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									Account Information Sheet                                                                                               Visa Debit Card
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Visa Debit Card

                                  The Visa Debit Card gives you access to your own money…it is the
                                  simplest and most convenient way to pay for purchases on-line and

                                  For more information visit the Visa Web site

 Features                         •    24/7 access to funds including most ATMs and EFTPOS in Australia
                                       and at millions of locations worldwide
                                  •    No need to carry cash
                                  •    Protected by unique PIN. Card may be hot listed 24 hours a day seven
                                       days a week via phone (freecall on 1800 224 004) if lost or stolen.
                                  •    Initial card and renewal card free of charge. Any transactions
                                       processed at CACUL RediATM’s or EFTPOS purchases are offset by
                                       members’ loyalty rebate.
                                  •    Cash/Cheque Deposits Cash withdrawals can be made at Australia
                                  •    Option of utilising the Savings or Credit function when making
                                  •    Only one card required to access up to 3 accounts

 Eligibility                      Visa card is available to any authorised account holder or signatory of 6
                                  months or longer who is over the age of 18 and an Australian resident.

 Fees                             Refer to the Fees, Charges and Transaction Limits brochure for

 Additional or                    When you authorise us to issue an additional card to another person ( a
 Subsidiary Cards                 subsidiary card), you remain liable for all transactions the other person
                                  carries out using the additional or subsidiary card.

                                  You are also liable if the additional cardholder fails to observe the terms
                                  and conditions under which the additional card was issued, for example,
                                  failing to keep Personal identification Numbers for ATM & EFTPOS use
                                  safe and secure.

                                  We can only cancel the additional card when you return it to us.

                                  If you have taken reasonable steps to retrieve the card but cannot do so,
                                  we will still cancel the card but may require you to provide us with a written
                                  statement setting out the steps you have taken to retrieve the card.

 General Information              $1000.00 per day Electronic withdrawals (combined ATM and EFTPOS)

                                  Complaints - The Credit Union has a dispute resolution mechanism that
                                  covers any complaints you may have in relation to your accounts. If you
                                  have any complaints please call 13 22 49 or speak to one of our staff at
                                  any branch.

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