for laboratory equipment.
 the institute on an interim basis.                          To show his support for expanding research
     By 2008, the VCU Philips Institute housed           in oral cancer and adding a research program
 five full-time faculty scientists and their support     in tissue bioengineering, Dr. Philips recently
 teams. Now these scientists generate about $1           made another large gift to the institute. This
 million per year in extramural funding to support       cash gift, totaling over $800,000, is critical to
 their research. To date, a majority of their            the success of recruiting a permanent director
 research has been in oral molecular biology and
                                                         for the institute and the additional scientists we
 focuses on the genomics and pathogenesis of
                                                         seek. We will use Dr. Philips’ latest gift to fund
 bacteria that cause periodontal disease or
                                                         the start-up packages of supplies, reagents,
                                                         and instruments that new research hires need.
                                                             We have nearly completed a national search

     The opening of the W. Baxter Perkinson
                                                         for a permanent institute director and currently
                                                         are recruiting additional scientists to join the
                                                         new director. This team should be fully in place
 Building in 2009 provided us a huge opportuni-          at VCU by next summer.
 ty to further expand the size and scope of the              From its early days until now, the Philips
 VCU Philips Institute. From the beginning of the        Institute has continually built on its strengths.
 planning for the building, we dedicated one             With additional space, an expanding vision,
 entire floor, comprising 11,000 square feet, to         and increased funding, future discoveries are
 research. My vision for the use of this space           limited only by the creativity and determination
 remains unchanged since its inception. We will          of the new director, scientists, and the existing
 expand our research program in oral cancer, in          members of the team.
 collaboration with the VCU Massey Cancer
 Center, and build a new research program in tis-
 sue bioengineering, in collaboration with the
 VCU School of Engineering.
     The Office of the Vice-President of Health
 Sciences funded four additional research facul-
 ty positions for the institute. These scientists will
 bring existing grants with them or generate new

      These scientists generate
     about $1 million per year in                              To read more about the
         extramural funding                                     Philips Institute visit:
         Oral Cancer                                     Standing l to r: Krystle Dean-Duru, Ruth Molokwu,
                                                         Misha Ghazarian, Alonozo Blackmon, Tamasha

          Research                                       Triplett, Edward Jordan, Collin Rice, Asha Wilson, Dr.
                                                         John Philips, Dr. Andrew Yeudall.
                                                         Kneeling l to r: Jasmine Elmore, Nickie Hosseini,
                                                         Crystal Hayes.
         Oral cancer disproportionately affects
     African-Americans, with higher incidence rates          “The Oral Cancer Walk’s purpose is to raise
     and lower survival rates. To elevate awareness      money for oral cancer research and increase
     of this national oral health concern, the VCU       awareness of the disease in the general popu-
     Student National Dental Association (SNDA)          lation, particularly among African Americans,”
     joined other SNDA chapters across the country       said Crystal Hayes (D2012), VCU SNDA
     by organizing and sponsoring an Oral Cancer         spokeswoman. According to the Oral Cancer
     Walk in their community. The VCU SNDA-spon-         Foundation, oral cancer occurs twice as often
     sored walk took place September 19, 2009.           in blacks as in whites. The five-year survival
         Several weeks before Dr. John Philips (DDS      rate is 33 percent for blacks versus 55 percent
     ’69) presented his latest gift to the VCU Philips   for whites.
     Institute and emphasized his commitment to              Prior to the Richmond Oral Cancer Walk,
     research that fights oral cancer, the members of    members of VCU’s SNDA obtained donations
     the VCU SNDA banded together and raised             from many sponsors in the school-wide com-
     $1,500 to support this cause by sponsoring the      munity. “We wanted to do an outreach project
     school’s first-ever Oral Cancer Walk in             that would benefit our local community and the
     Richmond.                                           larger community,” said Amber Weems
                                                         (D2010), the VCU SNDA president. “We also
Volunteers Ruth Molokwu(left) and Andreen                wanted to do something visible and be role
Fearon wait for walkers to complete the course           models for other under-represented minorities
in front of the Perkinson Building.                      to help recruit them into the field of dentistry.”
                                                             The VCU SNDA officers presented their
                                                         $1,500 check to Dean Ron Hunt and Dr. Philips
                                                         at the VCU School of Dentistry’s Friends of
                                                         Dental Education Dinner in October 2009. At
                                                         the dinner, Dr. Steve Lutz (DDS ’82) was so
                                                         moved by the gesture that he pledged to match
                                                         the amount of money the SNDA students raise
                                                         with their 2010 Oral Cancer Walk, up to $5,000.

                                                                                                  Winter 2010 5
 Jack          OF

Trades        AL L

                                              When it comes to research, Dr. Jack Gunsolley will tell you,
                                        “I’m not the idea guy. I am the guy who gets things done.” Or put
                                        another way, to paraphrase the series of BASF television com-
                                        mercials, “Jack doesn’t conceive the research, he makes the
                                        research better.” Dr. Gunsolley’s career in academic dentistry
                                        spans over 20 years of teaching, service, and research, and
                                        despite his personal humility, he does much more than “get
                                        things done.”
                                              “Jack is a faculty member who does everything you’d ever
                                        ask of a faculty member,” said Dean Ron Hunt. “He serves on
                                        university committees, pulls extra time in the clinics, mentors
                                        junior faculty, and does it willingly and cheerfully. He understands
                                        the collaborative nature of both research and scholarship.”
                                              Dr. Gunsolley began his career in academic dentistry at VCU
                                        in 1986 as a research assistant and subsequently earned his cer-
                                        tificate in periodontology and a master of science degree in bio-
                                        statistics. Until the mid-1990s, he taught at the VCU School of
                                        Dentistry in the Department of Periodontology while holding an
                                        affiliate appointment in the Department of Biostatistics in the
                                        School of Basic Sciences.
                                              Throughout the span of his academic career, Dr. Gunsolley
                                        has taught, lectured, and directed courses in everything from
                                        statistics and research methods to graduate periodontics. No
                                        matter what course he teaches, however, he emphasizes the
                                        importance of looking at the data. “Our graduates will be prac-
                                        ticing dentistry in a world of rapid scientific advances,” Dr.
                                        Gunsolley said. “They will need to be able to evaluate, ‘Is this

tool necessary? Does this therapy work?’ I want them to leave
here with the ability to make decisions for the well-being of
patients based on data.”
     In 1996, Dr. Gunsolley left VCU to become the department
chair at the University of Maryland, but because he felt research
faculty at VCU were more productive through their collegiality,
                                                                         Dr. Gunsolley is one of
he returned to Richmond 10 years later.                                   the hardest workers I
     Always a leader in clinical research, Dr. Gunsolley currently        know. He works tire-
serves as the director of the school’s Clinical Research Unit             lessly to improve the
where he runs clinical trials for corporate research. He was the
director of the Center for Clinical Studies at the University of
                                                                        education of dental stu-
Maryland, and before that, he worked as the director of applied          dents and periodontics
research at VCU.                                                        residents in patient care
     Because he understands junior faculty often don’t have time         and research. He also
to attend school and university committee meetings, Dr.                     directs the Clinical
Gunsolley frequently volunteers to serve on committees involv-
ing research and scholarship. With characteristic humor, he
                                                                        Research Unit and helps
jokes that it isn’t so bad. “When all the committees meet at the         faculty throughout the
same time,” he said, “I can attend one committee meeting, but           school in their efforts to
get ‘credit’ for serving on three.”                                     obtain industrial funding
     Dr. Gunsolley’s research activities have been awarded fed-
eral and commercial dollars. He has obtained funding for 38
                                                                           for clinical research
grants, serving as principal investigator on 18 of those grants.                 projects.”
With more than 96 published articles, he has attained the goal
                                                                             Dr. Harvey Schenkein,
of a publication in every sub-discipline of dentistry. Each of his
publications is multi-authored. He has published journal arti-               Assistant Dean
cles with dozens of different authors, which is a true measure               for Research
of his ability as an effective collaborator.
     Currently, Dr. Gunsolley does literature reviews and meta-
analyses in which the results from multiple studies are combined
statistically to give the analysis more power. This kind of sophisti-
cated thinking is vitally important to evidence-based dentistry.
Researchers and colleagues at VCU and from other universities
look to Dr. Gunsolley to help them with their studies.
     “Jack Gunsolley has been the driving force behind many
collaborative initiatives at the national level,” commented Dr.
John Novak, Associate Director of the Center for Oral Health
Research at the University of Kentucky. “We recently completed
a collaboration that brought together the University of Kentucky,
University of Maryland, and VCU in an NIH-funded project with
the National Institute on Aging. Jack’s insight into clinical and
basic science research and his ability to apply advanced bio-
statistical models have set new standards for oral health
research. There are many universities that would love to have
him as part of their faculty.”

                                                                                         Winter 2010 7
    Dr. Janina Lewis
    Draws Connections Between
    Basic Science and Oral Health
          Amidst lab benches arrayed with test             Since coming to the School of Dentistry in
      tubes, bottles, and equipment, a team of 16       1990, Dr. Lewis and her energetic team have
      scientists and technicians led by Dr. Janina      garnered competitive funding through six
      Lewis works in the VCU Philips Institute of       grants from the National Institute of Dental and
      Oral and Craniofacial Molecular Biology. In       Craniofacial Research. She currently serves as
      their busy lab on the fourth floor of the VCU     the principal investigator on three R01 grant-
      School of Dentistry’s Wood Memorial               funded research projects, all involving the mol-
      Building, they search collaboratively for         ecular biology of Porphyromonas gingivalis.
      answers about the pathogenesis of peri-           Two of these grants were awarded through the
      odontal disease.                                  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
          Experts estimate the economic burden of       2009, which provides federal funding for edu-
      periodontal disease exceeds $14 billion annu-     cation and health care.
      ally in the United States. The cost could be          A native of Poland, Dr. Lewis arrived in the
      much higher, because recent studies suggest       United States in 1990. She had already
      chronic periodontitis may be associated with      earned a master’s degree in biology from the
      systemic diseases such as cardiovascular dis-     University of Gdansk but wasn’t sure how she
      ease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and spon-   could best use her education in this country. “I
      taneous preterm birth.                            didn’t really know which direction my career
          Dr. Lewis’ research team is studying host-    would go,” Dr. Lewis said. “I started out by vol-
      pathogen interactions in the oral cavity. The     unteering in a lab, and then discovered I could
      main pathogens they are investigating are         do the work.”
      Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria implicated           Dr. Lewis’ early work in the VCU School of
      in the development and progression of peri-       Medicine eventually led her to the Philips
      odontal disease, such as Porphyromonas gin-       Institute. She credits the institute’s founding
      givalis, Prevotella intermedia, and Tannerella    director, Dr. Frank Macrina, for being a won-
      forsythensis.                                     derful mentor to her. “Dr. Macrina was always

there for me,” she noted. “We met regularly,
and he encouraged my growth as a
researcher.” In 1997, Dr. Lewis completed a
PhD degree in microbiology under Dr.
Macrina’s tutelage and moved with him into the
renovated space of the newly created Philips
Institute as a post-doctoral fellow. She joined
the full-time dental faculty as an assistant pro-
fessor in 2002 and earned a promotion to
associate professor with tenure in 2008.
   “It was Dr. Macrina’s vision to bridge the
gap between dentistry and research,” Dr.
Lewis explained. “Dentists are recognized so
much more for their technical skills, and that
can result in a situation where not enough effort
goes into introducing new treatment methods.
Microbiology shapes our bodies and, as a
dental school, it makes great sense for us to be
involved in oral biology.”
   Dr. Lewis’ excitement about research
extends beyond the laboratory to student
experiences in her classroom. For the last
three years, she served as course director for
the first-year dental classes in “Evidence-
based Dentistry.”                                          In the future, Dr. Lewis
    She finds the first-year students eager to         envisions a school with even
learn and experience new ways of thinking. “I             more collaboration. She
like to think this course helps students realize        believes the best hope for
not all sources of information are the same. I           translating basic science
also try to get them to see they can look at their    research into clinical practice
own cases, observe their patients, and find the            depends on the active
best treatments. As a dental school, we have            collaboration between the
many opportunities for students, clinicians,                 entire community of
and researchers to work together.”                   scholars—clinicians, students,
                                                               and researchers.

                                                                             Winter 2010 9
              Student Research Group
         If a chemical reaction created the VCU          ed our school should form a chapter and par-
      Chapter of the National Student Research           ticipate in this national organization.”
      Group, Poonum Bharal (D4) was its catalyst. In          As evidence-based dentistry expands in the
      the last year, Poonum’s energy and enthusiasm      school’s curriculum, learning more about scien-
      sparked the emergence of the school’s chapter      tific inquiry takes on added significance.
      of the American Association for Dental                  “As we learn about dentistry in lecture and
      Research (AADR) National Student Research          in clinic,” said Poonum, “many of us have
      Group (NSRG), with unprecedented growth            unanswered questions. Some students may
      and development of an organized cadre of stu-      take the initiative to pursue a research project
      dent scientists.                                   with a professor and focus on a question.
                                                         Other students explore research in dental
                                                         school because residencies are competitive
     The NSRG is a national organization                 and a research background strengthens their
     under the AADR. The VCU chapter of                  applications.”
     the NSRG seeks to promote research                       In its first year, this ambitious student group
     amongst VCU’s dental students,                      tackled the challenge of promoting and encour-
     residents, and faculty.                             aging research and scientific inquiry among
                                                         DDS students at the VCU School of Dentistry.
          Poonum’s inquisitive mind triggered a chain    Since its humble beginnings with fewer than 10
      reaction when she attended the March 2008          members, the group has grown. Now dozens of
      National     Dental     Student’s    Research      students participate in the group’s chapter and
      Conference at the National Institute for Dental    even more attend its seminars and luncheons.
      and Craniofacial Research in Bethesda, Md.,        Last semester, the chapter’s programs
      and met students from other U.S. dental            addressed topics such as how to get involved
      schools. At the time, she had never heard of       with research, how to write an abstract, and how
      the NSRG, but the networking opportunities at      to make a research poster more competitive for
      the conference led her to search for more infor-   awards. At their meetings, they hosted VCU fac-
      mation about the student group.                    ulty members who talked about the specific
          “I met with many of these same students        research within each of their departments. Dr.
      again a month later at the 2008 AADR confer-       Dan Laskin spoke about the importance of
      ence in Dallas, Texas,” said Poonum. “Then I       research and its influence on dental practice.
      talked with the president of NSRG and decid-

    Future projects include a session on how to make a
                                                              Officers of VCU NSRG Chapter
research poster, especially for students interested in
                                                              President: Poonum Bharal, D4
                                                              Vice President: Cheyanne Warren, D1
going to the March 2010 AADR conference in
                                                                (in front)
Washington, D.C. They will also organize the research         Secretary: Spencer Dixon, D3
portion of the school’s Clinic and Research Day in April,     Treasurer: Robert (Bob) Harris, D3
and they plan to publish a newsletter highlighting ongo-        (in back)
ing student and faculty research.
    Dr. Sam Black, a new faculty member in the
Department of Endodontics, who served as Vice
President of the AADR NSRG in 2001–2002 when he was
a dental student at the University of Kentucky, said, “With
the expansion of the Philips Institute, the VCU School of
Dentistry is making exciting changes. I hope the admin-
istration’s enthusiasm about research growth will continue
to extend to our DDS students.”

                                                                                  Winter 2010 11
 A Journey
of Excellence:                       In her journey to pursue her dream of
                                becoming a dentist, Cheyanne Warren
                                (D2013) found a road less traveled.

Cheyanne Warren                 Sometimes, that road seems more like a diffi-
                                cult, mountainous switchback than the conve-

Blazes aTrail for               nient, HOV lane of a super highway. A less
                                determined student might not have continued

Dual Degree                     the climb with its painfully slow ascent, but
                                because of her persistence, Cheyanne dis-
                                covered a new way. When she reaches the
                                summit of this academic mountain, she will
                                have earned not only her DDS, but also a PhD.
                                     Cheyanne       applied       to     Virginia
                                Commonwealth University School of Dentistry
                                because it was one of the few schools near
                                the Marine Corps Base Quantico where her
                                husband, a Marine helicopter pilot, could be
                                stationed. When she didn’t gain admission on
                                the first try, she enrolled in a difficult and
                                demanding post-baccalaureate certificate
                                program in biochemistry in the VCU School of
                                     “I enrolled in the certificate program to
                                make my application more competitive,”
                                Cheyanne explained. “When I learned I
                                needed to wait another year, I decided to turn
                                my certificate into a master’s degree and
                                went searching for a research project related
                                to dentistry. I never thought I would like
                                research, but I figured if it was related to a
                                subject I was interested in, that it would be
                                     She asked a few professors from the cer-
                                tificate program, and they recommended that
                                she visit the Philips Institute, where she even-
                                tually found work in Dr. Janina Lewis’ lab.
                                     “I don’t know why I assumed research
                                would be so boring,” said Cheyanne. “In
                                actuality, it is a perfect complement to my
                                overly inquisitive nature. I feel like research
                                provides a constant supply of unanswered
                                questions and endless ways to go about
                                answering them.”

    Cheyanne finds the challenges and atten-          of looking for answers. The purpose of her
tion to detail enjoyable. The fact that her           research project is to further explain the
research project involves dentistry is a huge         pathogenesis of Porphyromonas gingivalis,
bonus to this future clinician, who is excited        one of the most virulent periodontopathogens
and energized because her work in Dr. Lewis’          and an etiological agent in the progression of
lab explores another way to possibly con-             periodontal disease. Because periodontal dis-
tribute to overall oral health.                       ease afflicts 15 percent of the U.S. population,
    While working in the lab, Cheyanne learned        it is considered one of the most common
about fellowships from the National Institutes of     human diseases. Recent data implicates peri-
Health. The United States has only 11 dental          odontitis with linkages to many other systemic
schools that have a formal DDS/PhD dual-              complications.
degree program, and she wondered what stu-                Working at the microbial level, Cheyanne’s
dents at other institutions could do if they were     study focuses on one bacterial component: its
interested in research. With Dr. Lewis’ help,         DNA. Specifically, the study aims to (1) char-
Cheyanne decided the fellowship might pro-            acterize the response of two oral epithelial cell
vide an opportunity to pursue a dual degree           lines and primary cells harvested from two
here at VCU.                                          patients to challenge with P. gingivalis W83
    Because VCU does not have an estab-               DNA, (2) determine the role of TLR9 in medi-
lished program for the DDS/PhD dual-degree,           ating this response, and (3) discover other
a dental student who is interested in pursuing        DNA receptors that may play a role in this
both degrees faces substantial challenges.            interaction. Cheyanne and the research team
VCU’s dental students start acquiring their           hope their study will lead to a greater under-
hand skills almost immediately and cannot             standing of the mechanisms of the host
afford to take any time away for fear of a set-       response that contribute to the pathogenesis
back in their competency.                             of P. gingivalis W83 and, then, possibly reveal
    “I was fortunate to be a member of the D.5        potential targets for preventing the initiation of
class,” said Cheyanne, “and that allowed me           periodontal disease.
sufficient time to finish my PhD coursework               With the expansion of the Philips Institute,
before dental school became full-time.”               the School of Dentistry plans to begin its own
    Just as any other PhD student, Cheyanne           PhD program, so that new students in a
must follow the rules and requirements from           DDS/PhD dual-degree program will have to fol-
VCU’s medical school. She must also complete          low only the requirements from one school. The
requirements from VCU’s dental school. She            program can be more easily tailored to support
feels fortunate that the medical school and the       the goals and needs of dental students. For
Department of Microbiology agreed to work             now, Cheyanne Warren is a trailblazer, navigat-
with her time line and scheduling conflicts and       ing the dual-degree switchbacks with the help
that the dental school allowed her to enroll in       of many faculty members in the School of
both programs. The fact that each school              Dentistry.
receives different funding sources makes her              “Things were a bit simpler when I thought
situation even more complicated.                      that I wanted to be a only dentist!” Cheyanne
    Cheyanne’s ability to think critically and find   said. Despite the extra challenges in her pur-
creative approaches to problem-solving—skills         suit for a dual degree, she feels confident that
she used to be a dual-degree student—make             she will find a rewarding way to incorporate
her well-suited to the research lab environment       research and teaching into her professional life
with its complex questions and myriad of ways         as a dentist.

                                                                                            Winter 2010 13
         Seeking New Horizons Dean
Dean Ron Hunt spent his 12 years at VCU vigorously pursuing change, making programs better and peo-
ple stronger. Now it is time for another change. Dr. Hunt is leaving this school to help build a new one, as
he accepts the position of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Midwestern University College of
Dental Medicine in Glendale, Arizona. “I found the idea of helping build a new school irresistible,” said
Dr. Hunt. “This is the right change at the right time.”

     Accomplishments of Dr. Ron Hunt’s Deanship (1998-2010)
      Clinical Programs                                 Academic Programs
      Added valet parking and patient drop-off          Established a Master of Science in Dentistry
      area for increased patient convenience            degree program for graduate students in
                                                        Endodontics, Orthodontics, Pediatric
      Implemented patient screening directly in         Dentistry, and Periodontics
      the clinical practice groups
                                                        Established a competency-based DDS
      Implemented a new electronic clinic               curriculum, by compressing the preclinical
      management system                                 curriculum with simulation, starting patient
                                                        care in the D2 year, and establishing a
      Expanded radiography into the Lyons,              clinical curriculum focused on preparation
      Wood, and Douglas Clinics                         for general dentistry practice
      Implemented digital radiography and an            Created a more friendly and respectful envi-
      electronic dental record                          ronment for students
      Implemented a cone-beam extra-oral                Increased enrollment of DDS students from
      imaging system                                    rural Virginia communities, including at least
                                                        15 per year from Southside and Southwest
             “Dean Hunt’s visionary
                                                        Established an off-campus service-learning
          leadership charted a course                   program in which D4 and DH4 students
         for the school that challenged                 spend at least 20 days treating under-served
                                                        populations in public clinics throughout the
          us to leave our safe harbors,                 Commonwealth
             look to the horizon, and                   Established an optional private practice
                                                        preceptorship program
              change. He leaves us
            better than he found us.”                   Established an International Dentist Program
                                                        for Virginians who are graduates of dental
                  Dr. B. Ellen Byrne,                   schools in other countries
                Senior Associate Dean                   Successfully completed two accreditation
                                                        reviews of all academic programs

Hunt Leaves VCU
 Research Programs
 Built the VCU Philips Institute of Oral and
 Craniofacial Molecular Biology and increased        Renovated three lecture halls in the Lyons
 full-time institute faculty members from one to     Building. Added two new lecture halls in
 five, building a research program in oral biology   the Perkinson Building

 Launched a research program in tissue bio-          Renovated the Crockett Student Lounge and
 engineering and currently recruiting four sci-      the Lyons Building lobby
 entist faculty for the program                      Added conference/seminar rooms in all three
                                                     buildings: Lyons (1), Wood (1), Perkinson (5)
 Increased external funding for research from
 approximately $1 million per year to nearly         Added sets of restrooms in all three build-
 $2 million per year                                 ings: Lyons (1), Wood (1), Perkinson (3)

 Physical Facilities                                 Other Accomplishments
                                                     Increased annual charitable gifts from about
 Renovated preclinical laboratories, built a         $0.5 million to over $1.5 million
 20-unit DentSim virtual reality lab and a
 108-unit mannequin clinical simulation lab          Increased the diversity of the faculty
                                                     Created a faculty development program that
 Built locker rooms and a clinical support lab       includes orientations, semi-annual school
 for students                                        retreats, annual departmental lectures and
                                                     retreats, and ad hoc in-service programs
 Remodeled the Lyons and Pediatric Dentistry
 Clinics. Expanded the Oral Surgery,                 Increased the integration of the school into
 Endodontics, and Faculty Practice Clinics           the larger university community through
                                                     increased research collaboration, graduate
 Acquired and renovated 10,000 square feet           programs, and committee service
 of space in Lyons Building previously used
                                                     Raised the profile of the school though lead-
 by other VCU units                                  ership and service to national dental profes-
                                                     sional associations
 Built a four-chair Clinical Research Unit
 Built new office suites for Orthodontics,
 Dental Hygiene, Advancement, and the
 Philips Institute. Remodeled office suites
 for Dean’s Office, Endodontics, and
 Pediatric Dentistry.
 Renovated 10,000 square feet in the Wood
 Memorial Building for the VCU Philips
 Institute. Dedicated 11,000 square feet in
 the Perkinson Building to the Institute

                                                                                           Winter 2010 15
                                                               It was standing room only as students
                                                           from VCU and scores of dentists from
                                                           throughout Virginia crowded onto two buses
                                                           taking them to the Virginia General
                                                           Assembly Building in downtown Richmond.
                                                           Over 60 dental students joined Virginia
                                                           Dental Association (VDA) members for the
                                                           VDA’s Legislative Day on January 15.
             The satellite clinic building’s design con-   Together, they spent the morning informing
             cept draws inspiration from the region’s      their elected representatives about legisla-
             rural setting.                                tion concerning oral health and the dental
                                                               The tradition of student participation in
                                                           the VDA’s Legislative Day began years ago,
                                                           but has grown steadily the past three years.
                                                           Since then, two of the school’s development
                                                           directors, Dr. Jim Revere and Mr. Jim Doyle,
                                                           persistently encouraged student participa-

       Advocacy In Action

tion, while carefully pairing students with VDA
members for the best fit.
    “Often we try to put students with dentists
from their geographic region of the state,” said
Dr. Revere, “but sometimes other reasons
enter the equation.”
    Important legislative issues for the VDA this
year involved regulation of mobile dental clin-
ics and insurance fees for non-covered ser-
vices, but for the School of Dentistry, funding     First-year student Alex Barton, with Delegate
for the Wise Satellite Dental Clinic topped the     Phillips. Barton, hails from Naples, Florida, but
agenda.                                             she thinks it would be awesome to spend her
    “We are requesting $700,000 in annual           senior year in Wise. Delegate Phillips is a lead-
operating funds from the General Assembly,”         ing supporter of funding for the clinic, along
said Dr. Revere. “Once funded, this clinic will     with Senator Phillip Puckett, Senator William
                                                    Wampler, and Delegate Terry Kilgore.
be a phenomenal learning experience for stu-
dents, and provide much needed dental care
for the people of Wise.”

                                                                                       Winter 2010      17
Donor Naming Recognition Day
     The VCU School of
     Dentistry honored
     people who gave major
     unrestricted gifts to the
     school at the Donor
     Naming Recognition
     Day on Friday, October
     30, 2009.

     With these new and named spaces, we continue to add to the legacy created
     by many people from the past. The honored family members who learned
     valuable lessons, the beloved teachers who shared their knowledge, and the
     caring doctors who are remembered would be thrilled to see everyone
     celebrating the past, present, and future of this great school.

Digital                     Students at the VCU School of Dentistry
                        can finally say goodbye to x-ray film, costly
                        chemicals, and processing tanks. With the
                        launch of the AxiUm-based electronic dental
                        record after the Thanksgiving Break 2009, all
                        radiography in the School of Dentistry
                        became digital. Now students and faculty
                        view all images—intra-oral, extra-oral,
                        panoramic, and cone-beam—chairside on
                        computer monitors.
                            A vision to make radiology services more
                        patient–centered, while providing students
                        the educational experiences they need for the
 Digital radiographs,   practice of general dentistry and dental
                        hygiene, drove the multiyear implementation
 integrated into a      of digital radiography. A pledge from the DDS
 paperless patient      Class of 2008 is helping to fund it.
 record, improve our        In the spring, we installed additional x-ray
                        tubeheads in the Lyons Clinic (6), Wood Clinic
 service to patients,   (9), and Douglas Clinic (7). We use phosphor
 while allowing our     plate film systems and Optime scanner units,
 students to use        which expanded distribution of radiology ser-
                        vices, making it more convenient for patients
 current technology.    and students. In the fall, we implemented the
 With these advances,   Dexis direct digital sensor system in the cen-
 students will be       tral Oral Radiology Clinic. The use of phos-
                        phor plate systems in the clinics and direct
 better prepared        sensors in Central Radiology gives students
 for their future       experience with both types of digital radiogra-
 practice.              phy systems.

                                                               Winter 2010 19
    Dr. Steve Lutz—parent, alumnus, and adjunct faculty member—gave an inspirational speech
about the importance of heart in the profession of dentistry at the 10th Annual School of Dentistry
White Coat Ceremony on October 16, 2009.
   Traditionally, White Coat speeches focus on ethics and professionalism. The timing of the
presentation of the clinic coats coincides with the students’ entry to clinic. The speakers often
talk about patient care, but Dr. Lutz talked about more. In a highly personal speech, he asked
the students to reflect seriously on what is in their hearts and on their motivations for choosing
dentistry as their profession.

The Heart of Dentistry

“Get your head right so you know what you are doing; get
your heart right so you can focus on your patients and have
them as your first consideration.”
                                Dr. Steve Lutz (DDS‘82)
                                                              Winter 2010 21
 Hats AT
   Off                                                 With a tip of the hat, Dean Ron Hunt
                                                       thanked Dr. John F. Philips (DDS ’69) for
                                                       his latest gift to the School of Dentistry
                                                       at its annual Friends of Dental Education

 Annual                                                Dinner. More than 200 guests gathered
                                                       at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’
                                                       Marble Hall for an evening of music,

                                                       awards, and recognition as Dr. Philips
                                                       presented a check for $823,000. The gift
                                                       will advance research in the VCU Philips
                                                       Institute of Oral and Craniofacial

        Dinner                                         Molecular Biology.

TOP: Molly Adler (D2), tries on her hat
while Jeppy Moss (D2) looks on.
MIDDLE Left: Musicians Scott Shirk (D1),
saxophone; Amy Shirk, piano; David Herce
(D3), drums; Geoffe Schreiber (D3), guitar;
and Nicholas Sams, bass entertain guests
during mealtime.
MIDDLE Right: Lydia Sumner (in front) and
Chelsea Balderson (D1) snap photos
before dinner.
BOTTOM: Dean Hunt (on right) thanks Dr.
John Philips for his gift to the school.

                             Winter 2010 23

      January 1, 2009, through December 31, 2009

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                                                                                        Winter 2010 25
        Faculty Kudos
                                           Dr. Carolyn Booker was promoted from Assistant Dean for
                                           Student Services to Associate Dean for Student Services.

                                           Dr. Tegwyn Brickhouse, Associate Professor in the Department of
                                           Pediatric Dentistry, was appointed the department’s interim chair.

      Dr. C. Booker                        Dr. Laurie Carter, Professor in the Department of Oral Pathology,
                                           finished her year as President of the American Academy of Oral &
                                           Maxillofacial Radiology. She was awarded a Fellowship in the
                       Dr. T. Brickhouse
                                           American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology at the
                                           Annual Session in October 2009.

                                           Ms. Martha Clements, Director of Continuing Education and
      Dr. L. Carter                        Faculty Development, graduated from the VCU Grace E. Harris
                                           Leadership Institute.
                       Ms. M. Clements
                                           Dr. Elizabeth Nance, Assistant Professor in the Department of
                                           General Dentistry, was elected president of the Virginia Academy
                                           of General Dentistry.

      Dr. E. Nance                         Dr. Greg Ness, Professor in the Department of Oral and
                                           Maxillofacial Surgery, graduated from the American Dental
                                           Education Association Leadership Institute.
                          Dr. G. Ness

                                           Dr. Joan Pellegrini, Associate Professor in the Department of
                                           Dental Hygiene, traveled to South Africa as delegate for the
                                           American Dental Hygiene Association’s international meeting.
 Ms. R. Pousson
                                           Ms. Rebecca Pousson, Executive Associate Dean, graduated
                                           from the VCU Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute.
                       Dr. J. Pellegrini

                                           Dr. Karan Replogle, Assistant Professor in the Department of
                                           Endodontics, was appointed the department’s permanent chair,
                                           following several years as interim chair. She also completed her
     Dr. K. Replogle
                                           certification by the American Board of Endodontics.

                                           Dr. James Revere was honored by his colleagues in Oral Pathology
                        Dr. J. Revere
                                           with the establishment of an endowed lectureship in his name.

New Faculty        Dr. Richard (Rick) Archer joined the Department of Endodontics as an
                   assistant professor. He completed a DDS degree at the University of Maryland
                   and an MS degree in endodontics at The Ohio State University. He served 11
                   years in the U.S. Navy Dental Corps. He then maintained a private endodon-
                   tics practice in Chesapeake, Virginia, and served as an adjunct faculty mem-
  Dr. R. Archer
                   ber at VCU until joining the full-time dental faculty.

                   Dr. Samuel (Sam) Black joined the Department of Endodontics as an assis-
                   tant professor. He completed a DMD degree at the University of Kentucky and
                   recently completed a PhD degree in oral biology and a certificate in endodon-
                   tics at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine.
  Dr. S. Black
                   Dr. Jamie Brown joined the Department of General Practice as an assistant
                   professor. She completed a DDS degree at VCU. Prior to joining the full-time
                   dental faculty, she owned and operated a general dentistry practice in

                   Dr. Charissa Chin joined the Department of General Practice as an assis-
  Dr. J. Brown
                   tant professor. She completed a DDS degree at the University Science
                   Malaysia and recently completed an AEGD program at Columbia University in
                   New York City and a general practice residency at the Berkshire Medical
                   Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

                   Dr. Gilda Ferguson joined the Department of General Practice as an assis-
   Dr. C. Chin     tant professor. She earned a PhD degree in anatomy and a DDS degree from
                   VCU. She owned and operated a private general dentistry practice in
                   Ashland, Virginia, until 2008.

                   Dr. Alex Kordis joined the Department of Pediatric Dentistry as an assistant
                   professor. He completed a DDS degree at Indiana University and a certificate
 Dr. G. Ferguson   in pediatric dentistry at the University of Nebraska. Until joining the full-time
                   dental faculty at VCU, he maintained a pediatric dentistry practice for depen-
                   dent children of U.S. Navy personnel. Prior to his retirement from the U.S.
                   Navy, he served as a clinical instructor in several U.S. Navy GPR, ACP, and
                   AEGD programs and on the adjunct faulty at VCU. He is a diplomat of the
                   American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.
  Dr. A. Kordis
                   Dr. William (Bill) Octave joined the Department of General Practice as an
                   assistant professor. He earned his DMD degree from the University of
                   Pittsburgh. Prior to joining the full-time faculty at VCU, he owned and operated
                   a private general dentistry practice in North Huntington, Pennsylvania. He also
                   was a part-time faculty member at both the University of Pittsburgh and
                   University of Pennsylvania Schools of Dental Medicine.
  Dr. W. Octave

                                                                                       Winter 2010 27
     Pack your bags, gas up the car, reserve your flight,
     and pull out your maps, because this year...

      All Roads Lead to Richm
      Venture back
      to where your
     journey began.
     Join old friends
     and classmates
      for a weekend
     of celebration.
                                           2010 Reunion & Alumni Weekend
                                               April 23, 24, and 25, 2010
                                             • Tempt your taste buds with blind wine
                                               tastings or gourmet cooking classes
                                             • See the sights by Segway, bus, or
                                               canal boat
                                             • Tee off at the 5th Annual Alumni/Student
                                               Golf Invitational
                                             • Visit the school, meet our students, try
                                               your hand at virtual-reality-based training
                                             • See a watercolor demonstration by
                                               Baxter Perkinson
                                               Classes ending in 0 and 5 are this year’s
                                                          honored guests.
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                                                      April 16 - James H. Revere Endowed Lecture

                                                      April 16 - Faculty Recognition Reception - The Jefferson Hotel

                                                      April 23 - Board of Advisors Meeting - Dean’s Conference Room

                                                      April 23 - School of Dentistry Golf Tournament - The Crossing

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