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The Intel® Teaching Essentials Online Training   Content
of Trainers (TOT) prepares lecturers and         The content of the course will be as follows:
teachers to be certified Intel Master
Facilitators.   This    trainer   preparation    • Induction and analysis of programme
programme is part of the Intel Teach                structure
Programme which is a worldwide initiative to     • Course content update for Teaching
help classroom teachers learn how best to           Essentials Online
use technology to improve teaching and           • Effective training and facilitation strategies
learning. This programme aims to prepare         • Managing technical and pedagogical
trainers to help participant teachers use the       challenges during training
power of computer technology to spark
student imagination and ultimately move          • Consolidation of programme basics – Hands-
them towards greater achievement through            on project-based learning practice.
project-based learning.

Objectives:                                      5 days (32 hours)
The objectives of the programme are to:
• induct trainers to updated content of the
   programme                                     Modes of Delivery
                                                 Participants of this course will engage in
• conduct in-depth induction for trainers to     discussions, buzz groups, project-based
   the structure and teaching module of the      workshops,        demonstrations,      and
   Intel Teach Programme                         presentations.
• induct trainers to effective training
• prepare trainers to meet technical and         Participants
   pedagogical challenges they may face          This course is intended for Participant
   during training                               Teachers preparing for Master Facilitator
• prepare trainers to be skillful                certification.
   administrators      on   their   training
• consolidate participants’ ability to
   develop and supervise projects