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					                                     THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO

J-1 Visa Holders

             Faculty Series                                                              Request for DS-2019

                                          J-1 EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA
                                   INSTRUCTIONS & APPLICATION INFORMATION
                                            FOR UTEP DEPARTMENTS


     The J-1 visa is used for foreign national Exchange Visitors, including Visiting Faculty, Research Scholars
     and Undergraduate and Graduate Students. Most commonly, the J-1 visa is used to hire Research
     Scholars from other nations in academic departments. The J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that can be
     issued for a maximum of five (5) years. Persons holding the J-1 visa are known as Exchange Visitors.

     An exchange visitor must have an official connection to the university. As a rule, to have Exchange
     Visitor status, the individual must be supported financially either by the U.S. Government, by the visitor's
     home Government or employer, or by the university. Someone who will use his/her own private funds
     for support is generally NOT a candidate for exchange visitor status, except for exchange students. An
     Exchange Visitor Professor or Research Scholar may not return in the same category until at least two
     years have gone by since the last completed term.


     Attached is the Application Form to request the Form DS-2019; the immigration document needed to
     obtain the J-1 visa. By completing this form, the UTEP department issues an official invitation to the
     visitor and agrees to be responsible for the visitor's performing the activity listed on the form in item #

     Make sure that you provide all the information called for on this form, since the American Consulate
     or Embassy may refuse to issue a visa if this information is not complete and accurate on the Form DS
     2019. It is particularly important that item #11 be filled in, because it is impossible to issue a visa
     without proof that the exchange visitor holder will be able to support him/herself in the U.S. It is not
     necessary that the support come from outside the university.

     Documents needed:
         Application form
         Proof of finances (Department offer letter, government award, etc.)
         Proof of medical insurance coverage while in the U.S.
         Copy of passport (also of any dependents)
         Resume of candidate
         Proof of English Language Ability
         Job Description

     Please contact the Office of International Programs AND Human Resource Services for advice before
     extending an offer. Any non-immigrant candidates (for Post-Doctoral Research or Research Scholar) will
     not be authorized to receive a stipend or be placed on the payroll until appropriate documents have
     been submitted to and approved by DHS and/or the American Consulate or Embassy. If the exchange
     visitor is already employed in the U.S. on a J-1 visa, special restrictions may apply. It is important to
     involve the Office of International Programs at each step of the selection and hiring process to avoid
     legal complications for the individual and for the university.
The completed application must be approved through regular channels within:
     UTEP Department Chair and/or Dean of College
     Human Resources Services
     Office of International Programs (OIP)

Human Resource Services will forward this approved application form to the Office of International
Programs, for processing of the Form DS-2019. When the Form is completed, it will be returned to the
faculty member or department that requested it for forwarding to the candidate (potentially overseas).

When part of the visitor's support comes from outside the university, that support must be documented.
Please provide a job offer letter if the Exchange Visitor will be employed by the department. The visitor
must provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage while in the U.S. If the visitor does not
provide proof of adequate health insurance he or she will be required to purchase the Student Health
Insurance Plan provided by the University of Texas at El Paso.

J-1 visa candidates with dependents (i.e., non-U.S. spouse/children) who will also reside in the U.S. must
inform the Office of International Programs so that their family members can be included on the
required paperwork. Sufficient funding must be shown to support these dependents. Attached is a
separate form to obtain information necessary to include the dependents.


Exchange visitors must clearly understand the Home Country Residency requirement of J-1 visas (subject
to 212(e)). This regulation bars some J-1 visa holder from changing to a work visa or a permanent
resident visa (Green Card) after they enter the U.S. This will apply to some Research Scholars, but not
all. For those under this requirement, they are required to return home for a minimum of 2 years before
they can come to the U.S. in employment visa category. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that those
in special exchange programs return to their home countries to provide those countries with the benefit
of their experience in the U.S. While there are exceptions made to this requirement, it should not be


J -I visa holders receiving compensation of any form from UTEP are subject to taxation. The amount of
taxation varies from country to country depending of the tax treaties between the two countries.
Please contact the Payroll Office’s Tax Manager at 747-5171 for more information. The exchange visitor
must be made aware of the tax requirements.

Please contact the Office of International Programs at (9l5) 747-5664 if you have any questions or for
more information about the J-1 visa for Post-Doctoral Research Scholars.

                             EXCHANGE STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE:
                                 PASSPORT
                                 VISA
                                 DS 2019
                                 PROOF OF MEDICAL INSURANCE
                                ( for self and any accompanying dependents )
                                  THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO

J-1 Visa Holders

           Faculty Series                                                             Request for DS-2019

                                        J-1 EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA
                                    PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING A J-1 VISA

     1.    Receive approval from the appointing academic department chair.

     2.    Complete the DS-2019 Application Form and prepare an attachment for dependents if

     3.    Submit it to Human Resource Services if the appointment is a paid position.

     4.    Human Resource Services will forward it on to OIP for processing. OIP will then return the
           application to the faculty member or department requesting the Form DS-2019. The
           department will take responsibility for forwarding the DS-2019 to the Research Scholar/visiting

     5.    A fee for the use of SEVIS must be paid and fully processed before the applicant arrives at the
           U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate for the interview. The SEVIS fee can be paid with a credit card on-
           line at www.fmjfee.com. A payment confirmation can be printed out immediately after payment
           is made. Please note that form I-901 must be completed.

     6.    The prospective exchange visitor takes his/her DS-2019, valid passport, proof of insurance, letter
           of support from the university, receipt for the SEVIS fee, and receipt for the visa application fee
           to the nearest American Consulate or Embassy to obtain the J-1 Entry Visa. The letter of support
           from the university may be supplemented by the visitor's personal bank statements.

     7.    The exchange visitor brings the Form DS-2019 and his\her passport and financial support
           documents to the U.S. on his\her person.

     8.    The inspecting officer at the port of entry will return a stamped copy of the Form DS-2019 for
           the exchange visitor, and issue a small white card, called the I-94. The visitor should staple these
           documents inside his\her passport (this is usually done by the inspecting officer) and keep them
           with him\her at all times.

     9.    When the exchange visitor arrives in El Paso, he\she should bring all immigration documents to
           the Office of International Programs to be reviewed and copied for the office’s files. The visitor
           will be briefed on his\her responsibilities and restrictions at that time including proof of
           adequate health insurance coverage.

     10.   The exchange visitor must check with the Office of International Programs before planning to
           travel outside the U.S. to have his\her immigration documents inspected and to have the Form
           DS 2019 endorsed for re-entry into the U.S.

                                    VISITOR ALONG WITH THE DS 2019 FORM.
                                    THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO

J-1 Visa Holders

             Faculty Series                                                           Request for DS-2019

                                           J-1 EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA
                                         APPLICATION FOR FORM DS 2019

      1. Name _________________________________________________                      Male        Female
                Last Name        First Name         Middle

      2. Date of Birth _____________________ 3. Place of Birth ______________ ____________________
                       Month Day     Year                            City         Country
      4. Country of Citizenship ___________________________________

      5. Country of Permanent Residence __________________________

      6. Job or Position in home country______________________________________________________

      7. Sponsoring UTEP Department ________________________ Phone No. _____________________

      8. Date of visitor’s arrival in El Paso _______________ 9. Length of stay in the U.S. _______________

      10. Complete description of research program at UTEP (Please attach additional pages if required.)

      11. Source of funding (Please attach original employment offer letters, bank statements or other letter
      verifying funding):
               Source _________________________________ Amount ___________________________
               Contact Person: ___________________________           Phone No.________________________
               Address: ________________________________________________________________________
               Signature: _______________________________________________________________________

      12. LIST ON ATTACHED SHEET the names, birth dates, and birthplaces of any dependent (spouse,
      children) who will come with the J-1 visitor.  Enclosed     None

      13. IF THE PROSPECTIVE EXCHANGE VISITOR IS ALREADY IN THE U.S., answer these questions also:
             When did they arrive? ______________________             Type of Visa ___________________
             What is their visa status now? _____________________________________________________
      14. Has this visitor completed a previous term as a J-1 Research Scholar or Visiting Professor? If yes,
      what was the date of completion on the previous DS-2019? ________________________

      15. Address to mail DS-2019 to exchange visitor:
            Street: ________________________________________________________________________
            City: ___________________________________   State: ______________________________
            Country: ________________________________ Phone: ______________________________
                                       J-1 EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA
                                             APPROVAL PAGE

If the Exchange Visitor receives monetary compensation from the University, approval from Human
Resources is required. If the Exchange Visitor does not receive monetary compensation from the
University, approval from Human Resources is not required.

Approval from Chair or Dean of Academic Department/College

 Signature                  Date

Please type Name and Title

Is this position benefit eligible?   Yes____ No____

Approval from Human Resources Services

 Signature                  Date

Please type Name and Title

Approval from International Programs

 Signature                  Date

Please type Name and Title
                               J-1 EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA
                                    DEPENDENT FORM

NAME OF EXCHANGE VISITOR ________________________________________________________


                          BIRTH       BIRTH         NUMBER       COUNTRY      EXPIRATION

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