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                                        19 February 2010 Week 3 Term 1

                    Principal’s Comment                               Coming Events                         Inside this issue:
Dear Parents / Caregivers                                             2010
                                                                                                            Principal’s Notes              1
This week’s parent teacher conferences are now over.                  February                              Coming Events                  1
Thanks to all those people who were able to come along,               22 Parent Club get together
                                                                           (Lone Star)                      School Notices                 1
to meet their child’s teacher and to discuss areas of                 23 Tui Team Swimming Sports           Website                        1
interest. Teachers find these early year meetings very                25 Kiwi Team Aquatics
                                                                                                            Parking                        1
valuable in helping them get to know children’s needs and                  Demonstration
to form a good relationship with parents/caregivers.                  March                                 Dental Clinic                  1
                                                                      4    Kakapo Triathlon
There’s plenty of research that shows that positive two                                                     Virtue                         1
                                                                      8 – 12 Education Review Office at
way communication between home and school is very                             School                        Sports File                    2
beneficial to children’s education. Of course, you don’t              11 Kakapo Team Golf                   School Uniform                 2
need to wait for formal conferences to meet with your                 16 Interschool Triathlon
                                                                      22 Teachers Union Meeting             Achievements Awards            2
child’s teacher. If ever you have areas of interest or
                                                                      1.30pm                                Community Notices              2
concern that you want to discuss, please phone your                   25 Kakapo Team Golf
child’s teacher to arrange a suitable time to meet up.                26 Kakapo Team Poetry Festival
Remember also to check class blogs, as these allow for
general comments and feedback. The school website                     April
                                                                      1     Term One ends.
also will provide up to date information about our                    19 Term Two starts
“Wonderful Place for Kids!”. In the next few months, we
are reviewing our processes for reporting to parents, in
order to improve the quality of information about their
children’s achievement. We will have a new system in
place for mid year onwards.                                          Hokowhitu School Web Page
Allan Alach
Principal                                                            WHAT’S NEW
                                                                     + Class newsletters from Energetic Eleven,
National Standards:                                                  Electrifying, Eight and Flamboyant Fifteen.
To counter a rather invalid poll about national standards that
                                                                     + Wonderful learning at Hokowhitu School.
appeared in the New Zealand Herald a week or so back, the
New Zealand Principals’ Federation has developed their own
poll. Schools across the country have been asked to distribute       Dental Clinic
this to parents. While the outcome of this poll is unknown, we
can be sure that the much larger sample size will provide a far
                                                                     The Dental Clinic will be re-opening on Monday 22nd
more valid indication of parental opinion. We will be sending this   February to treat those patients due for the year. The clinic
survey home with this week’s newsletter. Or, alternatively, this     hours will be Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 4.00pm.
survey can be completed online, via this link:                       When your child is examined a parent advice and consent                               note will come home advising you of any work that is
Your feedback will be extremely valuable! Thanks!                    needed. These need to be signed and returned either to
Teacher Paid Union Meeting Advance Notice.                           the clinic or to the school office before any work can be
Using their legal right under the Employment Relations               undertaken. Enquiries should be directed by telephone to
Act, the NZEI has called a meeting for teachers on the               the clinic. As always we offer an open door policy and look
afternoon of Monday 22nd March. This means that as we                forward to our visit.
will not be able to provide teaching or supervision,                 Christine McIvor Dental Therapist
children will need to go home at 12.30 p.m on that day.              And Julie Bensemann Dental Assistant
We apologise for the inconvenience but the matter is out
                                                                     Telephone 358 0953
of our hands.

                                                                         Our focus virtue for next week is:
                                                                         Helpfulness is being of service. It is doing useful things for
           IMPORTANT PARKING NOTICE                                      people, such as things they cannot do for themselves,
If dropping children off to school, could you please not use             something they do not have time to do, or just little things
                                                                         that make life easier. It is important to be helpful to
the carparks outside the dairy, as these are for dairy
                                                                         ourselves too, by taking care of our bodies. There are
customers only.                                                          times when we need help from others. That is a good time
                                                                         to ask for help.
                            Achievement Awards                                          SPORTS FILE

Wise One                                                                                TeeBall Draw for Saturday 20th February 2010
Maru                   For being able to write a story by himself.                      All teams must be at the park 15 minutes before the
Katarina               For being a “clever cookie” writing a story by herself.          game starts.
Talented Two                                                                            Hokowhitu Storms vs Riverdale Rockets 9.00am T 2
Lauren                 For excellent work in reading & writing.                         Hokowhitu Lightening vs Riverdale Red Sox 9.00am T 5
Enthusiastic Three                                                                      Hokowhitu Thunder vs Milson Superstars 10.00am T 8
Jack & Tarewa      For using respect in all areas of school life.
Terry              Excellent handwriting.                                               Please note: Many players are not turning up to games or
Isi & Matt         Great swimming.                                                      practises. I appreciate players are young and may be difficult
                                                                                        to organise but we do get teams, practise, meetings and
Fizzing Four                                                                            draws organised at school so it is up to parents and
India, Cameron & Caitlin           Fantastic effort with all work this week,            caregivers to honour their child’s commitment to their team
                                   particularly writing.                                for the Saturday games.
Super Six
Jessica        For her excellent bird painting.                                         Cricket Draw for Saturday 20th February 2010
Sam            For the moving story about his cat.                                      Years 5 & 6
Dineth         For the care put into his animal brochure.                               Hokowhitu Stags Feilding Green 2 Manawaroa Park J 9
Claire         For her beautiful hydrangea picture.                                     Hokowhitu Knights vs CSNS Green 2 Manawaroa Park J 2
Supreme Seven                                                                           Years 3 & 4
Jordan, Matthew & Jazmin-marie       Excellent effort with their triathlon training.    Hokowhitu vs Milson All Stars Manawaroa Park J 5
Electrifying Eight                                                                      Please Note: All these games start at 8.45am so please
Fergus                 For outstanding book work presentation.                          be at the grounds by 8.30am.
Ben T                  For your amazing focus on the ‘task at hand’.
Matthew                For writing a good recount orientation.                          Draw posted every week outside Room 9, please check.
                                                                                        Cricket Results for Saturday 13th February 2010
Network Nine                                                                            Hokowhitu Stags     vs Te Kawau JCC         Loss 60/70
Hannah                 A clever and outstanding worker.                                 Player of the Day: Matt
Antariksh              Getting 100% in his Basic Facts test.
Veronica               Has an excellent attitude towards her learning.                  Hokowhitu Knights vs Whakarongo Aces Win 119/90
                                                                                        Hokowhitu Aces      vs Te Kawau JCC         Loss 20/35
TenaciousTen                                                                            Player of the Day: Villami & Leo
Matt                   Worker of the week.                                              This was the first time our boys had played a formal game of cricket
Shontae                Books set out beautifully.                                       – it was great. Their skills improved as the game progressed.
Millie                 Taking time to “get it right”.                                   Batting was our strong point. We were outplayed by the other team,
Energetic Eleven                                                                        but it was an excellent start for our team.
Junior         Great work habits & for always doing your best. Good boy!!
Viliami        Great effort with your reading & for being so friendly. Well done.
Arianah        Great effort with your story writing & neat presentation. Well done!!
Fab Fourteen                                                                           Community Notices
Karlos                 Being a very kind friend.                                       SOUNDWORKS
Maia                   For fantastic mat manners.                                      Soundworks is still accepting enrolments for children
Thomas                 For trying really hard to hear the sounds at writing time.      interested in flute, fife, recorder & clarinet. Also, guitar,
Flamboyant Fifteen                                                                     bass & electric guitar & ukulele. We still have a couple
Harry    For enthusiasm towards discovering about Bumble Bees. Well done               of places for drum students. Enrolment form at school
Daniel   for sharing your knowledge & asking interesting ‘I Wonder’ questions.
                                                                                       office or phone Liz Locke: 355 3814 or 027 338 5491
Stunning Sixteen
Ashtuti                For wonderful work in Room 16.                                  HOKOWHITU JUNIOR FOOTBALL CLUB
Sarah                  For managing herself well.
                                                                                       Is now taking registrations for the 2010 Football Season
                                                                                       via email and have a
                                                                                       Registration Day on 28/02/2010 at the Hokowhitu
School Uniform                                                                         School Hall – 1-3pm. Phone Bronwyn 353 0226
As we have been expecting all children to wear school uniform for the last two
years we feel it is now time to have a rethink about footwear. At present there        JUNIOR INDOOR SPORTS
is a huge range of footwear being worn and while most of this is acceptable,
some of it is not appropriate to be worn as part of our uniform.
                                                                                       PN Indoor Sports Arena is running Junior Soccer &
Here are our expectations for school uniform footwear:                                 Netball Leagues. Played from 3.30pm on Thurs
Shoes – white or dark coloured sports shoes or other sensible shoes (not with          (Soccer) & Fri (Netball). Great alternative to winter
high heels or bright colours)
Socks (if worn) - dark blue or grey, girls may wear dark blue tights in winter.
                                                                                       outdoor sport. All welcome from Beginners to
Reminder: all children should be wearing a school sunhat whenever they are             Superstars. All equipment & umpires provided.
outside – other caps & hats not acceptable.                                            To register as a team or individually phone 356

                                                                                       MUSIC – KEYBOARD LESSONS
  Request from the Caretaker                                                           If you would like your child to be introduced to the world
                                                                                       of music, keyboard lessons are available at school on
  I am after 400gm Kraft or Vegemite glass jars                                        Tuesday afternoons. Lessons are in group or individual
  with yellow screw top lids.Could you please
  drop these into the school office. Thank you                                         format. Music theory is also taught. Phone Terrie Smith
                                                                                       356 7075 or 021 136 1854.

                                                                                       GLEN OROUA FRIENDS OF THE SCHOOL
 BABYSITTING                                                                           TRIAL RIDE - Sunday 21st February 2010.
 Reliable, experienced, mature, very good natured                                      Advanced 28km Loop Ride & 2 Awesome Childrens
 16 year old babysitter available. Flexible – casual                                   Loops for varying abilities. Cost $25 per rider - $10 per
 or regular hours 7 days a week (teaching student)
 Available at short notice. Own transport. References supplied. Contact: Ellie         child 12yrs & under. McKelvie Property, 1597
 353 5384 ( please leave a message)                                                    Tangimoana Rd (off SH 1) Contact 329 7939

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