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					               $2,000.00                     FEATURING:
              TEAM SPARRING                    POINT SPARRING,
              & DEMO TEAMS                 BJJ & POINT KICKBOXING

    24                   Shannon Apple           IFK/PKB                10
   Point                Scholarship Fund        Sanctioned             Point

Tim & Tammy Calvin
3385 Deer Valley Road                             Hampton Inn
Antioch, CA 94531                                 8820 Brentwood Blvd.
(925) 753-1167                                    Brentwood, CA 94513                             (888) 925-7829                     
                                                   GENERAL INFORMATION
PROMOTERS:                                                             RULES, FINES & ARBITRATIONS:
                Tim, Tammy, Jarell & Tiera Calvin                      Sport Karate International Tournament Alliance (SKITA)
                We would like to welcome you to the 9th                rules will be used in all divisions excepting “Speciality” divi-
                Annual “Delta Smack Down”. This is our first           sions and UB Traditional specific uniform criteria. All black-
                year as an NBL Regional and we are excited             belt and under blackbelt players must enter divisions
                and thrilled. We promise to do our best to make        based upon the age they were on January 1, 2010 at
                your experience with us enjoyable and memorable!       12:01AM. See exceptions - Rules at a Glance on pages
                                                                       12 & 13 under FORMS 6, or SKITA rulebook V.B.4. SKITA
                                                                       rulebooks are downloadable at or send a
                                                                       9x12 SASE w/$1.50 US postage to:
                                                                        S.M.A.S.H., 341 E. Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, NY 14750

                                                                                       2010 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE
                                                                       1/23   AMAPA Kick-Off Antioch, CA               AMAPA Promoters
TOURNAMENT                                                             2/20   Delta Smackdown Brentwood, CA            Tim & Tammy Calvin       925-753-1167
LOCATION:                                                              3/20   Soulistic Classic American Canyon, CA    James Solis              510-932-2241
                                                                       4/9-11 Golden Gate Int’ls Hyatt Santa Clara, CA Jordan & Felipa Pallen   510-483-6560
Heritage High School                                                   5/23   AMAPA Martial Arts Expo and Awards Banquet
101 American Ave., Brentwood, CA 94513                                                         NBL- Golden Gate Regional Conference
                                                                       2/20   Delta Smackdown Brentwood, CA            Tim & Tammy Calvin       925-753-1167
                                                                       4/9-11 Golden Gate Int’ls Hyatt Santa Clara, CA Jordan & Felipa Pallen   510-483-6560
TOURNAMENT HOST HOTEL:                                                                          SUPER GRANDS WORLD GAMES TBA
Hampton Inn                                                                               716-763-1111

                                                                       SHANNON APPLE SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                                                                       In loving memory of our fallen brother, friend
                                                                                       and fellow martial artist, Shannon Apple,
                                                                                       AMAPA has created the “Shannon Apple
                                                                                       Scholarship Fund”. For those of you who
7605 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood, CA 94513                                              knew Shannon, you will remember that he was a                                                            person who unselfishly gave of himself, espe-
Phone: (888) 925-7829 Fax: (925) 520-4825                              cially when it came to children. To honor him and his memory
                                                                       we have created this scholarship fund for college bound and
Rate: $89.00 per night - Mention the “Delta Smack Down” for            current college students. A percentage of the proceeds from all
this discounted rate. All rooms include a 37” Flat Screen televi-      AMAPA sanctioned events is donated to this fund and at the
sion, 2 queen sized beds, complimentary high speed internet &          end of our tournament season at the AMAPA Awards Ceremony
complimentary hot breakfast served each morning.                       we present the recipients of the scholarships with their scholar-
TRAVEL DIRECTIONS (to the tournament):                                 ship money. If you would like to donate to this fund you can do
                                                                       so when you pre-register via mail, by registering on-line or at
From SF Airport: Take U.S. 101 N. towards San Francisco Keep
                                                                       the registration table the day of the event. To apply for a schol-
right to take I-80 E towards the Bay Bridge/Oakland. Merge on I-       arship please visit our SASF Booth.
580 E toward CA-24 Hayward/Stockton. Merge on CA-24 E to-
wards Walnut Creek. Merge on 1-680 N toward Sacramento/                St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Concord. Merge onto CA-242 N toward Concord/Pittsburg.                 In addition to the Shannon Apple Scholarship Fund,
Merge onto CA-4 E toward Stockton/Pittsburg. Keep left to take         AMAPA Promoters also give a portion of the proceeds
CA-4 Bypass toward Brentwood turn right on Balfour Blvd. Turn          from each of our events to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
left onto American Ave.
                                                                       Since 2002, when we first began supporting St. Jude,
From Oakland Airport: Take 1-880 S towards San Jose. Take I-
                                                                       we’ve raised and donated over $12,000.00 to the hospital.
238 S towards I-580 Castro Valley/Stockton. I-238 becomes I-
580 E. Exit Vasco Rd. towards Brentwood. Take the Vasco Rd.                   St. Jude is unlike any other pediatric treatment and research facil-
                                                                       ity in the world. Discoveries made at St. Jude have completely changed
N. ramp. Vasco Rd. becomes CA-4 Bypass. Turn left on Balfour           how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic dis-
Blvd. Turn left on American Ave.                                       eases. With research and patient care under one roof, St. Jude is where
                                                                       some of today's most gifted researchers are able to do science more quickly.
Pre-registration deadline is February 6, 2010. Registration received         St. Jude researchers are published and cited more often in high
                                                                       impact publications than any other private pediatric oncology research
after that date must be AT DOOR registration price. Cash ONLY          institution in America. St. Jude is a place where many doctors send
will be taken at the door, the day of the tournament. There are NO     some of their sickest patients and toughest cases. A place where cut-
REFUNDS. Please don’t ask. AMAPA is now a non-profit organiza-         ting-edge research and revolutionary discoveries happen every day. St.
tion. Your registration fee is now tax deductible.                     Jude is America's second-largest health-care charity so the science
                                                                       never stops.
Non-profit number: C-3175053                                                 If you would like to donate to St. Jude and help save a child’s life
SANCTIONS:                                                             you can do so when you send in your registration form, on-line, or on
                                                                       the day of the event. If you are writing a check, please make your check
NBL “AAA” 10 Points / SKIL “AAA” 24 Points                             payable to “St. Jude Children’s Hospital”. Thank you!
Golden Gate Regional Conference                                                   All patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude are treated
A.M.A.P.A. (Affiliated Martial Arts Promoters Association)                             without regard to their family's ability to pay.
                        SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

                    TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE
                        Saturday, February 20, 2010

         Registration Opens ···· ··························8:00 AM
         Judges’ Meeting ········· ··························8:30 AM
         Score Keepers Meeting··························8:30 AM
         Coordinators Meeting·· ··························8:30 AM
         First Timers ················ ··························9:30 AM
         Opening Ceremony ······ ··························10:00 AM

       Junior Contemporary Forms Grandchampionship
              (N-1 to N-13, N-39 to N-47 and N-57)
                    Junior Traditional Forms
              (N-21 to N-29, N53 to N-55 and N-59)
   $100Adult Contemporary Forms Grandchampionship$100
              (N-14 to N20, N-48 to N-52 and N-58)
    $100Adult Traditional Forms Grandchampionship$100
                 (N-30 to N-37, N-56 and N-60)
   $100Men’s (18+) Point Sparring Grandchampionship$100
                         (N-71 to N-78)
                 N-71 vs N-72 –V– N-73 vs N-74
                 N-75 vs N-76 –V– N-77 vs N-78
    $100Women’s Point Sparring Grandchampionship$100
                 N-79 vs N-80 –V– N-81 vs N-82
$100Men’s Senior’s (35+) Point Sparring Grandchampionship$100
                 N-83 vs N-84 –V– N-85 vs N-86

                            RING LAYOUT

           1                 3               5                 7

            2                4                6                8
                                                                    BLACKBELT—NBL DIVISIONS

        FORMS                                                              WEAPONS - Continued                                         POINT SPARRING - Continued
        CONTEMPORARY                                                       N-42/43/44 17-    HARD/SOFT CHOR MUS              M/F       N-76/77      18+    HEAVY     200.2    (91-) M
        N-1/2/10    11-           HARD CREATIVE               M/F          N-45       17-    HARD/SOFT OPEN MUS              M/F       N-78         18+    S. HVY    200.2+   (91+)   M
        N-3/4/11/12 12-17         HARD CREATIVE               M/F          N-48/51    18+    HARD CREATIVE                   M/F       N-79/80/81/82 18+      ALL WEIGHTS           F
        N-5/6/7/13  17-           HARD CHOREO MUS             M/F          N-49       18+    HARD CHOREO MUS                 M/F       N-83/84/85/86 35+      ALL WEIGHTS           M
        N-8         17-           HARD OPEN MUS               M/F          N-50       18+    SOFT CONTEMP                    M/F       N-87            35+    ALL WEIGHTS           F
        N-9         17-           SOFT CONTEMP                M/F          N-52       35+    HARD CONTEMP                    M/F       N-88/89         45+    ALL WEIGHTS           M
        N-14        18+           HARD CREATIVE               M            TRADITIONAL                                                 CONTINUOUS SPARRING
        N-15        18+           HARD CHOREO MUS             M/F          N-53/54/55 17-    HARD TRADITIONAL                M/F       (NOTE: N-90 TO N-101 CAN BE ANY RANK, BUT UNDER
        N-16        18+           HARD OPEN MUS               M/F          N-56       18+    HARD TRADITIONAL                M/F       BELTS CANNOT WEAR A BELT)
        N-17        18+           SOFT CONTEMP                M/F          SELF DEFENSE                                                NO ADULT UNDERBELTS ALLOWED
        N-18        18+           HARD CREATIVE               F            N-57/58    ALL    CHOREO FIGHT                    M/F       N–90/91/92      17-    FLY      77-    (35-) M/F
        N-19/20     35+           HARD CONTEMP                M/F          TRADITIONAL                                                 N-93/94         17-    LIGHT    99-    (45-) M/F
        TRADITIONAL                                                        N-59/60    ALL                                    M/F       N-95            17-    MIDDLE 121-     (55-) M
        N-21/22/23 17-            JAPANESE/OKIN               M/F          BREAKING                                                    N-96/97/98      17-    HEAVY    121+   (55+) M
        N-24/25/26 17-            KENPO/KAJUKENBO             M/F          N-61/62    ALL    OPEN                            M/F       N-99/100/101    17-    FEATHER 99+     (45+) F
        N-27/28/29 17-            KOREAN                      M/F          POINT SPARRING                                              N-102/103       18+    LIGHT    151.8- (69-) M
        N-30/34     18+           JAPANESE/OKIN               M/F          (NOTE: 11 YEAR OLD GIRLS CAN COMPETE IN 2 DIVISIONS)        N-104/105       18+    MIDDLE 173.8-   (79-) M
        N-31        18+           KENPO/KAJUKENBO             M/F          N-63/64        11-     POINT SPARRING       M/F             N-106/107       18+    HEAVY    200.2- (91-) M
        N-32/35     18+           KOREAN                      M/F          N-65           12-13   POINT SPARRING       M               N-108           18+    S. HVY 200.2+ (91+) M
        N-33        18+           SOFT (NO WUSHU/KENPO)       M/F          N-66           14-15   POINT SPARRING       M               N-109/110       18+    ALL WEIGHTS           F
        N-36/37     35+           HARD TRADITIONAL            M/F          N-67           16-17   POINT SPARRING       M               TEAM SPARRING
        TEAM FORMS                                                         N-68           11-12   POINT SPARRING       F               (N-111 & N-112 CAN BE OF ANY RANK)
        (NOTE: EACH TEAM MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE BLACK BELT)                N-69           13-14   POINT SPARRING       F               N-111        9-11, 12-14, 15-17              M
        N-38          ALL OPEN                                M/F          N-70           15-17   POINT SPARRING       F               N-112        9-11, 12-14, 15-17              F
        WEAPONS - CONTEMPORARY                                             N-71/72/73     18+     LIGHT   151.8- (69-) M               N-113        18+, 18+, 18+                   M
        N-39-41/46/47 17- HARD/SOFT CREAT                     M/F          N-74/75        18+     MIDDLE 173.8-  (79-) M

FT-1   9-    OPEN/ WEAPONS/ MUSICAL                           TEAM FORMS– NEW                                    POINT KICKBOXING (IKF) - continued
FT-2   10-11 OPEN/ WEAPONS/ MUSICAL                           A-155    ALL    DEMO TEAM                          PK-5    8-10  ALL         (F)                   IKF POINT
FT-3   12-14 OPEN/ WEAPONS/ MUSICAL                           A-156    ALL    TEAM PAIRS                         PK-6    11-12 ALL         (F)
FT-4   15-17 OPEN/ WEAPONS/ MUSICAL                           JUNIOR SPARRING                                    PK-7    13-14 ALL         (F)                 KICKBOXING -
FT-5   18+   OPEN/ WEAPONS/ MUSICAL                           BEG * INT * ADV
                                                              A-157    5-     BOYS- ALL
                                                                                                                 PK-8    15-17 ALL
                                                                                                                 PK / IR / MT (ADULTS)
FT-7   8-9   TRADITIONAL FORMS                                A-158    6-7    BOYS                               PK-9    18+   LT     149.9- LBS    (M)        WE ARE NOW
FT-8   10-11 TRADITIONAL                                      A-159    8-9    BOYS                               PK-10 18+     MID    150-175 LBS   (M)
FT-9   12-14 TRADITIONAL                                      A-160    10-11  BOYS                               PK-11 18+     HVY    175.1-200 LBS (M)
FT-10  15-17 TRADITIONAL FORMS                                A-161    12-14  BOYS                               PK-12 18+     S. HVY 200.1+LBS     (M)     (PK) PT. KICKBOXING
FT-11  18+   TRADITIONAL FORMS                                A-162    15-17  BOYS                               PK-13 18+     LT     121.0– LBS    (F)
FT-12  7-    SPARRING                                         A-163    5-     GIRLS- ALL                         PK-14 18+     MID    121.1-143 LBS (F)      (IR) INTERNATIONAL
FT-13  8-9   SPARRING                                         A-164    6-7    GIRLS                              PK-15 18+     HVY    143.1-160 LBS (F)         RULES AND
FT-14  10-11 SPARRING                                         A-165    8-9    GIRLS                              PK-16 18+     S. HVY 160.1+ LBS    (F)
FT-15  12-14 SPARRING                                         A-166    10-11  GIRLS                              BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU                        (MT) POINT MUAY
                                                                                                                 JUNIOR GRAPPLING– NEW
                                                                                                                 A-240 BOYS 7–      63 LBS -
                                                                                                                                                            THAI DIVISIONS.
FORMS - BEG * INT * ADV                                       UNDERBELT MEN’S SPARRING                           A-241 BOYS 7–      80 LBS -                  CHECK OUT THE
A-114 11-    CREATIVE FORMS                                   A-169    18+    173LBS-                            A-242 BOYS 7–      95 LBS -
A-115 12-14  CREATIVE FORMS                                   A-170    18+    173LBS+                            A-243 BOYS 7–      95.1 LBS +              IKF WEBSITE FOR
A-116 15-17  CREATIVE FORMS                                   A-171    35+    173LBS-                            A-244 BOYS 8-12    70 BLS -                    RULES AND
A-117 18+    CREATIVE FORMS                                   A-172    35+    173LBS+                            A-245 BOYS 8-12    85 LBS -
A-118 11-    CREATIVE MUSICAL                                 A-173    42+    ALL WEIGHT                         A-246 BOYS 8-12    100 LBS -                DESCRIPTION OF
A-119 12-14  CREATIVE MUSICAL                                 UNDERBELT WOMEN’S SPARRING                         A-247 BOYS 8-12    100.1 LBS -                 DIVISIONS:
A-120 15-17  CREATIVE MUSICAL                                 A-174    18+    130lbs-                            A-248 BOYS 8-12    120 LBS +
A-121 18+    CREATIVE MUSICAL                                 A-175    18+    130lbs+                            A-249 BOYS 13-17 124.9 LBS -                 WWW.IKF.ORG.
A-122 11-
A-123 12-14
                                                                                                                 A-250 BOYS13-17    139.9 LBS -
                                                                                                                 A-251 BOYS 13-17 154.9 LBS -
                                                                                                                                                                 OR WWW.
A-124 15-17  TRADITIONAL WEAPONS                              FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS                              A-252 BOYS 13-17 169.9 LBS-                DELTAONEINC.COM
A-125 18+    TRADITIONAL WEAPONS                              FMA PADDED STICKFIGHTING                           A-253 BOYS 13-17 170 LBS +
A-126 11-    OPEN WEAPONS– MUS. OPT                           A-335    11-    NOV                                A-254 GIRLS 7-     63 LBS -
A-127 12-14  OPEN WEAPONS– MUS. OPT                           A-336    11-    INT/ADV                            A-255 GIRLS 7-     80 LBS -
A-128 15-17  OPEN WEAPONS– MUS. OPT                           A-337    12-14  NOV                                A-256 GIRLS 7-     95 LBS -
A-129 18+    OPEN WEAPONS– MUS. OPT                           A-338    12-14  INT/ADV                            A-257 GIRLS 7-     95.1 LBS +
A-130 5-     KENPO POLYNESIAN                                 A-339    15-17  NOV                                A-258 GIRLS 8-12   70 BLS -
A-131 5-     HARD                                             A-340    15-17  INT/ADV                            A-259 GIRLS 8-12 85 LBS -
A-132 5-     SOFT                                             A-341    18+    NOV                                A-260 GIRLS 8-12 100 LBS -
A-133 6-7    KENPO POLYNESIAN                                 A-342    18+    INT/ADV                            A-261 GIRLS 8-12 100.1 LBS +
A-134 6-7    HARD                                             FMA LIVE STICKFIGHTING                             A-262 GIRLS 8-12 120 LBS +
A-135 6-7    SOFT                                             SINGLE STICKFIGHTING                               A-263 GIRLS 13-17 124.9 LBS -
A-136 8-9    KENPO POLYNESIAN                                 A-343    9-     ALL        (M/F)                   A-264 GIRLS 13-17 139.9 LBS -
A-137 8-9    HARD                                             A-344    10-11  ALL        (M/F)                   A-265 GIRLS 13-17 154.9 LBS -
A-138 8-9    SOFT                                             A-345    12-14  ALL        (M/F)                   A-266 GIRLS 13-17 169.9 LBS-
A-139 10-11  KENPO POLYNESIAN                                 A-346    15-17  ALL        (M/F)                   A-267 GIRLS 13-17 170 LBS +
A-140 10-11  HARD                                             A-347    18+   140– LBS    (M)                     ADULT GRAPPLING– NEW
A-141 10-11  SOFT                                             A-348    18+   141-158 LBS (M)                     A-268 MEN          127 LBS-
A-142 12-14  KENPO POLYNESIAN                                 A-349     18+ 159-174 LBS (M)                      A-269 MEN          145 LBS -
A-143 12-14  HARD                                             A-350    18+   175-195 LBS (M)                     A-270 MEN          163 LBS -
A-144 12-14  SOFT                                             A-351    18+   196-210 LBS (M)                     A-271 MEN          181 LBS -
A-145 15-17  KENPO POLYNESIAN                                 A-352    18+   211+ LBS    (M)                     A-272 MEN          199 LBS -
A-146 15-17  HARD                                             A-353    18+   110— LBS    (F)                     A-273 MEN          217 LBS -
A-147 15-17  SOFT                                             A-354    18+   111-135 LBS (F)                     A-274 MEN          217.1 LBS +
A-148 18+    KENPO POLYNESIAN                                 A-355    18+   136+ LBS    (F)                     A-275 WOMEN        127 LBS -
A-149 18+    HARD                                             POINT KICKBOXING (IKF)                             A-276 WOMEN        145 LBS -
A-150 18+    SOFT                                             PK / IR / MT (JUNIORS)                             A-277 WOMEN        163 LBS -
A-151 35+    KENPO POLYNESIAN                                 PK-1     8-10 ALL          (M)                     A-278 WOMEN        181 LBS -
A-152 35+    HARD                                             PK-2     11-12 ALL         (M)                     A-279 WOMEN        199 LBS -
A-153 35+    SOFT                                             PK-3     13-14 ALL         (M)                     A-280 WOMEN        217 LBS -
A-154 45+    ALL STYLES                                       PK-4     15-17 ALL         (M)                     A-281 WOMEN        217.1 LBS +
         Example: A-3
                                                  LAST NAME:____________________________FIRST NAME:_____________________________
 1. __________________

 2. __________________                            BIRTHDATE:_________/        _______/ ________               COMPETITION AGE (as of 1/1/09) ______

 3. __________________                            ADDRESS:____________________________________________CITY_____________ST_____

 4. __________________
                                                  ZIP:_________PHONE NUMBER:(_____)_____________EMAIL:_____________________________
 5. __________________
  Belt Rank: ____________________
                Circle One:
        Beg.    Int. Adv.         Blk.            DOJO ADDRESS:_________________________________CITY:_______________ ZIP:_________
           LT             MID                                              AMAPA is now a Non-Profit Organization,
   151.8 lbs & Under 151.8-173.8 lbs
                                                                               so your registration donation is
          HVY                   S.HVY
   173.8lbs-200.2 lbs         200.2 lbs +                               TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Our Non-Profit # is C-3175053.

 3. DEADLINES, FEES & PAYMENT INFORMATION:                                               POSITIVELY NO REFUNDS– PLEASE DON’T ASK

 Competitor:                                                COMPETITION:               PRE-REG AT DOOR QTY                      x           COST=                   TOTAL
 You must fill out (front & back) and                       First Division                  $45         $55         1           x           $____=                  $________
 submit a player’s card for each and
 every division you register in for.                        Each Additional                 $15         $20         ___         x           $____=                  $________
 Yellow=Forms, Gray=Sparring.                               Team Sparring                   $75         $90         ___         x           $____=                  $________
 Team entries must fill out and sub-                        Coaches Pass                    $10         $15         ___         x           $____=                  $________
 mit all cards together (1 for each
 Player and payment with ONE reg-
                                                            Kids 5– or Sr. 65+              FREE FREE                                                               FREE
                                                            Kids 6– 12yrs old               $8          $10         ___         x           $____=                  $________
 BB and UB can compete in as
 many divisions as they qualify for.                        Adults 13+                      $10         $15         ___         x           $____=                  $________
 All players must enter divisions                           Donations (Shannon Apple Scholarship Fund or St. Jude Hospital) $________
 based upon the age they were on
 January 1, 2010.                                                                Please circle the charity you would like to donate to
                                                                                                                                          GRAND TOTAL $________

 4. RELEASE WAIVER OF INJURY-                                                           5. 2010 NBL / AMAPA CHECKLIST — DID YOU:
                                                                                        ◊   FILL IN THE CORRECT DIVISION #’S IN BOX 1?              DOUBLE CHECK
 I, hereby waive any and all rights or claims I may have against the Affiliated
 Martial Arts Promoters Association, the NBL, SKIL, IKF their promoters, staff,         ◊   FILL OUT PLAYER CARDS AND MANDATORY NAME AND SCHOOL?
 vendors, sponsors, agents, servants & employees, and I hereby release & dis-           ◊   SIGN THE RELEASE ON EACH PLAYER CARD AND THIS ENROLLMENT FORM?
 charge them from any and all claims resulting from injuries, including death,
 damages or loss, which may incur to me or my heirs arising out of or in any way        ◊   MAKE MONEY ORDER/ CHECKS FOR CORRECT AMOUNT PAYABLE TO:
 connected with my attendance &/or participation at any NBL or AMAPA sanc-                    AMAPA
 tioned event. I represent and warrant that I am physically and mentally fit and
 able to participate & I do hereby assume responsibility for my own well-being,
                                                                                        ◊   MAIL THIS FORM, PLAYER CARDS AND FEES TO:
 understanding that participation involved bodily contact. I have read, understand
                                                                                                     AMAPA - 3385 Deer Valley Road, Antioch, CA. 94531
 and agree to abide by the SKITA rules for infringement of such rules & agree to
 accept the tournament arbitrator’s decision as final. I consent to allow any repro-
 ductions of me or likeness created in any manner whatsoever, photographed,                              If you have any questions, feel free to email us at:
 filmed or video taped in connection with the NBL and AMAPA events which can                                
 be used for instruction, publicity, promotion or television broadcast & I waive any
 & all compensation in regards thereto. I agree that I have obtained permission
 from the artist of any music I use in conjunction with my competition & verify by
 signing this permission that in doing such I will indemnity, defend and hold harm-     6. BLACK BELT OFFICIAL -              Please Fill out Box #2
 less all the above named parties from any liability for use of such music & that
 this artist’s permission permits the above named parties to use such music in          YRS OF EXPERIENCE: ___________
 recorded performances of myself for instructional purposes, publicity, promotion,
 video &/or TV broadcast & I waive any & all compensation for such.                     If you would like to be a volunteer Black Belt Official for 2010, please complete the above
                                                                                        information. Please note that Black Belt Officials will receive VIP treatment and will be
                                                                                        allow (1) one free spectator, free lunch, will be automatically entered in a drawing for all
                                                                    /     / 2010        volunteers to win a special prize. Please contact Mr. Willie Banuelos (NBL / AMAPA
 X Competitors/ Parent Guardian Signature-                       Date                   Arbitrator) (408) 849-8321 for more information about the requirements and benefits of
                                                                                        becoming an NBL / AMAPA Black Belt Official.
      Assuming responsibility if under 18
AMAPA, Inc.                                                                 Presorted
3385 Deer Valley Road                                                    US Postage Paid
Antioch, CA 94531                                                        San Leandro, CA
                                                                           Permit 311

                 Jumpers, Face Painting & More For The Kids!
              CHALLENGE:                                  CHALLENGE:

            1st Place = $300.00                          1st Place = $300.00
            2nd Place = $200.00                          2nd Place = $200.00
            3rd Place = $100.00                          3rd Place = $100.00

   Some of the Nations top fighters and        Who has the best demonstration team
   teams in sports martial arts reside in      around? School owners, open forms
  Northern California. Now is the time to          competitors and anyone with the
   form your 3 man team and come out            GUMPTION to bring their team out are
        to see who is the very best.              encouraged to come and do battle
 AMAPA has put together (3) three of the          against Team AMAPA, headed by
  top sports martial arts competitors in                AMAPA’s very own 7x
 point sparring the country has to offer to      World Champion, Mr. James Solis.
    see who can and will take them on.         Teams will compete and be judged by
  The gauntlet has been thrown and the        Mr. Chris Devera and other prestigious
    challenged issued. If any team can           members of “Team Loopkicks” in a
 defeat Team AMAPA, consisting of such          manner similar to that of “America’s
     renowned fighters as Willie Hicks,       Best Dance Crew”. The top 3 teams will
   Walter Dodson & Ryan Gonzales that            move on and compete against each
          team will receive $100.00!          other at our half-time show in which the
        Even if the team that defeats                 crowd will be your judges.
   Team AMAPA doesn’t place 1st, 2nd           If you can beat Team AMAPA and win
        or 3rd, the $100.00 is theirs.               1st place you will receive an
         Do you have what it takes?               additional $100.00 in prize money.
             Can you win it all?               Can anyone stand against the hottest
  If so, then get your team together and               open forms competitors
             REGISTER TODAY!                       Northern California has to offer?
                                                    Inquiring minds want to know!