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“The Shape of Our Kids Will Determine the
                    Shape of Our Future.”

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“The shape of our kids will determine the shape of our future. The
health of our nation’s tomorrow is directly dependent on the
effectiveness of our efforts today.” Coach Scott G. Smith

Presently, physical education is less of a requirement in our schools and
right at the critical periods of childhood physical development, most
kids are handed a video game.

This nation is facing the daunting task of providing a workable solution
to our healthcare crisis and by the time we get it figured out, today’s
overweight youth will be overweight adults.

Some of the early problems are psychological and emotionally scarring.
Kids that are overweight begin to have negative peer experiences very
early on. Additionally, childhood obesity can lead to life-threatening
conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep
apnea and cancer.

Inactivity affects more than physical health.

A study done by the California Department of Education compared
average fitness levels with academic levels of 5 th, 7 th and 9th
graders.(see Fig. I) The results are consistent with what those of us in
the fitness profession have been adamant about.

Better Fitness Levels = Better Grades!

We want to turn this cart around! The Fit Kid Network is a treasure
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Meet Captain Fitness

Scott G. Smith has been a professional in
the health and fitness industry since 1983
when he coached middle school athletes
in track and field events. As the
Owner/President of the Fit Kid Network
and Co-Owner of PhitCoach, a personal
training company located in Austin, TX, He
has dedicated his life to the health and
fitness of a nation in need. Scott attended
the prestigious Howard University in
Washington, DC and has held numerous
personal training certifications, the latest
of which are from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and
the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA).

Described as a modern day “Pied Piper,” Coach Scott has worked with youth for
most of his life. He is a former probation counselor and served on a gang
intervention task force in Southern California. PhitCoach provides P.E. classes to
Home School organizations. He currently serves as a volunteer on the Williamson
County Neighborhood Conference Committee in an effort to intervene with
truancy issues and works with various youth groups and organizations that
provide assistance to the indigent and families in crisis situations.

Now residing in the Austin area, Coach Scott and his business partner/wife, Akilah
are preaching the message of healthy living every chance they get. They are
attacking the obesity epidemic head-on and seek to change the world. With the
Fit Kid Network they hope to empower families to beat the odds.

The Fit Kid Network brand will include follow along exercise videos, kid’s
activities, comic books, cook books, an online fan club, extensive online content,
and much more.              877-876-7448             
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