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					                                             State of Washington
                                         Office of State Procurement
    Rm. 201 General Administration Building, P.O. Box 41017  Olympia, Washington 98504-1017  (360) 902-7400

                                       RFP Amendment
     IFB Reference #:        01909
                Title:       Vehicle Accident Management Service
  Amendment number:          one
         Date issued:        July 23, 2009
This RFP is amended as follows:
Purpose:             Change of Proposal Due Date and Time.
                     Revisions to RFP documents: Specifications, Appendix C-Technical Requirements,
                      Appendix D-Proposal Profile, Appendix E-Price Sheets, and The Model Contract as
                      (See following pages for details.)
            All other Terms, Conditions, and Specifications remain unchanged.

           Old Bid Due date and time:                     NEW Bid Due Date and Time
              August 5, 2009 - 2 PM                            August 12, 2009 - 2 PM

Kathie Collins, (signature on file)                     Date signed
Contracts Specialist

             210 11th Ave SW, Rm. 201, General Administration Building Olympia WA 98504-1017

       Authorized Representative:

                       Federal ID #:




    RFP Reference #:       01909
               Title:      Vehicle Accident Management Service
  Amendment number:        one
        Date issued:       July 23, 2009
               Page:       2

     a) Appendix C-Technical Requirements, item #16, P-Card Transactions, item a, is revised to read:

         Contractor shall accept the State charge card program (Purchasing Card) or and Electronic Fund
         Transfer for payment. (Washington State Purchasing card is VISA) Contractor shall not charge
         back any credit card fees to the Purchaser. If Contractor adds a fee to an invoice for the use of a
         Purchasing Card for payment, the fee amount shall not exceed the processing fee charged by the
         financial institution to the Contractor. Any Purchasing Card fee shall be a separate line item on the
         invoice. Contractor shall identify the fee amount in proposal submittal (see Appendix D-Proposer
         Profile section). Contractor shall not change fee without approval by the Office of State

     b) Appendix D - Proposer Profile, item #5 is revised to read:
        Purchasing (Charge/Credit) Cards: Accepted: Yes            No
        (Washington State Purchasing card is VISA) If yes, please list cards accepted:
             Visa     Master Card     American Express      Discover Other_____________
        Will an additional fee be added to invoice for payment by Purchasing card? Yes No
        If yes, what is the fee amount? _______(specify the percentage/dollar amount)

     c) Appendix E - Price Sheet, item #11 is revised to read:
         Charges or fees, if any, between repair network facility and Proposer that Proposer charges the
         repair facility per repair. (Identify the amount, or a range or average of such.)
     d) Part II, The Model Contract, section 1.4 Estimated Usage is revised to read:
         Based on the information provided to the state, there have been approximately 4,389 Auto Claims
         and/or reports of damages to state vehicles filed from 2001 through 2008. This number does not
         reflect any claims or reports of vehicle damage handled outside the previous state contract for
         vehicle accident management services. These estimates are based on available past usage numbers.
         The State does not guarantee any minimum purchases. Orders/Claims will be placed on an as
         needed basis. The state reserves the right to solicit this those services identified herein for particular
         geographic markets (e.g. a county or city area, or agency) based on the best interests of the state,
         this action could reduce future contract sales. Namely, the Department of General Administration,
         State Motor Pool, reserves the right to solicit this service in a separate contract; this action would
         affect the contract term worth and sales activity under this contract.
     e) Part II, The Model Contract, section 12.1 Parties is revised to read:
         This Contract (“Contract”) is entered into by and between the state of Washington, acting by and
         through the Department of General Administration, Office of State Procurement, an agency of
         Washington State government (“Purchasing Activity” or “State”) located at 210 11th Ave. SW,
         Room 201, Olympia, WA 98504, and [Awarded Contractor] a [corporation/sole proprietor or
         other business form] licensed to conduct business in the state of Washington (“Contractor”), located
         at [Contractor identified address] for the purpose of providing Batteries-Fleet Vehicle Accident
         Management Services.

                                            End of Amendment