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									Spinning Your Web
An introduction to internet marketing.

                              creativity is imperative.
•   21 Years Old
•   Born, raised, and will die in Halifax.
•   Sole Proprietor of the Brownell Networks Group
            •    Upwards of 20 regular clients, 4 casual
                 employees and still growing!
     •   Natural Flow Design
     •   Exodios Web Hosting
     •   Auraous Networking Solutions
     •   Diatus Data Solutions
•   Disassembled and successfully assembled first computer
    at the age of 10.
•   11 years of experience in with web programming.
•   5 years of experience in branding, graphics design,
    and marketing.
•   Halifax West High School
•   Saint Mary’s University
•   Université Sainte-Anne
•   Dalhousie University
•   Université Sainte-Anne
•   University dropout (for now…)
Spinning Your Web
An introduction to internet marketing.

                              creativity is imperative.
Search Engine
   A webpage that is used to locate information on the internet.
   A single unit in a website. This is what you see when you look at something on the internet it is
   more than likely on a web page.
   A collection of webpages usually located within the same domain.
Webspace / Hosting
   Leased disk space on the internet where the data is stored. In order to have something onto
   the internet it has to be on a web server.
   An online editorial “column” written by anyone about anything. Usually are kept up to date by
   their author. Everyone can have their own blog for free and with little effort.
 Using the Internet for Communication.
Standard Methods         (Average End User)

  Instant Messaging
Advanced Methods           (Advanced End User)

  Online Communities
  File Sharing
  Website Publishing (Publisher End User)
        Why The Internet?
     The audience in North America consists of
     250 000 000 members (73.6% the total
     The total audience size around the world is
     1 460 000 000 (21.9% of the total population).
     The “YouTube” effect.
           Anyone can do it!
     And you can too!
 Obtaining an Internet Presence.
Does not necessarily mean having a website!
  General Participation
    Social Networking Sites
    Online Communities
Get a Website
  Getting a Website.
Blog only websites.
    Mostly Limited
    Relatively Unimpressive
Do it yourself.
    Free/mostly inexpensive!
    Can be complicated.
    Impressive based on your own skill level and how much you spend on it.
    Isn’t for everyone.
Design Firm / Specialist
    Most flexible
    High expertise and high quality result
    Can offer suggestions for content
    Can guide you through the whole design process
    Perfect for the artistically/digitally inclined!
    Costs money, be sure to set a budget.
 General Design Tips.
Consistency throughout pages.
  Each page template should look like it is part of the same
  Navigation consistent and in one location.
  Stick to one or two fonts excluding logos.
  Establish balance between graphics and text.
  Maximize screen space.
     No cramped content.
     Minimize scrolling.
     No pop-ups from your navigation bar area!
  Browsers are lazy! Make your website fully accessible to them.
Ask yourself what you want to communicate.
What is the purpose of your website?
What does your market want, what are they
looking for, and what will bring them back?
Look for ideas from other websites!
 Pages in a Site.
Standard Staples Include
   A Home Page
   An About Page
   A Contact Page
Standard Staples for Authors
   Book List
      In Progress
   Book Pages
   How to Buy
 How do you Solve a Problem like a Home Page?

Avoid the “Chatty Clerk Effect.”
Your welcome mat.
Your building directory.
Design Tips
  Short and Sweet.
  Highlight *some* important stuff.
  Highlight *some* new stuff.
  Minimize scrolling.
 Working with a Design Firm
Important Questions
  How much is this going to cost?
  What are the terms of use for stock images?
  How much will updates cost?
  Do I retain ownership of the design?
  Do you folks do hosting?
  How collaborative in the design process is your
The Process at Natural Flow Design.
 Now What? Getting out There.
Optimize your website for search engines.
Spread the word.
Extra Domains.
 Search Engine Optimization.
  Content specific keywords, more focusing on broader terms as
  opposed to specific nouns such as book titles.
  Broad description of the content of the specific site or page.
Search Engine Site Tools
Search Engine Submission
  Be sure not to forget search engines other than that of Google
  (or your favourite one)!
Design firms can do this for you but it usually is a
supplementary service.
Establish mutual links.
Get yourself on Wikipedia.
 Spread the Word and Participate.
Participate in online communities and
Participate in online writer’s contests and
other means of getting other sites to link to
Include your web address in your signature.
 Extra Domains.
Creating additional web address to the same
website will help increase site hits, especially
if the domain name includes the keywords.
 Keeping People on Your Site.
Don’t include advertisements. Pennies gained
are not worth the distracted/lost viewers.
Keep content interesting, unique and fresh.
Keep the site user friendly.
If you need to link to external sites make sure
those links open in a new window.
 Bringing People Back.
It is easy to bring new visitors bringing them back
is the hard part.
Movie Ownership Phenomena.
Keep content fresh.
Keep the design fresh.
Keep things interesting with incentives contests.
Establish some sort of regularly updated content.
Keep current with new technologies.
Keeping Things Current.
Dynamic Content Generator
News Feed Generator
Manual Updates
 Note the address of the page
 Be specific and not vague about changes.
 Email is preferred but when difficulty occurs CALL.
A person who is well known because they fill a
very specific niche. The fanatic
group/discussion around a micro celebrity also
includes the celebrity him/herself.
Participation in your personal fan group is
Can be lost as quickly as it is gained.
Can also be the first step to the next level of
 Upcoming Technologies.
Important for bringing visitors back to your
Important for marketing in general.
Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
A couple of years old.
Can fit into any application that reads RSS.
Updates automatically.
Driving engine behind podcasts.
Portable Network Graphic (PNG)
New graphics standard.
Allows for transparent alpha channels on any color channel.
Allows for some remarkable website design.
Quick Response Codes (QR Code)
Two Dimensional Bar Codes.
Can be read by camera equipped cell phone.
A hyperlink in the real world (Hardlink).
Popular in Japan.
 Quick Note on Branding
Important for Marketing
Consistency Across ALL Mediums
  Book Covers
  Business Cards
  Promotional Materials
  PowerPoint Presentations

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