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									                                                                     E COMMERCE
Food and beverages               Product                                   Website address                    Payment m
Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons       Oriental sweets                           www.hallab.com.lb                  By fax for A
                                                                                                              Online Pay
Aquablue                         Drinking water, distilled water and Filling   www.aquablue.com.lb            Order form
                                 water stations
Buy Lebanese                     Foodstuff, beverages, sweets, arguileh        www.buyLebanese.com            E-mail paym
Chateau Kefraya Sarl             Vintage Lebanese wine shop                    www.chateaukefraya.com.lb       Master Car
Douaihy Sweets                   Oriental sweets                               www.douaihysweet.com.lb        Fax order fo
Enoteca SAL                      Alcoholic beverages and accessories           www.enoteca.com.lb             Online paym
Patisserie A. Bohasali and Co    Oriental sweets and other products            www.abohsali.com.lb            Master card
Patisserie El Baba               Oriental sweets                               www.patbaba.com.lb             AMEX, Vis
Rebeiz Freres                    Tropical Fish and Seafood wholesaler          www.rebeiz-Freres.com.lb       Request for
Khebzalsultan                    Lebanese bread                                www.khebzalsultan.com          Credit card
Shopping and Services
Ahla W Sahla                     All shopping categories                       www.ahlawsahla.com
Accapareur                       Taxi service                                  www.accapareur.com.lb          Sign in app
Khadamat SAL                     Wide range of corporate and personal          www.khadamatonline.com         Sign in app
Eternity fashion                 Sportswear design and manufacturing           www.eternityfashion.com        Application
GS Grand Store                   Women and men’s wear                          www.gs.com.lb                  Sign in regi
Joseph Eid                       Menswear                                      www.josepheid.com.lb           Credit Card
Harvest                          Toystore                                      www.harvest.com.lb             Credit Card
E-comlebanon.com                 Music store                                   www.e-comlebanon.com           Credit Card
Pera Azzam Sarl                  Flower shop                                   www.peraazzam.com.lb           Order form
Malls and Galleries
Yalla! Shopping mall             All shopping categories                       www.yallashopping.com          Credit Card
Get for less                     All shopping categories                       www.getforless.com             Credit Card
Absi co Sarl                     Furniture                                     www.absico.com.lb              -
Samoa’s Makeup Gallery           Cosmetics                                     www.samoa.com.lb               -
Business: Commerce
Akikis S.A.R.L - Puros Habanos   Cuban Cigars                                  www.puroshabanos.com.lb        Secure onli
AM Habre S.A.L                   Marble and granite stone products             www.amhabre.com.lb             Inquiry/quo
Boury manufacturing & trading    Wooden and steel furniture for offices,       www.boury.com                  Order Form
Co.Ltd                           schools, warehouses, supermarkets…etc.
Coolrite SAL                     Air conditioning and refrigeration            www.coolrite.com.lb            Inquiry/quo
Emile Makarry and Co Sarl        Raw materials, equipment, and accessories     www.em.com.lb                  Inquiry form
                                 for confection distributor
Exotica Sal                      Flower shop and gardening services            www.exotica.com.lb             Online orde
Fantoni-Lebanon Sarl             Office furniture manufactured in Italy by     www.fantoni-lebanon.com.lb     Query form
                                 Fantoni spa
Kassaa Paints Group              Raw materials, paints and accessories         www.kassaapaintsgroup.com.lb   Inquiry/quo
 Khattar Electronics       Electronic and digital equipment         www.khattarelectronics.com.lb   Order form
                                                                                                    price list)
 Master Marine Sarl        Imported Italian speed boats             www.mastermarine.com.lb         Inquiry form
 Networklb.com             Web design, marketing, and hosting       www.networklb.com               Order form
                           E commerce and domain name solutions                                     method
 Topkapi                   Silverware                               www.topkapi.com.lb              Order form
 Business: Insurance
 Arope Insurance Sal       Order online insurance policy            www.arope.com                   Cash on del
 Sloop                     Consultants and Advisors for insurance   www.sloop.com.lb                Request for
 Victoire s.a.l            Insurance/claims service                 www.victoire.com.lb             Order form
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