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        Acupuncture has been known to stimulate defense mechanisms of the body to fight against disease. It
    continues to gain popularity in this country because it is an effective treatment of acute and chronic backache.
                                           Acute pain can often be cleared up
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                                                            History Of Acupuncture
                                                             By Zachary Thompson

   Acupuncture is an ancient form of medical treatment and has been used since 202BC. Traditional
Korean medicine mentions this form of treatment under the name of Chimsul. Japanese traditional
medicine (Kampo) also considers it important. Evidence suggests that this ancient art may even have
been practiced in Eurasia during the early Bronze Age. This may not have been quite like the
acupuncture we know but was a similar treatment.

At first the Communist party in China did not accept the traditional forms of medical treatment like
Acupuncture, but in time chairman Mao accepted these treatments as an important part of Chinese
medicine. He sent representatives out to research the different theories and techniques of Chinese
medicine. This research led to a compilation known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. After the Cultural
Revolution only the Traditional Chinese Medicine findings were accepted and other treatments were
outlawed. This led to a migration of practitioners, who spread the word about acupuncture to their
newfound homes. The information about acupuncture treatment was brought to the USA by this

Acupuncture treatment has been used in the West since the 17th Century. The 1st practical use was in
1810 at the Paris Medical School by Dr Berlioz. He claimed to have some successes with this
treatment. However his medical peers were somewhat skeptical. John Churchill continued to use this
treatment in the UK in 1821, and published some facts about his treatment of tympany and rheumatoid
arthritis with acupuncture treatment. Dr Elliotson also used this treatment and published his findings
about treating 42 cases of rheumatoid arthritis with this method in 1827.

Today acupuncture is widely used in the West. It is mainly used as therapy but some practitioners even
use this treatment as anesthesia. Doctors in France and Austria have carried out experiments with
using acupuncture as anesthesia and have met with some success; Russian Doctors have also done
some research. In 1972 a paper was published about acupuncture points. Russians claim that they
have used this treatment for a wide variety of ailments. The rest of the Western world uses
acupuncture mainly for treating pain.

Acupuncture is still fairly controversial in the medical field with many doctors and scientists showing a
lot of doubt in this form of treatment. However there are also many success stories. As more research
is done we will be seeing more ways to use this intriguing form of medical treatment.

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                            The History Of Acupuncture Is Extensive And Magnificent
                                                   By Peter Wellington

 The ancient medicinal practice of acupuncture has only relatively recently experienced boom in
popularity. Yet it is popularity in the Chinese world statues back as far as 5000 years.

In the ancient land of China its use has never dwindled not even over five millennia. Its exact roots
however are curtained by the years of time and in many cases it is a story on the history.

Recent discoveries in the field of archaeology have thankfully opened the window of time to an extent
and we now understand that both Korea and Japan practised acupuncture. From the very beginning,
he influenced of the acupuncturists began to spread from it is humble birth into a global phenomena.

We are grateful today for ancient literature especially at literature that reveals something of the history
of acupuncture. Much of this literature will describe the techniques of acupuncture. Different names
are used in different languages but they all described the techniques with great similarities.

The earliest record of Acupuncture is the 4,700 year old Huang Di Nei Jing, or the Yellow Emperor's
Classic of Internal Medicine. This is also very likely to be the oldest medical course book in the world.
Apparently, Shen Nung, the father of Chinese Medicine, may have transcribed it from even earlier
theories. Shen Nung recognized theories about circulation, pulse, and the heart over 4,000 years
earlier than European medicine even had any concept of them.

The history of acupuncture demonstrates that throughout time acupuncture has faced to wall of
scepticism. Yet acupuncture has still growing in popularity and the techniques used in this art
represents some of the most important and influential advances in medicine and medical techniques
for many, many years.

Obviously, the history of acupuncture shows us that the skill and practice of this alternative medicine at
greater acceptance in the Far East in such cases as China and Japan. These people were more
convinced than of people in the West. It is only recent that was the techniques have become widely
accepted in these United States of America and Europe. Today in these countries it is very easy to
find some practitioner of other historical art of Chinese acupuncture.

The History Of Acupuncture extends into Modernity

Progress of modern medical science was partly to blame for the loss of faith in alternative medicine is
generally. This also hit the progress of acupuncture in the West. Scepticism is hardly surprising when
you consider what acupuncture is. Who would expect that the system of inserting sharp needles into
the skin would bring about the healing of the body? It does seem strange! Yet today acupuncture
stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the most advanced, modern and scientific techniques in

If you need to find acupuncturists today it is just so simple. Just opened the local directory, finger
through the business pages and take up the phone. Within minutes you'll be talking to somebody who
may be able to offer you a real alternative to suffering and pain. Booking fee appointment is no
problem and you could be on your way to real conflict and relief, even if modern medicine has failed

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The history of acupuncture is the history of the success of tradition over scepticism.

Peter Wellington writes for http://www.acupunctureaid.com, a website providing a comprehensive
archive of free information and guides on the ancient art of Chinese Acupuncture...

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