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9th June, 09

ARMADALE             Currently negotiations are proceeding toward development of a new Agreement.
Negotiations have been underway for a couple of months and progress is slow.

BAYSWATER                         Employees are still pursuing a raft of proposed improvements to
employment conditions which have been ongoing for over 18 months due to the changeover of the Chief
Executive Officer and other senior management, discussions have stalled.

BELMONT                       Employees received a general 5% increase in December, 2008. Discussions
are presently proceeding to introduce a 9 day fortnight. The employees are currently waiting for the Chief
Executive Officers response.

CAMBRIDGE              Cambridge employees are due to consider a draft document with changes to
Classification Structure, improvements to pro rata Long Service Leave entitlements and other issues in
June/July, 2009.

CLAREMONT             A wage increase of 4% or WA CPI (whichever is the greater) is due in December,

COTTESLOE                    At present no discussions are occurring.

COCKBURN       An increase of 4.25% or $30.00 per week (whichever is the greater) is due on the 15 th of
July, 2009.

FREMANTLE            A general increase of 5% plus an increment adjustment for all employees covered
by the Agreement of 1.25% is due on the 1st of July, 2009 giving a general increase of 6.25%.

JOONDALUP Employees are due for a 5% increase on the 1st of July, 2009.

KALAMUNDA                          Employees are due for a 6% increase plus incremental increases of
up to 1.25% from the 8 of August, 2009.

KWINANA               A 4% increase or the June, 09 WA CPI (if greater) is due on the 8 th of September,

MANDURAH              Employees have received a 4.5% increase from the 1st of March, 2009.

MELVILLE                Employee’s are currently endeavouring to discuss changes to the Protective
Clothing Policies which will compel them to wear long trousers and long shorts. Employees are currently
not happy with this arrangement and are seeking the assistance of the Union to get management to agree
to variations in the policy.

METROPOLITAN CEMETERIES BOARD The government has set a parameter of WA CPI
increases at this stage for bargaining for a new Agreement. Any increases above that amount (up to a
maximum of 5.1%) would be based on productivity exchanges. This appears to be consistent with the
approach they have taken with the WA Police Services where they have extracted some concessions for
greater increases in the 2.2% that is currently automatically available.

MOSMAN PARK            Negotiations have concluded after 6 months and employees have been able to
secure general increases over the life of the 3 year Agreement subject to Council approval. The proposed
increases would deliver 15% over 3 years to all employees covered by the Agreement plus increasing
their Sick Leave entitlement to 12 days per annum across the board.

MUNDARING                    Employee’s secured a $38.50 per week increase from the 7th of January,

NEDLANDS              Employee’s will get 4% on the 1st of July, 2009 or WA CPI (whichever is greater).

PERTH        Employee’s having secured an Agreement which delivered a general increase of 8%
minimum in 2008 will be paid 3.5% from the 19th of December, 2009.

ROCKINGHAM Employee’s having secured Income Protection benefits, a doubling of their Service
Pay entitlements in 2008 and increases of 12% for the 2008 year, gained another 4% on the 1st of July,

SERPENTINE            Discussions are continuing with the Council to improve the increase for this year
beyond the Australian Fair Pay Commission Decision.

SOUTH PERTH                 Negotiations have been ongoing now for over 6 months in relation to a new
Agreement and they continue.

             Parks employees have secured significant improvements in their recent Agreement to align
              their rates of pay with other sections within the City and a further general increase of 5% is
              due on the 1st of July, 2009.

             Waste Services general increase of 5% is due on the 1st of July, 2009 plus a 5% increase to
              their Allowances.

SUBIACO                The Australian Fair Pay Commission Decision when handed down will have
application to their General Wages and Conditions.

             Engineering and Parks employees secured a 4% increase on the 11th of May, 2009 plus a
              1% general increase in their Compulsory Superannuation contribution.
             Waste department employees secured recently a significant increase in their base rates
              lifting their hourly rates to just over $25.00 per hour.

VICTORIA PARK                Employees will receive a 3% increase on the 1st of July, 2009.

             Waste Services employees increase will be 4.5% from the 1st of July, 2009.
             Parks & Engineering employees have committed to negotiations to commence shortly and
              are awaiting the adoption of a new Classification Structure which will deliver increases in
              the interim period before the new Agreement is achieved.

WA GREYHOUND RACING ASSOC.                         The employees will be undertaking bargaining along
the same lines as the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board and Botanical Gardens Authority.

                               Regional Councils

AUGUSTA-Margaret river              Employees will gain a 5% increase from the 1st of July, 2009.

BRIDGETOWN                   Employees will gain a 5.2% increase on the 1st of July, 2009.

BROOMEHILL-TAMBELLUP                        Employees having secured 5% on the 27th of February, 2009
will gain a further 5% on the 27 of February, 2010.

BUNBURY                      Employees are still deciding a new approach towards bargaining with the
Bunbury City Council. It is expected that the Council will pass on some form of increase on the 1 st of
July, 2009.

CAPEL                Employees are currently negotiating a new Agreement with the Shire.

CORRIGIN                     Fair Pay Commission Decision – 1st of October, 2009.

DENMARK                Employees have secured an Agreement with backdated Wage Increases from
October, 2008 of 8% plus the Australian Fair Pay Commission Decision – they will gain a further 4% on
the 1st of July, 2009.

Gingin         Employees have requested that Council review their prospective increase to lift it above
the Australian Fair Pay Commission decision for 2009.
GNOWANGERUP                        5% from the 3rd of April, 2009.

KONDININ                   4.5% from the 13th of June, 2009.

MANJIMUP                      Employees have just recently negotiated a new Agreement which has
delivered a new Classification Structure – they are due for a 5% increase on the 1st of July, 2009.

MERREDIN                   5% in July, 2009.

NAREMBEEN                          $80.00 per week from the 1st of July, 2009.

MURRAY                     Currently negotiating.

PINGELLY            5% from the 1st of July, 2009.

PLANTAGENET                CPI Index.

YILGARN             4% from the 1st of July, 2009.

GERALDTON /GREENOUGH                      4.5% from the 1st of July, 2009.

KALGOORLIE           Employees have secured a $10.31 per week increase plus an adjustment in their
Loyalty payment to an amount of approximately $76.00 per week. Their base wages will also move by
the Fair Pay Commission Decision effective from the 1st of October, 2009.

ROEBOURNE                   Currently negotiating a new Agreement.

BROOME                     Currently negotiating.

PORT HEDLAND               3% plus $1,500.00 per annum adjustment to the Base Rates from the 1st of
July. 2009.

Authorised by: Andrew Johnson, Secretary LGRCEU

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